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noob here, trying to get back on track!

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Hello everyone, nice to meet you all :D I came across this site when I found the article on Staci's amazing transformation. I was really inspired!


Today is actually my birthday and I'm using today as a marker for a day to get rid of my baggage ( physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ). I'm currently standing at 5'2", 140lbs, 23 years old. My shitty scale tells me I'm 20.4% body fat but there's no way that's true! My belly tells me otherwise. I use MFP and have my calories set to 1600 which I stay under for the most part, but I do have to admit that I'm still eating pizza and wings a little too often.. but I'm working on it. My BMR is ~1475 and my TDEE is ~1730.


I am ( apparently ) a Druid as my favourite mode of exercise is yoga. I was doing yoga regularly for two years before I moved away from my rent-free parent's house which was a five minute walk to the studio, to a $410/mo apartment with my boyfriend including a minimum fourty minute transit ride. Needless to say.. I fell off the wagon completely and I've put back on all the weight that I lost in those two years. I know I could have done home practice but it's hard ( boohoo, I know, cry me a river right? ) to keep up with. I've been looking for a community to try to become a part of but my primary concern being games.. I've never really been knowledgeable in fitness.. so the "usual" fitness sites were a little bit intimidating. So I'm REALLY I'm glad I found this place :) I'm ready to work hard and get healthy again!


My current, rough plan for weight loss is:

  • riding my bike 3x a week. I have almost zero stamina so what I'm doing now is riding a mostly uphill bike route near my house until I can't ride anymore, and then ride the downhills back. I'm not sure if this is legit or helpful in any way, so please let me know otherwise!
  • yoga 3x-5x a week. I have a few different videos/DVDs to follow so this shouldn't be too hard. It's just a matter of getting my butt into gear. My favourite style of yoga is Rocket and Ashtanga which are both quite intense
  • body weight training 3x-5x a week. I'll be following the http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2009/12/09/beginner-body-weight-workout-burn-fat-build-muscle/ guide, so hopefully I won't suck at working out :)
  • maintain 1500-1700 calorie intake


Sooo.. there we go! Thanks for reading my rambling. If you have any questions or suggestions for me please don't hesitate to ask or tell! I'm totally open to anything :)

Level 1 Druid

STR 1 // DEX 1 // STA 2 || CON 3 \\ WIS 3 \\ CHA 1


Naaria's Search for Balance v1.5


First Challenge !!



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Welcome fellow Nerd!


I like the work uphill and then just coast downhill workout! Sounds good to me after all your working your butt off to get up those hills, as long as your workouts are really intense and you push past the "wall", you'll see improvements.


Have you tried the Yoga from Zuzana? She mixes yoga with plyometrics and cardio, it's really intense and awesome!


What are you going for, weight loss? Muscle gain? Physical awesomeness where you excel in all categories? Or just looking hot?


Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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Thanks for the welcome :) I'll check out Zuzana tonight!


Hmm, I'd like to go for physical awesomeness where I excel and not be winded going up stairs.. and look hot :) There's also a lot of fat in my thighs that I really want gone. My dream is to have thighs that aren't attached to each other. I know you can't "spot reduce", so I think if I keep the cardio and some strength training up eventually my thighs will shrink.

Level 1 Druid

STR 1 // DEX 1 // STA 2 || CON 3 \\ WIS 3 \\ CHA 1


Naaria's Search for Balance v1.5


First Challenge !!



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