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New to deadlifts - trying to get it right

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Hey guys,

I've just begun strength training with barbells and am trying to get my form down. By far the most 'unnatural' feeling move for me, is the deadlift. I started out doing sumo, but am now trying conventional, which feels better but still a bit odd. Any tips you have are hugely appreciated!


Also, I'm sorry it's so silhouette-ey. I'll film from the window side in the future - you live and you learn :)




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IMHO it looks very good. Just like bigm said: the weight doesn't seems to be very demanding for you.

I know you just starting out and it's great that you first want to establish your form before moving forward, but once you hit the weights that are tough, you should throw in another video to make sure you didn't lost it :)

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Yep, I'm commenting to subscribe as well. The bar is definitely coming away from your legs when you get above the knees, but that is probably due to the empty bar like the others said.

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