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Ok so I have posted before about finding time to exercise and I just ended up kicking my ass into gear. I will be waking up to do it if I do not have time at night PLUS I have been taking advice about fitting in push ups here and squats there. 

So Yay to myself for leveling up. 


Now, I am writing because I have been in a plateau for weeks. I have lost little to non on inches. Weight...stopped. I am hoping that with the added exercise I will be triggering the weight loss again. But I can't help but be bummed that I got stuck 2 months in. I have lost a total of 18lbs and 2 1/2 dress sizes. Which is great! But I don't want to get stuck here. I want to go all the way! Now what discourages me is I noticed this all happened when I lost time to WO and my thyroid meds were reduced. Those in my family know my thyroid has been nothing but a thorn in my side. It has been one of the big reasons I have had a hard time with weight, health, etc. Because as you know the thyroid pretty much controls everything...well not everything but you know what I mean. 


I am reaching out to you rebels who have a thyroid problem and have overcome the obstacles it throws at us. How did you figure out what was wrong, and what to change? I am at a level and weight I have been stuck in previous years. Never have I been smaller then this. Size 12. When I was 14 years old, I was 8...but oh to dream. 


Again, hoping adding more exercise and healthy fats will turn this around but what if it doesn't? 


Thanks in advance to all you awesome rebels!



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I have been in thyroid hell, and am climbing my way back out.  It is difficult to tell why you are stuck; it could be the change in the meds or it could be that after losing nearly 20 pounds, you have to kick things to the next gear.  Hopefully after change your meds you'll have a 90 day appointment for review; if not, make one.  Don't take the doc's word that your levels are "fine"; get the numbers.


It made a big difference to me to change what I ate and to change my activities.  I'm still losing very slowly, but I am losing.  I dropped all processed foods, and added in healthy fats in the form of nuts, nut butter and olive oil to replace the lost calories.  I also started doing a strength training routine 2-3 times a week instead of cardio - cardio - cardio. 


Send me a message if you think I can help or provide more info. 


By the way, I've asked a moderator to move this from the Intro forum to the weight loss forum.

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I don't know a lot about thyroid stuff, but I've heard if you have thyroid issues you have to play with your carb levels, and often have to increase them to protect your thyroid. So I'd lean toward diet changes, too, looking at carbs. You still want to do healthy carbs, of course, but one thing might be to slightly increase your carbs while maintaining the same calorie level, if that's possible. I know lower carbs is one thing that lets me eat less calories and stay satiated. So that may not be helpful. 


Another suggestion (NOT thyroid related) would be to change up your workout routine, if you haven't already. I know when I do the same thing for awhile, it gets easier (which is the goal). So throwing in a new type of workout might cause you to burn more calories. If you're doing steady state cardio, try shorter HIIT workouts instead. If you're lifting for endurance (12+reps) you could try upping weight and doing more for strength (5 rep sets, still maxing out). 


I also keep reading a lot about female fat loss and fasted walks. I have a really hard time doing them since they're supposed to be 1+ hours at a time. But I hear if you really commit, it does wonders for fat loss (but that might be more cortisol related). 


Plateaus are a bummer. I hope you find the answer! 

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i've had thyroid trouble for nearly 6 years and it can be rough. A few things i will say:


1. Stay Away from Soy

2. Be careful of what supplements you take (Calcium for instance can stop your body from processing you thyroid medicine)

3. Lift more weights (helps with depressive part in thyroid induced bipolar)


Your thyroid will effect blood pressure, mood, sugar levels, and a lot of other chemical balances in the body. Like someone else already stated, always check your levels and understand what it means. Thyroid disorders do make it hard to lose weight but i have lost thirty pounds so far with an inactive thyroid. 


It can be done, we are just playing life in hard mode.

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I am currently in thyroid hell...big time (and I might not come out because it may be Hashimoto thyroiditis). My doctor told me to make sure you are consistent with your meds (i.e. take them at the same time every day). Also, he said that eating those 6 small meals a day with a bit more complex carbs at the right times (alas no Paleo diet for me) will help, so I found Tosca Reno's Eat Clean regimen. It helped me to lose almost 20 lbs with no exercise. I can't say that I have perfected anything. I have fallen off the wagon since my internships started so I have gained everything back in a mere month, but that is what my Doc told me. 

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