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6 weeks of Jax O|||||||O

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Day 48:

It was quite a busy Saturday. Woke up a bit later than anticipated.. manage to get into work on time however so it's all good. 6 hours of OT - my Jeep is happy. Also tonight made test runs of protein fudge (not quite paleo... but they are for friends and co-workers) and also protein brownies (mostly paleo, used semi-sweet morsels vs. dark chocolate). Both are cooling. Going to take them to my Jeep buddies tomorrow at the beach and if they turn out good will make them again Monday to take to work on Tuesday. I did have to pick up chocolate protein powder because I had run out - and the gal - well two of them at GNC have also asked that I stop back by with samples of both..

Feeling I might have to make my chicken curry again next week -- it's calling my name :) Oh yeah, tonight was sashimi again - I decided to not even try rice after early this week.

Breakfast: protein shake

Snack: apple and almonds

Lunch: rotisserie chicken and string beans

Snack: protein shake

Dinner: 7 piece sashimi (whitefish and tuna only) and a crab salad on the side, small salad with cucumbers and tomaotes with ginger dressing and miso soup

Beverages: 81 ounces of water - dude, I seriously slacked today!


Since it was a workday I ended up taking stairs today. Single flight probably about 6 times.. up and down and up and down - sure won't have to worry about sitting too much at this job!

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Day 49: aka yesterday because I haven't been home much except to shower and then back out the door

Had an AWESOME day at the beach.. so sunburnt though.. Brought my friend Joe and this 11 yr old daughter with me. I think of the 5 hours at the beach at least 3 we were jumping waves in the ocean and swimming. Turns out my sunscreen isn't that waterproof. Once I got home and unpacked the jeep, put the top back on and showered headed back out and watched two movies with friends with 3 beers. Pelham 123 and Max Payne. Good times with good friends. It was after 1:30am when I got home hence no posting...

Breakfast: protein shake

Lunch: rather large piece of chicken, watermelon and a primal protein brownie that I made (gave the rest and the protein fudge away to friends at the beach. I had originally made a salad to bring to the beach but apparently decided it was a good idea to leave the dressing at home.. fail!)

Dinner: smoothie from tropical smoothie with whey protein and turkey and guacamole in a wrap.. yes, pretty much a cheat meal but it sounded good

Beverage(s): 79 ounces of water and 3 yuenglings


3 hours minimal at the beach running around like a kid, swimming and jumping waves. Bit of an undertow going on - yellow/red flag was up but we kept together and made sure the kids all stayed safe. Also instructed Joe's daughter how to swim parallel to the shore in case she was caught in undertow. Always better to be safe than sorry.

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Day 50 aka May 30th and the official last day of my first challenge:

Ok - so starting this now so tonight I only have to edit and can concentrate on setting goals for next challenge. Need to think a bit on them so I can challenge myself properly.

Breakfast: protein shake

Lunch: 7 piece sashimi (tuna and whitefish only), small salad with ginger dressing and miso soup - roommate decided to take us out for lunch, yes I know I pretty much just ate this Saturday - but I freaking <3 sashimi! Oh... and a funny story. I tried something new.. see below ***

Dinner: BBQ ribs, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 ear of corn and a few tomato slices

Beverage(s): 72 ounces of water and its' bedtime.. I've done terrible on water the last few days :(


I decided this morning to start tomorrow - my back is sooo burnt :/ I apparently didn't get far enough down my back and with the rough waves yesterday some unsunscreened skin was apparently shown to the sun. There was no way push ups or otherwise was going to happen today. Hope it feels better tomorrow! Today was a bit of a rest day after yesterday at the beach. If my hip could talk it would probably say - yes, you put me through craziness yesterday.. how old are you?! - Muahahha - I had a great time. So worth it!


So today for lunch my roommate and I went out to Akaya for lunch. When we got their they (owners, owners children, sushi chefs and back room chefs) were all eating lunch. Jasmine (owner's wife) offers me something new to try. Well.. I decided - Why the heck not. The answer: Because HOLY CRAP this looks NASTY!!!!!!!!! (warning: it's kinda creepy and gross, just say'n, not for the squimish!)

So I tried THIS. Weird... totally not my thing - AT ALL! But.. I tried it =)

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