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Six weeks to go from SpongeBob to SpongeBrute

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First off, appologies if this ends up being broken English, I'm doin it on my phone as my gf has highjacked my laptop!


Basically the last week has been pants! Thursday and Friday I worked non stop, total 28 hours, went for a quick beer with old friend Friday night, ended up being lots of beer (damn you Stella Artois!). Had 3 hours sleep before a 16 hours shift Saturday, never good.

I started my 6 days off (woot!) on Sunday, but had a load of colleagues over for xbox and ufc night, play games then watch ufc (go Gsp!). Went to bed at 4am.

Didn't really eat anything over these four days, probably less than a days food total. Long days screw up my gain weight plans.

From Monday till today I have basically just relaxed and recharged from 13 days work in 14, ate myself silly, and spent time with my wonderful girlfiriend who puts up with my working so much.

So till today good stuff - eating post Sunday, more time with gf and balance to life, now smoking far less than half wat I did last week, not totally cig free yet but on way!

Bad stuff - everything else, poor eating for 4 days, no workout! No sleep, too much beer!

Today I pulled my finger out, only 3 smokes, ate plenty and did


10 dive-bomber press up

10 air squat

1 min shadow box/kickboxing

Did circuit twice.


Clean from floor:

20kg x 10

30kg x 8

35kg x 5

40kg x 3


20kg x 5

30kg x 5

35kg x 5

37.5kg x 3

40kg x 3

42.5kg x 3 (last needed a bit of push but minimal, was 3rep pr!)


Incline bench 37.5kg x 8/5/5/5

Chin up (dead hang chest to bar) x 5/5/5/5

Lateral raise 10kg each arm x 5/5/5/5

Rear delt raise 10kg each arm x 5/5/5/5

Incline less was first time in bout a year, did 2 sets wide-ish grip, 2 narrower.


10 dive-bombers

10 air squats

1 min shadow box

Did this once as cut short before second round.

Felt all in all was good workout, felt strong, and the OHP pr was nice to hit.

I am hitting for 3 reps only 2.5 kg below what I could only rep once about 6 weeks ago! Very happy!

I have been consuming alot of protein this week, and takin my tablets lol think they work so that's a bonus!


As I'm on my phone, I don't have one to hand or memorised, but YouTube rocky balboa movie where he speaks to his son.

It's about no matter how many times you get hit by life, it's how many times you can get up and keep moving forward.

Seems poignant given my week.

Don't lose heart, if life or anything hits you down, get up, move forward, never give up hope my friends.

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Time for another update,

Yesterday was back at work for the first time a week, did 14 hrs or so. Smoked a couple more than would of liked, but still way down so not all bad. Didnt eat much, thats my main fail.

Today, been eating well so far, and will continue( just necked a protein shake and got spag bol cooking )

Life goals

have been going well, generally more organised, more rested and on top of things. Been doing better in my exercise my mind goal than any other. Smokes back down again today, even with my day off beer, so thats a good sign.

Workout wise:

My workout schedule has been a bit erratic since this start of this challenge, and i have recently rethought my actual workout plan.

The primary exercise for 10 x 3 worked well, i was pushing higher percentage than say for 5 reps, while still getting enough reps in, but took so long it was becoming difficult to maintain with my schedule and home gym. Also not having any spotter or anyone to help makes latter sets of 90-92.5% 1rm a bit on the dangerous side.

I like pushing heavy stuff (for me atleast) so decided to keep low reps per set but ramp the weight to a max set about 5 sets in. Eg 80%x3, 82.5%x3,85%x3,87.5x3,90%x3.

This gives me much more safety in the lifts, and if feeling strong can always try for a double or single at next weight. The second half of my reps are done on a different exercise for the same muscle group. I like aiming for total reps per body part, rather than a specific rep/set scheme. Just try get quality reps at a decent % of 1rm. Think this is giving me a good balance of strength and size gains.

Im gonna keep the intro/extract part similar, and the superset stuff after the primary exercise. Gotta push the smaller workout on non major days too.

Todays workout


10 sumo air squats

7 push ups

5 wide grip dead hang pull ups

circuit x 2


Flat BB bench press

warmup: 25kg x 5 35kg x 5, 45 x 5kg, 50kg x 3

work sets: 52.5 x 3

55 x 3

57.5 x 3

60 x 3

62.5 x 3

15 total reps, 2.5kg more for 3 than last bench session, easier to puch weights up this way.

Incline BB bench press

45kg x 7

45kg x 5

45kg x 3

15 total reps, giving 30 total horiontal push

Superset: one arm row/goblet squat

45kg x 6/6/6

45kg x 6/6/6

45kg x 6/6/6

45kg x 6/6/6

24 reps per side/legs


30 oblique v-up


5 wide grip dead hang pull ups

circuit x 2

Wasnt sure what to call the v-up, like a normal one but with emphasis from one side to other, left leg right arm etc.

First time trying a plank in longer than i care to remember, got 1.06 first, 1.03 second, was pretty happy with that. Felt arms twitching like mad during second plank lol.

Pull ups were ok, happy that technique was good, especially straight after the rows, all chest to bar, no swing.

Was happy with todays workout, felt good and strong, and didnt take as long as previous ones, yet felt wiped after.


'In melius mundum mutare possunt homines'

what man is a man who doesnt make the world a better place.

love this quote, even thinking of getting it as a tattoo.

Thats all folks


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I'm trying to keep a certain number of total reps per body part, just limiting the higher end strength ones.

Glad you like the quote, one of my faves, I think Latin is cool :-)

Been mainly doing small mini workouts this week so far, I'm covering for someone at work so 7 days of split shifts.

Don't have much time but trying to keep up with something, small steps make a great distance.

Eating is going well. Not sure I have put much weight on if any, but defo looking broader.

Good to see rest of the team doing well, keeps me motivated :-)

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Todays action:

Not too bad since last update, still working waaaaaaaaaaay to much!

My eating is very erratic still, my biggest downfall.

Been doing, in my guess, B grade on my goals.



10 air squat

7 press up

5 chin up

circuit x 2

Air squats were pretty wide stance, press ups done slowly and controlled, chin up are dead hang chest to bar.


Sumo deadlift

60kg x 3 x 5

dont really do full dl much, went well for all 3 sets. No back pain as yet lol

Overhead BB press

20kg x 5 (warmup)

30kg x 5 (warmup)

35kg x 3

37.5kg x 3

40kg x 3

42.5kg x 3

45kg x 3

Monster set/circuit/whatever you want to call it

weights and reps in brackets, did circuit twice

close grip flat bb bench press (30kg 8/8)

top half normal bb bench press (30kg 8/8)

chin up (bw 5/5 chest to bar, slow on way down second set)

lateral raise (10kg each arm 5/5)

rear delt raise (10kg each arm 5/5)

barbell curl 30kg 5, changed to db hammer curl second time 10kg per arm for 5

barbell shrug/high pull/upright row

did one set of 10 at 30kg to finish, was a bit like an upright row, but with hands further apart as in high pull due to shoulder pain (broke it age 18!!), but no hip involvement as in high pull. At top shrugged and held for 3 secs.


10 air squats

7 press ups

5 round the world pull ups

circuit x 2

same criteria as intro on press ups

Pull ups were wide grip, pull up to left side, at top postion move along bar to right, lower. Repeat pulling to right and moving to left etc.

Pleased with todays workout, particularly ohp, got for 3 strict press what i could do for 1 push press about a month ago. Very happy.

Monster circuit was fun, was running low on time so decided to smack all of what i wanted to do together and push it as much as i could.

Round the world pull ups made a nice change, tough after the rest of the workout.

By the time i had finished i felt i could rip someone in half! GRRRRRRRRRRR! lol

Ps, Listening to Blind by Korn on a big lift will pretty much turn you into a weight crushing monster, awesome intro! And features as credit song on Street Fighter the manga version, not the abomination with JCVD :P


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.â€

Thomas Edison

Nice quote i think, dont let shit get ya down :D

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Doesn't take long really, I'm a fan of short intense workouts.

Intro takes maybe 5 mins.

Don't rest much on warmups, 1-2 mins on work sets so 15 mins ish on main exercise.

Monster set had 2 mins rest, so 10 mins give or take.

Outro takes a while longer than intro, due to being a spent force, anywhere from 8-12 mins.

So bout 45 to 50 mins give or take, I judge rests as I see fit, not too precise, judge how my body feels.

Glad you liked the workout, made ne feel like a Spartan after lol

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nice program bud, you got a lot goin on there, i would do more monster sets or circuits but scunny leisure centre's not the best place for that sorta stuff, gets too busy, but i AM planning on doing more full body days next program i'm doing but thats about 6-7 weeks away we'll see :D good look my lincolnshire lad!

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Cleans I do as a septate power exercise to start before shoulders usually, I don't have a rack so I clean the weight up.

Full cleans if stand alone, power if to rack for OHP.

I class dead as leg, though they work more than that.

I like cleans and dead and I do combat stuff, so hip drive is important, and being stood all day takes it's toll on lower back.

So to sum up, I do cleans for explosive hip drive, deads for strength in hams and posterior chain. So snatches and cleans to me are classed as explosive and dead/ cleans are legs. I think more per primary muscle grouping than pull/legs/push etc.

My basic 3 goes bench, squat, row and dead/clean , OHP, pull up.

I go heavy on one, med-heavy on other two. Any auxiliary is done depending on how I feel that day.

Hope that is making some sense. Lol.

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and now i've got a blueprint for a 3 and a 4 day plan! and it is even more powerliting and bodyweight centred, just some calf raises and a super set of lat raises and reverse flyes the rest is powerlifting, weighted bodyweight exercises and mega reps bodyweight exercises :D fun fun fun, buzzing for it

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I would like mine to be more days, but work wise is tough.

My grand plan is to just change the heavy exercise.. So..

Ex: heavy chest, med squat, med row on mon

Heavy squat, med chest, med row Fridays etc.

A 3 or 4 day rotating split should work well this way, off days are bw stuff, levers, mma, martial arts skill stuff, plyo etc.

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just two weeks left of the challenege, and still got two weeks of work cover to go, but determined to do what i can.

This week was mainly catching up on rest for last weeks silly work week ad trying to eat. Weekends always suck for me food wise, so i play catch up for the other 5 days.

Today i was up at 6:30 to go to court, only a witness but not fun way to spend a day off, followed that up with my first experience of persian cuisine.

Was an interesting treat, i had 4 starters, 2 mains lol. No drink apart from some sort of tea, a bit like chinese tea. Yummy, i drank whole pot lol.

At the court i drank load of water, nerves, so decided to keep up with my good work for the day with a workout.

Plan was heavy bench day, med horizontal pull and squats. so i did....


atg air squats x 10

one arm 10kg db snatch x 5 per arm

chest to bar chin up x 5

circuit x 2

Same specs as usual, dead hang etc


flat bb bench press

warmup: 30kg x 5, 40 kg x 5, 50kg x 5

work sets: 52.5kg x 3

55kg x 3

57.5kg x 3

60kg x 3

62.5 kg x 3

Felt good, another 2.5kg for 3 more than last time.

zercher squat

62.5kg x 8,8,8

Felt good considering not done these in while. I put weight on bench rack, then get in elbows, lift out then squat. Done as box squats, sat on bench each rep. Only odd bit was thin bar with weight on in skinny elbows is not so fun, so wrapped the bar in a towel to make it less painy :)

Monster set

weight and reps in brackets

incline bb bench press (45kg 6,6,6,6)

one arm bent over row (30kg 6,6,6,6 each arm)

db front raise (10kg each arm 6,6,6,6)

db lat raise (10kg each arm 6,6,6,6)

db face pull (10kg each arm 6,6,6,6)

Shifted all weights with purpose, explosive is fun :D


diamond press up x 10

chin up x 5

squat tuck jump as high as possible x 5

Did this twice

Followed up with protien shake and a pizza lol

Additional notes:

Put Du Hast on in honour of sandman :D Good lifting music!

Rest of goals

going well so far, not being too precise in measurement till end, but still doing the day to day stuff, so some goals on target!


'Throughout your life advance daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more skillful than today. This is never-ending.'

From the Hagakure, a major works on samurai ideals.

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Additional notes:

Put Du Hast on in honour of sandman :D Good lifting music!


'Throughout your life advance daily, becoming more skillful than yesterday, more skillful than today. This is never-ending.'

From the Hagakure, a major works on samurai ideals.

Awesome. You need to work a Till-Hammer into your routine somehow. ;)

Buch Dich was my racing theme song. Anytime I was at the start line I'd crank it up before dropping the hammer. Ironically though, I usually was so focused on following my line that I didn't even hear the song until after the run was complete and my senses re-focused.

As always, excellent quote. So many people get caught up in the minutiae of their lives that it's not until years later when they look back that they realize they're basically the same person, in the same place, doing the same things as they were back then. I choose to NOT be that person.

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End of challenge summary

Well now the challenge has ended i guess its time to let the world know how i did *hangs head in shame*

Im gonna go through in category how i did, give a grade for each item then overalls, how very organised i am :P

start stats in italics, current normal

Fitness Goals

1.Bulk up

Start weight 11st 1lb Finished at 11st2.9lb so +1.9lb, halfway to my goal GRADE D

Get stronger

Bench press 1rm 67.5kg(148lb) Finished at 72kg(159lb), 3kg below goal GRADE C

1 arm row 1rm 45kg (99lb) Finished at 53kg (117lb), 2kg below goal Grade B

Shoulder press 45kg (99lb) Finished at 50kg (110lb), 5kg below goal, but original goal was push press, current stats are for strict military, so think that makes up for some of the failure GRADE A-

Deadlift 100kg (220lb) Not sure on this, FAIL GRADE F

Zercher squat 90kg (198lb) 80kg easy as box squat, could of done more so GRADE B

Mobility/Martial arts/Endurance Did ok on these, martial arts was GRADE C, Mobility was my lowest at GRADE D because i did some, just not consistently as i would of liked, but some from none before was a good thing. Endurance was my best at GRADE B

Life Goals

1. smoking down GRADE B, now less than half of start of challenge, could be better

2.Eat GRADE C, had some awesome times, but weekends at work let me down alot, but some weight gain was nice and showed some improvement

3. Balance Big ol' FAIL, work has taken over, my best efforts were scuppered!

4. Brain sweat Got this spot on GRADE A+



Sponges final thought

This challenge was fun, but timing in relation to my work was not the best. My staffs holiday year ends next week, I had 7 weeks to get a total of 12 weeks holiday in for staff. Being head chef meant i was covering for others just about all the time, during this challenge i averaged 75hours per week over 6 days, with two weeks working all 7 days. One point i did 11 days with no day off :(

This was the biggest hurdle in my challenge.

My biggest boost was even though i couldnt work out as much as id liked my lifts all went up, almost to my goals set without the work considerations. I gained 2lb but dropped 2% bodyfat, so i increased strength, weight and got leaner wooooooooot!

I managed two workouts per week if i was lucky, so am happy i did as well as i did, and am raring to go next challenge. New goals, cunning plan! Its on like donkey kong!

I have two things to take away from this challenge:

1. People can achieve despite what life throws at them, and i now have more motivation being able to get through this time. I have started some good habits here and will continue them.

2. This challenge started just after i discovered Nerd Fitness, so i am very happy to have found this site. A big thankyou to everyone, and in particular to all of the Seabourne Sabateurs! All of you have been a constant source of motivation and smiles, and it was my honour to have served with you. I hope you have enjoyed my posts and quotes and once again it was a pleasure to have met you all.

Quote time:

We are the masters of our fate, Long as we have faith, an unconquerable will power, salvation will not be denied usW Churchill

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