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Slightly experienced dieter/exerciser needs some tips... (Ex paleo, looking for answers)

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cline, if you don't mind my asking, whats your height/weight/bf%?


I lost 35 lbs without overthinking anything too.  I'm getting to the point where I need to be more specific now...


When you have plenty to lose, its WAY easier to see losses like that.


ETA: Waldo, you still live in Atlanta?  There's a guy at my office looks just like you!


Height is 5'8" weight is prob about 147 now, but was hovering at 145.  I knew I'd go up a couple of pounds when I change some eating stuff recently.  No good idea about bf b/c it hasn't been properly measured.  My trainer estimates 18-20%.


I'm going back to review your first post and then will come back and edit this.


Okay.  you are kinda where I am.  I am not willing to sacrifice aesthetics or diet to gain strength.  Ha ha ha - everyone laughs when I say this but it's honest. 


I often eat over 2000 cal per day.  I've dropped fat a bit and added in carbs.  I know for a fact I will not get stronger without protein and carbs and now that my body knows to burn fat, for women, cutting fat a bit. 


So I shoot for almost 200g protein a day, I'm trying to do a minimum of 100g carbs/day and less fat (I don't measure it b/c I use very little and get most of it just from meat). I don't count fiber based veg carbs. 


It's a HUGE struggle for me to get the carbs. I've been <50g for 1.5 years.  But I know for a fact the only way to gain strength included EATING and that must be carbs and protein. 


Since I changed my eating, about 2 mos very slowly and in fits and starts, my recovery from workouts has dramatically improved and I did 30 DL at 87% my 1RM the other night.  When I was a few pounds lighter and on almost no carbs, I could not have done that. 

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I"m listening to an AMAZING seminar on the importance of eating a shit ton to develop strength. 


It won't happen on <2000 calories. 


They are also talking about the importance of bf for lifting and being strong. 


this guy.  Seriously.  Look at 16% bf.  From a female perspective... hawt.



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grumble. hope I remember to come look at linkie later. 


me likei abs- me wantie abs.


I wish I could share pictures of sexy ab man at gym... I has me a picture.  GAWD. 


sorry- thread derail over.

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Does matter for some things though.

10% really has no performance differences from 16%, and he alluded to such. Really on down to 8%, that's about where the performance drop as a function of BF% begins to kick in (not to be confused with the performance drop that accompanies cutting, which returns just fine when not cutting).

For low leverege bodyweight work it makes a difference. Crossfitters do this sort of work too. Stripping off the 15 lbs between that 16% and 10% makes a HUGE difference for things like muscle ups or high rep pullups.

Most bodyweight athletes are better off being lower. Carrying some fat does have advantages that shows up in things like squats and deads, making the higher end of his range viable for performance, there are acceptable tradeoffs. But for focusing primarily on performance for bodyweight practitioners, the 12-16% band should not be considered a peak area since the tradeoffs are less acceptable.

But smaller bands like that are absolutely possible to maintain without issue. Whether 8-10%, 8-12%, 10-14%, 10-16%, 12-16%, 8-16%. A mid size guy will have to cut in the neighborhood of 20 lbs to go from 16% to 8%. Bulking at 1 lb a week with 50/50 gains, starting at 8%, you could bulk close to a year before reaching 16%. In smaller blocks or with a less aggressive surplus, a much tighter band can be maintained.

Though keep in mind that 16% in that picture looks like 16% that came from 8% and a controlled surplus during high activity, not 16% that came from 40%. Its a very even fat spread without large deposits. Is that Tebow in that picture?

Edit - His math is a little off as well. Losing 1% BF is not the same thing as losing 1% of your bodyweight. 165 @ 12%, he'd have to lose 1.86 lb, not 1.65 lb, to reach 11%. Seems insignificant but it adds up over the %'s, especially when you add in some LBM loss.

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Though keep in mind that 16% in that picture looks like 16% that came from 8% and a controlled surplus during high activity, not 16% that came from 40%. Its a very even fat spread without large deposits. Is that Tebow in that picture?

And likely some pretty favorable genetics, too. Not to minimize the hard work it took Tebow (think that's Tebow) to get here at all, but not everyone's gonna look like that at 16%, even if height and weight are the same.

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