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Greetings from Germany

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Hi Nerdfitness people,


My name is Sebastian and I am following NF maybe for one year or longer. Although I started with Sports long time before, this one really great site with great articels and [/insert all possible glorifications here]. Today I thought maybe the Forum has even more information and maybe I can also contribute here as well.


I will start to write down my current sports schedule then picking a class/race, telling something about my goals and finally some personal info.


This year has started very good for me. Somehow I overcame some motivation and discipline issues (Which were not big but exisitng) and improving my habits step by step. Somehow I am not thinking about if I am motivated today or not. I simply do.


Body profile:


165cm / about 5'4 to 5'5

65 kg

25 yo


So for four weeks I am at the peak and doing this:


3 times a week bouldering. (Which is a sub of rock climbing) This is my major sport for 1 and a half year. Currently on a

Fb 6a / V1 (Sounds weak on V scale). This is building up my strength through intermuscular coordination.


1 time per week lifting weights for four weeks. Basic exercises (Squats (50 kgs); Deadlift (50 kgs); Benchpress approx. 45 kgs) This is reducing the risk of getting shoulder or elbow injuries from climbing. (very common) and gives me a bulkier look. (If it allowed to say at 65 kgs :D)


2-3 times riding bycicle to the gyms. I have the feeling this gives me not only stamina but also a better regeneration.


I do not have the feeling that doing different types of sports is contraproductive, it is more like contributing each other. Anyhow I sleep round about 9 hours per day to keep up this programm. Once every 4 - 6 weeks I do a deload.


My nutrition consists mostly of low processed food. No counting, no overdoing. Just simple whole grain products and chicken spiced with vegetables and fruits.



I would say I am a Dwarf / Elve (obviously) Warrior / Assasin / Ranger. (I have some problems here. Climbing is for Assasin. But Bouldering is not stamina but strength to strength endurance. Also Warrior says pure strength by weight training. How about front lever and planche training? For me it is strength training. Maybe functional strength from Ranger?)


Goals (There is no main focus and no time limit by now)


1: Doing Planche and front lever

2: Getting better in bouldering through consistent training. (Fun is focus therefore no time limit)

3: Starting distance learning at university (mechanical engineering)


Some pictures can be found on Facebook: "Boulder Basti" Feel free to add if you like.


What makes me a nerd?


Basically I like all Marvel / DC movies. Played a lot of Final Fantasy titles (which are disapointing nowadays from my point of view) Generaly love JRPGs and a huge LOtR Fan. One of the few who read the book before the movies.


Also interested in many things (which I also considering as being nerdish like psychology, training background, mechanics)



Thats it for now.



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Oooh!  Bouldering!  :biggrin-new:


That used to be one of my favorite things.  I was just starting to get the hang of it when I broke my foot (doing something totally unrelated).  It has been a couple years since I've bouldered.  Maybe a trip to the climbing gym can be a reward for me...once I can, you know, actually lift my own body weight again.


Anyway, hi!  Nice to meet you. 

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Hello !!


Seems your already deep in the fitness things for the best it seems !

Also had a goal about planche and front lever (if you want you can see on my introduction)


Couldn't agree with you more on FF (Couldn't finish the 10 and 13... was soooooooo boring !!!!)


welcome and see you soon we hope

Saiyan in preparation - level 1 : http://streetworkout-france.fr/?p=1230


Drow Monk-Assassin

Intro post

My Battle log

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