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Samantha's 28 Day Challenge

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Every time I'm sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead. True story.

This challenge's goals, from the signup thread:

4 days a week workout plan: running and pilates. Eating wise: eat real food, NOT SUGAR. Life goal... things are okay now, but they don't stay okay forever. Develop a contingency plan, and convince self that it's okay to not be okay.

4/11 Monday

Nothing! I didn't realize the challenge had started, but also I had a scheduling mixup that resulted in no gym time.

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Thanks guys! Thanks Mike! There's a certain amount of candy built into my life, sugar helps me study, I'm just trying to be better at it.

4/12 Tuesday

Treadmill: intervals

0-3 min at 3.5

3-5 min at 5.5

5-6 min at 6.0

6-8 min at 5.5

8-9 min at 6.5

9-11 min at 5.5

11-12 min at 7.0

12-14 min at 5.5

14-15 min at 7.5

15-16 min at 7.5

16-18 min at 5.5

18-19 min at 7.0

19-21 min at 5.5

21-22 min at 6.5

22-24 min at 5.5

24-25 min at 6.0

25-27 min at 5.5

27-30 min at 3.5

With only ONE one-minute break. Then, 20 squats and 20 lunges (10 each side).

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Nice, Ormay! I totally cheer the sugar goal. I'm so glad I did mine. I've actually learned to like coffee without sugar, which I didn't think was POSSIBLE.

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"Let another say. 'Perhaps the worst will not happen.' You yourself must say. 'Well, what if it does happen? Let us see who wins!' ".

- Seneca, 63 AD

"There is no better way to fight weakness than with strength." - Henry Rollins

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I totally cheer the sugar goal. I'm so glad I did mine.

Uh, you did the completely awesome NO sugar thing. I'm doing, "huh, how about a little less sugar." My problem is, that when I'm hungry, and it's not a meal time, I think - don't eat food! Food has calories! Food is bad for you! But sugar, oh, candy's nothing. Candy is just sugar. Allll gooooood. I've broken out of that a little bit, but I've got more to go.

4/13 Wednesday

Pilates: 30 Minute Mat Fundamentals video. I didn't love this video. It's 30 minutes, and my other one is 40, and it really seems like it's just the same stuff crammed into 10 less minutes. I guess there's something to doing the moves faster, but I wasn't a big fan.

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Sugar is a complete bitch to give up. I've really cut back... I used to have 2 tspns in my tea (and I drink a LOT of tea) now I am down to 1/2 a tspn. I went 1 week sugar free but decided that I just need to have those few grains in my tea to make life enjoyable! Instead of eating candy when you are studying, what about some really dark chocolate, 80%... you dont want to have as much and at least it doesnt have HFCS in it??

Nice goals... you can do it... all of it!

Been a long time since I've been on the boards. Nice to see the same names here!

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Thanks for the dark chocolate suggestion, all! I may pick some up next time I'm at the store. The problem is less "I want a sweet food" and more "I'm hungry, so I'll just eat candy."

Hey Suse!

4/14 Thursday

Nothing - laziness and tiredness.

4/15 Friday

Nothing - timing issue / failure to plan issue.

That means I need to workout today and tomorrow to fulfill 4x a week.

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4/16 Saturday


Yeah, I know... But I planned to just workout twice today, once treadmill and once pilates. Easy to imagine yesterday, when I was making excuses to not workout, harder today when I'm wiped from the run.

4/17 Sunday

Treadmill: intervals

Two, one-minute breaks. My goal was to only break once, but I was so tired, I thought I was going to die. (Okay, not really DIE.) Still, so. tired. The lesson I learned was to workout when you feel like it, and not put it off. I was hyped from coffee and a Burn Notice marathon, but put off going to the gym until I did more work, then at the gym had no motivation. And the gym was FULL. It's a little apartment gym, and there were five people there all the time! A couple groups came in and out, and still a solid 5 people the whole time. Nuts. Plus the tv was (a) on NASCAR and (B) on mute, I was not happy.

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Week 1 Summary:

4 days a week workout plan: running and pilates.

Ran twice, Pilates once. Did NOT meet 4x a week plan. Maybe I'll go for an average.

Eating wise: eat real food, NOT SUGAR.

I'm doing better, I think. I am running low on straight-up candy, although somehow I always seem to find more. I do especially well when boyfriend's over, since I don't lay in bed and shove candy in my face while he's there.

Life goal... things are okay now, but they don't stay okay forever. Develop a contingency plan, and convince self that it's okay to not be okay.

I'm trying, I'm trying.

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4 days a week workout plan: running and pilates.

Ran twice, Pilates once. Did NOT meet 4x a week plan. Maybe I'll go for an average.

I am also going for an average in my challenge this time - or rather, a total at the end of the challenge. I think this is a good scheme to give another route to success.

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Level 1 Earth Mother Druid 


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4/18 Monday

Nothing. Lots of work I had to do.

4/19 Tuesday

Treadmill: intervals

Only ONE one-minute break, good for me!

Diet ups and downs: + not finishing my dinner at Chili's when I stopped to realize I didn't like it, + turning down boyfriend's insistent offer of dessert at Chili's, - eating out all the time in the first place, - shoving food in my face before I even realize I'm doing it, + eating only two cupcakes of the 18 I made and giving away the rest.

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It was dips! LOL, that doesn't start with a p. This is what cold medicine does to me.

I can't believe that my arms actually hurt today. From 40 pushups and 40 dips? Come on, Samantha. As to today, not sure what/if I'm going to do. I'm trying to be a good STUDENT and study tonight, it might be too much to ask me to be a good Nerd Fitness-er too. We'll see. It'll be pilates if anything. Also I was EXHAUSTED today, beyond tired. I slept the same amount I always do, I ate the same breakfast I always do, I drank the same amount of coffee. And yet I was at work for 40 minutes before I had to run out to Sbucks, AND I was still exhaustedly tired all day until my next chance to have coffee - which is right now, and I am havin' it.

Oh, and to provide a joke from the 4 year old I babysit:

"A duck and a goose walk... a duck and a goose go... A duck is in the street and a truck says HONK and it's funny because ducks say honk! That's hilarious. Haha. I can't stop laughing."

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04/22 Friday


04/23 Saturday

Abbreviated BBWW but with a more acceptable time:7 minute circuit x 2

20 squats

10x2 pushups

20 lunges

10x2 dips

04/24 Sunday


Had an awesome Easter weekend with boyfriend. Made Easter brunch (oven-baked pancake (healthy), eggs, and bacon. Wonderful) and cakes in eggs (wonderful, although they came out NOTHING like the picture, cake exploded EVERYWHERE). I do not look forward to us moving to different states.

Not sure how to rate the diet for this weekend. I'm not sure if I eat better or worse with boyfriend, but definitely differently: + I do snack less/not at all, + I eat less/no candy, - our meals are takeout/restaurant more often than not, + when we eat a big meal that means I only eat once, - he will breakout a small-meal sized snack late at night while I say "it is too late for chicken!", + when we eat it's food food and not sugar.

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Thanks pinupgeek. I think if I ever solve my diet it will come in two stages: switching to real food, then worrying about the content of the real food. And I do eat more real food with boyfriend, since he doesn't like sweets.

04/27 Wednesday

Nothing, no excuse.

Ugh, what a long week... dragging by, dragging by. I need to start working out right when I get home (but that's when I'm hungry! but that's when I'm tired! but I need just a bit of time to recharge!)

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