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Your personal Battle Theme Song

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Hey there everyone !


I was curious about  music and songs that would make you crush everything (and also looking for inspiration)

There are lots of motivational songs but I'm curious about that one that specially talk to yourselves


Mine is "Warrior's Call" from Volbeat

Different rythms, intense atmosphere, overdriven guitar, is about a great dannish boxer.

When I hear it, I can make the current set until I die (ok, I often end up stuck on my rep, but the spirit is there :))


Here is some of my others which would be secondary Battle Theme songs  :

- Duel of the fates - The Phantom Menace OST

- almost all songs from Saint Seiya OST

- Raising Fighting Spirit - Naruto OST

- Gonna fly now - Rocky OST

Most of them are OSTs because I see the battle when I hear them...


your turn


sylkz out

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Saiyan in preparation - level 1 : http://streetworkout-france.fr/?p=1230


Drow Monk-Assassin

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My Battle log

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Really any of the Ippo themes but this is my fav.

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Strength isn’t just about winning. Even if my attempts are pathetic and comical, and even if I’m covered in the mud of my defeat, if I can keep fighting and look up at the sky as I lie on the ground, that alone is proof of true strength! Haruyuki Arita (Accel World)



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Mainly (hence my user name):



But also:




To pump me up!

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Hmm Battle theme song I would say maybe Determinate by Lemonade Mouth :3 All quiet beginning then spontaneous upbeat ~


But there is also Calling all the Monsters by China Anne McClain, Bad Apple (Touhou version) and some other ecclectic songs i'm forgetting 9_9


** Also most of the beats on TastyNetwork on Youtube are good! :D


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Doodle Quest Vol.1

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** Also most of the beats on TastyNetwork on Youtube are good! :D


! I usually look to them for dance music, but I might have to try them for workout tunes...

Lvl 5 Lightbending Bard
STR: 10 | DEX: 10 | STA: 7 | CON: 9 | WIS: 15 | CHA: 5.5
"If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing, then the desire must be not to write." - Hugh Prather


Feel free to drop by my current challenge!

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Some of the top "get pumped" songs from my W/O playlist:

Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet


Clutch - Earth Rocker (another one with fitting lyrics)


Everytime I Die - Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space



The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (although I usually can't stand autotune/vocoder)


TNGHT - Higher Ground


Hilltop Hoods - Rattling The Keys To The Kingdom

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“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.†- Vince Lombardi


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Three Inches of Blood - "Trial of Champions"

Winds of Plague - "The Great Stone War"

Or any 80's Metallica

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Warrior's Call is definitely at the top of my list

I also like Monster by Skillet and some Breaking Benjamin


YES! Skillet! This really made my blood pump.


I personally go for Nine Inch Nails or anything with upbeat synths.

Level 1 - Adventurer (Cthulhu in dusguise, but don't mind me)

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