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An interesting weight/nutrition related thing

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I don't know if this should go in weight loss or diet/nutrition, but I'm picking here since I'm not losing weight.


1.) I don't think I'm a genetic freak.

2.) I'm eight weeks into my first SL5x5 cycle.

3.) I don't track anything, but whenver I spot check my nutrition I find I'm at 3-5000 calories depending on if it's a workout day or not, and I'm getting plenty of protein.


That having been said,I started the program on 1 April at 30% BF and 248 pounds.  Eight weeks later, I've dropped 5-7% BF depending on if I'm using the Army or Marine calculation, and gained ten pounds.  According to these numbers, in eight weeks I've gone from 74 pounds of fat on my body to 64, and gained twenty pounds of muscle.


I don't think this is accurate, but I've checked the math, I'm physically larger and denser, and my subcutaneous fat is rapidly disappearing.  I still have the same waist and neck size, but everything else is moving in the directions that I want to see it go.


Any thoughts on what's happening?





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