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So, you know how on Kirby Super Star, when you first start playing, you watch The Beginner's Show?  Kirby's on the screen, the narrator walks through the simple foundations of gameplay with a giant SNES controller, and eventually you get to practice moving and jumping and eating enemies on your own?


That's where I am.


This is girljen!  She's a jolly fellow!  (o>_<)o


Seriously, though, I'm a n00b. 


I am 31 years old, mom to a six-year-old girl, desk jockey; and a nerd of the indoorsy, bookwormy, goofballish type.  Give me a big ol' stack of nonfiction, a SNES, or a page full of cat gifs and I'm happy.  


I'm not in good shape and I know nothing about how to exercise properly. I know that real food is better than processed crap food, but I'm still not all that good at making real food (read: I do weekly accidental smoke alarm checks and my cooking has made me sick before).


I've just gone through a hard reset in the form of laparoscopic surgery to get rid of some endometriosis.  Tomorrow is my post-op appointment, which will give me a better idea of when and how I can resume physical activity.


Right now, I'm just getting a feel for things:  Reading articles, lurking, and making a few little tweaks to my diet.  Time to learn the controls so I can start Level 1.

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Hello and welcome!!


Lurk and read away! That will prepare you more for when you get out of training mode and into Level 1. Hope your news is good news!


I'm not that good at cooking either, that's how I found websites on how to cook healthy for the non-cookers.  My favorite is http://stupideasypaleo.com/

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Hi and welcome to NF! If ever you need to talk to someone about something let me know, I'm a pretty good geek/nerd myself! :)

It's not 80% diet, 20% exercise, it's 100% diet, 100% exercise. Give it your all.

My journey (Date - Total - BF % - LBM)

2012-01-01 - 242 - 35% - 157

2013-12-15 - 172 - 10% - 155

2016-05-01 - 231 - 25% - 173

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