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I don't like the idea of wasting paper when I could just write it all down here and in the process use it for some accountability. My basic stats are: 23 year old female, 5'2" ~140lbs. When I was practicing yoga regularly I was 135, but I also had much less fat, and more muscle. I am SO WEAK now and I hate it. Even then, I was a really shitty vegetarian during that time so I know I could have been much stronger if I put more thought and research into losing weight healthily. My goal is to get to where I once was, but healthier. Stronger. Faster!



  • get fit and healthy, no more being winded walking up stairs
  • I know numbers aren't "good", but hitting 125 would be amazing
  • ease into non-strict paleo diet. will cut rice, pasta etc, but potatoes must stay
  • get friggin good at snowboarding
  • meat only one meal a day
  • dabble in parkour


So my basic workout will look like this, and will up it as I get stronger:

  • Sunday: off day
  • Monday: yoga
  • Tuesday: biking
  • Wednesday: BBWW or Angry Birds
  • Thursday: biking
  • Friday: yoga, biking
  • Saturday: off day



It's finally time to stop making excuses for why I'm not exercising.. so here we go.


First off, just to make note of what I've already done..


May 07 ; 20 min bike, mostly uphill. felt like dying, so I took it easy on the way back home

May 08 ; 15 min bike, to store and back. supposed to be an off day but the store is "far" and walking is really inconvenient since I started biking

May 09 ; 45 min bike, 30 min yoga. a little too much for one day, but minimal soreness

May 10 ; 30 min yoga, feels good man

May 12 ; 30 min yoga, feels really good


May 14 ; BBWW
   Squats: 20/10/10

   Knee Push Ups: 10/10/5

   Lunges: 20/6/6

   Rows: 10/10/10 ~5lb? I used an 8 year old laptop.. need to get free weights

   Plank: 25/15/15

   JJacks: 0/50/30


notes: squats + lunges really friggin burn. As I write this, two days later, my thighs are still sore! I forgot about jumping jacks the first set, which is why the last set of numbers look silly. At least I know now what numbers I'll be aiming for with BBWW in the future.

Level 1 Druid

STR 1 // DEX 1 // STA 2 || CON 3 \\ WIS 3 \\ CHA 1


Naaria's Search for Balance v1.5


First Challenge !!



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May 21 ; 30 min ashtanga and a looot of walking. I'm tired today.


Finally back to working after a month long break and while it's a good thing, I already miss sleeping in and having no obligations. Will try to bike today after work, we'll see how I feel.


edit; didn't get to bike.. it started raining :(

Level 1 Druid

STR 1 // DEX 1 // STA 2 || CON 3 \\ WIS 3 \\ CHA 1


Naaria's Search for Balance v1.5


First Challenge !!



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