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When I think of proteins, my brain just brings up biochemistry

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My name is Ashlee and I found Nerd Fitness about a year ago, but life events and procastination have kept me from emersing myself into the community. Fact is, I've learned over the course of the year that you can't do everything on your own. I need y'alls help!


About me: I am a junior(almost senior) genetics major at Texas A&M University and aspire to go to grad school for genetic counseling once I complete my undergrad(and get accepted into a program). I work two jobs currently in addition to going to school, one as a waitress for BJ's Brewhouse and the other as a student worker for our Equestrian team(I'm a horsey person). I love to keep busy so I sometimes find it challenging to set aside the time for working out, but at least for the past week my friend and I have begun meeting up at the university gym.


I've been slowly integrating myself into the Paleo diet and for the most part keep up with it pretty well except for I have a weakness when it comes to bread, sandwiches, and pasta(plus pasta is cheap!) and usually have a day or two out of the week where I'll break down and eat one of the above mentioned.


In addition, I've set up a workout routine for myself which consists of three days of the beginner body weight circuit(after comfortable here I plan to switch over to some weight training), two days of cardio(running and biking), and some running and yoga on the weekends since weekends tend to be a bit hectic for me with two jobs.


My challenge to myself is not to loose weight, but to get in shape. I've been in love with the idea of crossfit for the past year(ever since my friend started competeing in crossfit competitions), but becoming a member at a crossfit gym is expensive(especially for a college student who already has FREE gym membership) so my goal is to do the best to become crossfit ready hopefully without having to sign up for a membership at a crossfit gym. I would absolutely love to compete in crossfit!


Also, I've kinda made a promise to do a Triathalon(kinda a motivational type promise for them) with a friend if he makes it through spec ops training in his military branch.


I have a lot of aspirations and only a vague view of the path I should follow in order to reach them. HELP

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Hi Ashlee, nice to meet you! I'm curious-- how have you been feeling since starting the paleo diet? I have heard good things, and have gradually started into it myself, but it would be nice to get a more detailed idea of what to expect. :)

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Well there's a few things to note.  One is learning how to make very specific goals:




setting a goal of your dimensions rather than weight is a definite step in the right direction.


Another is loving spaghetti.  May I suggest spaghetti squash?  It's just as cheap as pasta.  You cut it in half, scoop the innards (looks like a pumpkin), then sprinkle a tinybit of olive oil and bake in open-face down on a sheet.  When done, use a fork and scrape it all up- looks and tastes like spaghetti with a slightly al dente/shredded carrots consistency.  Since doing paleo I've had spaghetti squash like 12 times and I never can get enough each time.  Being italian and a heavy pasta- eater, I can vouch for this being at least worth a try.


Also, you might want to jump into the current 6-week challenge that is going on.  It started about a week ago, but it's more of a way to help yourself seet goals- so it's not like you're 'behind' or anything.





Also, pikachizzle, I know you asked Ash this, but I've been doing paleo for about a month and I feel like a different person.  The more clean you eat, the more noticable it is after a couple of weeks.  The overall feeling is comparing yourself to when you're a few days into a cold vs just being normal.  I feel more awake and alert and less groggy in general. 

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Paleo really is great :D You have so much more energy and it's really simple to eat. I no longer skip meals for lunch because I'll prepare my meal the night before while I'm cooking dinner. And it makes going to the grocery store much easier/faster.


I've heard about spagetti squash... And my roommate actually had some in the fridge last month, but I always forget about it for some reason when I'm grocery shopping. It will go on the list!


Thanks terosx. Specific goal setting has always been a personal problem of mine :/ I'm always far too vague. I only glanced over the current challenge the other day... I've been pretty busy studying for the finals I have coming up in the next two weeks :/ I'll have to check into it some more

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Howdy and welcome to the forum, from another Ag! ('08)


I agree the best thing you can do is to set some goals and let everyone know what they are. Personally, one of mine is to run the stairs in the O&M the next time I am in the area. Funny thing is I always laughed at the corp folks as I walked out of my meteorology class and they were lapping up and down the stairwell. This was mainly because I had done my time in the service. 


Best of luck to you!

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WHOOP! I knew it was only a matter of time till I found another Ag in the Rebellion!


That's a great goal/idea! I'm not on that side of campus much so I've only seen the Corps running the stairs of the WCG, but I definitely still laugh at them as they do their galavanting about. I know/knew plenty of members.


Thanks and gig em for the well wishes!

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