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While my last challenge was great for getting into the swing of things it's time for me to really push myself.  All of these goals may not seem attainable but if I don't set hard enough goals I will just get complacent when I meet my easier goals rather than pushing myself to the end.  I'm fine with not getting all A's for my goals if it will result in greater improvement.


Goal 1: Body weight Challenges

Complete 100 push up challenge

Complete 100 Burpee Challenge

Learn to do a Planche push-up

Increase my one handed push ups to 10 per hand

Do a one handed chin up with both hands

25 unassisted pistol squats

Complete the 300 workout


Goal 2: Running

Run 7 days a week, alternating between tabata runs, free running through the woods and track workouts.


Goal 3: Push myself outside of my exercise comfort zone

Every week I will try out at least one new type of exercise such as:

Attend a couple of local cross-fit gyms for free trial workouts

try out a rock climbing gym

playground workout


participate in all mini challenges

and keep a daily battle log


Life goal:

Get things going for my trip to Japan.  This will include getting rewards cards and listening to at least 7 tracks of Pimsleur every week.


One more day, one more step towards total victory

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So far this challenge has some things that I'm taking to and others that are slower to get started.  I've had good runs both days so far and am going to get up early tomorrow so that I can get in two runs, one Tabata and one that will be more relaxed.  I'm doing plenty of body weight workouts; pushups, pistol squats and burpees mostly but I feel like I need to work in something for my abs as well.  I'm also concerned about the dead lift portion of the 300 workout as I don't have any weights to practice with and don't know if my squats are helping get me to where I want to be with those.  The details of my work out can be found in my daily log.


The things I'm not getting off to a good start with are Pimsleur (just forgot the last couple of times I was in the car) and trying new workouts.  Tomorrow I'm going to run to a local playground in the after noon and do a bodywork/ faux ninja warrior workout on the play scape.  Perhaps Saturday or early next week I'm going to try one of the other new workouts.  I'm going to have to do these during the week for now because for the thee weekends following the upcoming one I will be traveling to three different LARPS.





One more day, one more step towards total victory

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For your abs workout, you can try some basic planks, it's usually a good start point. For my on challenge, I've been following the Gold medal body suggestions:





See if that may interest you :)

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Wednesday I tried a variation of the playground workout. I found a suitable playscape about a half mile from my apartment and a friend and I jogged over there and did:

a 30 plyometric warmup

20 box jumps onto the playscape (probably a little over 24")

20 pushups the feet elevated

20 pullups

10 lunges each leg

20 hanging knee tucks


It was a decent full body workout but the lack of cardio and low number of reps made me feel like it was a rest day. This is good because I do need to take it easy from thime to time.


Yesterday (4/18) I decided to get in a little bit longer of a run so I did a 4 mile loop through the neighborhood. Normally this wouldn't be too difficult but the wind was rediculously strong for the entirety of the run and was only at my back for about a half mile. I also did day 3 week 3 of the 100 pushup challenge program. I'm going to use the next couple of days to get in a ton of burpees and a couple fo good ab workouts.




One more day, one more step towards total victory

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