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Time to Start Roaming Like a Ranger!!!


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Hey guys! This is my first 6 week challenge and I'm super excited to be taking part in it. I haven't joined a group yet, but I plan to. I posted a battle log earlier in the week for my goals, but after posting it decided I didn't like it that much, so I thought I would ditch the old one and start over with essentially a version 1.1 over the original 1.0.


I am personally basing my Ranger experience and what I am shooting for off of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. I don't necessarily want to be him, rather just have similar qualities. To me he's the ultimate badass.


Goal 1 is to begin running like there's no tomorrow.


I've always hated running, hence I am taking on one of my least favorite things to do and turning it into an obstacle to overcome. I'm starting off with this a couple times a week for starters and maybe once I get more into it perhaps a couple more times every week. The way I see it is that if I am unable to outrun the zombie apocalypse or catch up to some orcs, then there is something wrong. That needs to change.


Goal 2 is to become more evened out in strength


The right side of my body overcompensates for the left side when I do my bodyweight workouts. Gotta be able to work with the non-dominant side of something gets put out of commission, so it is time to start evening things out. So I'm going to focus a lot on working my left side to help get this process going.


Goal 3 is to find edible food in the wilderness that is college campus Sodexo food services


Out there, somewhere in the cafeteria, is healthy, wholesome food to be had that will make one fit and strong. It requires a lot of foraging and creativity to find it, but it is there nonetheless. Like any good ranger, I will become a master in finding or creating foods that will help me meet my fitness goals based on what is physically available in the cafeteria at any given time. 


Goal 4 is to protect and save the fingers from a fate most foul


A ranger's hands are vitally important for general use, like swinging and other badass things, therefore they should be well kept. Serious nail biting is just asking for health trouble somewhere somehow, so my goal is to stop biting my nails once and for all via one of the popular methods that people use.


Current Fitness Stats


Not sure yet how to really define my fitness, but I can do about 23 pushups, 5 pullups, 16 situps, 7 or 8 one legged squats, and generally jog/walk 1 mile in about 15 minutes. I've got my ranger stats down below. I'm not sure if I was supposed to give myself some starting stats, but I don't see anything wrong with starting at 0 for everything.


Best of luck to everyone, and you'll see me commenting around!





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Hey, congratulations on starting your first challenge!

I was a bit apprehesive filling out mine the first time but a few pointers helped me along.



That link explains the point and level system for setting up your challenges a little better. It took some digging around but I eventually figured it out. You have some really great goals but what kind of steps are you going to take towards meeting them?

I found that running with music really helped me. A playlist that has a few power songs that make you hyper can really help when you're getting in a running rut. Or setting a goal to run faster to one object in the somewhat far off distances then keep jogging at a pace till you feel less winded then repeating.

Best of luck!

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Hey thanks!


For running I'm mostly doing trail runs on loop trails, and I'm not too concerned with time or speed right now, just that if I start running a trail I have to go all the way to the end, however long that may take. I've personally turned running into a game, wherein I pretend I'm in Middle Earth chasing down some orcs and if I don't keep going I'll lose them. As for motivation to run I simply like being outside in the woods and will go out there any chance I get, so it's not too hard to get me out there in the first place. I like being outside enough that I was willing to brave going rock climbing yesterday about 30 minutes before a torrential downpour was predicted to come, so I spent an hour climbing with friends outside, and got completely soaked in the process. :D


For evening out my strength, I'm just going to make sure that I am consciously having both side of the body contribute equally to something like a pushup or whatnot, and not do more reps than the left side can take. By focusing that way I can make sure that both sides begin to even out.


For food I simply have to stay away from the pre-prepared food and pick and choose more carefully what I want. So that means pulling mostly from the salad bar, the cook your own stir frye section and the deli sandwich section and staying away from foods loaded with sugar and tons of bad fats. There's no opportunity to really make a meal plan to follow per-se, rather just follow basic guidelines of what to stay away from for the most part.


And I think stopping biting your nails simply comes down to sheer willpower. You can get help from things like clear nail polish, but if you bite your nails the way I do that's not going to be much of a deterrence, so willpower and telling yourself how good the nails will look after not being bitten for a while is the way to go I think.

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Today I did half of a leg workout, which I will do a second half for in a little while after writing this post. It consisted of back and front lunges, squat jumps, chair step ups and bodyweight one legged romanian deadlifts. 


So far I am not doing to great with running or not biting my nails. I haven't run at all yet since starting and have not quite biting my nails yet. Since it is already late out and I have homework to do right now I will make it a priority to run tomorrow after class, and tonight officially starts my "stop nail biting" campaign for myself. 


Hope everyone is doing well with their own challenges!

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Good luck dude! I have set myself a running goal too as I have always hated it as well! I don't know if you are running inside or outside but I hated the treadmill and then tried the park today and I went further for longer and enjoyed it more! Sprint intervals were great little "mini challenges" to help keep it interesting!

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I try to avoid the treadmill like the plague, but I'm totally down for running outside. Lately I've been doing trail runs because being out in the woods is just a wonderful place to run, but I haven't done that in a couple weeks, so I'll need to get on it for this week. Btw, thealicat, welcome to Nerd Fitness!

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Today I finished up the second half of my leg workout that I was too lazy yesterday to complete, and also did an upper body workout for today. Today's workout consisted of close-hand pushups, regular pushups, wide grip pushups, dips off my bed with my feet on a chair and military presses(BW exercise precursor to handstand pushups). I did four rounds and did 10 reps for each exercise, with maybe a minute or two of rest and a sip of water between rounds. I've slacked off lately with my workouts, so I really pushed myself today and it was definitely a good one. I give it a rating of 9 start.


I did awesome with my eating today. No sugars except for a single soda, which is awesome because lately I've gotten increasingly bad about eating a lot of sweets and reverting back to old nutritional habits that are less than desirable. But for breakfast I had hard boiled eggs, half a bagel with some peanut butter, lowfat milk and an orange, and for lunch and dinner in the cafeteria I just cooked myself up some stir fry with tons of veggies and some chicken. Making the stir frye is nice because I can decide exactly what goes into it :).

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Today I am doing an Angry Bird style core workout throughout the day because I don't have a lot of time to devote in a single sitting to a workout. There's a LOT of school work to be done. But I have been doing 10 reps of sit ups, extensions, russian twists and also 30 sec planks throughout the day.


As for food today was kind of a cheat day because I did not have much of a choice regarding what was available for me to eat, since I am basically broke and was on a day fieldtrip for a class where food was provided. As always the food tasted great, but wasn't what I would have chosen for myself, though sometimes you just gotta be good to yourself and eat something you want to eat. The best part of eating today though, was being at the Amish market today in Belleville, PA and eating the largest carrot I have ever seen. This thing was worthy of Bugs Bunny and easily 1 3/4" wide at the base. It looked awesome, tasted fantastic and was the best snack any health conscious person could ask for.

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Today I am going on a run up at the peace chapel near where I go to school. I'll be running and walking the loop trail, which is a little over a mile or two in length, with a pretty good variety of terrain to overcome. It'll be a challenge, but definitely worth doing I think. I'm pretty excited to do that. I am also doing a workout that encompasses upper body, core and legs today. Lately in an effort to help begin evening out the strength on my left side I've


I've slacked off for the past couple of days with eating right. It's one of the hardest things for me to keep a handle over. Today I hope to burn off some of the excess calories I've eaten over the past few days and get an afterburn effect going with my workout.


So far my nail saving effort has been unsuccessful. I bite my nails without even realizing it, and by the time I am aware of what I'm doing the damage is done. Today I am going to start paying more attention to what I am doing with my hands when bored, and make sure to keep my fingers away from my mouth.

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These are awesome goals! The running one is great; I used to hate running (still kind of do) but it's really good for you. 


For the nail biting, you should try keeping a notebook with you and marking down every time you fall into that habit. It'll help you be more conscientious about it and realize how often you're doing it. There's a section on nail biting in the book "The Power of Habit", and this patient who was a habitual nail biter (like bit till she bled) was asked to keep index cards with her and mark down every time she felt the "cue" to bite her nails (for her, it was feeling tension in her fingers), and put down a hard mark when she was able to override the habit. 


Good luck!

"If you die, you die. A man must constantly exceed his level." - Bruce Lee

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Yesterday the forum was down, but I still did stuff! I went on an evening run, which I think resulted in running over a mile or something and took about 30 minutes. This one wasn't a trail run, rather just running through town because it was too dark to run in the woods, but it was still enjoyable. And it was lightly sprinkling, which felt really good once I started to sweat a little bit. I also ran with a partially filled hydration pack for a bit of resistance. 


My eating yesterday was horrendous though :/. I did a really bad job of staying on task with eating. But right now I am writing a blog pos right now for my blog http://www.fitnessllama.com that talks about reigniting my motivation to work out consistently 4-5 times with intensity and not slacking off, eating much better across the board again, and how I am adding running to my fitness regime as an added aspect that excites me and should help me get that motivation flame back up to where it used to be.

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Today I went on a mile and a half jog, which took about 35-40 minutes, and then I did 100 pushups!!!!! That was really exciting and I'm so proud of myself. I've decided that I've been doing too few reps for all my workouts for any exercise, so my goal is to begin increasing reps. So I did 100 pushups in half an hour, broken up into 4 sets of 25 reps. It was hard, I wanted give up part way through the second set, but I am so grateful that I did not. I really feel like I achieved something today.

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I did two rounds of the Nerd Fitness Advanced Bodyweight workout today. And I started learning how to do squats with a bar using correct form. Been struggling with motivation lately so this was a good workout and I feel like I accomplished something today. Gonna go take a shower now and make some tasty stir frye in the cafeteria.

workout stats for today:

20 one legged squat-each leg

40 regular squats

20 walking lunges

20 step ups

20 pullups

10 dips

10 chin ups

20 push ups

30 second plank

10 sit ups

10 hanging leg raises-legs fully extended

10 squats with a bar

20 squat form practices using a broom stick handle

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Went on a run today in my hometown in Indiana on a trail at the nearby Cope Environmental Center. It was kind of awesome because after running in the mountains of Pennsylvania at an altitude of at least a couple thousand feet for over a month, running at a much lower altitude here was a walk in the park. In fact I ran quite far without getting out of breath. Gotta love it.

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Well, I started out strong in this 6 week challenge and fizzled out. I know there are only two days left in the challenge now, and I have effectively failed to reach most of my goals except for the eating one, which I have done ok with. But for the last two days I will do my damndest to show I am committed to working out. I did a solid 30 minute leg and core workout today. I gave 100% effort, sweated my ass off, and let go of my comfort zone and just worked out like a machine. Tomorrow will be a yoga/stretching day and I am going to use these last two days as a turning point for my eating as well. I am going to drop eating candy and sweets from here on out until I have gained self control over my sugar intake again. It will probably be two to three weeks before I allow myself something, and it will be a small amount as a treat when I do.


I am not sure how much I will allow my character stats to increase at the end of this challenge because of how much I slacked. I doubt I'll let my level increase and maybe only up the stats by a .5 if anything. We'll see. It really depends on how well I do tomorrow on Sunday and Monday and the week leading up to the next challenge.

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