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"Reactive arthritis" - anyone had the pleasure?

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So about a month ago, something weird happened to me. I started to get really stiff and super sore after a particularly intense circuit first thing in the morning. Initially I thought it was post exercise soreness, but instead of abating it got considerably worse. One day I could only swing my legs, not bend them, the next day my arms felt beaten up.


Anyway, comes to the weekend about 3 days later, and I clean my parents' house (need the cash) and I can barely drive home afterwards. I jumped in the bath thinking that would help. BIG mistake - I had trouble even getting out. So my partner comes home, helps me to bed and we go to an A&E next morning. Long story short, I end up in hospital the same day.


It was really weird, they initially freaked me out with conditions like rheumatic fever, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, but eventually after a couple of days they ruled it down to a temporary "viral reactive polyarthritis". First time I've had it, and my energy is only just coming back. It's still affecting my eyes of all places, they're super hot, itchy and swollen.


So has anyone experienced this before? Any tips getting back into exercise? I seem at this point ok to test the waters and get back into fairly intense workout, but I don't wanna end up back where I was. Feel free to comment on the weirdness of this, or share any experiences.




The Logros - Guardians of the First Throne itself.

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Wow - that sounds horrible!  I hope that you are able to get that under control and get back into moving - nothing sucks worse than wanting to work out and not being able to.  I've never heard of the arthritis that you described, but my husband has severe gout and as far as I'm concerned arthritis of any kind is the worst!  Hope you get better soon!

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Thanks! Yeah it seems to have more or less gone, although it's kinda hanging on in certain body parts. I think the plan is just to take it to about 75% normal routine for the next month or so until I feel im back to normal. Weird experience though, never had anything like it.

The Logros - Guardians of the First Throne itself.

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