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Cita's Reboot Towards Health!

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Thanks to some folks on Twitter I got my workout done today. I woke up in a foul mood and it just continued to get worse throughout the day. I didn't want to workout. I knew that if I did, I would feel better so I asked Twitter to give me a kick in the ass and I got it!

I went down and did my cardio interval Triathlon. 45 minutes later, 600 calories burned, I did feel better.


1 mile treadmill: 15:02

1 mile elliptical: 12:28

3 miles bike: 12:31

Yesterday I ended up at about 1000 calories for the day. I'm not worried about it, things will even out. Today I had the same, "I'm just not hungry" feelings at various times. I ate enough though.


Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs & Apple

AM Snack: Carrot, Easter Egg, Celery & Walnut Butter (odd combo there)

Lunch: Polish Sausage, Cauliflower, 3/4 apple (I also had made a salad, but wasn't hungry enough to eat it)

PM Snack: 3/4 oz cashews

Dinner: Pork Chop, Garden Veggies & Almonds

Tomorrow is Friday! Strength Training, Late Night at work then dinner out with the family!

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Friday brought the final week 3 RSG workout for me, and it kicked my booty! I decided to level up in lunges and did the squat-lunge-squat-lunge (ok that was 1) combo. :) Boy were those kick-ass. I also lowered the bar on the smith machine for my body weight rows for the first 2 sets, the last 2, I did cable machine rows with 82.5lbs (someone else had jumped on the smith machine).

RSG BW Brigade Workout B

BW Rows/Rows: 6,6,8,10 = 30

Close Hand Push-ups: 20,20,20,20 = 80

Squat/Lunge: 10,10,10,10 = 40

Plank: 120s,130s,120s,120s = 490s (8 minutes?!)

After a couple days of being in a stressed hell and not feeling the desire to eat, I ate yesterday! I also made sure to get enough protein!

Yummies consumed:

Breakfast: Coconut Milk, Walnut Butter, Berry, Protein Smoothie

AM Snack: Omlette & Bacon

Lunch: Turkey Burger with Grilled Veggies & Bacon

PM Snack (After late workout): Protein Shake w/ Water, Almonds, Apple & Salad

Dinner: Chinese Buffet (Salad, grilled chicken, green beans, teriyaki chicken & melon for desert)

Yesterday was a much better emotional day than the previous. I was back to my normal, goofball self.

Today is going to be a day of yard work, grocery shopping (I picked up the Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals cookbook!) and relaxing around the house!

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Week 3 Wrap-Up

Fitness Goals:

  • Follow the BW Workouts of Rebel Strength Guide 3x Per week: Complete! I even leveled up to level 2 for my squats and lunges! My push-ups have increased from starting numbers in the 40s to numbers in the 80s this past week! I'm going to graduate from knee push-ups to "real" push-ups in week 4! My planks have increased from 80 total seconds to 490 total seconds! So I'll be looking to make those harder this week too.

  • Cardio HIIT "triathlon" 2x week: Completed! I figured out last week with 2 days of hard cardio between RSG days, my legs were dead. So I've opted to do 1 HARD day and 1 medium interval day. On my HARD day I made a increase in of my overall time from 37 minutes 49 seconds to 32 minutes 38 seconds. That's a 14% IMPROVEMENT!!

  • 5 Chin-ups: This one isn't going to happen. While I'm increasing the difficulty of my inverted body weight rows, my overall weight is just too much for my arms to handle. Right now I'm at the 45% angle that Steve recommended in the article for how to do a pull-up. As soon as I can hit 8 reps for each set 2 days in a row, I'm moving to the next difficulty, Assisted Pull-Ups with a chair. Although last time I tried those, I felt I was using my legs too much. It'll take some playing. I may do reps of assisted pull-ups and negative pull-ups together.

Life Goals:

  • Train for Project Management: I grabbed a book this week to read. Oddly, my boss has 3 of us on the team reading for this now, so I have to really wonder what his objective is. Kinda has me hanging in mid-air right now.

Eating Goals:

95.24% Paleo. I was really craving pizza this week so I said, if I do well with my numbers during my measurement taking, I can have pizza Sunday night. And I did. It was good, I ate too much, but I'm OK with that.

Overall Progress:

I'm down a total of 8.6 pounds and 17.5 inches since I started.

Overall: I give myself an A for the week!

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First Log for Week 4 of my RSG Challenge!

Today was busy, so I did my workout at home. I did incline push-ups on playground equipment, inverted body weight rows on some other playground equipment, regular squats and side planks with my 9 year old hovering over me telling me how many reps I should do and shouting, "YOU CAN DO IT MOM!". It was amusing :) I tried to do the assisted pistol squats but I couldn't find my balance holding anything there, so I just went back to regular body weight squats. Side planks, I've been keeping my upper hand on the ground for balance, today was the first time I did them with my hand not on the ground.

RSG BW Brigade - Workout A

Incline Push-Ups: 15, 12, 10, 10 = 47

BW Rows (bar was waist high): 5, 6, 7, 8 = 26

BW Squats: 20,30,40,60 = 150

Side Planks: R25, L20, R16, L20 = 81

Finishing move: 3 minutes of Shuttle Runs with Jonas.

Eating yesterday was good!


Breakfast: Cheese & Guacamole Omelet w/ Half Apple

AM Snack: Almonds

Lunch: Green Beans & Pork Chop

PM Snack: Tuna Salad, Salami & Cheese & A couple of stolen pan fried potatoes from my mom's when I picked up Jonas

Dinner: Korean Cauliflower Rice Bowl, from Primal Blueprint Quick Cookbook. http://twitpic.com/4sku4h

I think I eat too much cheese. I'm going to cut it back from 2-3 days a week to once a week.

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Tuesday was another busy day. It amazes me how when I'm busy running around I "forget" to eat and am not hungry. I made another awesomly delicious primal dish, Root Veggie Hash with Polish Sausage. The hash was made with turnips, rutabaga and sweet potatoes. YUM! I had left overs with my eggs for breakfast today!

Yummies for Tuesday:

Breakfast: Eggs with Bacon & Guacamole, Apple with Cinnamon

AM Snack: Almonds & Sugar Snap Peas

Lunch: Cauliflower Rice, Grilled Chicken Breast & Salad

PM Snack: Carrot & Celery Sticks

Dinner: Root Veggie Hash with Polish Sausage

Before Bed: Spoonful of Walnut Butter

My cardio workout was good for two reasons. I was in a pissy mood and pushed myself really hard. It helped my mood some, doubly when I saw that I improved my times!

Cardio HIIT Triathlon:

1 Mile Elliptical: 9:20

3 Miles Bike: 10:20

1 Mile Treadmill: 12:28

I'm a Rockstar!

Oh... and Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!

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Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!

Wednesday was a BW Brigade Rebel Strength Day. Have I ever mentioned I love strength training? Cardio? Not so much. I level upped myself in a few of the movements! BW Rows? I laid on the ground and put the bar an inch above my fingers on the Smith Machine and went at it! Close Hand Push-ups, intermediate step of incline push-ups. I used the bar at the same height as it was for the rows and did the push-ups from there. Lunges, did the squat-lunge-squat-lunge combo again. Woot? And for the planks I did the 1 and 1 planks with alternating hand/foot in the air... Well, kinda, couldn't stay up there long... My balance ain't what it used to be!

BW Brigade Workout B Log:

BW Rows: 5,6,5,6 = 22

Close Hand Push-Ups: 10,12,10,11 = 43

Lunges: 12,12,11,10 = 45

Planks: R10,L11,R8,L8 = 37 seconds

Food, I was hungry. :) At one point in the afternoon I was like: Hungry! NOMNOMNOM! LOL! I got over it though and ate very well.

Noms Consumed:

Breakfast: Left Over Veggie Has & Eggs w/ Bacon

AM Snack: Apple w/ Cinnamon & Almonds

Lunch: Beef Patty, Green Beans w/ Carrots & Peanut Butter (Odd, but I wanted to try it after reading something on hamburgers with peanut butter... thoughts, it's strange, but okay)

PM Snack: Beef Jerky, Apple, Almonds

Dinner: Spaghetti Squash, Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage Ragu

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Yesterday was the first day I didn't meet my goal for working out. I did 1 mile on the elliptical, 3 on the bike and .25 on the treadmill and was just done. Emotionally, I was drained, I just couldn't continue. While getting down and working out did help some, I was focusing on emotional things, that I couldn't work through while on the treadmill. I came up and started writing, that is what finally helped me get through the emotional hurdle.

Cardio Stats:

1 Mile Elliptical 10:28

3 Miles Bike: 12:23

.25 Mile Treadmill: 3:30

Eating wise, I did well and stayed on plan. Nothing extraordinary.


Breakfast: Fried Eggs, Ham & Apple

Lunch: Big Ol Salad with chicken, pork, apple and almonds

PM Snack: Lots o Raw Veggies (tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, celery)

Dinner: Salad, Green Beans, Carrots, Roast Beef, Chicken & Melon for Dessert (Old Country Buffet Style)

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Week 4 Wrap-Up

Fitness Goals:

  • Follow the BW Workouts of Rebel Strength Guide 3x Per week: No problem! This past week I moved up my push-ups to incline push-ups. I also moved up my planks. For the side planks I had been putting my upper hand on the ground for support. This week, it stayed up on my side! For the normal planks I went to one-one planks. One hand on the ground, one leg on the ground. Oy my abs felt it too! I also continue with the assisted pistol squats for my squat exercise and squat-lunge for the lunge exercise. As for my chin-ups, I moved the bar as low as I could on the Smith Machine with me on the ground and am working toward reps of 8. Still unsure how I'm going to do the negative chin-ups, but by golly I hope to get them next week!

  • Cardio HIIT "triathlon" 2x week: Semi done. The 2nd cardio day I didn't finish the mile on the treadmill, even though I finished the distance on the other 2 machines. I felt crappy emotionally and just couldn't push myself anymore. In spite of that, the super high beat myself to the ground intensity day were all improvements over previous times! I'm most excited about the mile on the treadmill being down to 12:28 with me doing the highest sprint at 8.5! My goal for this week is to get it under 12:15!

  • 5 Chin-ups: As previously stated, this one isn't going to happen this challenge. Although my strength continues to improve with the body weight rows!

Life Goals:

  • Train for Project Management: Still doing my training.

Eating Goals:

98ish% Paleo. Yesterday was mother's day and I had 2 pieces of pumpernickel toast with breakfast and a taste of wheat noodles and fried rice at the hibachi steakhouse we went to for dinner. :)

Overall Progress:

I'm down a total of 12.2 pounds and 20 inches since I started! My uberly geekily calculated BF% is also down about 4%... Um, wow!

Overall: I give myself an A- for the week!

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Huh, just noticed I didn't post my daily for Friday, so here is a quicky...

BW Brigade Workout A:

Incline Push-Ups: 5,6,6,7 = 24

BW Rows: 5,5,5,6 = 21

Assisted Pistol Squats: 10,12,10,10 = 42 (plus additional 20 normal bw squats for last set)

Side Plank: R60s, L46s, R60s, L40s = 206s


Breakfast: Burrito Bowl from Qdoba with chicken

Lunch: Salad, Roasted Chicken & Green Beans

PM Snack: Apple & Almonds

Dinner: Coconut Almond Chicken with Broccoli

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Some days you just have to improvise! Yesterday was one of those days. I didn't have time to workout at work due to meetings, so I worked out outside at home. During my rests between sets? I grilled dinner! After my workout, we sat outside and enjoyed dinner. It was really a great evening.

For the chin-ups, I attempted negative chin-ups for 3 sets and did one arm rows with my 15lb kettlebell for the last set. I did the close hande push-ups on my knees as I couldn't find a good spot for an incline that I felt comfortable with. I continued with the squat/lunge combo. My son counted them out for me, he was kinda funny. As for the planks, I attempted the 1-1 planks, but seemingly couldn't keep my balance out where I was doing them, so I just went to regular planks for the last 2 sets.

BW Brigade Workout B:

Chin-Ups: 5,5,5,15 = 30

Close Hand Push-ups: 20,20,20,20 = 80

Lunge/Squat Combo: 15,15,15,15 = 60

Planks: 40,40,60,60 = 200 seconds

I felt really good after my workout. So glad I got it done!

Yesterday's eating was fairly good. Higher in fat due to the walnut butter I was eating up for snacks. :)

Noms consumed:

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs & Salsa

AM Snack: Apple with Walnut Butter

Lunch: Salad, Coconut Almond Crusted Chicken & Steamed Veggies

PM Snack: Celery with Walnut Butter & some Cashews on the train

Dinner: Hamburger Patty, Polish Sausage and Green Beans

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I shocked myself yesterday with my Cardio HIIT Triathlon! Not only did I meet my goals of improving my times, I blasted my goal for the exact times out of the water! My goal for the mile on the treadmill for this week was to get under 12:15. Not only did I get under 12:15, I got under 12! 11:59 baby! And that was with walks between my sprints! I also got my lowest times for the elliptical and bike as well!

Cardio HIIT Triathlon:

1 Mile Elliptical: 9:05

3 Miles Bike: 10:03

1 Mile Treadmill: 11:59

I was elated for the rest of the day!

Meals yesterday were a bit bigger than I had planned. I forgot protein at home for lunch and ended up going to a buffet and grabbing a bit of each protein, after a late workout... so I was starving. Dinner was past 9pm and it was just a strange day overall.


Breakfast: Eggs over Sweet Italian Sausage & Green Beans

AM Snack: Apple, Cucumber & Almonds

Lunch: Chicken Breast prepared lots of ways, bit of roasted potato, green beans & strawberries

PM Snack: Polish Sausage, Ham & Cheese

Dinner: Asian Salad from McDonalds

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Thanks to you both! Hee, Anna! Anytime you need ideas, let me know. I have, somewhat a passion for cooking and love to try new things. My next two dinners? Steak with romesco sauce and grilled asparagus.... and Grilled Pork Chops with Grilled Herbed Carrots. YUM!

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Right on! I'm rocking this week so far! What did I do yesterday, you ask? (Or really, my head asks)

My Push-ups, I did the first 2 sets at an incline. Dunno about y'all but I feel like I'm going to fall when doing that, so the next two I did full push-ups! Chin-ups, I met my goal of sets of 8. I did these where I was laying on the ground and grasping the Smith Machine Bar. Squats, I did normal squats. I still feel really odd doing pistol squats and my knees were sore from trying to do them funnily.

BW Brigade Workout A!

Push-Ups: 10,10,5,5 = 30

Chin-Ups: 8,8,8,8=32

Squats: 25,30,40,50=145

Side Planks: 60,50,50,40 = 200seconds

As a side WOOT!, while doing my last set at the gym, a couple of girls came up to me and told me there were impressed with my progress and dedication. WOO!

Oh, and then I came home and cut the grass before I made dinner!

Speaking of dinner. Yum! I made a "hash" type dish with sweet potatoes, green pepper, onion and cabbage. Tossed in some ground beef and topped with an egg!

Noms: (kinda on the light side, combo wasn't hungry and was busy!)

Breakfast: Smoothie (Coconut Milk, protein powder, walnut butter & berries)

AM Snack: Salad

Lunch: Salad with Steak from Cosi

Dinner: Above mentioned hash with egg and ground beef!

I feel great! :)

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It's time for that daily update!

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment so I took half a day off and worked the other half from home. I couldn't ask for a more beautiful day! After taking Jonas to school and a bit of breakfast I decided I could fit in a bike ride before my doctor's appointment for some cardio since I wasn't at work and couldn't get to the gym for the cardio HIIT triathlon. I ended up doing 15.25 miles in 1 hour 23 minutes! I was flying high by the time I got home. Being outside, enjoying nature while riding my bike gave me an awesome feeling.

Doctor's appointment went well. I came home and decided it was just too pretty a day out, so I grabbed my laptop, some lunch and headed outside to work my half day. I'm a bit pink today to prove it! Then we had a laid back night. Grilled, pulled some weeds, planted some flowers and just chilled. :)

Noms nommed:

Breakfast: Leftover veggie hash, bacon & eggs

Lunch: Huge Salad with Chicken & Almonds

Consumed at random times between Lunch and Dinner (Hungry!): Ham, Beef Jerky, Sugar Free Frozen Yogurt & Strawberries

Dinner: Grilled Spiced Rubbed Pork Chops & Carrots with small side salad

Dessert: A bit of dark chocolate

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Friday was pretty good. For the last couple of days I've been feeling very hungry. Not sure what all is going on. I think I need to switch things up a bit. My mom just gave me about 40 cans of no salt added veggies. This should last me a while. I think I'm gonna grill meat tomorrow and have that for lunches and dinners. I also was given a couple dozen eggs. Now I just need to get some bacon and I'm set!

Friday I finished up my Week 5 of the RSG workouts. The Inverted rows are getting easier. Although I still don't feel I can get over 8 reps. I've been having my legs bent. I think I'm going to aim to keep them straight next week to make things a little more difficult. I did incline close hand push-ups from the bar that I was using for the inverted rows. I did the squat/lunge combos for my leg portion. Boy those get hard near the end!! And finally, I finished up with some planks. While I still haven't gotten the hand of putting one hand and the opposite foot in the air at the same time. I did make them a little more difficult than regular planks by putting the foot in the air one set and the hand the other set. :)

BW Brigade Workout B:

BW Rows: 8, 8, 8, 8 = 32

Close Hand Push-ups: 12,12,12,12=48

Squat/Lunges: 15,15,15,17=62

Planks: 30,32,30,30=122


Breakfast: Omelet, Bacon & Strawberries

AM Snack: Blueberries

Lunch: Chicken & Mixed Steamed Veggies

PM Snack: Carrots, Beef Jerky... then a few hours later... almonds, dried plums (why is it dried plum sounds better than prune?)

Dinner: Indian Dinner Out... I had a mixed grill with shrimp, chicken & lamb... and some peppers and onions.

Today I spent some time shopping some garage sales for new clothes. I found a bunch of pants. Now I need shirts! :) Foodwise, I've eaten sporadically. I had a quick scramble of eggs and sausage for breakfast. A sugar free cookie from a garage sale. No lunch... a carrot... then I went to a Tastefully Simple party and sampled all the dips. I ordered some, with the intent to figure out how to make them more friendly for me to eat with veggies instead of beer bread. Dinner was some "fajita salad" with steak & chicken for the protein choices. Right now, I'm trying to stop myself from eating the sugar free jelly beans I got for Easter.

Tomorrow is my end of week 5 weigh in and measurements. I'm not expecting a lot from the weigh in. My weight has been steadily a bit higher than last week, not sure what's up with that. We'll see how the measurements go.

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Week 5 Summary:

Exercise Goals:

Exercise goals went very well. I completed all of my RSG BW workouts with zeal! Even though I didn’t do a cardio triathlon on Thursday (mostly because I was at home), I did go for a 15 mile bike ride. WIN! I also had my lowest times ever for the Cardio HIIT Triathlon on Tuesday!

Food Goals:

Eh, I had a big case of emotional munchies Saturday and Sunday. This reflects on my measurements this week. Even though I munched on paleo friendly foods, I’m not happy with the emotional side of the munching. I’ve been doing so well on forging past the emotional munching for the past 5 weeks, to let it take over was a sad thing. I’m back on track today though, and I’m moving ahead, leaving the past behind

Life Goals:

Still going through the book I printed out and implementing project plans for some of the projects I have on my plate. Not where I wanted to be with this goal, but again, with changes happening at work, there are some things you can’t control.

Week 5 Results:

I actually gained weight over last week, but still managed to lose a half inch. I’m feeling good about that. The calculated Body Fat % Average went down too, which is good.

Looking ahead to week 6:

* I'm giving a go at not having fruit.

* I'm aiming to hit a set or two of 20 with my incline push-ups.

* I'm trying to do pistol squats better!

* I'm going to do negative chin-ups this week!

* I’m going to ROCK the last week of this challenge!

Week 5 Grade: A-

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Good work!

As for the PM route (I have worked as a PM for several years now)

Get the "Head First" book on project management - Head First PMP body of Knowledge - or really, any other book.

Grab the methodology and manage the projects you already have - even if it is just you working on them.


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Yesterday was a very busy day. I had a shortened day at work so that I could leave and take my son to his dance recital dress rehearsal! Due to that, I wasn't able to get down to the gym and workout. A late night at dress rehearsal and I decided I'd use the day as a rest day.

One thing I noticed yesterday is I had the munchies. Like, I just wanted to munch on something crunchy like popcorn. The side of me that has been dealing with "You must stay under your calories" stopped me from having nuts. Normally, I can munch on carrots and get it to go away, but I forgot my carrots yesterday! For some reason, this happens around 2pm most days. I need to figure out the best way to deal with it. Last night I made some roasted almonds (cinnamon, coconut flakes and cocoa powder) to have today when the feeling comes.

I had a lot of eggs yesterday. I wonder if that's okay.... :)

Breakfast: Western Omelet and Bacon

AM Snack: Tomatoes & Cucumbers

Lunch: Roasted Turkey Breast, Green Beans & Salad

PM Snack: Hamburger Patty & Almonds

Dinner: "Garbage Omelet" -- Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Broccoli, Peppers, Tomato, Mushroom and Onions!

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I don't know which thing from yesterday to rave about more; my workout from yesterday or my dinner from last night! LOL!

Let's start with the workout. Yesterday was Workout A. I changed things up a bit... the Smith Machine was in use, so I used the cable machine and did seated rows. Since I'm having odd balance issues with trying assisted pistol squats I did one legged squats with one leg behind me on the bosu ball. I did three sets of my push-ups as inclines, the last set as full push-ups. Let me tell you, my upper body is SORE today!

BW Brigade Workout A

Push-Ups: 15,15,15,7=52

Rows: 10,10,12,12=44

Squats: 15,15,15,17=62 (that was each leg)

Side Planks: 60,70,60,70=260 seconds

So let's talk about dinner last night. Last weekend I bought some "rainbow salad" by Mann Packing. This is basically shredded broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage and carrots. So, I took this "salad" and microwaved it for 90 seconds. I made some ground turkey tomato/pasta sauce. Then I put the turkey pasta sauce on top of the steamy salad. OMG Delicious. It met that comfort of pasta that I had been looking for in the past couple of weeks.

Noms Consumed:

Breakfast: Leftover "Garbage" Omlete

AM Snack: Roasted Almonds

Lunch: Rainbow Salad w/ chicken and homemade baconaise

PM Snack: More Almonds, Turkey Breast, 1/2 Dark Chocolate Bar

Dinner: Rainbow Salad "Pasta"

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Yesterday ended up being a rest day for me. Crazy meetings at work. By the time I got home, I just wanted to chill out. Ended up being a good plan! :) My weight finally went down again, woo!

I plan on doing my last 2 RSG workouts today and Saturday. Tomorrow I'm aiming to do my last Cardio HIIT Triathlon.

Noms Consumed Yesterday:

Breakfast: Fried Eggs with Asparagus

AM Snack: Almonds

Lunch: A little bit of a smoked salmon salad (I didn't like it, it was a work outing.)

PM Snack: Jimmy John Turkey Unwich (Extra Un! LOL! No, extra turkey) & Almonds

Dinner: Chicken Breast with Carrots & Green Beans

Today thus far has been busy as well. One of the guys I work with is leaving so he is busy updating me on what he did while I try and finish the stuff I do for the day. :) One hour until I take a much needed break to do my workout!

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My second to last RSG Strength workout was yesterday. If I haven't mentioned it before, those squat/lunge combos are the devil. Squat-Lunge-Squat-Lunge, okay, that was 1.... around the middle of the third set I made a deal with myself. If I finished that set and the last one with good numbers (15+) I could grab a Diet Dr. Pepper for my afternoon snack. I got my Diet Dr. Pepper!

Also, instead of bw rows I did cable rows again, upping the weight to 87.5. Someone was using the cable machine when it was time for my last set so I did lat pull-downs @ 90lbs.

RSG BW Brigade Workout B:

Rows: 10,10,10,10 = 40

Close Hand Push-Ups (Incline): 15,15,15,15=60

Squat/Lunge Combo: 15,17,15,18=65

1-1 Planks: 12,11,40,60=123 sec (last 2 sets I held 1-1 for 10s then went to full plank for rest)

Food yesterday was rather uninspiring. Busy day!


Breakfast: Western Omlette & Bacon

AM Snack: Baby Radishes & Almonds

Lunch: Rainbow "pasta" with tomato meat sauce

PM Snack: Almonds, Beef Jerky & Carrots

Dinner: Green Pepper, Broccoli, Chicken, Bacon and Egg Scramble

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