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For any of you intermediate crossfitters that have the freedom to chose your own program and want more of a strength emphasis in your training here is the Crossfit Strength Bias program that I followed successfully for a few months.

*note* this is an intermediate program. This means you should have a decent feel/awareness for your abilities and recovery and have decent competency on the big lifts.


Monday ME Back Squats + *metcon

Tuesday ME Deadlifts + high rep deadlifts + *metcon

Wednesday Rest

Thursday Metcon

Friday ME Front Squats + high rep back squats + *metcon

Saturday ME OHP + high rep OHP + metcon

Sunday Rest

(OHP can be alternated or substituted with bench press)

ME - work up to a heavy set of 5 or 3. When you first start the program use 80-90% of your 5 or 3 RMs and add weight every workout from there. Either alternate 5 & 3 from week to week, or stay on 5 reps for a few weeks, then move to 3 for a few weeks, then go back to 5... If you want to test your 1 RM do so in place of a 3 or 5 rep ME (not recommended more than once every 6 weeks)

For high rep squats, do one set of 12-21. Increase reps each workout and when you complete 21 increase the weight next workout.

For pressing and deadlift either use the one set option (above) or do a multi-set option. Use a consistent rest time of 1-2 minutes and do three sets of 10, 7, and 4 reps (in that order). If you do all sets unbroken, next time do sets of 15, 12, and 9. When you complete all those sets unbroken, do sets of 21, 15, and 9. When you complete those unbroken, increase the weight and use the lowest volume option. Each week either get further into the rep scheme unbroken, move to a higher rep scheme, or increase the weight.

[note] the one set high rep option has a lower recovery cost.

*metcons after squats or deadlifts should be kept to a 10 minute maximum (unless you enjoy overtraining).

Rest for a week every 4-6 weeks. Either full rest, light work, or metcons but without the ME or high rep work. When you come back just pick back up where you left off.

This is a big workload. Take the starting weights and rest seriously or you will most likely end up overtraing.

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That's an interesting looking program Phalanx. Did you write it yourself?Is there any particular programming for the metcons. Such as would you avoid a similar movement, as in push-ups on press day, or would it be just the opposite and you would purposefully select similar movements as the strength component.

Nope I didn't write it. I got the info from the crossfit forum. There is an official crossfit strength bias thread (almost 100 pages long) that I read through a few times.

metcon movements can be planned without regard to the heavy lifts. The biggest thing you want to watch for is that you keep your metcons short (<10 minutes) on your lifting days.

P.S. I know it's been forever since the question was asked, but I thought I'd follow up anyway

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