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Current Challenge
Final Recap
Goal #1:
Create a new strength training plan and implement it.
I’ve been strength training for the last few months, doing exercises suggested by the trainer at the gym. She has me using a lot of machines (boo), and I want to make the switch to free weights. I will be using the guides I’ve found on this site to plan out said work out and go from 2 days a week to 3 days a week.
Grade: A
I missed two workouts at the gym, but managed to combine workouts when I missed and also had other forms of exercise added in - swimming, dog walks... lots of dog walks!
STR +3, STA +2
Goal #2:
Go 95%-98.9% Paleo. 100% Primal
Edit: After reading AngelBlaidd's post and some further research, the goal is now 100% Primal.
I didn't realize there was such a thing or a difference. Thank you!
Grade: B
I did really well until the end where I just gave up, or something. Too many cheats and too many "I don't care" days.
CON +1.5 CHA +1.5
Goal #3:
Try 1 new vegetable every other week (and not die).
Grade: A
I actually tried at least one vegetable a week, totally blowing this one out of the water. Yay!
CON +3
Life Goal:
Get up when the alarm goes off and not hit snooze more than once. (I usually hit it at least twice).
Grade: A
I've done pretty good at this. I found towards the end of the challenge I was having a really hard time getting up. I think it was due to the fact I wasn't getting enough carbs. I started to add more fruit and I felt much better!

WIS +3


Mini Challenges:

1: +1CHA and a fire flower

3: Overwhelmed: complete for +1WIS and a Birthday hat

4: The Demon Sloth: complete 'unplug from the matrix' for +1WIS

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Current Challenge

Previous Challenges 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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All things considered I am very pleased with my results, even if I'm not eligible to "win".  This challenge spanned 3 birthdays (mine, my father's, and my daughter's), 4 weekends away eating restaurant or cafeteria food, a week long visit from my grandparents (with all the grandma cooking you can eat) and two weeks of utter illness due to a chest infection, and I still pulled off B's and C's.  Not too shabby. :)





Projects: (+5 WIS)

Work on projects (physical or writing) for a minimum of 2 hours a week and a maximum of 6.  Planning time is included in this. 


I made this goal to help me find the life/project balance, and it was at least moderately successful.  Until my illness in the final 2 weeks I was getting things done but not obsessing about them like I had before.  At the same time, I found that 2-6 hours really isn't enough to accomplish anything satisfactory on a project in a week.


Ratings: A+, A, A, A, F, F

Overall:  B

Reward: +3.75 WIS


Walk: (+2 CHA)

Deliberately choose to walk outside instead of on the treadmill for a walking workout six times during the course of the challenge.(I have this thing about someone seeing me walk and thinking that they’re thinking that I’m out for a walk because I’m “fatâ€.  I know it’s stupid, but it still bothers me.  I need to push myself to get over that a little.)


I found this goal challenging, but once I found a way to distract myself ( PUDDLES!!) it wasn't so bad.  I sincerely enjoyed my puddle walks, and while I'm not sure what I'll do now that it's dried up, I do know that I'll be able to find other things to help push the boundaries of my life back so its not so constricting.


Times walked outside: 4/6

Overall: B

Reward: +1.5 CHA


Slow Grind: (+3 STR)

Maintain wide grip pushups and add regular grip pushups to BBWW, at a reduced pace and starting on the floor, then negatives on the floor, then on an incline to complete whatever I can’t do on the floor or as negatives.


My illness really set me back on this goal, but I am determined to make it happen another time.  I think a contributing factor was my over-push to accomplish a full workout on my birthday....which I definately probably will try not to do again until next year.


Ratings: A, A, B, F, F, F

Overall: C

Reward: +1.5 STR


Balance: (+5 DEX)

Stand on one foot while brushing teeth, one minute on each.  Use timer on fitbit to remember when to switch.


My balance definately improved over the course of the weeks I did this, but I still struggle to do a full minute on each leg without wobbling.  It's much harder than I expected.


Ratings: A, B, A, B, F, F

Overall:  B-

Reward: +3 DEX



Although my grades aren't what I was hoping for I did learn a lot this challenge, about myself and my capeablilities.  I learned that if I want to I can find ways to push past my insecurities, and I feel more comfortable in my own skin.  I learned that I am far more "able" than I think I am.  I learned that I can control my obsessing with the right kind of criteria.  And I learned that one minute is a long time to try to stand on one foot. :)  I'm pleased with the progress I did make, and am hoping to be healthy enough to pick up the next challenge and keep on running (erm....walking and pushuping and stuff, actually.)


Thank you to all of you who stopped by and read/offered encouragement.  I appreciate each and every one of you.



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I am extremely happy with my results for this challenge.  I feel I crushed this one!!  I am looking forward to the next challenge with building on some of the skills acquired from this challenge and making some new ones.


Goal #1

Whole 30 for 5 CON

Made  it through the 30 days with only one cheat.  My cookups helped with this and kept me going.

3CON for the the Whole30 minus .25 for the one cheat =2.75CON


Goal #2 

Food Journal for 3CON

Wrote in my journal everyday.  Felt this really wasn't need near the end, but followed it through and am now glad I am done.



Goal #3

House chores for 2WIS

Did these every week

week 1 - fixed crown moulding and painted

week 2 - finished painting crown moulding/ceiling and did some yard work

week 3 - cleaned kitchen blinds and some of my deck

week 4 - worked on ceiling in spare room/ fixed dining room chairs and put dining room back together

week 5 - finished railing on deck

week 6 - cleaned fridge (a bit of a slack on this one, but it was on the list)



Goal #4

Quit smoking for 5CHA

I am SMOKE-FREE!!!!  I can't express how excited I am about this.



I took my points for the mini-challenges already, but here is what I completed:

Mini challenge #1 - reviewed goals for 1WIS and a fire flower

Mini challenge #2 - worked on my posture for 15min a day for 1CHA

Mini challenge #3 - had fun Friday and Sunday - didn't take points for this one

Mini challenge #4 - unplugged from the Matrix for 1CON

Mini challenge #5 - chose not to participate

My self-worth, beauty, strength, and overall awesomeness is not defined by numbers.


12STR  13.75CON  5STA  12WIS   14CHA  6DEX        1 fire flower

Current Challenge   #8  #7   #6  #5  Unofficial  #4  #3  #2


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Challenge 1 Wrap-Up - Leonine's Leap of Faith


Whew, the first six weeks gone by! I may have lost a little steam as the challenge went on, but I’m so happy and proud that I was able to stick it out to the end. I’m already looking forward to the next one!



Goal 1: Follow the Meal Plan


Definitely the main challenge of this round; staying on track with eating more! It was really cool to look back through this challenge and see the progress I have made.  :)

I’m awarding myself 2 bonus points for ‘food challenges’; for example, eating something that I haven’t prepared myself, eating in a public place with people, and eating things that I’m just generally scared of. (Like sushi. And barbeque. And ice cream, which happened literally seven timesin the last two and a half weeks, I was really struggling with the backlash of that.)

37/42 successful days = A-

Since the final grade’s an A-, I need to take off .5 of a point from a stat; I’m going to take it from CON, because despite being VERY close, I’m still at a clinically underweight BMI. My nutritionist and I both realize this is because they’ve been taking it easy on me due to my tendency to backlash, and we’ll discuss what this means for the next challenge.  -_-

Reward: +2.5 CON, +1 STA, +1 STR




Goal 2: Yoga


Yoga started out so strong, but as my body confidence faltered, I found myself unable to keep going as the challenge went on. I scored my weeks by letter grade, based on how many classes I attended.


Week 1: A

Week 2: A

Week 3: A

Week 4: B

Week 5: C

Week 6: D


Overall average score: B- (80%)

This ended up being a higher grade than I thought it would be! Just barely kept out of the C range. I guess all that effort in the first few weeks really helped!

Reward: +2 DEX, +1 STA




Goal 3: Movement


Primal movement; okay, this one I confidently rocked; when the weather was cold, I did treadmill and stairs. When the weather was warm, I walked as much as I could; to friends’ houses, to all of my classes, to the grocery store, etc. I also made more time for play!

Whittling it down from 3x to 2x per week helped me successfully complete this challenge. I have the awesome first mini challenge to thank for that!

Grade: A

Reward: +2 STA, +1 DEX




Goal 4: Hobbies (Reading/Drawing)


I got the three books done, but I failed to do three sketches per week. I would like to see if I can challenge myself on that again for the next challenge!


Reward: +1 WIS, +.5 CHA


I have to say that after six weeks of being challenged and inspired here, I can’t believe I stumbled upon a community of such encouraging, motivating people. I couldn’t let this wrap-up go by without emphatically stating, and I mean it with everything I’ve got; you guys are amazing!!I’m absolutely humbled by the incredible support you guys have given me, and keeping up with your progress, failures and successes has brought me a world of joy, and pride in all of you. Thank you so, so much for including me in this awesome place!  :)

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I must do an "official" challenge summary:

Goal 1: Get into a stable living space----DONE in 10 days

Goal 2: Get a job---got the promise of a temporary work experience but no start date yet, hopefully tomorrow.

Goal 3: Eat and Sleep enough (eat 3x daily and sleep 6+ hrs)---DONE since week 4

Goal 4: Face my Fears (by listing and confronting them)---I KILLED this

So I'm 3/4 unless tomorrow gives me a definitive start date

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I will not be leveling for this challenge. I thought I had done horrible. But after reviewing everything that I done it turns out the only goal I did not meet was goal #1 of the caffeine addiction.

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STR: 9.2 | DEX: 7.2 | CON: 14 | STA: 15.15 | WIS: 16.7 | CHA: 12.7

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Hello everyone,


Its finally time to share my joy with you guys.This was my first time doing a weight loss challenge and i could not do it with your help.

Thank You all for the support and motivation.

Below are my goals and results.






Goal 1 : Weight loss 12 lbs

A-10 lbs

B-8 ibs

D-5 lbs

F-less than 5 lbs


Starting - 210 lbs  Today - 196


Result - A+



Goal 2 : Beginer body Weight workount X 3 times a week

A- 3 times a week x 3 circuts

B- 3 times a week x 2 circuts

C- 3 times a week x 1 curcut

D- 2 times a week x 1 circut

F- Less than 2 times a week x 1 circut


Result - B



Goal 3 : Paleo diet to the best i can (mainly salads and grilled chicken)

A- 2 cheat meal with sugar per week

C- 3 Cheat meal with sugar per week

D- 5 cheat meals with sugar per week

F- More than 5 cheat meals with sugar per week


Result - C




Goal 4 : Save 50$ per week

A- 600$ at the end of challenge

B- 500$ at the end of challenge

C- 400$ at the end of challenge

D- 300$++ at the end of challenge

F- less than 300$ at the end of challenge


Result - A+   


I feel more energetic, almost everyone i meet says i have lost weight, and i am looking forward to the next challenge on June 3.

Once again thank you guys. 

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Finally, the challenge is over!! And I have to say I'm kinda happy about how this one turned out! I definitely AM stronger, more energetic, and I feel GREAT!! I think I am leaner, too. Well...I feel that way, and maybe my eyes give me those kinds of illusions XD

But the most important thing is, I am reminded of how fun GYM and lifting weight is...


On to the results, then:



1. Go to GYM 3 times a week to do Strength Training, and the NF's Beginner BodyWeight Workout. (5STR)



So here are my stats from Week 5 Day 2. As some of you may know, the next day my GYM closes and move to a place that will take me 1 hour going to. 

Squats: From 45Kgs X 5 Reps X 3 Sets To 70Kgs X 5 Reps X 2 Sets

Press: From 25X5X3 To 40X5X2

Deadlift: From 40X5X3 To 70X5X2

Bench Press: From 35X5X2 To 40X5X2


Back Ext. with a weight on my back: 12X12X3

Chin-Ups: 2 Reps X 2 Sets

And without a GYM, in Week 6 I decided to do the Hotel Room Workout from NF. Managed to do 2 repetitions only in those 15 mins. Did it 3 times out of the planned 5 times a week. Hmmh.

So....taking all that into consideration, I'm gonna go and give this one a 3 out of 5. 


2. Eat (Paleo-ly of course) only when I am hungry, and be sure to eat at least get 1 vegetable serving and 1 apple a day on the menu. (5CON)

I never really paid attention to this, not as much as the Strength Training. But I do get me an apple and other healthy food like 2-3 times a week. And so this is a 2 out of 5.


3. Stay with the challenge no matter what happens, and update this once a week (3WIS)

Well, after last challenge I'm seriously happy I made it this far...and stick with it till the end. I did the stuff, I updated my thread, I check in with the others and the team. Man, definitely a 3 out of 3!!



And so.......+3STR +2CON +5WIS (2 from Mini Challenge #1 and #4)


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  STR 3-DEX 1-CON 3

  STA 2-WIS 4 -CHA 5





Human Adventurer Lv. 1

     Exp: 13---Next: 2


  STR 6-DEX 1-CON 5

  STA 2-WIS 9- CHA 5


This challenge feels like the much planned, and finally achieved new beginning to me. And well, I just can't wait for the next challenge.

I'll be on the road, and that means improvisations without a GYM, less junk food, and more moving!! Hahah!!

To the adventures, and to looking better day by day out there!!

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STA 2-WIS 9 -CHA 5

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And Maybe Help Me Figuring Out The Answer To This Question? Thanks Anyway!

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Hey everyone, i've been reading your success stories (and yes despite some of you thinking you weren't successful, i think you were).  It gives me goosebumps! For Realsies!!  Don't forget that if started the challenge in the first 10 days and completed it, you level up (unless you honestly and truly feel you didn't). 

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A quick summary of a "Meh" challenge but completed nonetheless so I guess I should be happy about that!



So my final round up of this 6 weeks...


What did I learn?

I am an all or nothing sort of girl and I fool myself if given any opportunity. MUST WORK ON THIS.


Final results

Stay off alcohol - 100% This wasn't nearly as hard as staying off coffee and chocolate! but I am sure my liver thanks me for it  :)


Paleo - Dreadful - only about 50% paleo still I just kept cheating myself  :(


Gym - Good - 90% I missed 2 sessions over the 6 weeks.


Stretching - OK - 80% when I didn't stretch I did walk as I wasn't loving the stretching but i need to get over that and loosen out my muscles


Keeping house - OK 70% - It was much better than usual most of the time (need to keep up with laundry better) but all other chores were kept up.


All in all I am not happy really but that is mainly down to food - I can't explain why I am craving foods that make me feel sick after i eat them and that I know will mean I lift less the day after I eat them but there you have it.  I think a full detox for a few days might be a good plan so I am going to do some research on a safe and healthy way to do that before the next challenge.


MD x

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Final Update

1) Reduce my huge caffeine addiction - No more than 4 mugs (~300ml each) of tea a day

I slipped 3 times, once by accident, and twice conciously. That gives me the B grade. I've basically managed to reduce my addiction and form a new habit which should hopefully lead to a healthier intake of caffeine going fowrads  :D


B: 39/43

Reward: CON +3.2


2) Learn to deadlift properly, and then increase my max by 20lbs

So I didn't get to DL as much as I would have liked but I did do some and I did improve. And I didn't just improve by 20lbs but by 20kilos! So I'm giving myself a thumbs up for this one  :)


A: Max +20lbs, 

Reward: STR +3


3) Gym 3+ times a week

I started well, but picked up an injury while running which scuppered my last few weeks. Still going regularly and gaining strength. 


B: Twice

Reward: STR +0.5, STA +0.5, DEX +0.5, CON +0.5


4) Read the first two books from A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)

Read the first one, the second and I've nearly finished the third book (well the first part anyway. AND I've watched the first series and half of the second series as well. 


A: Read at least the first 2 books

Reward: WIS +2, CHA+2



I've not actually enjoyed the challenge element of this challenge, aside from the reading. So I don't think I'm going to join in with the next one. Need some time out to move house and DIY anyway (going to take months). 

On the plus side, while I've not lost any weight or waist size (bit disheartening) I have gained 3cm on each bicep, 1cm on each forearm and 3cm on my chest size in 6 weeks. I am getting stronger and musclier (if that's a word...)


I'll be back to join in again in the future for sure, the Rebels are awesome  :)

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Goal 1 - Run 7 miles continuously, upgraded to run 10 miles. DONE

Goal 2 - Handstand. FAILED - though I have been working yoga back into my routine, so it is only a this round failure.

Goal 3 - Modified Paleo. - DONE, really happy with myself for the control. Going to keep it up for a little while longer I think.

Goal 4 - Kitchen back splash tile. FAILED? - the kitchen ended up on hold, however we did get our built in bookshelves installed, the sanded and finished them ourselves. Also sealed the exposed brick and wall mounted our TV. In the kitchen we got all the backer board up for behind the tile, the old stove hood taken out, the new cabinet upper in, and obtained the combo microwave/exhaust. Then hubby broke himself and I'm down a pair of hands and the extra height and muscle that would make installing the microwave easier. So there was house leveling done, I'd give myself about a 60% on this one.


I'll look at how I'm distributing points in a bit. Work meeting calls

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Taken from ze challenge thread:
Final Results
Goal 1: Cleaner Eating
Stats: +4 CON
A - 31 and below grams of sugar | 3 or less alcoholic drinks
B - 31 to 36 grams of sugar | 4 alcoholic drinks
C - 37 to 41 grams of sugar | 5 alcoholic drinks
D - 42 to 45 grams of sugar | 6 alcoholic drinks
F - 45+ grams of sugar | 7+ alcoholic drinks
Final Grade: D+
Stats Awarded: +1 Con
Goal 2: Back to Primal, 100%
Stats: +2 STA | + 2 WIS
A - 100% to 90% Primal
B - 89% to 80% Primal
C - 79% to 70% Primal
D - 69% to 60% Primal
F - 59% and below Primal
Final Grade: D+
Stats Awarded:+.5 STA; +.5 WIS
Goal 3: Develop Exercise Habits That Work
Stats: + 2 STR | + 2 DEX
- Finish couch25k (about to start week 7)
- Get my bike to the repair shop
- Set up a weekly workout plan including cardio and strength-building (one to start with that will hopefully be improved as I use it)
- Get myself to the gym/exercise during week 1
- Get myself to the gym/exercise twice during week 2
- Get myself to the gym/exercise twice during week 3
- Get myself to the gym/exercise three times during week 4
- Get myself to the gym/exercise three times during week 5
- Get myself to the gym/exercise three times during week 6
- Run a full practice 5k
- Go to a Sunday workout meetup with the DC Rebels
- Hike at least one of the trails in the NOVA area
- Put in at least 5 morning workouts this challenge
- Walk across campus from the parking lot to work at least 25 times this challenge (no being lazy with the bus/parking in the lot that costs money)
- Stretch after at least 14 exercises this challenge (ideally all of them.  ;) But that hits my number of exercises per week according to the other portion of the list)
- Lift at least 300 lbs (adding any weight from workout altogether, not at the same time)
- Try an exercise class at the campus gym
A - 100% to 90% of items listed done
B - 89% to 80% items listed done
C - 79% to 70% items listed done
D - 69% to 60% of items listed done
F - 59% and below of items listed done
Final Grade: D (about 63%)
Stats Awarded: +.5 STR; +.5 DEX
Goal 4: Life Goal - Greeting the Day
Stats: + 1 INT | +2 CHA
A - No snooze at all
B - Hitting snooze 2 times
C - Hitting snooze 4 times
D - Hitting snooze 5 times
F - Hitting snooze more than 5 times


Final Grade: B

Stats Awarded: +.75 INT; +1.5 CHA


Overall Report: Grade-wise I know I should be disappointed, but overall I still feel some major improvements happened - despite a few bad weeks that dragged my results down like whoa. Timing wasn't great, but my goal is to get to a place where timing isn't a concern, so I cannot let that be an excuse for my performance this challenge. I could have done much better. Soooo close to getting Cs on the three lower goals. It was nice to work towards primal again, and I hope this summer will be a good exercise in meal planning and cooking ahead of time (Definitely one of my next challenge goals - meal planning). I'm also super excited to start strength-training. Gotta take advantage of a quieter campus gym during the summer months. :D In other good news, I did break the snooze habit, so that's definitely a win this time around.


Stress is still my number one enemy. That and self-control, which generally goes hand in hand with the stress. Pre-planning meals and scheduling help with the stress, but it also stresses me out to be that rigid in my approach. Does that make sense? I'm most comfortable when being flexible and open with my day, yet it ends up stressing me out. This will definitely be a problem to tackle in the near future. If I didn't already have my goals ready for the next challenge I would probably think more about it. These next six weeks are going to be weird schedule-wise anyway - yay summer classes. It's going to be insanely busy, but good preparation for Fall 2013, because my schedule is going to approach ridiculous levels (20 hour internship + 20 hour GA + 12 class credit hours + homework = when am I going to sleep?)


Also working on getting the boy back on track with me. He wants to, and has asked me to push him, but it can be kind of stressful to push someone to do something, even if they want to. Still, it will make meal planning easier if he's on board again. Besides, can't be too mad at him - we're taking swing dancing lessons for the month of June every Tuesday night. We're going tonight for the open lesson and the dance, just to check things out. :)


This is a little scatter-brained at the moment, since I'm revving up from a long weekend and getting used to the new wake-up time. I'm looking forward to using this week to promote good habits and get some things in order to make the next challenge more successful. I've already been running and have pre-cooked a few meals, so doing well thus far.


Finally, with the ending of this challenge I bid adieu to the Adventurers. I'm Ranger-bound. I may be back sometime in the future - I tend to wander from place to place.

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My first Challenge is over and I feel awesome about how I finished even with a few setbacks along the way.


Goal 1: Weight Loss - Lose 10 lbs
I manged to lose 2.1 lbs this last week for a total of 10.1 lbs lost over the 6 weeks.

Grade: A
Gain: +2 DEX, +2 CHA, +1 STA

Goal 2: Diet - Cut Out Soda

I gave in halfway through the challenge and had a soda but after feeling sick aftwerward I haven't touched it since.

Grade: A
Gain: +3 CON

Goal 3: Strength - Do 3 circuits of the Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3x per week
Even with the knee issues in the middle of the challenge, I made some big gains and I was able to do 3 full circuits, 3x last week.

Grade: A
Gain: +3 STR, +2 STA

Lifestyle Goal: Wake Up by 5 AM on Weekdays
I've been getting up at 5 AM every weekday for the last 2 weeks. This has carried over into getting up at 7 AM on weekends which helps me get to the farmer's market early enough to get the good stuff before it is gone.

Grade: A
Gain: +2 WIS (This time will be used for reading)


Overall Grade: A

Level UP

+3 STR

+2 DEX

+3 STA

+3 CON

+2 STA

+2 CHA


I feel awesome with how I did this challenge.  I thought I may miss some goals but I managed to hit it hard at the end and meet all my goals fully.  I've given myself a good foundation to build upon for my longterm fitness goals.

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Things went great this challenge. Continued steady progress. I think next time I should try to go for something a little more challenging.


1. Eat mindfully (+3 CON, +3 WIS) – track all intake, eat when hungry, evaluate and decide

Steps to Accomplish: Plan meals the day before. Pack lunches the night before.

Metrics: A=6+ full days tracked, B=5, C=4

94% A


2. Work out daily (+2 STR, +2 DEX, +1 STA) – enough said

Steps to Accomplish: Plan full six weeks out now. Schedule active recovery. Track.

Metrics: A=7+ workouts per week, B=6, C=5

133% A


3. Build endurance (+2 STA) – run 3 miles w/o stopping

Steps to Accomplish: Run 1-3 times per week. Gradually reduce walk time. Currently at 3-4 miles with one walk break.

Metrics: A = 3 miles w/o stopping (easy pace)

117% A


4. Be social (+2 CHA) – make more time for the dog, the mister, friends and family

Steps to Accomplish: Extra time for the dog daily. Plan six extra social connections during the challenge (dates or events).

Metrics: Dog is 50% A=6+ days, B=5, C=4. Connections is 50% A=6, B=5, C=4

100% A


Other Update

-5.5 lbs from start of first challenge

- 1 inch waist

- 2 inches combined arms, legs, etc

Level 3 Adventurer
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Wow, everyone really had some great goals for this challenge!  I think I might steal some ideas! :tongue:


Height:  5'4"

Start weight: 203 lbs

End weight: 191 lbs


End of the challenge!  YAY!  I think I did well for a first challenge.  Here are the final measurements I took:


                             4/15           5/5              Difference                 5/26               Difference

Neck:                  14 1/3        13 3/4          -1/2 inch                     13 3/4            Same

Arm                    14 1/2        14                -1/2 inch                      14                  Same             

Breast                 41               39 1/2         -1 1/2 inches              40                   +1/2 inch

Chest                  35 3/4         35 1/4         -1/2 inch                     34 1/2             -3/4 inch

Waist                  37 3/4         36              -1 3/4 inches                35 1/2             -1/2 inch

Hips                    43 3/4         41 1/2        -2 1/4 inches                40 1/2             -1 inch

Thigh                  28               26 1/2        -1 1/2 inches               26 1/2              Same

Calf                     17 1/2         17             -1/2 inch                       17                    Same


So, that's a pretty good show for 6 weeks.  A total of 10 3/4 inches off my body!  I am very excited about this!  I do believe that I can see the difference.....wish I took pictures now...


As far as my weightlifting gains, here's a recap of my last lifting day:

Deadlift: 4x5 130 lbs, 1x5 146 lbs

Bench Press: 5x5 64 lbs

Squats: 6x5 80 lbs

Planks:  70 sec, 70 sec, 70 sec

Bent over rows: 3x10 20 lbs


This is from nothing but walking in the beginning.


My goals:


1.  Fitness:  2 days of BBW and 3+ days of walking per week.

I am doing really well with the walking, but for some reason I am really dogging on the BBW.  I'm not sure why, it only takes about 30 minutes, including warm up/cool down!

I blasted through this one!  :D I ended up with a 3 day weights/5-6 day walking per week habit, so I went above and beyond and with my results, I'll be keeping it, or going to a 4 day split, not sure yet.

Getting A+ for this!


2.  Diet:  going to cut cheese out, and slowly remove the coffee.

I drink 2 very large cups of coffee a day, with stevia and cream, and I am a cheese freak!  I would like to do a total paleo or whole30, so I am going to gradually cut these two things out, as they are my stumbling block.  I am hoping to be rid of them by week three, and then maintain no cheese/coffee for three weeks.

Another success!  I had one cup of coffee during the six weeks (last Thursday) and one day of dairy, but NO CHEESE!  :)


Giving myself an A on this...


3.  Diet:  eat vegetables other than lettuce.

I am horrible about this.  I am a salad nut (and add everything, including the kitchen sink, to them!)!  I am trying to go to less dressings, mayo, etc, so this is important.  I will basically aim for a meal with vegetable-other-than-lettuce per day.

Another A+  this one I LOVED!  I tried so many new vegetables and am very happy with my diet diversity now.  It is easier to keep paleo if I have so many choices!  The only thing is, I have to keep up with the grocery shopping.


4. Life:  The next three weeks my supervisor is using me as a guinea pig to try out a new project.  I feel like I could make a huge difference for the company, but it scares me to death and I don't know if I am good enough to do this project.  This freezes me, and I don't work well when I have fear like this.  What I really need to do is set a minimum number of people per work day to call and process.  I am starting with five successful calls per day.

Going to give myself a B on this one.  I didn't talk about it much in my log, but there were a few days I did not make my 5 calls.  Some days I went over, but still feel like I did a B job on this.  I am also not sure I should stay in the rat race of this industry, but right now, it's a job, and I am doing pretty well at it.


So, my stat changes are....

Level up to 2

Goal 1:  +2 STR for the BBW and +2 DEX for the walking


Goal 2:  +2 STA for enduring life without!    :redface: and +2 CON for resisting damage


Goal 3:  +2 WIS and +2 STA


Goal 4:  +2 CHA, but not the +1 STA, because I didn't sustain it every week.


Also did mini challenges #1, #2, and #4 (Stitch in Time)


Thus concludes my first challenge!


Things that I have learned:

TAKE PICS!!  I swear, I can see the differences, but it's an all over thing, so my body still sags, but it is sagging smaller.  This would be so much easier to see if I had pictures to compare.


For me, the challenge and this board was what helped me finish so strongly.  However, being a part of too many boards will hinder my progress, because I feel like I have to respond to too many forum posts.


Keep taking measurements!  I would have been really bummed if I had only weighed myself and lost 2 lbs a week with all my work, even though that's a great loss!  The measurements excite me much more!  I also went from a tight size 16 to a loose 14 jeans.  Scales SUCK!!


I have gained a lot of confidence from this challenge to push myself in the upcoming months.  I am excited about what my body can do now, and am ready to make more gains and be more successful.


I will be keeping the weights and walking, adding more sprints as I go, and I believe that I am going to stay on a mostly Paleo diet, since it worked so well for me.  I will be adding coffee and heavy cream back in though.  I will also be using stevia, but I will keep the other artificial sweeteners out.

Level 3 Pandaren Adventurer



“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.†–A.A. Milne   (Thanks to magi192 for posting this!)

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Challenge Thread




End of Challenge Measurements (with change in parentheses):


Waist: 32.75" ( - 5/8")

 @Navel: 34 5/8" ( - 5/8")

Neck: 15 3/8 (no change)


R. Biceps: 14 5/8" (no change)

L. Biceps: 14 3/8" ( + 0.25")


BF%: 17.1% ( - 1.2% )



Goal 1: Diet -- Barely missed pulling a B by under a point .. while I did let myself slide yesterday, it was more the travelling that killed this goal so I'm going to allow myself to keep that C (C+?) and try again next challenge. I feel that I've learned a lot about my diet and how to keep going while moving around so much now. C+ for the goal


Goal 2: Exercise -- With 4 workouts last week, I didn't meet the minimum to be able to pull myself up to an A so I end with a B for this goal


Goal 3: Cooking -- Hit my meal goals with ease every week; A+ for this goal


Goal 4: Trying New Things -- I LOVED this goal and I'm really glad I did it -- made my minimums every week so A+ here too.




All told, this was a great challenge -- I learned a lot about the challenges that face me once I move to NY for residency and I think I have a better grasp on how to fight them. Met a lot of cool people on the forum this time around too, and I wanted to thank everyone for the support and helping me out with suggestions -- you're all awesome and I can't wait to read your success stories from this challenge =) And last, but not least, the side by sides!


Side By Side  Front View, Challenge 2



Side By Side  Side View, Challenge 2

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(based on the old system, anyway)


Winner of Adventurer Guild Challenge #25


Current Challenge


Challenge 1 | Challenge 2 | Challenge 3

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Here we go....to sum up:


1. Complete a Spartan Race.   This is pass or fail.  I am not setting a time goal as I have never done a 5k before, let alone a 5k trail and obstacle run.  So either I complete it or I don't.


PASS!!!!!! I completed the Indiana Spartan Sprint, 5.2 miles without any horizontal running surface, had to burpee out of 4 obstacles (that is 120 burpees and  took at least a cumulative total of 30 minutes) in 4 hours 11 minutes.  Not a good racing time, but the fact that I have a time means I finished and that was the goal!

side note, bonus here as I almost set a time goal, however I would have failed as the timed goal was based on 5k not 5 miles.  So yay for proper goal setting!

side note two:  I am 6'4" tall and did this at a weight of 350 lbs.  No excuses accepted at this counter!



2. Complete 4 weeks of PVP.  This dependent on another person.  So for me to be successful I will set the goal specifically.  Lost One has indicated a challenge that we do HIIT together and compete.  We are still drawing up the rules.  I will participate in this for the 4 weeks that follow the Spartan Race.


Z-   I did not do a single HIIT competition.  Thank you Lost One for being so very understanding.  I discovered, after the Spartan Race, what I needed to do was lift like a warrior for at least a while to get my strength where it should be.  I did not feel I could wait to start.  I needed to start while I had motivation.  So I did.  I joined a gym on a month to month basis, bought the first 300 lbs of Olympic weights for my home gym, I am pricing and measuring to see if I can get a power rack into what I plan to be the workout room in the new house.  Yes an entire room dedicated to fitness!  I am on my second week of lifting.  So fail on the goal, win on the new plan.


3. Log food on weekends.  I have realized through the last challenge that my issue with keeping track of food is almost always just over the weekends.  So instead of the general goal of logging food, I will focus on logging on weekends.  Six weeks is a total of 12 days I need to focus on logging.  Will base score on days actually logged / 12.

75%.  I logged 9 of 12 days.  It is getting better.  Making me more aware of what I eat on weekends.  That is the real goal.  A win the last weekend is that I knew I was going to eat heavy in the evening at dinner, and since I wasn't really hungry, I skipped lunch.  Used to be that I would have eaten lunch because it was lunch time and then ate heavy anyway.  So things are going in the right direction.


4. Get house move in ready.  This does not mean perfect.  This means to a point where I can move in and live.  This is a realistic goal.  I have a list of things that need done prior to moving in that has must do, and would like to do.  The goal is to get all of the must do's done in the next 6 weeks.  I will edit this with the must do list later.

80%.  Not quite move in ready.  Three things have kept that from happening.  One is how long it takes for plaster to really dry for proper finishing, and the guy I hired to do it can only do it on the weekends.  And finally, I need to buy a hot water heater but have to decide between one of three, and I simply need to move on it.  Although I did want to wait for another pay check to verify I could afford the one I want.


Overall that is about a 64%.  Due to a big fat 0% on the second goal.  So I get no Ogre level.  I will be sitting out the next challenge.  However, I do plan to be here to cheer you on and be involved in the next challenge.

John AKA Brute Squad

Challenge Thread

Man, Myth, Legendary Hero

Ogre Level 5 .....do Ogres have any class?



Love much, this will all be over in a minute :love_heart:

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It's what you've all been waiting for! That's right it is the...


Final Assessment!


So theatrics aside this is going to be my little round up for my first challenge. I'll set it up with telling you first what the goal was, why I chose that particular goal, how I did, and finally what I learned (as well as the stat increase). At the end I'll give an idea how I changed through it both physically(aka some weight and measurements) and mentally.


Goal 1: Be able to do 55 push-ups in 2 minutes


So why did I pick it? Well as I mentioned in my original starting post (oh so long ago) the idea was to be able to ace the Guard's Physical Fitness Test. On top of that, well to be honest I thought it would be awesome to say "I can do over 50 push-ups". I have a little bit of an ego here, and it needs feeding every so often.  :D


How did I do? Well I didn't do 55 push-ups.

I did 60.


And I am not going to lie I feel pretty damn awesome for being able to do that. The actual graded one was yesterday evening after work and after doing 51 during the first minute I paused for twenty seconds and cranked out the final 9. Yeah I had to take a bit of a rest to get there, but it's still pretty damn impressive.


What did I learn? I ended up neglecting them for maybe a week and a half and my numbers suffered as a result, so I learned that if you want to do something you have to keep up on it. On top of that I learned that I can exceed my goals if I push myself, something everyone says but it takes a little while to sink in.


Reward? Out of my possible 110 points I got 120 so that is a +2 Strength and +2 Stamina for me. How's that for awesome?





Goal 2: Run my walking route (2.5 miles).


So why did I pick it? This one was also based on my Guard Physical Requirements. On top of that the first rule of the Zombie Apocalpyse is cardio, and I am lacking there. It may be a little nerdy, but then there is a reason this is called Nerd Fitness.


How did I do? Well... Yeah not so well on this one. I do not like cardio at all even if I admit that it is neccesary so didn't put as much effort as I needed into this one. On top of that get this, the road for part of my route was closed. *grumble* In either case I made of the route elsewhere running it in 28:25. 


Now that isn't too bad, till you consider that for 8 minutes of that I was walking. Did I meet my goal? No. Did I come a lot farther then I thought I would? Oh hell yeah.


What did I learn? I don't like cardio and that hurts me. Actually that isn't right, I don't like running. Walking I love and that will be a part of my next challenge, but running not so much. 


Reward? Alright here is where we do math. I completed the run in 28:25 (rounded to 28:30 for simplicity) so that gives me a initial score of 94.5 out of 90. However then we take out 16 points (-2 for walking 1 minute x 8) leaving us with 78.5/90. Divide and times by 100 and we get...


87.22 or 87%


So just for the sake of simplicity since I would have gotten 4 point (+3 stamina and + 1 constitution) I'll say I get 3 out of 4. That is a +2 stamina (as when I started this I couldn't even run for 5 minutes outside) and +1 constitution (as there is no way in hell this didn't help my health). So there you are.





Goal 3: Go to my Aikido dojo at least twice a week.


So why did I pick it? I have always wanted to learn a martial art but never been able to find one that matches my philosophy. I don't like violence, but I've seen that some of the wisest and most peaceful people tend to be those who hold great martial ability. So I found an art (Aikido) that practices peace (and uses an opponents own energy against them, a real boon for a lazy guy like me).


How did I do? Pretty good actually. I missed two sessions. The first was when I started and ended up getting lost on the way there. The second time was when a friend randomly showed up from out of state and I decided to hang with her instead. So I missed two sessions but I also attended a seminar in Portsmouth which ran three times my normal stays and let me practice with new people. So gonna give myself one bonus point for that.


What did I learn? That I really like Aikido a lot. Enough said really but I'm going to keep studying it.


Reward? (11/12) x 100 = 92% so almost a perfect score. I'm going to reward myself the pull +2 Dexterity however. Partially because the first time I missed class wasn't laziness or some such and partially I've practiced fairly often at home.   





Goal 4: Keep my damn house clean.


So why did I pick it? Because my house is always a mess and I dislike that fact.


How did I do? Perfect score. I had lost a couple of points through out the challenge due to forgetting to clean a few things, but made them up by organizing my cabinets and cleaning out my roommate's old room (before the new one came in). So yeah pretty awesome.


What did I learn? It's a matter of momentum, learning habits, and making good use of time. Once I got the house clean it was no longer this horrible task to clean everything, but a little here and a little there. Once I learned the habits I was fine as could be and cleaning was a breeze. On top of that I learned how to use my time. Waiting for bacon to cook? Do some dishes. Heading out for a few hours? Mop the floor so it drys while you are gone. Stuff like that.


Reward? I get an A for this one. So that is a +2 Wisdom (well placed by past me) and +3 Charisma (because now I will entertain guests).





So... Changes

Here is the bit where I say how I changed through out all of this. First let's start out with some measurements. This first set was taken April 13th, two days before the current challenge started. And for the record I would love to post some before and after photos as I have some from when I joined nerdfitness, when I started this challenge, and just now. I just can't find the damn cord to connect my bloody camera to the computer.

Neck: 17in

Chest: 45in

Waist: 41in

Upper Arms: 15in

Thighs: 27in

Calves: 18in

Weight: 234 pds


This one was taken a few minutes ago as I wrote this.

Neck: 17in (+0)

Chest: 42in (-3)

Waist: 38in (-3)

Upper Arms: 14in (-1) 

Thighs: 24.5 (-2.5)

Calves: 17in (-1)

weight: 215pd (-19)


So yeah as you can see in all areas besides my neck (which I don't think can get any thinner) I've lost literal inches while only going up in strength. Pretty good damn awesome. Even though the weight is just a number it is still really nice to see it going down so much. In addition it is nice to be picking up heavy things, running short distances, looking good, all those things that come with being physically fit. It's pretty sweet.


Mentally I'm in a hell of a lot better mood then I ever was before. I feel good and have more time since I'm not sleeping so much. I have actual hobbies now and plans for things I want to do that are actually achievable too. I'm thinking better, exploring new ideas... So yeah, pretty damn awesome.


And that is the conclusion. Now say hello to the Level 2 Orc Adventurer Terrormortus. Wait till you see my next challenge, it's going to be fun.

Level 5 Orc Citizen Soldier

STR 7.5|DEX 9.5|STA 11|CON 12|WIS 20.5|CHA 8.5

Old Challenges 15/4 3/6 7/25

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Great challenge everybody. Thanks for all the encouragement! Everybody did great and I'm proud of all of us!


Goal #1 - Going to the gym and doing a split routine worked out really well at first. Once I started missing visits, it was hard to get back on track again. Old thought patterns started to creep their way back into my head and luckily I recognized them quickly.

PROS - I liked the split routine and getting done with my workout really fast and without much hassle. The extra recovery time made it so I could do more volume and not get hurt doing so. 

CONS - If you miss a workout, its extra hard to get back on track because of the split. If you miss a Friday workout, that means that you'll have to go in and strength train on a weekend and it can trip up your routine. The next week is also kinda screwed too unless you get creative. I'll award 2 STR points and 1 STA point (started off great...ended not so much).


Goal #2 - Stayed away from fast food a lot better than I thought I would have. Making it a 2-challenge-long goal really helped drill it into my head that food like that is not ok to over indulge on. I'll award the 3 CON points because that's just whats going to happen


Goal #3 - Passed this one with flying colours. This was my one bright spot for this challenge, haha. I start my first shift on my own this Friday, the adventure continues. WIS 5


Goal #4 - F minus. No points

Porkchop / Level 4 / Mammal-Adventurer

STR - 14  DEX - 4  STA - 7  CON - 11 WIS - 13  CHA - 7


“Wherever you are...be all there†


Challenge #4


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So...my first challenge didn't go EXACTLY the way I planned, but I'm going to look on the bright side, focus on the positives, and make preparations for the next challenge.

First Challenge Right Here:


Final stats:

Weight: 197 lbs

Waist: 36 inches

Hips: 42 inches

Body fat: 34.8%

Goal # l: strength train 3x per week (M W F) and 30 minutes of cardio on non-strength days ( Tu Th


Okay... I'm gonna have to split the diff and give myself a C+. I'm very glad to say that I made EVERY strength training day (also, I switched from the NROLFW to Stronglifts and I'm currently on week 5). However, I did absolutely NO cardio. I think my problem was planning to jump into 3 days of something I kinda hate. Maybe for the next challenge I can slowly add it in or simply start an activity I have a greater interest in. Either way, I'm going to need some other exercise to really start burning off the excess fat.

Goal #2: Go (mostly) Paleo, track everything, and allow one cheat day a week.

Huh. This is a solid C. While I went (mostly) Paleo, I stopped tracking halfway through and DEFINITELY had more than one cheat day. I haven't come up with a solid solution yet, so maybe you folks can give me some ideas.

Goal # 3: Walk more. Use a pedometer.

Friggin' awesome A. Used the pedometer daily and regained my love of wandering through Chicago.

Goal #4: Practice good sleep hygiene.

I'm giving this a B. I've stopped falling asleep with the television on but I have yet to master the art of NOT pressing the snooze button.

So... not what I had hoped for, but I'm really happy about my dedication to strength training. I have definitely shifted my thinking in terms of measurements being more important than the number on the scale. I've got some really great ideas for the next challenge and cannot wait to kick it in the ass.

lifelong nerd girl. former gym class deserter.

Challenge #1; Challenge #2

I sat myself down and shot my fear in the face


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My first challenge is done!  Overall, I've treated this as a learning experience and I think in that it was definately a success. Next time, I need more concrete tracking so I can do the before and after picts/stats etc.. I didn't lose any weight but I think I have more definition and definately more stamina.


Thanks to Muryanp and telemon especially and everybody else that was supportive! As for grades, i gave myself a B+, A- and 2 C's. Not honor roll just yet :) Quoting my results below:


Let's go through goals:


1. Workout 5 days a week. I think I hit at least 4 every week and 5 some weeks, so I'm giving myself a B+ for this. During the challenge, I joined a 5k training group and the first night we did our timed mile and I did it in 14:30, running and walking. Last night I did it in 12:53, running the entire mile. So progress!! I've got about a month till the 5k, so I still have time to build endurance but I was very encouraged by being able to run a whole mile for the first time since I think 2010. And this was a couple minute faster than that one!


2. Paleo one meal a day. I think I have done mostly ok on this, although it took me almost the entire challenge to figure out this paleo eating stuff. I will say for the actual challenge I mostly met it, although I probably missed a few days. So A-. The good thing is that last week I ate more primal/paleo than not. I am trying to retrain my eating habits to be more veggies and meat, less pasta and bread and that is working so I'll deem this one a success.


3. Strength train twice a week. This one I feel like I missed, even if I probably technically got at least one strength training in every week and two for most. For the next time around, I really think I need something more specific than 'two strength training sessions'. I'd like to pick a plan. That said, one of my running days we do strength workouts (pushups/squats/etc) so I know I got at least one in every week and probably twice many weeks. I'm going to give myself a C.


4. Practice guitar 30 minutes a day. I started really strong on this one but have been fizzling the past two weeks. I think I"m getting bored with the things I know how to play and need to challenge myself more and get used to the routine of practicing being occasionally boring! I'm going to say A for the first part of the challenge, D for the second and I'll average it in at a C.

Here is my thread: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/27150-shannas-first-challenge/

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I started late and so I'm not eligible for winning or whatever, but I'm not really sure what to do from here.  Here's my evaluation from my post.


At this point I have no idea how to decide if I've "leveled up" or not.  Here's how I've evaluated each of my goals.


1. Jog 10 minutes in a row without stopping. (STA +4)


Failure.  The best I was able to do was 3 minutes, but I also did not follow through with the program.  I had no problem getting motivated to do my body weight circuit 3 times a week, but until I weigh a bit less, I think I hate running.


2. Complete 3 circuits of the Beginner Body Weight Workout(STR +2, STA +2)


A!  I nailed 3 circuits Saturday morning and it's now part of my routine.  I also just added a little weight to the dumbbells to make the rows a little more difficult.  I earned +2 STR and +2 STA.


3. Reach 225 lbs. (CON +2, CHA +2)


A!  I hit 225 a week before the end of the challenge and I'm now 224 as of Saturday morning.  I also feel way more fit and have a ton more energy since I've been working out regularly and not eating crap.  I earned +2 CON and +2 CHA.


4. Pay off $400 of my credit card and keep it off. (WIS +3)


Total F.  I'll be working a whole lot this summer so I should be able to make a dent in those credit cards by the end of the summer.


So now, how do I determine if I've leveled up?  I only completed 2 of my 4 goals, so do I gain stats and no level or what?  Total noob here.



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jtggodqos - Though Love


FITNESS:  something seven times a week
that can include multiple times a day
options are are set up due to my current work schedule and are as follows

  • bike at 0530h Monday and Thursday
    • approx. 25min
    • yay biking!
  • jog at 0530h Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • jog at 0600h with friend
    • approx. 30min
  • weights at 1700h Monday, Thursday, and Friday; at 1600h Tuesday; at 1100h Sunday
  • GRADING:     A=  7x;    B= 6x, 5x;     C= 4x, 3x;     D= 2x, 1x;     F= 0x
    I averaged 4pts/week for this Challenge.  at the beginning, I was doing great with 6 and 7.  but Week Six's 0 really killed me.
    I think I really could have done better.  but considering the panic attacks I had sometimes, and just the little amount of time -- I did "okay", "good enough".


DIET 1:  alcohol

  • only consume thrice a week
  • only three drinks per night
  • GRADING:     A=  3x;    B= 4x;     C= 5x;     D= 6x;     F= 7x or more
    I got "drunk" a lot fewer times than I expected. but I drank more nights a week than I would have liked to. I averaged 4pts/week, but my grading on this was wonky. I'll have to correct it if I keep alcohol as a Goal for my next Challenge.


DIET 2:  calories

  • maximum 16 Calories a day
  • GRADING:     A=  1600kcal;    B= 1700kcal;     C= 1800kcal;     D= 1900kcal;     F= 2000kcal
    again, I averaged 4pts/week, with my Challenge caloric intake being 17.19 Calories. that's a little over I would have liked, but it's still damn impressive, for me.


LIFE:  scholar

  • keep working on shit to get into grad school
    • Mon, Apr 15th:  call and see what requirements are missing (if any) at each college
  • daily: read minimum one chapter in any book OR work on your Gamification course OR do some other kind of awesome research about something (and post it in my Knowledge Repository)
  • GRADING:     A=  7x;    B= 6x, 5x;     C= 4x, 3x;     D= 2x, 1x;     F= 0x
    I cheated here. I was hoping to get more reading done, but I didn't. instead, I used the badges as a way to get my Scholar point without reading, lol. I mean, good for me for doing the badges; but I didn't really read. if I make reading a Goal for my next Challenge, I will have to be very precise in my requirements.
    but overall, I average 4pts/week, just as I did for everything else.





I really want to give myself a C.  but as my grading was based off a Tough Love basis, I actually think I get a B.  it's a B-, but still a B.




What I Learned (or was reminded):

  • I need to be more precise in the requirements for points.
  • I sizzle out around Week Three.
  • Week Six sucks.
  • I'm not a horrible human being afterall.
  • my NerdFitness friends are the best.

just another cracked southern belle,

and a specialist in self-kintsukuroi.

Current Challenge Accountability:  Health & Happiness Are Hard: Wherein the Cracked_Belle Un-Dies

Epic Quest:  Adventures in Badassery  [under construction]


There is never a sudden revelation, a complete and tidy explanation for why it happened, or why it ends, or why or who you are. You want one and I want one, but there isn't one. It comes in bits and pieces, and you stitch them together wherever they fit, and when you are done you hold yourself up, and still there are holes and you are a rag doll, invented, imperfect. And yet you are all that you have, so you must be enough. There is no other way.
― Marya Hornbacher, Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia

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I wasn't able to complete the challenge due to a car accident where I ended up in the hospital for two weeks. I would like to repeat my goals this next challenge if it's allowed. Though now I need to go a little slower thanks to the crash. I am not going to grade or reward myself at all this challenge. Is it possible for me to repeat the same goals this next challenge?

Lvl 2   Half-Orc Dúnadan Assassin Ranger of the North trained by Aragorn son of Arathorn and Connor Kenway - Slayer of the Witch-King of Angmar - Nazgûl Hunter 


Current Attributes: STR: 6    DEX: 5   STA: 1     CON: 5    WIS: 3    CHA: 5

"Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know"

"So what's stopping you....? That's right...nothing!"


Bucketlist / Battle Log / Neo-Nerds NF Group / Second Challenge!


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