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Hey everybody!


I've been reading NF for a few weeks now (and am quite impressed with it, really) so I thought I'd join up in the community around here. Also, I noticed a severe lack in Druids  :rapture:


My name is Merrick, and I'm 24. I'm an American who moved to Israel 5 years ago to enlist into the IDF, though I've already finished my service as a Fitness Instructor there. Currently I study Naturopathy and teach English on the side. Life is good!


Regarding personal goals, no matter what I do I couldn't seem to stick with a gym routine, even though I worked in one for 3 years. I realized eventually that I greatly prefer calisthenics; this is actually how I stumbled upon NF. Now, at 5'9" and 140lbs (or whatever 65kg is), I started last week with the beginner's routine and have been enjoying it immensely! Also I'm trying to get my stomach adjusted to eating every 3-4 hours so I can put on some muscle. 


My goals are very simple: 

stick with the above routine at least until the first of July (1.5 months)

gain ~5 kg in muscle

drop body fat ratio to around 10%

feel good about myself :mushroom:


Also I'm a Druid who in the past was a Monk. Ideally I'd like to multiclass into Assassin, but first I need to get over my fear of pain. hahaha


Anyway, it's great to meet you all and I look forward to our progress both individually and communally! 

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And regarding nerdiness, I love role playing games in all their forms. I'm still trying to quit my video-game addiction, but it was once far worse. 

That article about becoming a superhero really tug at my heart strings and fired me up :)

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Hello there!


I plan on being a druid once I get the hang of eating healthier and doing general routines to get me in shape. I swear my muscles have atrophied, so I’m really happy to see another druid in the making.


What’s your favorite game to play? I don’t do video games much (they unleash the inner Hulk when I lose and there goes the keyboard), but I do adore the Torchlight series for casual play.

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Be mindful of your Self-Talk. It's a conversation with the universe.


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*Frolics in the fields of druids* HEY~! WELCOME TO THE PARTY! :D

Oh~ Israel! How is it there? Filled with historic adventures? And what does Naturopathy entail? Magical healing with the properties of nature? So many questions hehehe


Those goals seem very solid and workable, I shall sit here and support you with my strange antics and toss victory confetti at you! :D



Art Elemental Adventurer Lvl. 1

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A fellow wolf! Hi. (So I'm a bit late - dreadfully sorry.)


Ooh, you're in Israel. Nice. What was it like serving in the Tzahal;) as a fitness instructor? Do you know Krav Maga?


I consider myself a very part-time druid, as part of a greater assassin-y identity with some monk thrown in. Kind of like a wolf, I guess. Join the pack!


Last question: what naturopathy school are you attending and is it in English?

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