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Hello all. Clearly I'm new and looking forward to making progress with you all. I'm a bit of a free spirit liking to try a bunch of different things. Right now I'm working on bodyweight exercises while also doing some abdominal exercised to help lose that baby belly. Also trying to work on cleaning up my diet, drinking more water and just overall being more healthy. I also enjoy dancing, zumba, yoga, running, swimming, and a few random others but I don't delve into them as much as I probably should. I've had a long three years in and out of hospitals, however I did it for my two youngest kids and wouldn't trade it but now it's my time to get healthy and be there for them for years to come. 

I am a mother, wife, and photographer. My life isn't too exciting outside those boxes. I don't have many friends but the ones I do have are siblings (literally haha). 


Thanks for letting me join, hope to get to know you :)



Level 2 Sprite

STR - 3.5 : DEX - 2.75 : STA - 3.5 : CON - 6.5 : WIS - 11 : CHA - 4



You are good enough NOW! 



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