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Help! I signed up for MudHero!

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I signed up for Mudhero, a 6K, 18 obstacle course. I have never done anything like this before and its going to be a blast! But, even though it'll be a messy bit of fun, I want to train hard to make each obstacle.


Has anyone ever participated in something like and might have a few pointers as to what I could do in the meantime to prepare? It would be much appreciated :)

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Just know there is only so much training you can do to prepare. 


The biggest thing is to to incorporate exercises in with your running.


Being able to run a 10K means nothing if you never do any strength training.   So get to a park- or workout at the gym when it's more quiet (friday night's saturday nights whatever) work on running- getting out and doing pull ups and push ups- then go back to running.


do burpees- run 1/2 mile then do 20 burpees- lather rinse repeat. 

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