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So after kinda lurking for a few months, I decided to just up and join the community today! Just my luck I'm still in time to join the current challenge, too! 


So a little about me. I'm a competitive sailor, currently in training for Canada Summer Games this August. I've had a major hurdle in my training over the past 9ish months with a nasty back problem, but I'm getting the treatment I need now and I'm looking to place top half of the fleet. My eventual goal is to go to the Olympics, with any luck hard work and dedication my first games will be 2020! 


I'm currently in the my first year of schooling at Ecole Holt Couture, a small private school for Haute Couture sewing and Design in Calgary, Alberta and basically the only one of its kind in the world. It's a very cool environment, and will lead to my dream of self-employment. That is, if I can live with putting my first love (my sailing career) on the backburner for the next three years D: 


I am completely gluten and lactose-free due to I-feel-like-death-when-I-have-them, and working on becoming completely free of refined sugars as well. I've toyed with the idea of going full paleo, but haven't because I really don't think it's something I could commit to long term, I love my (gluten-free) oats and beans and quinoa too much ;)


Most wouldn't be able to guess it but I'm suuuuper into metal, mainly prog/djent/etc. Favourite bands include TRIBUNE (my personal all-time fave!), Intervals, The Northern, Fall City Fall, Protest the Hero, and Gojira


So, for me my fitness goals will always be centered on my athletic goals, with appearance a convenient side-effect, as y'all know!


Current weight: 182 lbs

Ideal weight: somewhere between 150-160 (perfect for my boat!)

Last fitness test results:

Beep test: DNC, running is AWFUL with my hips

Plank: 5 min

Wallsit: 2:30 min

Pullups: 0

Sit-and-reach: 25 cm? can't quite recall. This just needs maintenance, not improvement

TA stability: level 3 of 4

Challenge 1 (incomplete)


Current Challenge


Where I am has nothing to do with where I will be.

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Oops, didn't realise anyone'd replied to this! 


Everyone's body is different, and you should eat the diet you need. It's clean and healthy.  I see you've joined the challenge.  Welcome to the rebellion. 

Thanks :) 


I love that you crossed out luck. Too many people in this world think that success is luck. Kudos.

Thanks! Yeah, luck and talent are both overrated. My coach has this saying up in his office "The harder I train the more talented I become." SOOO true haha

Challenge 1 (incomplete)


Current Challenge


Where I am has nothing to do with where I will be.

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