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Tabata Run





15 Pistol squats on each leg using the door frame for support


5 sets of 10 each pull-ups and chin-ups

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5 mile run at a fairly easy pace

burpees: 30

Pushups: 20, 25, 15, 15, 35

Pull-ups, neutral grip, chin-ups: 20 each

pistol squats: 15 each leg

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1 mile run

30 minute plyometric warmup

playground workout:

20 bench jumps

20 pushups with feet elevated

20 pull ups (tied my max)

lunges 10 each leg

hanging knee tucks 20

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I had less time between jobs than I had anticipated so I didn't get any exercise in.



Tabata run and 10 minute plyometric warmup



Work all day, no workout

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