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Paladin's Epic Quest Progression

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I figured that I had better go ahead and throw something in here to track my goals since I'm already starting to accomplish ones that I planned out previously. Check back for continuous updates to expand and reorganize this list, as well as progress reports as I start to cross them off this list.


Current Status: Level 1, 40%  more EXP needed to reach Level 2


From the Nerd Fitness Spartan Warrior challenge:


50 Push-Ups in a row

10 Pull-Ups in a row

Bench press body weight 10x

Press 75% of bodyweight overhead 5 times

Deadlift 1.5 times bodyweight 5 times

Squat bodyweight 5 times

Run a 5k in under 24 minutes

Hike for hours with a 30# backpack

Touch toes          Completed 4/23/2013


Receive a Bachelor's Degree in English

Receive a Master's Degree in English

Gain a position teaching at a Community College or University


Commit 50 Bible verses to memory

Learn 100 Bible verses

Learn 250 Bible verses

Learn 500 Bible verses

Learn 1000 Bible verses


Read the Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Read War and Peace

Read Les Miserables

Read the Wheel of Time series


Deadlift 1x body weight          Completed 4/22/2013

Bench Press 0.75x body weight          Completed 4/24/2013

Overhead press 0.5x body weight

Squat 0.75x body weight

Complete 25 Pushups in a row

Complete 100 pushups in a row

Do a pull-up

Complete a 3 minute plank

Complete a 5 minute plank

Run a 5k in under 30 minutes

Run a 5k in under 27 minutes

Run a 9 minute mile

Run an 8 minute mile

Run a 7 minute mile

Run a 10k

Run a 20k OR Half-Marathon

Run a marathon

Attempt to Qualify for the Boston Marathon


Publish a poem

Publish a short story

Complete a first draft of a novel

Revise the draft of a novel & send for publication


Own & learn to shoot/clean a handgun

Own an electric guitar

Learn basic french

Read a classic book in french


Level 1 Dwarven Scout

2 STR  |  3 DEX  |  3 STA  |  2 CON  |  3 WIS  |  2 CHA

Battle Log  |  Current Challenge: Paladin's Return to the Road


"Fat doesn't get sore, muscle does." Doctor Wes Nyberg

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