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Zombie Squad: Plants

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Spring loaded axe, remotely triggered.

Plants vs Zombies is really well written. (Being vegetarian and a fan of gardening,) I vote "the plants." And then at the end, once we all know each other better, we could assign everyone one of the plants from the game.

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{ running, rock climbing, frisbee }

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GO team plants!

I think my abilities for zombie fitting are leaning toward doing all the functional activities I normally do, but with ankle weights, chest weights, etc. The idea being the more stuff I can carry and not notice it, the more variety my zombie pack can have without sacrificing the most important aspect of mobility. Also, this week I learned how to cut stone when I paved a driveway with my friend. Cutting stone can be like building a wall right?

How was your first week guys? 'Da Squash' wants to know!

"She turned me into a newt!"

"A newt?"

"I got better..."

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That's NFPlex.

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Doing well! The diet change is going excellently! Only time I ate something I shouldn't have was Easter when I had a few jellybeans and about 5 doritos. Workouts are coming along great as well!

How are you doing?

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

-Maya Angelou

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