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Exercise Before or After Meals?

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The short answer is: unless you feel like you're going to throw up your breakfast/lunch/dinner, it doesn't matter. Just expect that you'll want to eat something after you work out too.

Are you wondering this because you want to lose weight, or for some other reason? Little confused about the context here.

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What Paul said basically. You can work out at 4 AM or at 9 PM if you feel like it. Depending on when you can make time, when you feel ready or think it's easier to get your body to be ready ect.

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whenever you can get it in.


I HATE working out before I eat- it makes me super sick (like dry heaves sick) for about 5-10 days before I can adjust.


That being said- if I could fricking get up and work out- I'd BE SO HAPPY... it's just easier- and you KNOW it's done for the day.  Currently I work out between the hours of 9PM-11PM. Sometimes it's the sheer act of self abuse that gets me there because I am tired- I don't want to (most of the time I'm all about it but occasionally- I need some quality self deprecating bad talk to get me up)


Do it when you KNOW you will do it- that's the answer. the body is just a machine- it will adjust to what you dictate- it may grumble and grind it's wheels (my dry heaving issue) but after a few workouts- it'll settle down and it will be fine. 

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I ask just to see if there was just a better way, I have been doing the beginner bodyweight workout during the morning before breakfast. I was thinking that it was affecting my workout negatively, because I had been able to do two full circuits. That was over a week ago before I satrted exercising in the mornings. But today that changed, I did two full circuits and was two push ups and ten lunges away from completing my third circuit. I'm getting stronger :).

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why didn't you just finish it??  I can't imagine doing half a round of a circuit and not finishing it.  that seems weird.



There isn't a better way- really- just do it when you know you will make it happen.  At your level the time of day isn't going to improve performance. 

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take a breather.


find a modification. 


push ups- do them on your knees- do them elevated or do them on a wall even.  


I just couldn't imagine walking away from a work out half way through because I was to tired.  Set a work out- do the work out.   You can TOTALLY do it.  


use a wall for lunges to help balance yourself- and don't rush them.   

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yeah- stand with your shoulder on near the wall (so you are parellel- not facing) put your hand out for support.


Or use a chair.  


you said you were falling over- wall/chair= support.


Do your push ups elevated- chair- wall.  whatever- you can finish them that way!! :)  Trust me- I have seen people do flat out- no incline just wall push ups and progress lower and lower.  it's ABSOLUTELY okay to take a "level off" and add a modification. 

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Whenever you can find the time is the short answer...


There are people, myself included, that like to workout fasted. But judging from your workout and your fitness level, you might want to have something in your belly before working out. Nothing big, but something like a banana or an apple or something...


As long as you are working hard during your workouts you will see results. Do it when you can fit it in...

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YAY go you!!!


See don't you feel awesome!!!!




I'm a masochist- if I write it in the book- it gets done- period. No matter how long- or how beat- if it gets written in the book- it might as well be etched in stone.  So GO YOU... now you to can go forth and trainer harder stronger longer and all those great things.


Proud of you buddy!  :D

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I don't think it's a good idea to exercise directly after a big meal (you know how they say not to swim right after a big meal because you could cramp and drown? same idea), because there is a lot of blood going to your stomach, and you need it to go to your muscles. An hour later, though, or after a small meal or snack, is probably not an issue. I exercise before breakfast, I eat an energy bar first. I tried the other day just drinking some protein powder with a banana and soymilk all blended up, and I felt like my performance suffered. It's a special bar, LOL! And now I'm almost out and can't order more until next month... and the first is on a weekend!


But anyhow, try different things, see what works, then do that. What works for you will not work for the next person and vice versa.

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Before breakfast for strength. After lunch for a simple walk or whatever. Before dinner for cardio. =)


Erm.. you'll find your own, that's just what I do.

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