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Khaki Pants


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So. I bought some the other day- Picked up the 12's at Old Navy.  Too big- so I grab the 10's on my way out (on lunch break no time for dilly dallying) and I get them home and try them on- and they are too big.


But not hugely so- but they have angled pockets.  and apparently they gap- highly unflatteringly (word?? if not-is now).


So I returned them knowing a size smaller wouldn't' have solved the fit issues.


Went to another store- it didn't have any khaki's at all... so I kind of hung my head in despair and walked out. (of course I walked right over to Ulta and bought make up instead- cause that's totally the solution for all the world's problems!!!


But I need a pair- preferably not just khaki COLORED pants... I need some I can take in the field- AND in the office- and the big issue with khaki vs black - is that even if my black pants aren't fitted perfectly- you can't tell as badly where the puckers are. 


so- I need some thoughts on what's your favorite pair- I hate pant shopping- I know I have to just do it- but I really want to start off somewhere with lots of variety and not hit 50 stores trying to get this done. 


Any suggestions or stores?


I know Land's End makes great clothes- but they always strike me as very matronly (too much MOM JEANS MOM JEANS MOM JEANS) because they are always tapered pants- and even straight leg pants are a crap shoot because I'm wide in the hip.  And I'm not paying 70$ for pants I don't LOVE.


Bring it- hit me- inspire me with your khaki success stories!!! please???  begging you!!!



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If you just need them for the field, try Target. I like their pants because they have different fit styles (or at least they did when I bought my pair of khakis two years ago). And all of their clothes are pretty cheap, so it's worth it to at least check it out. Good luck!

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I hate that pocket-puching-open look.  Duluth Trading Company has clothes intended for work, and carries them in straight and curvy fits.  Their "firehose" pants come in a khaki - my husband has some and they're both heavy and soft.  Eddie Bauer has 3 fits including curvy and slightly curvy. 

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slanted front pockets? take to tailor and have them sewn shut.  cute pants, no pocket gap.

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then I have no pockets. 


Well- women can't be trusted with pockets anyway- we'd put bags of rocks or night vision goggles in there or some shit (totally ripped from an op-ed piece about women's fashion)- so maybe I should just sew them shut!!!


I hate having no pockets- mostly back pockets- the front ones I don't care about.  The back ones- which these pants were lacking- would have been okay.


I also really REALLY don't want to spend 30-50$ on clothes and then have to do extra work to make them fit better.  And I'm a firm believer in tailoring... but nip tuck hem or lengthening- but these just did NOT fit.


I have a pair of pants I kind of like from Target- they still have pocket pooch- but for 15 bucks- and the black color it really wasn't an issue. I'll have to go back and actually try on a few pair.

Duluth are nice- but have to order and send back- I figured Khaki's I could you know- find locally so I could try them on!!!


Grumble.  I can't possibly be the only one with khaki pants issues. I love being a woman but god damn men have it easy sometimes!

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No, you're not alone.  I'd love khakis but can never find them that fit.  I had a laugh at the pocket plan.  My husband's a retired Marine, and when he was on active duty he left all of his pants pockets sewn shut except the wallet pocket - that way his shirts and pants always looked good.  He's been retired 20 years and still refuses to carry change (every Marine I knew had a huge pot of change in their desk cause the don't carry any). 

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yeah- so does my dad... and me.

I keep it in the car- purse gets emptied immediately ( i carry that in my gym bag or back pack- rare the I take it WITH me anywhere) 


I'd sew them shut in the front- I have no issue.  Just want to amke sure they fit BEFORE i start tinkering.


Gah.  The elusive perfect Khaki- I have white pants that fit super fabulous (or did before I dropped 2 sizes)...


speaking of

any one want any size 12 pants from express??   Sell them to you cheap for a set!!!!  

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I'm loving my Carhartt Easy Fit Carpenter's Pants. Fit perfectly except for having to shorten the legs about an inch (I'm short) and durable. Decent front and back pockets.


For other's I've been buying Travelsmith pants.


Or BDU's if I can find them

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bdus won't work... not professional enough ( work in an office and hit the field occasional) I mostly need to be able to be in the office and visit the field rather than be field operational must if the time.

I tried tjmaxx and while I got a sweet new pair of electric blue workout pants for 20$- they had dick in the way of khakis.

I bought two bottles of wine today which means I may need to wait to Friday top visit target or kohls. sigh. God damn you khaki pants and your difficulty!

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So I went to Kohls.  


I tried on EVERY brand of khaki/twill pants they own.  One of them was almost un-offensive.  Okay- wait I lied. I didn't try on EVER pair- I refrained from trying on the PULL UP PAIR  because I can't bring myself to wear elastic pants to work. <shudder>


I realized that their khaki pants do two things- every single brand had this issue.


one- they were high waisted with big pockets.  creating muffin/fupa issues I don't have.

two- they are ALL straight leg or even narrowing at the bottom.


So- I either need SUPER high waist- so it flattens out- like you know- pin up style/retro high waist- and it hugs... or they need to fall below my natural line- and not have ridiculous pockets- AND they need to not be fucking straight leg.

Who in fashion decided all black/colored trousers should be slightly wider at the bottom but all khaki's need to be straight or narrower?




I got two cold shoulder shirts and jean roll up capris- I fully intend to wear them with sky high heels and show off my fabulous legs. 

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I don't know if this is helpful or not, but I shop at Mountain Equipment Co-op or Sail for field-friendly clothes - I assume they ship internationally, but if not I'm sure there must be quivalent places in the US.


Not cheap (although sometimes you get lucky with sales), but most of their stuff lasts forever!

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I would second the Eddie Bauer, but be careful on the fit. Some of them don't take ample butts into account.


I have 2 pairs of Dockers I got from Macy's about 5 years ago. They're about to die so I'll need a few more and will probably go back to Macy's and spend a day to find them. I dislike spending time shopping, but if I need pants/jeans/khaki's it's a chore I have to schedule time for. 


Do you work in Construction? Your schedule sounds kinda similar to mine. :)

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Do you work in Construction? Your schedule sounds kinda similar to mine




I used to- but I always wore dickies or jeans- very much into concrete.


I'm an engineer and I do field visits now (GO ME NOT BEING A GRUNT) but we still have a dress code- and I found my male counter parts always rock khaki's on definite field days- or even days they are on call... their pants wear better though due to the lack of heels so it's less critical if they don't have them- my black slacks are all "heel" length...


but yeah- I find wearing jeans- even though i'm allowed- just akward since NONE of my peers do it.  So yeah- definitely still hunting. 


My friend gets his at UNIQLO- I'll try there next time I'm at the mall up north out side NYC.  


I'll head into macy's or hilfiger at some point- I'm kind of desperate.  I hate wearing good pants out- and jeans just are SO awful in my office- such an eye sore.  :)


Kohls really let me down the other day.

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spandex is the solution to all fashion problems... it's actually the answer to all problems in life... just get the dressy kind...




scary how much i know about women's fashion... these are from chico's i think.... my wife takes me shopping all the time...

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god damn it- I can't see it.  Fucking work firewalls- thanks I forgot about chico's.


lol spandex mmmhmmm some spandex- certain articles of clothing shouldn't be made in certain sizes.  Cause god.  ooof.


I'll look at them too- probably won't be able to follow up till saturday- I'm slammed all week- dusk till dawn kind of girl M-F.  :D


Oh wait- shit there is one by my gym- I might be able to get in there on Thursday... we'll see.   I've been in there before- I wasn't overly impressed though. 

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my boyfriend and i went to the mall to get my phone looked at and we just wondered around- and stumbled into JCPenny's... I was seriously less than thrilled with their pants previously- but I tried on a few- and then magically found ONE pair of size 8 khaki's- laying about randomly.


The FIT... way better than the others I had tried on as well.  Trouser Leg- Curvy fit- the current ones are 23$ (I'll be buying more next pay day)... BUT


the khaki ones- they were only 8$ on clearance because they no longer stock them. HOLY SHITSNACKS!!!! YAY I'm so relieved- it was kind of stressing me out!   And my boyfriend bought them for me.  :) such a sweetheart. 

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A bit of a belated chime-in here... I can't really help much with places other than Old Navy, as that's all I can really afford at the moment, but I will say that I've found you have to sometimes try on multiples of the same size to find one that fits properly. I find the cut/construction of their clothes to be wildly variable within the same size, which I guess is a case of you get what you pay for...


I can also second Mountain Equipment Co-op, though you have to buy a co-op membership to shop there (one-time $5 fee). Definitely pricey, but anything I've bought there has lasted me a good long time, something I can't so much say for stuff from Old Navy, and they do their best to be kinda-sorta ethical about their sourcing too...

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