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Would love some help with my routine :)

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Most/all of my workouts will be at least 30 minutes long for the first while, until my body gets back into the idea of "moving". So far this is what I'm thinking:


Sunday: biking only ( will try for an hour )

Monday: yoga ( ashtanga/rocket/vinyasa.. so somewhat intense )

Tuesday: "Beginner Body Weight Workout", biking

Wednesday: yoga, biking

Thursday: "Angry Birds" or BBWW, biking

Friday: yoga

Saturday: some strength training only



Now, on Tues-Thurs, am I putting my body through too much? Am I not letting my body rest enough between workouts? I prefer to work out in the evening after school/work so I think that gives my body ample resting time but I'm really not sure. Thanks in advance for anything that you can help me with :)

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I like the basic plan, however if you're currently not doing much activity, this is too much to start with.  I'd recommend dropping the biking after your strength training, at least to begin with.  Also recommend Sunday (or another day) as a day to give all of your bits some rest.  I do take a nice easy 1 mile walk on my rest day because it gets my joints limber, but that's pretty much it.   

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What's your current activity level?  If you're going from nothing to what you describe, I'd say it's too much, too quickly.  That said, everyone's recovery abilities are different, and you have to assess (or have a pro assess) your own.  When I was mid-way through a stretch of strength training, I added (by the necessity of commuting to work) a pile of cycling on top of it and it absolutely demolished my ability to recover enough to progress in my strength sessions.   Result = stall :(

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Thank you both for replying. My current activity level is light.. so good call on the "too much too soon". I was trying to think about how to not be lazy but I guess I didn't factor in enough resting time. How about this, for the first maybe month or so? Or should I do this for longer than that?


Sunday: biking 

Monday: yoga

Tuesday: biking

Wednesday: BBWW and/or Angry Birds

Thursday: biking

Friday: yoga, biking

Saturday: off day


I figure since Saturday I'll have the whole day for resting, yoga+bike on Friday would be okay?

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cut that down to like... 2-3 workouts a week.




no rly.


just getting used to DOING something that you don't do now is a chore.  It takes time to establish that.  you still are only giving yourself ONE day off.  X out some of the biking- bike 2 times a week- yoga once and body weight workout. MAYBE.


Even that sounds like too much. 


I might even suggest biking Monday, Yoga Wednesday and Body weight Friday.


Start there.  


Seriously 2-3 times is MORE than enough for just starting out- you can readily up that in 2-3 weeks as needed.

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