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kawatan: Breaking the Start-scumming Cycle

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Roguelikes are awesome games. I was exposed to the method and the madness via one of my roomies, and the whole thing seems beautiful. Congrats on the interview!

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Thanks Kishi! It's tomorrow, and I'm super pumped. I'm equally pumped that despite the fact that I'm recording two episodes a day, I'm still mostly on target for my "real world" goals.


Skincare/dental care: 18/42
Calories: 14/30
Contact point: 15/30
Pushups: 290/450
Studying: 27.5/60

Minichallenge: 3/7

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ah. ahahaha. Yeah, after my last post, the recording software managed to fail, and then after that I ended up very briefly in the emergency room myself (for an allergic reaction that caused moderate to severe periorbital edema - I'm alright though, I promise!) and everything's been all thrown around since.


Skincare/dental care: 20/42
Calories: 16/30
Contact point: 15/30
Pushups: 395/450 (I KNOW RIGHT. Before the whole "here is your eye swelling like a citrus fruit" thing on Friday I did my 20 minutes of pushups for the Fellowship challenge and uh, KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. I'm STILL feeling the delayed onset muscle soreness but OH MY GOODNESS I WAS CAPABLE OF DOING OVER A HUNDRED INCLINE PUSHUPS IN A DAY I FEEL LIKE A BADASS.)
Studying: 30/60
Minichallenge: FAILED 4/7


Two weeks left. I HAVE TO be on top of myself in terms of the skin care, contact points (aaah!), and studying. I can still ace the studying if I do over two hours a day every day, and if I apply to at least one job a day (plus one day with two) I can squeak by with the contact points. Technically I only have to do six pushups a day five days a week for the pushup challenge - which I might try to do...from an even lower incline. I'm gonna get to those proper standard pushups one day, I know it!!!


I wonder what next week's minichallenge has in store? 

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My sleep schedule is a trainwreck and a half. Sigh. I really should prioritize making that better next challenge. (I think my goals next challenge will be something like bodyweight exercise and stretching 6x/week, calorie counting, sleeping right, and contact points and/or studying depending on what happens.) 


Skincare/dental care: 21/42
Calories: 18/30
Contact point: 17/30
Pushups: 405/450 
Studying: 32/60

Minichallenge: none so far. I can't even really do the most basic parts of the pullup progression yet, despite my pushups awesomeness earlier. I've asked if Let Me Ins count; let's hope they do.

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...Well this week was less than awesome. I dunno why exactly; I just found it so hard to get motivated and slipped back into bad habits. My sleep schedule's all wonky because of my partner's finals, which doesn't help but isn't a good excuse anyway.


Skincare/dental care: 26/42
Calories: 24/30
Contact point: 18/30
Pushups: 430/450
Studying: 34/60

Minichallenge: 60. Really should have set a daily goal for myself for this one. Let's see what the final week has in store. 

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Shake off what's happened before. Good or bad, it's done, and you can't get it back or take it back. All you have is the time that's before you and the things you've built on that have got you to this point. What you do with it is up to you.

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So here were my goals:

1. Do thirty or more knee pushups fifteen or more incline push ups a day, at least 30 out of the 42 days. +2 STR +2 STA

GRADING: 75 pushups is 1/3 STR 1/3 STA. This allows for bonus points. Push ups can be broken up as much as I want during the day, just gotta do at least 15.

EXTRA CHALLENGE: Do ten proper pushups. +1 STR

2. Eat 1400kcal or less for at least 30 of the 42 days. +3 CON

GRADING: 1/2 point for every 5 days on target. This allows for bonus points.

3. Do my morning and evening skincare and dental routine every day. +1 CON +1 CHA

GRADING: 1/3 point each for every 14 days on target.

4. Spend at least 60 hours out of the 42 days studying for the actuarial Financial Math exam. (That's two hours a day five days a week.) +3 WIS

GRADING: 1/2 point for every ten hours. This allows for bonus points.

5. Have 30 "contact points" in the job search by the end of the 42 day period. +1.5 WIS +1.5 CHA

GRADING: 1/4 WIS 1/4 CHA every 5 points. This allows for bonus points.


I also had an unstated goal to do all of the assassin minichallenges.


So how did I do?

1. Pushups: 450/450, including doing very well on the Fellowship of the Nerds minichallenge. Grade: A, +2 STR, +2 STA

2. Calories: 30/30 Grade: A, +3 CON

3. Skincare and dental care: 32/42 Grade: C, +(2/3) CON, +(2/3) CHA

4. Studying: 35/60 Grade: D, +(3/2) WIS

5. Contact points: 20/30 Grade: C, +1 WIS +1 CHA

6. Minichallenges: 5/6 (all but "Pinocchio's bad habits": +2 STR +1 DEX +1 STA +1 CON)


So, not perfect: getting into the morning routine habit is something I need to work on, and I let my own laziness and Bad Thoughts get in my way in terms of studying. I'm really proud of my progress in terms of pushups and calorie counting, though - I'm losing weight and gaining strength and self-confidence in big ways, and it makes me quite happy, and look at all those points I've earned!



STR 1 -> 5, DEX 2 -> 3, CON 3 -> 7.67, STA 3 -> 6, WIS 3 -> 5.5, CHA 3 -> 4.67


Bring on the next challenge!

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