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Ugh, I'm getting pretty lazy about recording my activity. Not a huge deal here, when I'm just basically saying what I did which days of the week, but I WAS trying to get in the habit of recording regularly. Oh well. Not actually a goal this challenge; I'll put it on next challenge.


Feeling pretty good about the challenge so far! Shins keep hurting but I'm feeling pretty good about my progress workout wise. Really liking the Zombies Run 5k app, even if I keep having technical glitches. (Got my info back but now it won't update my codex even when I got new entries... balls.)


I'm also 90% done with my TEFL course... I'm hoping to be all done by this week, next week at the latest. Then I just have to worry about the first three goals!

What doesn't kill me makes me smarter.

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Last week was really bad. I dropped in motivation a lot; personal and work life kind of invaded to the point it was hard to get up in the mornings. I didn't see the point. But, it's a new week-- so I'm going to keep trying!

Sorry that you struggled last week. But you are right, this is a new week, you can improve

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