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I wasn't able to complete the challenge due to a car accident where I ended up in the hospital for two weeks. I would like to repeat my goals this next challenge if it's allowed. Though now I need to go a little slower thanks to the crash. I am not going to grade or reward myself at all this challenge. Is it possible for me to repeat the same goals this next challenge?

I have done this on challenges where I had NO car accidents.  I have also done this to reinforce a habit I am developing.  So of course you can.  Make sure to set goals that are realistic after a car accident!

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Challenge Thread

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Love much, this will all be over in a minute :love_heart:

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Full Challenge Thread in my signature!


This has been an awesome 6 weeks. I wasn't perfect, but I can honestly say that this is the first time I have been self-motivated for this long a period of time! I haven't checked in to the forums every day, but just knowing that this community is out there and we are working toward the same things is so motivating! I was telling some friends the other day that I feel accountable to a group of people I don't even know in person, but feel a real bond because we are all alike in a lot of ways. Enough sappiness, lets get to the results:


Goal #1 – Walk a total of 60 miles. (CON 2, STA 2)

I enjoy walking in the mornings, and hit this goal. I am not sure if we count what we did on Monday the 27th as part of the challenge, but I hit the 60 mile mark on Saturday the 25th so regardless I get an A for this one (60.79 miles achieved on 5/25, 63.8 miles on 5/27). I will take the full 2 for CON and STA.


Goal #1 – Complete NF Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3x per week (CON 2, STR 2)

I did ok on this one. Weeks 1, 3 and 6 I did the workout 3x per week. In weeks 2, 4 and 5 I only did the workout 2x per week. Over the course of the challenge I averaged 2.5 x per week. That gets me a B. I feel stronger, and moved up the number of all the components of the workout from 20 per set to 27 over the course of the challenge so I am psyched about that. Getting a B earns me 1.5 for both CON and STR.


Goal #3 – Increase number of pushups in one set from 15 to 30 (STR 4)

I had originally set the goal to 45 and would have been nowhere near it. Thanks to mini-challenge 1, I reset the goal to 30. In the course of doing the bodyweight workouts, I moved up the totals of the parts of the workout and was excited by what I was able to do. On the final Saturday (5/27) I did 27 pushups in the first set. My form was still ok through 25, but about to break down. Numbers 26 and 27 may not have passed Marine Corps muster, but I finished the set. I may have been able to reach 30, but they would not have resembled a real push-up and it was important to me to keep good form and not “cheat†by just bending my arms a little and counting it. We don’t cheat in the rebellion, right! I will claim 25 and give myself a C and take 2 STR.


Goal #4 – Read the top 5 books (that I had not yet read) on the list of top 100 must read books according to Art of Manliness (WIS 3)

I started this goal strong, but did not keep it going. The books that I had not read were Slaughterhouse 5, The Great Gatsby and The Republic by Plato. I finished Slaughterhouse 5 in less than a week, and the Great Gatsby in about 10 days. Plato, however, was a chore! I found a lot reasons to read something else, anything else (magazine articles, other books, blogs etc). It is also really long – over 500 pages. I didn’t finish it, ugh! Reading the other 2 gets me a B and 2 WIS.


In terms of leveling up, I am adding 3 CON, 2 STA, 3.5 STR, WIS 2 to my original stats, and now am level 2.


Overall, I ended with an A, 2 B’s and a C. If we were in school, it would be a 3.25 GPA for the semester. Not enough for the honor roll, but not on academic probation either J


The side benefits of this challenge have also been very positive. For the last few years, all the clothes I owned were tight on me. I always felt like 10 pounds of flour in a 5 pound bag. About a year ago, I bought size 40 pants so I didn’t feel like the button on my pants would be a lethal weapon when my pants exploded. In the last few months, with more emphasis on what I eat and starting a commitment to exercise, I have seen some wonderful changes. Now if I don’t wear a belt, my size 38 pants will fall off as I walk, and I am now comfortably wearing size 36 pants and shorts!


I can’t wait for the next challenge!

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Past Challenges:

#1; #2; #3; #4, #5, #6, #7, #8



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I have done this on challenges where I had NO car accidents.  I have also done this to reinforce a habit I am developing.  So of course you can.  Make sure to set goals that are realistic after a car accident!

To reinforce habits is actually a good idea! This time I'll have to go slower to not end up in the hospital again. :D (Although there was this one nurse...:D)

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Challenge #1 Report:


Starting Weight:  193.8lbs

Ending Weight:  177.4 lbs

Total Loss:  16.4 lbs!!!


Starting Waist:  36.5"

Ending Waist:  33.375"

Total reduction:  3.125"


Goal 1

Follow Paleo diet >90% of the time and lose 10lbs!  I've been following Paleo for the past 3 weeks with great success!  I've lost nearly 12 pounds in those 3 weeks.  By continuing to follow the diet and structuring my macros to help me lose weight, I will lose another 10 lbs in these 6 weeks for a final weight at the end of the challenge of 183 lbs. I've been using myfitnesspal.com to track what I eat.  You can see what I eat here:  http://www.myfitness...ood/diary/peich


Status:  I definitely ate Paleo more than 90%!  Most weeks were at 100%, others well over 90%.  From above, you can see I lost 16.4 lbs in those 6 weeks!  The weight was just melting off!  I kept my Paleo very, very simple.  I didn't make a lot fancy meals.  I basically ate hamburgers or chicken most days to get to my protein requirements.  I ate fruit and veggies for my carbs (on lifting days I ate 100g of carbs, non-lifting days 50 g of carbs).  The rest was fat (I used a lot of grass fed butter!).


Points:  CHA-2 pts; CON-2 pts

I'm awarding myself CHA-2 pts; CON-2 pts


Goal 2

Workout everyday during the challenge!  Currently, I lift weights 4-5 times per week and walk everyday!  I've been walking daily since December 2, 2012 when I signed up for the Morning Mile Challenge!  There's only a handful of us left still tracking our walking.  I've also started lifting weights again and I'm currently following Visual Impact Phase 3 to help me lose fat.  In May, I plan to change my lifting to follow more RPT style of lifting.  You can see my workouts on Fitocracy at https://www.fitocrac...e/crazyj9/?feed


Status:  I worked out everyday during the challenge and followed my workout plan.  I started RPT style of training at the beginning of May and really enjoy it.  Even with calories on a cut, I'm still getting stronger!  I continued to walk everyday and walked 128.2 miles over the 6 weeks!


Points:  STR-3 pts; STA-2 pts

I'm awarding myself STR-3 pts; STA-2 pts



Goal 3

Play soccer!  I haven't played in nearly 2 years and I'm very anxious to get back out and play.  There is an adult league that will start up towards the end of the month.  I will sign up and play!


Status:  I played my first game on May 2 and have played 1 other game (on May 20th) due to scheduling issues.  I'm enjoying it and will continue to play!


Points:  DEX-3 pts; STA-1 pts

I'm awarding myself DEX-3 pts; STA-1 pts



Goal 4

Read 2 books.  I love to read, but haven't lately as I've been watching to much TV at night. 


Status:  I read 4 books during the 6 weeks.  I read "The Art of Racing in the Rain", "Zombie Fallout", "The Host", and "No Easy Hope (Surviving the Dead)".  I'm really digging the zombie books!


Points:  WIS-2 pts

I'm awarding myself WIS-2 pts


Overall I had an outstanding 6 weeks!  I've been on a cut for a little over 9 weeks now.  I'm trying to get to a target weight of 170 lbs.  I should be pretty close to that by the middle of June.  Once I get there, I'll re-evaluate where I'm at and what I want to do.


I plan on continue to play soccer (I love it) and reading.  I've found a lot of zombie books that I plan on reading.  They are entertaining!  

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Challenge 1

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Ok, here is my rundown:


Starting weight: 185.6

Current weight: 178.6 

down 7 lbs in 5 weeks! Yay!


I also lost 5 inches... from the areas I measured (chest, waist, hips, thighs, arms)


I was aiming for a B in each of these... I think overall i am on the right track. Consistency is the hard part. 



My goals were: 



1.      Fitness: I will stick to the routine that I have developed, strength 2x a week, cardio 4x a week.

I am doing the body weight circuit training and by the end of this five weeks I want to be able to do 2 reps 3x a week.

I am currently walking/hiking 3 miles a day 4x a week. My time is about 45 minutes (walking on trails, up and down hills). I want to be at about 37 minutes in 5 weeks.


A- I did really well up until I get really sick last week. I did not let it set me back too much though! 


#1: +2 STR, +2 DEX, +1 STA



2.      I will continue to do yoga for at least 15 minutes a day and meditate for at least 5 minutes a day.


D. I did yoga a couple of times a week, but here is where the consistency fell apart...

Nothing or this one! 


3.      I will eliminate junk from my diet. Chips, cookies, sodas. I gave up energy drinks a few weeks back, and don’t miss them a bit, but I seem to have transferred my problem to diet coke (the lesser of two evils?). I want to limit this to no more than twice a week. The rest of it I can do without other than the occasional treat (birthdays, special events).


B+... I think I did very well but I could have done better. I am learning which foods I have to avoid completely though and making a commitment to and with my family that we are not going to eat out as much and we are going to spend more time preparing foods together. Overall I am happy with my progress. 


#3: +3 CON, +2 CHA



4.      And for my other, life goal… This is the hardest one because there is a lot I want to accomplish, but for next five weeks my focus needs to be on school. I graduate from college on May 30, and I want to finish strong in preparation for grad school in the fall. So my goal is to get all of my schoolwork in, on time. I get great grades when it is on time, but recently I am getting A-‘s instead of A’s because I procrastinate and then turn it in late! Lol. So no more of that. At least not as an undergrad!


I think I aced this. I am down to my last few days, I got an A in my last class and on track to do the same in this one even though my head tells me it doesn't matter as long as I pass it, lol. I only have a little bit left to do and my graduation ceremony is tomorrow!!! 

#4: +2 WIS




So there is my progress. I came in a week into it and I think i have done very well overall. I am excited to about the next challenge! i promise to be more involved with others =) 

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Challenge #1 report!


Pre-challenge weight: 187 lbs

Post-challenge weight: 170 lbs

I lost 17 lbs!


Goal #1Do beginner's bodyweight workout 3 times a week

I can't believe that I'm able to do this! I even raise the sets from 3 to 4 XD

Grade: A


Goal #2 Clothes size down by 1 number (12 UK)

My current clothes size is now somewhere between 10 - 12 UK!

Grade: A


Goal #3 Eat more vegetables

Now it's a habit. I finally realized that vegetables is a must on my diet!

Grade: A


Goal #4

Failed  :( I had a feeling this will fail, 1 chapter per day was a bad choice!

Grade: D


Only did 2 of the Mini challenge..

Looking forward for the next challenge!! XD

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Still goosebumping y'all!!!  You've all done fantastically and i am super proud of you all!!


BTW the new challenge is up so go..go....GO!!!!

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My challenge


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Busy season at work kept me from reporting in immediately but here's what I got.


Challenge the first; be Runner Five.  Mission succeeded. A


As can be seen here,  I have finished my 5k trainer, and continued running missions, at least three a week, even with some technical issues that made me run mission 11 three times... bad media file I've got it fixed now.  As my goal was to finish my training, run 5k (longest run to date has been 8.6), and complete at three missions a week getting to mission 9 (as I said I've done more than that) this has been a rousing success!  


+5 Stamina for the running away from zombies.


Challenge the second; complete a set of 10 proper push ups.  Missions Failed. D


I got lax in my training near the end, it is the busy season at my work, and while I never missed I run, I didn't always motivate myself into my bodyweight workouts and I missed this goal.  At the end of the challenge I was only able to complete two push ups without losing form.  This greatly misses my goal of 10, or the half credit of 5.  Though according to my thread one push up without losing form would give me +1 strength, and that's all I can take away from this one.


+1 Strength for partial completion.


Challenge the third; continue my weight loss at a rate of 2 pounds a week.  Ending at 253.9 pounds.  Mission succeeded. A


In fact I blew past that goal.  I'm probably losing faster than is healthy, but it is the busy season at work and I'm working 12 hour shifts of physical labor on top of my new running habit and piss poor body weight workout routine.  I've actually increased my calorie intake to try to curb the rapid weight loss, but right now is is what it is.  





+3 Constitution for meeting and exceeding my weight loss goals.


Challenge the fourth; track my finances like I do my calories.  Mission succeeded. A


I don't know have any handy screen shots or links for this one, forgive me for not flashing my cash.  Anyway I don't know if this has helped me control my impulse spending, but I have been able to keep an eye on where my money's been going.  I don't have to wonder why my wallet is suddenly empty anymore.  So I call it a success.


+1 Wis, and +1 Cha for handling his bizness.

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Goal #1 - Track on MFP every day.  I was 100% on this; and actually was tracked ahead about 80% of the time, so I was really in control.  None of that Now what did I eat yesterday?? stuff.  A+

Goal #2 – At least two cardio/week that aren't walking/running.  I hit my target all 6 weeks of the challenge; A+

Goal #3 – Hollow body/Superman holds - 1 minute.  I hit the 1 minute mark twice (ow, ow, ow).  A+

Goal #4 – At least 4 hours per week of crafting time.  I hit 5 - 6 hours nearly every week; sorted a huge amount of pictures, knit a throw, and crocheted a baby blanket.  A+


I also completed mini-challenges 1 & 3. 


A good challenge, building off the success of my previous challenges. 


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Wow! 6 weeks already? Unreal. Time for the wrap up of my very first challenge! All my wrap-up info will be in purple:



Weight: 155. I don't have much too much to lose and 150 is usually my plateau weight before I start to gain... not sure weight loss will be part of my goal.

Though weight loss was not specified as part of my challenge, I BEAT my plateau weight and now am at : 148



My Goals: (aside from the ultra-vague 'all over tone up')

1. Increase my max, full, actual, push-ups from 8 to 15 without a pause. +2 STR +3 STA

A: I was able to get to 15, which seems small to many, but this was a big deal for me! +2 STR +3 STA


2. Decrease my thigh circumference by 1 inch +2 CHA

B: I got down to 3/4 inch which I'm still pleased with, but this area is of my highest concern +1.5 CHA


3. No pasta. Not even a little cheat, loophole, or gray area compromise. +2 CON +1 WIS

4/28 - Had a scoop of buttered noodles at a birthday party :/ Though it was much less than I would have normally devoured.

5/11 - Had an insatiable craving for Pad Thai. Jokes on me because it was terrible.

B: Cutting out pasta is not easy. Though I tripped twice in 6 weeks, I'm still pretty surprised at what I was able to resist on an almost daily basis! +1.5 CON + .75 WIS


4. Complete 20 Pure Barre classes between now and end of challenge. +2 STA +1 DEX +2 STR

Completed 33/20

A: I owned that shiz! +2 STA +1 DEX +2 STR


Day 1 End of Challenge



Day 1 End of Challenge



The differences are subtle in most places, but the abdomen has very visibly changed. If you look at the hemline of my shorts you'll see some pretty distinct difference there as well. I really wanted more change in my thighs and wholly intend to make that my focus next challenge.


I did not think I was capable of beating my plateau and therefore didn't include it in my challenge... I wish I had. With the -invaluable- tips I learned from fellow rebels, I am at my lowest weight since high school... I learned that not enough calories can be just as harsh as too many when it comes to beating plateaus during the workout process.


I also wish I'd have included my arms! I didn't expect to get little peaks of muscle through this challenge and it was an oversight to not track it.


In 6 weeks I have taken on a new way of life... If I skip a day of exercise it effects me on an emotional level.. I don't FEEL GOOD unless I workout or am active that day. I've also claimed a specialization after this challenge... I will be joining the rangers and it feels SO good to have a direction.


My confidence levels have boosted... my motivation is raised... I have the energy and the mental fortitude to press on.


I -WILL- get to where I want to be and these pictures are proof that I am capable of more than I think I am. I have found the resources, and they are here at NF.


Thighs, I'm coming for you in the next challenge.


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http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/30484-gilfrens-grab-at-great-gams/?hl=gilfren]Challenge Thread


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Challenge Summary:


This was one big case of mega excuses and life changing the best of intentions.  My complete change in moving plans  wrecked what progress I had been making and I just got overwhelmed and pretty much quit.


Goal #1: Unleash My Inner Warrior (+5 STR)

In high school, I did weight lifting for my gym classes and loved it.  For some reason, I've never really done it since. My goal is to strength train 3x per week.  I'm going to start with the BBWW and hopefully progress to the Advanced by the end of the challenge.  I'll do a max-rep test to start and maybe do some mini-goals to improve those stats.   :)

A: 6 weeks

B: 5 weeks

C: 4 weeks

D: 3 weeks

F: <3 weeks


I only managed all 3x/week in week one.  Overall, I did 7 strength training sessions for the entire challenge which is a big fat F.

(+0 STR)


Goal #2: Run Less Run Faster (+2 STA, +2 DEX)

I'm really keen on the premise of the Run Less Run Faster concept (3 workouts/week focused on specific aspects of gaining speed), but have never really structured my running plans around speed.  This challenge I will do the first 6 weeks of the RLRF beginner 5k training to get adjusted to the program (and considering I haven't been on a run in months).  I plan to base my training around a sub-50:00 10k so I can win a bet I have with my husband.

A: 6 weeks

B: 5 weeks

C: 4 weeks

D: 3 weeks

F: <3 weeks


While I did slightly better on this, I still only met my 3x/week goal on one week.  I did get in ~10 runs over the entire challenge, but nowhere near what I had hoped for.  Another F.

(+0 STA, +0 DEX)


Goal #3: Get a Move On (+2 WIS, +2 CON)

Hubby and I are moving Memorial Day - this challenge aligns perfectly with staying on top of all of our moving related activities.  My goal for this is to accomplish one moving-related activity per day for at least 6 days/week.  Whether that's cleaning a space, packing a couple of boxes, or purging in preparation, I don't want to be down to the wire in getting things done.

A: >33 days

B: 29-32 days

C: 25-28 days

D: 21-24 days

F: <21 days


This is probably the only goal I was remotely successful at!  We ended up moving most of our stuff on Week 3 of the challenge, so I was forced to do some things pretty much every day.  In the last week, we've taken a couple days off - only because we've unpacked all the boxes that have already been delivered, we've finished cleaning out the rental, and now I'm just waiting on furniture to be delivered before we can finish picking up the rest.  I've done a really poor job of tracking this in the last few weeks, but knowing how busy we've been, I'm confident that I made more than 33 days of moving tasks.  Hooray - one A!  However, I don't feel like I met the spirit of my initial challenge - which was to not procrastinate and get things done in advance, I'm only going to take half points.

(+1 WIS, +1 CON)


Goal #4: Clean Living (+2 CON)

Having a dirty house bothers me, but cleaning is never a priority for me.  I saw a clean-sink challenge online, so I'm going to start there.  My goal is to go to bed with a clean sink every night.  This means that dishes are done and the sink is wiped down... putting dishes on the counter instead doesn't count.   :)

A: >90% days

B: 80-89% days

C: 70-79% days

D: 60-69% days

F: <59% days


I actually did pretty well on this one.  We haven't been cooking as much the last few weeks with all the moving activities, but I would say I only really missed having the dishes cleaned and in the dishwasher a few days out of this challenge.  However, since I haven't been tracking and I'm not as confident on this one, I'm going to give this one a B.

(+1.5 CON)


Given that I had one goal that I couldn't really help but accomplish given the shift in priorities, I don't really think it's fair to say I was super successful on this challenge overall.  The clean sink piece was a huge upgrade over the past - I've definitely noticed that I'm a lot less likely to let the dishes sit in the dishwasher clean and then have a resulting pile-up in the sink.  So I'll go ahead and woohoo myself for making progress in one area!  :)


I'd like to say that it was life getting in the way, but a lot of it was me making excuses.  We had long days of moving, yes, but in the last few weeks, I've been slipping back into some old bad habits of sleeping through my alarms and not getting up when my body is ready.  It's left me feeling lethargic, crabby, and just blah.  So with the upcoming challenge, I'm going to try to get more back to my old self.  As far as leveling, I technically was around for all 6 weeks, but I just don't think I gave it even a sort-of best effort for the last half.  So no level up for me.  But I'll take my few attribute points and apply some of the lessons I learned for next time!



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This six week challenge has definitely been just that- a challenge!! I feel as though I have not done as well as I could have, but I think the accountability that I needed comes from checking in more frequently. Enough foreplay, here we go;


Goal #1: Walk at least 40,000 steps per week. 100% success yields +3 Stamina+1 Constitution

I annihilated this one!! I developed a commute to and from work that ended up with over 10,000 steps a day, blowing my goals out of the water. I am very proud of this one and so glad that my ankle held up. There were a couple rough days and the free NorQuest pedometers love to crater (No big surprise that not everything free is high quality) but overall I have surprised myself in a very good way. This goal gets an A+ and all of the projected points, +3 STA and +1 CON.


Goal #2: Do 3 Body Weight Workouts per week, with increasing difficulty. 100% success yields +2 Strength+2 Charisma, and +1 Stamina

This one was just okay. I increased the difficulty of my work outs per week, but did skip one or two work outs. I also reached my goal of being able to do ten proper push ups but don't feel any stronger or more charismatic. I feel as though I should have had much more resolve with this goal. I would say this goal renders a C+, because I just don't feel very good about it. +1 STR and + 1 STA for my efforts, I suppose.


Goal #3: Drink one cup of coffee per day. 100% success yields +3 Constitution

I did a lot better at this than I thought I would, and went from needing a caffeine IV to being able to say "No" to the 'joe and being fine with having tea or water instead. I did have a couple days where I felt I needed an extra jolt during the transition to the Spring/Summer term at my college. Anyone who works front line at a college or university will agree with me when I say it is needed! I have also been a LOT of volunteering at events for my roller derby league, and did crack open a couple energy drinks over the course of the last six weeks. I am the worst, I know! I did very well a lot more often than I did poorly in this challenge, and think a Bsounds fair. This would amount to +2 CON points added.


Goal #4: Do my homework every night. 100% success yields +3 Wisdom

Ugh. That's the best word I can think of- ugh. Mathematics is my sworn enemy, but I NEEEED it to meet the prerequisites for the Bachelor of Science degree. Damn my aspirations! My classes did not start until the middle of this challenge, so I reviewed textbooks for the previous level for the first few weeks. I had a lot of issues starting up my classes (one problem after the other, don't even get me started!) so I feel really behind on this. I'm doing a couple hours of study every day, but it is hard to see progress when everything is entirely self directed. I certainly don't feel as though I've gained any wisdom, save for some insight on why our students are always so frustrated with my school! This goal gets a C+ and +1 WIS, as there has been no real tracking of progress in this ruddy online course!


I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't as far as goal setting. For the next challenge I will make a point to post more frequently and connect with other NF members to prevent talking myself out of doing things that are good for me.  :nightmare: I will take new measurements and MAYBE post before/after pictures this evening. I may also just keep them to myself and post them as before/now photos after a few six week challenges. >.>


Vital Statistics

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 178 lbs (-3 lbs)

Waist: 33.5" (-0.5")

Thigh: 26" (-1")

Arms: 13.5"


Derby and nerd love,

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Goal Summaries:


Taste the spice of life! Due to my fairly repetitive eating habits, my diet-based goal this challenge was to find one new recipe, fruit, or vegetable per week and try them out! My new foods include: red cabbage, broccoli/chicken stir fry, hasselback sweet potatoes, coconut, pan-fried salmon, and apple crisp. Everything except the sweet potato and the coconut have become something I eat regularly -- in fact, I had pan-fried salmon just now! This goal was a delicious success. DEX +3

Awaken early enough to train! Aah, my atrocious exercise schedule! I would wake up at noon and procrastinate my workout as long as possible, often until my family members were going to bed. They didn't like that, so I decided to change. The biggest thing that helped me was picking up intermittent fasting and fasted training. When I couldn't eat until after I exercised, you bet I didn't waste time putting it off! Now I work out as soon as I wake up! Despite the very positive changes that happened, my sleeping schedule didn't change as drastically as planned -- instead of waking up at 6:00, I'm only waking up at 9:00. That's why I'm docking three points. DEX +1 STA +1

Brave the outside world! Since I have a tendency to avoid leaving the house, I made this goal in hopes of becoming more easygoing about the outdoors. The result was as I hoped! I'd go outside to spin poi, read a book, and -- most unexpectedly -- I even picked up C25K! However, I had a silly oversight: it's spring, and it will be rainy. I used the occasional poor weather as a reason to stay indoors. In hindsight, that's an unacceptable excuse due to water's nonpoisonous qualities. For that reason I'll dock a point. DEX +2 CON +1

Quit lurking and meet the Rebellion! I'm really proud of this one! :) The idea was to get me more involved in the NF community by posting three times a day, five days per week. This goal ended up being more successful than I ever imagined! I've always been the quiet onlooker, over-scrutinizing what I'd say to the point of not saying anything at all. Now I find myself making mistakes in my posts... and not even worrying about it! If I want to know something, instead of looking around and giving up when I don't find the answer, I'll just ASK! This new confidence and lack of worry has spread to other websites I browse, and I look forward to bringing what I've learned into real life as well. WIS +3 CHA +1


#1 - [Don't] Do ALL The Things! WIS +1
#2 - Stop Comparing to Others! STR +1
#4 - The Demon Sloth WIS +1

Final thoughts:

Overall, I'm VERY pleased with how my challenge turned out! I've made exciting changes that I wasn't even expecting, like C25K and IF -- and I can't even tell you how helpful my posting goal has been. However, I do have something I'd like to change next challenge: the grading system! Everyone else is very organized and on top of their grading, while I feel so confused about the whole thing. I'd also like to do daily updates on each goal for accountability.

It's time to get ready for the next challenge! I have a few goals in mind...


(Note: I only proofread this summary once! And it's a little chunky for my tastes! I'm not even freaking out about it either, I'm just posting it anyway! My fourth goal has really changed my posting habits for the better. :D)

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Wrap up

High level, I got stronger, and learned a lot.  I didn't do a GREAT job of working out, but I stuck with it, paid attention to my body, and changed how I see myself.  I am a person who works out.  That sentence is a HUGE change in my world view.  I'm looking forward to the next challenge, and getting better and stronger.


I rewarded my self generously and bought a copy of Pema Chodron's Don't Bite the Hook audiobook and the Rebel Fitness Guide.  My interim reward was a 10 minute chat with fitness minded friend for every workout.  She was AWESOME, and I was so glad for the steady encouragement.


My fitness goals were

  1. Complete a body weight workout 2-3 times every week (STR+5)
  2. Complete an interval training workout 2-3 times every week ( STA+5)


A (100%) 13-15 workouts

B  (75%)  10-12 workouts

C  (50%)    7-9 workouts

D  (25%)    4-6 workouts

F    (0%)    0-3 workouts


Week 1 (4/21) - 3 Body Weight 3 Interval

Week 2 (4/28) - 1 Body Weight 1 Interval

Week 3 (5/4)   - 2 Body Weight 3 Interval

Week 4 (5/12) - 1 Body Weight 1 Interval

Week 5 (5/19) - 1 Body Weight 2 Interval

TOTAL               8                    10

                         C                     B

                 50%x5=STR+2.5     75%x5=3.75


My level up my life goal was

  1. two fun family outings in the next six weeks (CHA+5)

I totally dropped the ball on this, so no points.


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Challenge 1 (+1 WIS, Fire Flower)


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Intro (STR: 4.5  | DEX: 2 | STA: 5.75 | CON: 2 | WIS: 5 | CHA: 3)

Challenge 1 (+1 WIS, Fire Flower, +2.5 STR, +3.75 STA)

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Intro & Challenge Summary

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Yay for recaps!!!


Episode 4 Recap


This was a good challenge, I think my goals were challenging enough that I didn't get a "perfect" score this time lol.

  1. These aren't the droids you're looking for... (no bread/pasta)
    I'm going to be cutting out bread and pasta from my diet.  This will have to be a progression, so I can ramp up and get in a groove.  If I end up doing this cold turkey, then awesome, if not, I have some wiggle room.  I have defeated the candy man, and have mastered my calories.  This goal is building off of both of my goals from last challenge, Fueling the Machine & Defeating the Candy Man.
    Week 1: 3 out of 7 days without bread
    Week 2: 4 out of 7 days without bread
    Week 3: 5 out of 7 days without bread
    Week 4: 6 out of 7 days without bread
    Week 5: Bread free
    Week 6: Bread free

    Stats Awarded: CON +3 & WIS +1

    Results: A (32/33) - I was able to ramp up to no bread/pasta for the most part.  I kept in the spirit of the challenge guidelines and did well.  I'm really glad I decided to ramp this up, because doing it cold turkey just wasn't feasible.  I did leap ahead early on, but only counted what was expected :)
    Stats Received: CON +3 & WIS +1


  2. Much to learn, you still have. (Finishers)
    In addition to my workouts, in order to keep challenging myself (aside from the IRON doing that), I have decided to team up with Surge_Supra to work on incorporating a finisher/afterburner into our workouts.  I'm going to most likely do a body weight routine to put a cap on a workout of my choice. Since this is new to me, I'm going to keep the challenge low so I don't do something stupid and hurt myself trying to push myself too hard.  I know these normal workouts wear me out as is... I'll attempt to add more if possible.  This is building off of my Focusing my Body goal from last challenge.
    Weeks 1-6: Add a finisher to at least one of my three workouts per week.
    Stats Awarded: STA +2 & DEX +2

    Results: B (5/6) - I managed to pull off more than the required amount of finishers (1 a week), but since I didn't pull off any on the Fifth week, I have to dock myself.  The only reason I didn't do one on the fifth week is because we had family down visiting the full week.  Other than that, this was something really fun to do and while I didn't see any drastic improvements, it was nice to push myself a little bit more after a good workout.
    Stats Received: STA +1.6 & DEX +1.6

  3. Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is. (Playtime)
    We've had a lot of talk on here already about ideas I can do with my daughter to not only spend time with her, but get more active.  I'm going to find and embrace my inner child.  I used to love to go playing outside, rough housing, etc.  I've dropped that for my love of MMO's and PC games...  I need to get that back, both for my sake and that of my kiddos.  This is building off of my Being a House-Band goal from last challenge.
    Weeks 1-6: 2 x a week, work on wrestling, playing, chasing, walking, just generally finding time to not only spending time with my kids, but physically playing with them.

    Stats Awarded: DEX +2 & CHA +2

    Results: B (10/12) - This was a fun goal and I enjoyed getting more active with my daughter.  I found that a lot of times I struggled to be energetic after getting home from my 45 min. drive from work.  It's tough, but somehow it worked out.  I only get a B because for the 6th week I didn't do anything active with my kiddos.  I did take my daughter out on a mini-date two days in a row, but because that didn't include walking or anything active, it doesn't count.  However, the take away from this is that there is always something you can do with your little ones to just make their day.  This certainly doesn't have to revovle around the boob tube or the computer.
    Stats Received: DEX +1.6 & CHA +1.6



  4. I love you....I know (Date time)
    Time to step up to the plate.  While I regularly tell my wife that I love her (you can ask her if you don't believe me), it's still good to show it on a continual basis.  We are both very laid back people, so naturally, we are comfortable just moving through life, raising the family, dealing with work, etc.  However, I want to make a conscious effort  to spend quality time with my wife.  That means getting away to talk privately with zero distractions, taking her on a date, going on a walk, going to the gym, all manner of things that rekindle the dating aspect of our relationship.  :)
    Weeks 1-6: Take the time to do something with my wife, at least once a week outside the normal routine.
    Stats Awarded: CHA +2 & WIS +1

    Results: B (5/6) - This was by far one of the most fun goals I've done.  Taking the time to get out and force my wife and I to detach from things was fun and turned out to be needed.  It's fostered our love and social relationship more.  We're back to dating (even if we didn't sneak off on the fourth week) and enjoying each other's company.  We have even turned some of the dates into IRON dates where we go and workout together, which is REALLY cool.
    Stats Received: CHA +1.6 & WIS +0.8


This time around, I really continued to focus on the heart of the matter.  I've learned a lot:

1. I learned that kicking the bread habit isn't bad, but fighting the bread demon while still keeping the sugar demon down is harder than it looks.  The key thing is that things must be monitored and in moderation till it becomes a habit that is robotic.

2. I learned that my squat form is bad, having injured myself twice this go, so I need to rehab myself and start from scratch.  My body isn't superman.  It is doing great on changing as I keep pushing it, but I need to listen to it and not be afraid to re tackle things that have injured me.

3. I learned that playing with my kiddos is fun and that they are VERY resilient, not to mention it helps my relationship with them and their social interaction with others.  On a side note, my talks with my daughter about exercise and life are sinking in and she's asking questions now.  (which is so cool)

4.  I learned that we should never loose sight of what brought us to the game, in anything.. including our marriages.  Having rekindled dating with my wife, has been a great blessing for both of us and our family.

5. I learned that I am starting to get into this "6 weeks only" mentality where I do something and dominate it as long as it's on my challenge... wanting that perfect score, but what I need to do is use these challenges not to "win" per say, but to advance slowly and surely.  Yes, it looks great to get PR's every workout and to dominate bread for a solid week, but if I stop pushing or monitoring myself in those areas as I move onto other goals, then it's wasted motion.  Things have to build off of themselves...  I'll be taking this knowledge and starting my next challenge with old goals that need revisiting and solidifying.

6. I've also learned that when I start feeling down and worn out (which I do this week) that I just need to take a breather and get my head on straight.  I almost decided not to go back to another challenge, but there are always things to conquer and I don't need to lose traction now.  Time to dig deep and keep going.


Thank you guys and gals for all your stalking and support.  You really are the best community out there and a home away from home. :D

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Final Report:


I am really pleased with how my challenge went. I didn't do as well as I had hoped on one of my challenges, but I still made it through. Here were my challenges:


Complete the Advanced Body Weight workout: A (+3 STR, +2 STA)


I completed this one on the very last day. I was a little worried about making it, but I did. And it did not brutalize me as much as I thought it would. After my first week doing the Beginner Bodyweight workout, I could barely walk. This time, my arms got a bit sore, but, otherwise, I was fine.


Run 1.5 miles in 14:30: A (+4 STA)


This was my previous best time and I made it on the dot. It felt good, but I really had to work to get it.


Follow my Intermittent Fasting diet at least 4 days a week: A (+1 CON, +1 WIS, +1CHA)


This was by far the easiest as it worked really well with my work schedule. There were a couple weeks where I almost missed it, but I fought the urges.


$500 towards debt: C (+2 WIS)


I did not do nearly as well as I had hoped on this one. Part of that was because my wife and I are moving in September and I had to take care of some expenses involved with that, but I was still hoping I would do better. Not bad, though.



#1 - Complete

#2 - Complete

#3 - Complete

#4 - Complete

#5 - Complete


And now I get to talk about the real successes of this challenge. I started following the site about two weeks before the start of the challenge, so I am just going to include that with this, since I'm not sure where I was when I started the actual challenge.


I started at 272. As of yesterday, I am down to 240. I can fit in to clothes that I did not want to get rid of because I liked them, but could not wear because they were too small. I need new pants. I am down from uncomfortably fitting in to the third notch on my belt to uncomfortably fitting in to the fifth notch. And I have had a number of people tell me how good I look. It has been a huge success.


I have also started eating much better. Before, my wife and I would almost never cook meals. We ate out a lot (me especially, 3 or 4 times a week) and just generally ate really unhealthily. Now, in a huge part due to my diet, I eat fast food less than once a week, we prepare and cook almost all of our dinners and eat way more fruits and vegetables. Basically, I am eating way better than I have in years.


And, finally, from a fitness perspective, I have way leveled up. Since I found this site, I have poured over many of Steve's (and others) articles. I have been working out three times a week. I started off only doing body weight workouts in my house so that I could watch TV at the same time. When I upgraded to the next workout, that was no longer an option. I started choosing fitness over TV. Another big win. I am hoping to upgrade to 4 or 5 workouts a week for the next challenge.


I have had a lot of success with this challenge, but all the credit is due to this site and this community. I have never had this much motivation to "upgrade my life", so thanks to Steve and to all of you for being such an amazing community. Thanks especially to LostOne1775 and WildColonialGrrl for the encouragement. The support and encouragement here is something incredible. I really could not have done it without you (seeing as how I've never been able to do it before). Looking forward to the next challenge. My last challenge is linked in my sig. See you guys next week.

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Okay, here is my (slightly delayed) summation of my second successful challenge.


After a really rocky second attempt at a challenge in February, I felt like this challenge ran much more like my first challenge. My goals felt big, but not unattainable and they required daily dedication. I felt like I made huge strides in running, I was proud of my progress with eating primarily primal, and I felt some of the benefits of meditation. I also felt like my burpees improved, but gosh those things are still hard. I was hoping I'd make more progress, but admittedly my efforts were inconsistant.


Here's a goal-by-goal breakdown stating my originial aim, and my results. For each goal I have calculated the average of my daily grades and then given myself a letter score. (F = 0, D = 25, C = 50, B = 75, A = 100)



1. Do 10 burpees each day. (+2 STR, +2 DEX, +1STA )
I find burpees really really hard. Let's see if I can embrace them, and improve my speed and form.

My efforts with burpees were inconsistant, largely because I found burpees really hard. I did a push-up goal in my first challenge, and felt like my push-ups improved by leaps and bounds in a short period of time. With burpess I spent a while just trying to get my form to be passable, and while I do feel like my form has improved, I still can't do them quickly. I also find it hard to do more than 10 - they are much more exhausting than the individual parts of the exercise! Based on my daily grades, my overall score was 64.88 (between a B and a C). I've given my self a C overall for my effort.


Skill points gained: (+1 Str, +1 Dex, +0.5 Sta)


2. Eat 50% primal each day. (+3 CON)
I want to make a move toward fully primal eating, but it is a big step. I wil define 50% as either my work day (8 - 4, including breakfast and lunch) or post work (4 - 12, dinner and anything else), so that I have clear boundaries.


I was much more successful with this goal than I was last time around when I tried to eat 3 100% paleo days each week. I would like to some day go paleo, but it's a tough move! I think starting with steps toward primal is the way forward, and I felt like most days it was easy enough to be 50% primal, especially at work as I could limit the food that I had access to. If I only brought primal food for lunch/snacks, it was really attainable! Next step will be trying to make my dinners more primal, which is considerably harder! Based on my daily grade, my overall score was 66.07, but for my efforts and the strictness of my grades (A or F) I think it's a definitely a B.

Skill points gained (+2.25 Con)



3. Stay on track with C25K training. (+2 STA, +2 DEX)
I am not a great runner, I admit. But, I really want to get better. I started a C25k program on my iPod today (14/4), and I want to continue with it as per the app. That means three days a week for eight weeks, so by the end of this challenge I should have 18 or 19 sessions done.


I think this was by far my most successful goal. I have always really hated running, though I have done it out of necessity when I was on sports teams....which was a long time ago. I really wanted to do this though, and I completed 18 sessions at the end of the six week challenge. I've done 20 now, still going strong, and can run 20 minutes solid and about 2 miles. It's a bit unbelievable to me, but feels great. I like having the time outside and I'm really enjoying running in a park. When I'd tried to do running before, it had been on a treadmill - and I like it loads better out in the sun. I'm really happy with the fact that I've kept up with the training and have made huge strides. My daily grades came to 94.44 - an A!


Skill points gained: (+2 Sta, +2 Dex)



4. Meditate for 3 minutes per day. (+2 WIS, +1 CHA)
I want to give meditation an honest shot, so I will start with 3 minutes per day.


I have to say, I really enjoyed taking a 3 minute break to just focus on my breathing each day. It was best when I did it before work - it was harder later in the day. I feel like in the last 6 weeks my stress levels have gone down quite a lot, though it may be in large part because I changed jobs just before this challenge. Some focussed, deep breathing each day probably didn't hurt though! My daily grades gave me a 86.31, which I think warrants an A.


Skill points gained: (+2 Wis, +1 Cha)


I also completed 1 mini-challenge and gained +1 Cha for giving other rebels feedback on their goals. I should have tried to do more, but felt like I was too busy and just wanted to focus on the quality of my own goals this time around.

So, at the start of this challenge, I had done no burpees, was eating primally rather inconsistantly, could barely run for 1 minute, and did not ever meditate. Now, I can do 10 moderate burpees, am eating roughly 50% primal each day, can run for 20 (twenty!) minutes, and enjoy taking at least a few minutes to sit quietly and just breathe. All in all, a success.

My stats at the start were:


Con - 6.5
Wis - 10
Str - 4.25
Sta - 2.75
Cha - 4
Dex - 2

And are now:


Con - 8.75
Wis - 12
Str - 5.25
Sta - 5.25
Cha - 6
Dex - 5


And I am level 3!

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And at the finish.



1. 45 min workout 5 times a week.             A = +2 Sta, +2 Str, +1 Dex

2. No Pasta.                                                B = +1.5 Con, +1.5 Cha

3. No more eating within 2 hours of bed.    A = +3 Con

4. Pay down debt by $300.                         A = +3 Wis


Scale: A - 100%, B - 75%, C - 50%, D - 25%, F - 0%




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STR=10, DEX=8, STA=8, CON=12, WIS=12, CHA=10


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Hi guys,


So here's my report Challenge thread here


1. Form a solid, three workout days a week schedule. This includes doing 10 minutes of yoga 3 times a week ( 7.5 minutes for flexibility, 2.5 minutes for abs); Angry Birds workout twice a week, and going to the gym three times a week.


Results: I've been averaging 2 days for the Modified Angry birds, and 2 days for the Curves workouts. I missed one week when I worked 18 hour days and the weekends around it. I didn't do the 7.5 minutes of flexibility at all other than the 1st day. Other than that I'm going to call it a C+. I'll carry over this goal to the next challenge.

2. Eating - I've gone paleo, not full paleo, but I cut out grains, breads, sugar, and most processed foods. The processed "foods" I use are powdered chai tea, unsweetened almond milk, kefir - plain and strawberry, kettle corn[these were a pretty easy stretch, since I've decided that it's my time to lose weight], spices, etc. I'm not sure if I can list them all. Now to keep that up for the next six weeks. In order to keep up with this, and increase my veggie intake, I'm thinking of the following schedule:
- Saturdays - Buy meat, veggies and fruit from farmers market & grocery store
- Chop up veggies for the week, and make veggie & fruit smoothies. Not sustainable, and I'm not passionate about them, so I'm crossing those out.


Results: I've settled into the eating habits of paleo. Even though bread has certainly called my name more than once I haven't settled for it. But I've probably overdosed on plantain. That needs to change in challenge 2. I've also gotten quite used to going to the farmer's market to get my grass-fed meats and any veggies I need. My local kroger has also seen a bit more of me, but it feels good to mostly be shopping in the perimeter of the store. The more I eat this way the more I see that I have Options!!!! :). I also didn't buy any strawberry kefir. Berries, mangos and bananas are good enough sweeteners for my smoothies. I had some ice cream one day after craving it for over a week. I made it a small one, but I think I felt the effects over the next few days. I felt like a had the flu but without any sneezing. It wasn't bad enough to take a day off work, but it certainly wasn't a good shape to be in. Ugh... Grade-wise I'll call it an A-. This goal will also carry over to my next challenge.


3. Start and maintain a food journal. I also started this this week.


Results: This one came to a dead stop in the middle of the challenge. I've never been the type to journal. But I need to find a way to develop this skill because I need it in other aspects of my life - e.g. maintaining my blogs (They've laid dusty for almost a year). Maybe that might be a writing challenge I'll take up. We'll see. Grade - A solid D.


4. Life goal: Focus on enjoying the new changes in my life. Rather than wallowing in guilt for not being able to bound up the mountain, I'll revel in making progress in small steps up that mountain. I may not have studied like I want to, but I'm expending willpower saying no to foods I should not eat, and working out even when I don't want to. So I'll take +1 WIS and Fireflower now. :)Start studying for an exam I've been putting off. I'm not sure if this won't be too much for me, because studying takes so much time. So it's either studying, or cleaning up my apartment. I already have a plan for this, so that might be the most appropriate goal, at least until I'm settled in my new eating and working out habits. [Well I've taken care of cleaning my apartment, and lately I've been feeling like I don't have any willpower left for studying, but it's still gnawing at me. Any advice here?]



Results: I did pretty good on this one. I allowed myself to enjoy what I was doing and tried not to agonize if I ate too much, or too late. B for this one. It's not an A because even though I got my apartment cleaned, I did not maintain it. The studying portion is now the next challenge. Thank God I did not attempt it in this past one. It would have been a woeful fail.


If I'm understanding this correctly, we have 15 points to distribute in the attributes right? So I'll distribute mine as follows:
1. +1 STR +1 DEX +2 STA           C+ - +0.75 STR 0 DEX +1 STA
2. +3 CON +2 STA                       A- - +3 CON +1 STA

3. +1 CON + 2 WIS                      D - 0 CON +0.5 WIS

4. +1 STR +1 WIS +1 CHA          B - +1 STR 0 WIS +1CHA


All this PLUS the win from the Mini Challenge #1 - +1 WIS and one FireFlower :D

I also did the unplug from teh matrix challenge, but I didn't report in. I think I'll let that point slide for now.


Now on to Challenge 2 goals:


1. Curves 3x a week, Modified Angry Birds workout 2x a week (I want to get to level 2 in all the movements. Right now I'm at Level 5 for squats, Level 2 for incline push ups, Level 4 for arm rows, Level 1 for planks, and Level 5 for lunges.)


2. Eat paleo - Continuing from the previous challenge


3. No clue here yet. Smile more maybe? :) I'm not really a smiley person in public. I also need to get up the nerve to talk with people and socialize. I need to make more guy friends - different life perspective


4. Study for and take the LEED AP exam. This next challenge period presents a great opportunity for me to do this. The plan for accomplishment is sleep really early (8:30pm), and wake up really early (4:30am). I've done this before for a previous test I took - which I took one month to study for. This exam is longer, so I think the time period is all right.


My theme for this next challenge is BURN. I'll be burning new habits into my person, psyche, everything, and I'll be burning off the fat of other things. I hope this goes well.


And thanks to everyone who was an encourager. Devyn, Lostone, megan, Porkchop, terosx, TankGrrl, and all the mods. I really appreciate it.


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I know I'm late, but  I really should wrap this up before starting the next challenge... So here it goes:


1. Stick to Primal diet! Cut down on dairy, cut out all starches and processed sugar. (CON +3, STA +2) 


I think it's fair to say I managed to stick to primal eating about 80% of the time throughout the challenge. There's a few areas that I can improve on next time.   Final grade: B


2. Do the Beginner's Body weight workout 3 times a week. Make it a habit! (STR +3, STA +2)


Nailed this one! The biggest thing was not setting exact days, but three times a week.  Final grade: A


3. Waste less time on the internet. Get homework done (before the latter things here), read, finish up one of the many games on my list, or catch up on the shows I keep meaning to watch while working on crafty stuff (new niece/nephew baby blanket to finish!). Facebook will still be there, don't have to check it every 10 mins. Avoid humor sites that can devour all my time, bookmarks removed! (WIS +2)


This goal started out better than it finished. Found myself slipping back into time wasting habits. Still need to improve. 

Final grade: C



Overall average: B 


Level Up!  STR +3, CON + 2.25, STA +3, WIS +1

Level 2 Kitsune Adventurer

STR: 6 / DEX:  2 / STA: 4.5 / CON:  7.75 / WIS: 6 / CHA: 2.5

First Challenge + MC#1&4

Current Mini-Challenges Complete: MC#1,#2 +.5 CHA&WIS, +1 CON

Inventory: Fire Flower Power Up

Current Challenge



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