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Newbie Starting Late. Key Word STARTING :)


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Hi Everyone!  I'm new here. I like the idea of these forums and challenges from an accountability and goal setting standpoint.  Gotta make it quick, because I'm late to my orchestra rehearsal, but here are my goals:


1. Vinyasa flow three times a week

2. No diet sodas

3. At least 2L of water per day

4. Practice cello at least 3 times a week.


Great!  Here goes nothing!!!  Woohooo!!!



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Welcome! I also am in the baby steps of a hopefully long journey. Excellent SN and avatar! "What About Bob?" was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid.


Bill Murray: "Wow! Is this some radical new form of therapy?"

Richard Dreyfuss: <buries head in hands>


Hope rehearsal goes well tonight :)

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Welcome! Your goals are pretty good and I love how you managed to convey describe it all in such a short post! :)


How are you doing?

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Hi Chanda!  Thanks so much for checking in on me.  I obviously did a poor job of checking in regularly to report on my progress and challenges. It's a struggle to get in front of a computer in the evenings after being at one for work all day.  Anyway,here's how I think I did:


1. Vinyasa flow three times a week - This was my toughest challenge.  I don't think I ever actually got 3 times a week in.  The max I got in was 2 times a week, but often just 1 time a week.  The hardest part of this is the guilt I feel for spending for a monthly pass and not going enough.  But it is also something I need to work up towards, and I also wish I had done a better job of tracking my work outs.  In addition to vinyasa, I got some walking/jogging in maybe 2-3 times.  BABY STEPS!  I'd give myself a C- here.

2. No diet sodas - Definitely an improvement.  I'd say a B-.  Every once in a while at work, I'd really crave something sweet and just had to get one.  Usually happens when I'm stressed out or bored (also a MAJOR food pattern of mine...)  But I've cut out the daily habit.  Next challenge round will be complete elimination!  

3. At least 2L of water per day - Easy, and honestly this was a goal that I probably already had down pretty close.  A+

4. Practice cello at least 3 times a week. I'd say a B- ... I always feel like I need to get more practice in, but was somewhat hindered on my private studies by several orchestra rehearsals for a special concert (which was soooo great and an amazing experience).


I think next challenge I need to be a bit more specific on how I will achieve my goals and also add in a goal related to food intake.  And report back and check in on others more.  I'm looking forward to the next challenge!!!   :redface-new:

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