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Spring Strength Showdown 2013 (a NF Virtual Powerlifting Meet!)

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Oh, no worrys, that'll change when 80's medium and andygates enter the ring...


I have no doubt that I will be booted out of my current position. :P 


Those older gentlemen have massive lifts.

When this old you are, this strong you might be.

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yeah i know i should of got a lift off but i just had to go for it after missing the first attempt at it, i train alone so i'm used to having to get and stay tight with a high lift % and no spotter (i boss the roll of shame :P... not had to do it too often recently because i've been a bit more sensible in how much i lift, but i used to have a great deal of practise at it lol)

also that guy spotting me is probably the only person i'd trust to spot properly, he almost took it when i stalled but he knows i'm a grinder, there's some decent spotters at my gym but most of them would of took it at that point, i also put his numbers into the sheet to see where he'd fall (@89kg, 140kg High-bar Squat, 120kg Bench and 210kg Deadlift) and he was 10th in squat (pretty good considering he's only been squatting since late last year), 3rd in bench and 3rd in deadlift and only 0.08 behind me on the normalised total

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