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Six weeks to go from SpongeBob to SpongeBrute

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Well this is my first challenge so here goes.

Spongebob by name, tall and gangly by nature :D

I have a challenge running with some work colleagues so this will pretty much be the same goals as that but some added fruitiness.

Fitness Goals:

1. Bulk up - Gain as much nice weight as possible, 4-8lbs in 6 weeks, will post measurements and goals later

2. Get stronger - increase weights on big lifts, they are as follows, with goals being in brackets

Bench 1rm 67.5kg ( 75kg)

1 arm row 45kg (55kg)

Shoulder press 45kg Poor i know ( 55kg)

Deadlift 100kg not sure if this is max, but no more weights (be able to rep this)

Zercher squat 90kg, as above not sure if this is max (rep it!)

3. Increase cardio capacity, pretty shoddy at moment, so will do exercise to boost this and strength endurance, will do some sort of mini challenge, post results, then try beat it in 6 weeks

4. Take up martial arts properly again, but continue to train at home

5. Do more mobility stuff

Life Goals:

1. Cut down on smoking, now is maybe 15-20 day, bring that waaaaaaaay down

2. Eat properly, not following a strict diet, just being much more organised

3. Get life much more balanced, work, rest and play

4. Do something to further my mind tank every day, intellectual workout!


Workout 5-6 times a week, with 3 being pure heavy weights. rest being lighter weights and martial arts/mma stuff (possibly parkour)

Eat more than current, try to get more than 2500 calories, graduate carbs based on my daily schedule, more protein 100-150g day

Think these two combined should take care of my strength, size , cardio goals with some hard work

Gonna spend the six weeks bettering myself, and hopefully in 6 weeks i will be stronger, faster, more dedicated, able to lead by example, a generally better man, friend and boyfriend!!!

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I did try drinking alot of milk, but my diet is erratic, an that much milk at a time was not fun,

With one of my goals being to get my eating sorted, I will try gradually upping my milk quota.

My eating is odd coz I'm a chef, surrounded by food, and constantly tasting tricks your mind into not feeling hungry,

literally have to remind myself to eat on busier days. I have six weeks to change that though!

Glad you like the post name :-)

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Not the best of starts.

Managed to mess up my knee :-(

Did mainly bodyweight stuff so I got something done,

Pull ups, chin ups, pike press, wide grip press up, power clean (40kg)

shoulder press (40kg) , v up, stuff like that.

Ranged from 10 to 40 reps per set per exercise, should really have wrote it down! Lol

Ate alot so good on that part!

Life, better organised today, not there et but a start.

Oh well, tommorow is another day!

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ahoy all!

Since my last post i have been working like a mad man (50hrs in 3 days, 7am start-midnight finish) and that slowed down my knee recovery.

Did some stuff as i went along health wise, pull ups when i passed my bar, press ups at random intervals, almost like GTG.

Food has been ok, fluctuated a bit due to work demands, but since my Japanese banquet i have been snacking on sushi (fish and veg varieties), made a few seared tuna steaks with asian veg (no starchies) and some awesome teriyaki beef just seared and served nice and pink (think i ate about 14oz of that last night as i worked :D)

Got today off so should be workout for proper later. Got hard couple of weeks at work coming up, 1 chef on holiday, school holiday so busy, and 4 bank holidays and a wedding thingy in the next 2 weeks. Will smash it out!

Also i have 2 weeks to wean myself off the smokes as i have set a day to stop fully, 3rd May! I have that week off, so no risk of killing someone while being busy at work and trying to quit simultaneously!

quote time!

this is part of a longer piece, while still being quite long, i think its awesome!!

When words come out of my mouth, I want to be held accountable to them. I want Valor, Honor and courage to be the traits which season my every decision and step. I want loyalty; not only to others, but, maybe more importantly, to myself to be a rock upon which others know, without doubt, is an adjective attached to who I am.

I want my character to stand on my actions alone, rather than on the content of my speech. I want excuses, complaining and whining forever removed, not only from my mouth, but also from my mind.

I want the word sacrifice seared deep into my consciousness so that I can truly appreciate each and every moment I am given.

I want to saturate those I care about with all of the love I can produce, and show those I hate the compassion they may not deserve, but has been awarded me. I want to die each day empty, knowing that I gave my all, and then gave more, without regret or wish for anything else.

I want to know, for a fact, that I can make the impossible possible and I want to rip the preconceived, basterdized barriers out from underneath the feet of the culture around me.

I want the strength, power and perseverance to change this broken world, and I pray for the naivety to believe that I can.


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Fantastic quote, Sponge!

How's your first week looking? What were your WINS? and your FAILS?

I hear there's a 'quit smoking' theme running through the ranks here on the board - you should consider also picking up the gauntlet and making a PVP challenge out of it!!

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Glad you liked the quote, speaks to me alot.

My wins are food wise, not sure if I always hit my targets but definitely upped my average.

Also win on my do something to further my mind, been reading, documentaries, played chess.

I suffered early set back in the workin out but did workout today, in addition to random stuff.

All week : random stuff at random times

Pull ups, press up, feet elevated press etc.

Today 18/4/11

Bench press

37.5kg x 5

45 kg x 3

50kg x 3

55kg x 3 x 9

Tougher on triceps, Hmmmm

Partial deadlift/chinup superset

55kg x 10/ 6 x bw

55kg x 10/ 6 x bw

55kg x 10/ shrug x 10 @ 55kg/ chinup x 6 x bw

Got workout cut short. :-(

Smoke wise cut down a tad but long way to go so FAIL!

quote time

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Smoke wise cut down a tad but long way to go so FAIL!

quote time

good luck on this one, i know its hard.

but in addition to everything else, your lifts will get better after you quit all the way. sooooo i suggest you do that :)

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Yeah, it's my major flaw. Trying to wean over next two weeks as I'm at work, but then got week off so will be smoke free then.

The big reason for the delay is last time I tried cold turkey I made waitress cry, stress chef is one thing, but stress chef giving up smoking is something altogether more terrifying.

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Todays update:



Shadow boxing followed by

air squat x 10

v-up x 10

chin up x 5

did this circuit twice


Overhead barbell press

ramp up weight: 20kgx10,30kgx5

work sets: 35kg x 3

37.5kg x 3

40kg x 3 x 10sets

followed by

Bent over row/ diamond press up

40kg x 6/ 6

40kg x 6/ 6

40kg x 6/ 6

40kg x 6/ 10

all supersetted

last set of rows i held each rep at top position for 8 seconds

last set of push up was amrap, couple left in tank


air squat x 10

v-up x 10

chin up x 5

did this circuit twice

Enjoyed a protein shake, mmmmmmm chocolate


Been eating well lately, not weighing myself till next week, see if any gains. Actually set timer at work for 2hrs so i remembered to eat. Carbs been cut down, about 50-75% meals now are potato and such free.


Been reading more

been little more organised, but work is tough this week, new menu launch, holidays, covering for absent staff etc.


Currently watching last samurai so seems appropriate.

Everytime you walk out of your door, it is like meeting your enemy

A Japanese samurai's quote on how to perform in daily life, with honour, respect, decisive actions, as if each moment could be the last.

Sponge :D

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Gotta love manga!

Today is friday so the start of my hell days. Friday and saturday are both 16 hr days for me. Little time off in the afternoon, maybe 1-1 1/2 hours tops.

Plan on doing something this afternoon so will post as to if i win or fail!

On a side note, ordered myself some more protein powder and some protein bars. Roooooooooaaaaaaaaaaar!

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PhD pharma gain, maximuscle promax bars

Pharma gain is phd's weight gainer stuff and came with some free support / test boosters lol

Never had them before but was cheaper to buy the two than pharma gain alone.

Bars were on special offer, half price and buy one get one free.

That should kick my protein consumption through the roof for month or so.

I like the phd stuff coz is better than most, and doesn't mess up stomach like some can.

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Perhaps a bit different genre, but I was able to score a directors cut copy of Afro Samurai super cheap from the Borders Books store near me that was closing.

I hope the Afro samurai is better than this guy...

It looks pretty sweet from the pics online though!

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Todays update



sprawl to squat jump x 10

wide grip pull up x 5

crunch x 10


Flat BB Bench press

ramp up: 20kg x 5

35kg x 5

45kg x 5

50kg x 5

work sets:52.5kg x 3

55kg x 3

57.5kg x 3 x 6

52.5 kg x 3 (failed on fourth rep)

One arm row/db swing superset

40kg x 6 x 4/ 15kg x 6 x 4 (each arm)

rows went well

db swings was trying to maximised hip motion

chin up/tricep bench dip superset

bw x 5/15

did this twice, arms spent from rows


10 sprawl to tuck jump

5 pull ups (tough!!!)

10 crunches



Work has been tough of late, but keeping up with my goals, go me!


Not good weekend eating wise, much better today though.


The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore to use it, not to misuse it.



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