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Mini Challenge #2 - Stop Comparing to Others!


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I missed Thurs and Sat for my 15 mins core session. I did learn some new moves though which was good, but I don't think I should earn any points since I wasn't 100%.



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This challenge for me was a mixture of rowing, and then switched to flute playing following a hamstring injury. I'm going to take 1 WIS for this for having the self awareness not to push my injury (for once!) and give my body the chance to rest, at least to an extent. It was also nice to get back into my flute, I have missed it :)

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Failed badly t this one.

To be true the thing i was going to work on was improving my push ups (i suck at it).

But i dont think it can be done everyday, at least Steve's articles says at least 48 hours rest...

Nway, walking turnd out not even being something challenging nor pleasant.

I'll be sure to check out the next mini challenge, though!



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15 or more minutes per day working with the dance instructional dvd I'd packed away because I was comparing myself to others.

It was mostly fun.  Enough so that I will probably re-add it to my life.  Maybe enough so that I'll take a look on the intertubes for free video tutorials.


+1 ...Dexterity?  I guess?

This used to be where  my weight loss progress bar was. Maybe it will be here again when I'm ready to face the scale and work on my fat problem.
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A throng of adventurers burst into the highest tower in the castle, finding chammy surrounded by large flat screen TVs showing impressive physical feats. She's curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth, hiding her head in her knees.


The nerds begin smashing the screens with sledgehammers, and lighting all the 'thinspiration' posters on fire. Angelblaidd wraps her arms around chammy and hugs her tight.


"It'll be ok" she says.


Chammy looks up and nods her head. "Yeah. It will." She climbs to her feat and addresses the Adventurers who have come to save her.


Thank you so much for saving me! If it weren't for you, I would have drowned in my fears of never being good enough.




Congratulations Adventurers! Award yourself +1 to your applicable stat point.

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I sustained a substantial injury on Friday while moving all our belongings into our trailer. I did some modified poses on Saturday morning before heading out on the road. Saturday to today were a bust, but I plan on getting back to it tomorrow with more modified poses. No stat points for me, but sure am happy with the yoga I did. Can't wait to get back to it tomorrow. 

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With added confidence from not watching others and putting myself in the front of class as opposed to watching from the back, I found that I held positions longer and sunk deeper into holds, causing seriously awesome muscle fatigue in each barre session. Going with +1 Strength!

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Did some awesome baking and cooking every day, my husband is thrilled with the stuff I've cooked for him with veggies!  One weird thing that happened, the family ate my new dinners, but when I made the homemade rolls, they didn't get eaten, had to throw them to the chickens!


Fine with me, they don't need the bread, so I'm going to plan a lot of my groceries around new meal plans for everyone to be less wheat.


+WIS, since it's new knowledge.  If I don't get some other stat points, I'm going to need to change my character to an owl or something! :P

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