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Sunmage's back to the center journey


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Nailing an exam counts as...ummm...finding armor. There one step towards that dragon.


The bad weather in Germany this winter has even made the news here in the US. You all have had, what - 7 days of sun this winter or something awful like that? Wishing you all sunny skies!

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Yes, it was the darkest winter I have experienced in Germany. I hadn't noticed it myself at first, having trained myself to not let the weather affect my moods... but my husband and most of my coworkers started going slightly batty and then it was impossible to not notice. I imagine our sun loving Sunmage had it rough as well! Today was gloriously sunny where I live. :D

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sorry for the missing support, but I struggled hard.

Since the weather was so ugly I had problems with my mood. And I developed some serious stomach problems.

I have not eaten meat for 4 days now and I will keep this habit. Also I have problems with dairy and don't like eggs so I transformed to a butter eating vegan.

1. Meditation:

not enough, but a C

2. Weight and food


3. sports


4. Procrastinating

I do need a time machine. Seriously.

I nailed 1 exam!


So its a D.

Since I didn't write up points I just get the level up...

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 The warrior whispers back:
I am the storm."


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