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Obligatory intro thread

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Greetings, Seth from Maine here. Been posting and lurking for about a month, but figured it was time to the do the obligatory intro thread. I'm not doing any specific type of diet (low carb, or low fat, etc, etc). I'm just taking a sensible approach, trying to avoid fully processed foods where I can, and adding in exercise and heavy lifting 3 to 4 days a week.

I'm down ~40 lbs from Feb 2nd and continuing to ride the train. I'm looking to lose another 130 over the course of the next year and a half (or sooner if it works out that way). Even though I'm not necessarily doing the same things that Steve advocates (like Paleo for instance), I do like the idea of a community of nerds collaborating for fitness info. If there's one thing we nerds do well, it's obtaining information (although we must have skipped those studies on the Doritos and Mt. Dew huh?) :)

My geek credentials :

Huge Star Wars nerd (both literally and figuratively) - I collect Chewie stuff

Love PC & Console gaming

Pick any other geeky thing, i'm probably down with it.

Anyway, greetings again, look forward to posting with all of you, and I wish all of you success in your goals.

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Welcome (officially)!

Wow, you've lost 40 pounds since February? That's awesome man. Love the avatar too, btw.

Sounds like whatever you're doing is working, so stick with it! I'm a fan of the paleo diet, but I certainly don't follow it 100% in practice, I just think it's logical and I know it works, so I try to adhere to it when possible.

Looking forward to your adventure over the next year man, gonna be great. The force is strong with this one...


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