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Spring Strength Showdown 2013 (a NF Virtual Powerlifting Meet!)

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ya, that montage is great. Almost gave me the chills and now I'm pretty bummed I'm doing this solo.

I-Jo...I can only imagine what the conversation would be like if I told my wife I was going to hang out with a bunch of people from the internet. "but it's okay, they all seem like nice people from their posts...", "no, I'm pretty sure that if any of them were psycopaths they would have put that in their sig..."

90% of my current friends are all inernet mets.


Actually my roommate- guy I met off the internet.  Best riding buddy?  girl off the internet.


It's surprisingly an easy way to make friends- but yeah- in retrospect sometimes it's not the best idea. LMAO

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So I'll be testing on Sat May 25th. I know its going to be a week past the deadline so its up to you guys whether it'll count or not. Its cool if not. 


I'm fine with it, we were gonna allow it for Spezzy before she bailed. Now we all have to wait an extra week for you to come in and steal all the titles.

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This is how I will be for deadlifts. That smile at the end is knowing I beat Corey and Wiztrip.



Berserker mode is the best mode.  Sadly I will not be going for 1RMs so I don't have plans to go to crazytown this time around.  And I do love that smug smile at the end of that video.


my BF is suddenly concerned i"m meeting random people off the internet when I told him about this event.



(I've been doing that ever since I met him- for like 3 years- hell it's how I actually met him <confused jo is confused>)


Many of us have met before, so we're vetted each other out.  Either that or we're all creeps.




...not sure that makes it better.

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OMG I have lots to catch up on! Love the vids and the photo montage. Who took the pics? 'Cause they're awesome.


I-Jo - my husband also has issues with me meeting random people from the Internet - I think it's partly why he is coming with me. Of course, I have also been meeting internet peeps for years, and yes, Mr MirGSS and i met on the internet. So.


Men are weird. Sorry guys.


But I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo  pumped up despite being incredibly hungover!

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silly spousal units are silly lol

Izokay. I'm usually pretty good about the meeting of people in tliftinghat my internet creep radar is pretty good but you never know... there are definitely not cool peeps on the internet lol.

I worry not.

pretty excited. I was thinking today was Sunday squat day but I realized I probably don't want to be heavy all week if we are doing the damn thing Saturday!

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