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Challenge Wrap-Up Thread: POST BY 5/31!!! :)


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Alright you Scouts, 6-weeks have once again passed which brings us here to the wrap up. There have been some pretty amazing things going on int he guild this time around so here is the place to share them. Post your challenge wrap-ups here for all to see and then head on over to the Scouts General Chat thread and give a shout-out to whoever you think did a great job and deserves recognition! Next challenge starts in only a week, be ready. :)



Helpful Links!!!
Here is the reporting thread for a previous challenge if you would like to see examples.

You have until Sunday night 5/31 (midnight est) to post your wrap up to be considered for the win.

The Scout mods will confer and pick 3 nominees for this challenge's Scout champion from those that reported then post a thread for you guys to vote on the Scout's winner.

Check out this post for all challenge info and questions.

Grading Yourself and Awarding Attribute Points

At the end of the challenge, give yourself a grade on how you did achieving your goals. Then, based on how you did, award points. Partial points are allowed.

A - 100% B - 75% C - 50% D - 25% F - 0%

Here is a link for a chart to help with the math.

Remember to talk about your successes. You are more likely to be picked as a nominee if you talk about how your challenge went and what you learned.

Scout 30/Ranger 1 (3 skipped)


"I must not fear. / Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing......Only I will remain."
-Litany Against Fear

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Wow!  The end of the 6 Week Challenge!


I didn't do perfectly on this challenge, but overall, I'm very pleased with the results.  How did I do?  Let's see...



Weight:  153.4 lbs

Waist:  37"



Weight:  148.0 lbs

Waist:  34"


In six weeks, I lost 5.4 lbs and 3 inches off my waist!!!!!  Cannot express how happy I am about this.  It's the thinnest I've been in more than 5 years!


1.  Run like a gazelle

My goal is to complete weeks 2-7 of the ol' C25K as I transition into barefoot running and hopefully have no further recurrence of the knee pain.  So that's 3 days a week running barefoot (or with Vibrams if I decide to get them) with no injuries for an A.  STA +2, CON +1, CHA +1


I only missed 1 run due to new foot injury (now recovered), and had no recurrence of knee pain.  When I began, I was running 6x1.5 minute intervals.  I can now run 25 minutes continuously.  Barefoot.  At 94%, I'll take the 'A'.


2.  Protect the weakest member of the herd

I need to focus on balancing my muscle strength, e.g. weak hips and tight calves, to heal my knee and prevent more injuries.  To this end, I will be doing a modified NF Advanced BWW twice a week, and performing SMS with a foam roller after every run for an A.  STR +2, DEX +2, CON +1, CHA +1


This was a tougher goal for me.  I struggled with the bodyweight workout, but managed to complete at least one full set 11/12 days (92%).  I improved in every exercise, either with increased reps or increased level of difficulty.  'A'

I also often forgot to do the foam rolling, but did it often enough to prevent knee injury, which was the point.  I'll take a 'B'.


3.  Don't eat like a gazelle :playful:

For the last (partial) challenge, I dropped all wheat products and my body loved it.  For this challenge, I will be dropping grains altogether.  I must eat grain-free at least 80% each week for an A.  For weeks 3-6, I am adding sugar-free 80%.  CON +2, CHA +1


Oy.  I did progressively worse every week on this one.  I probably should not have added the sugar thing, but I felt my cravings were getting too out of control.  All things considered, I may need to eliminate these things all together, rather than allowing myself the "cheat" so often.  That seems to make it harder.  It worked better when I said 'no wheat' than when I said 'grains occasionally'.  More on that in the next challenge.  However, in spite of missing the mark on my goals, I did eat healthy enough to lose over 5 lbs this challenge.  Grade of 'C'.


4.  Get back to wide open spaces

I have a mountain of half-finished projects in my closet that makes me cringe whenever I walk in there.  Plus, there is less room for my shoes to gather dust!  I shall spend at least 15 minutes a day, 5 days/week working on unfinished projects for an A.  WIS +2


I accomplished a lot on this goal:  completed crocheted baby blanket, made a costume for Disney race, hemmed 2 pairs of shorts, reattached buttons on skirt and shorts, repaired seams on 2 damaged stuffed animals, and resumed work on paper-piecing quilt (although not finished).  'A'



Bring on the next challenge!!!!

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FITNESS GOAL: Back To Basics (1 WIS, 2 STR, 2 STA, 2 DEX)

I want to get a routine in place that ensures I get those exercises in. I tend to lose track quite easily of when my last workout was, or when I last went running. Normally I can keep things going fairly well, but when it gets busy I can easily lose track for a week. This goal has the most points, as it's the most important one of the challenge.

Aim: Workouts twice a week. Inverted Rows/Pull-Ups at least twice a week. Running twice a week. Cycling every weekend.

(Note on cycling - my course is every Saturday at the moment. After it finishes on 20th April, I intend to continue practicing on the bike in my own time.)

Workouts - 11/12 (92%)

Rows/Pullups - 11/12 (92%)

Running - 8/12 (67%)

Cycling - 6/6 (100%)

Total sessions - 36/42 (87%)

I'm pretty happy with the workouts; I managed to fit two in each week except for week 4. The inverted rows went well too - ending on Friday with my first (weedy) pull-ups. It's reassuring to realise I'm progressing here. Cycling has gone well, though I didn't expect it to be otherwise given the formal course and the presence of my partner to motivate me. Running, however, has suffered lately. I'm not too clear why, but a few bad sessions in a row have made it tougher for me to get out there. I'm still stuck on the cusp of C25K's final week, and so far I'm not even maintaining the endurance of the previous week.

Part of the problem seems to be that I'm growing bored. I'm limited in my opportunities to run, and I'm limited to the same route (attempts to vary this seem to screw me up lately, but that may just be coincidence). It's not as fun as it used to be, and I don't get that feeling of progress that I used to have. It's technically run day today, if I'm up to it this evening - but a bike ride this morning may have knackered my legs a bit too much! I'll have to see.

Conclusion - I need to find a way to reinvigorate my running, as well as find ways to prevent those stitches. Otherwise this has been a good if somewhat chaotic run and I think a B grade is deserved.


DIET GOAL: Building Muscle (2 CON, 2 STR)

I've been trying to go in two directions at once with my diet for a while now. On the one hand, I want to get rid of the rest of my belly and possibly even see some abs (vanity!) - and this will certainly make running easier. But on the other hand, I want to get stronger - especially with regards to doing pull-ups - and this means I need to eat more. I've never managed to quite settle on one or the other. It's long since time I did something about that. As pull-ups are more important to me than abs, I'm going to focus on eating more... but eating good more, not junk. Meat, veg and nuts ho! More protein!

Aim: Consume 150g of protein each day and boost calories to 2600 a day. Milk will help to fill the gap but I don't intend to "go mad"!

Average Calories - 2436/2600 (94%)

Average Protein - 125g/150g (84%)

I had some bad days in this run (occasionally under 1600 calories) and one day I don't even have any counts for - the first time since I started regularly counting my intake many moons ago. I also had some very good days. The key thing for me is that I kept my intake up - these are net figures, accounting for exercise. The protein battle isn't quite where it needs to be, but my graduation to pull-ups suggests I'm doing reasonably well despite that. I'm going to keep this up for a while yet. Once I'm able to do pull-ups regularly, I'll be cutting back again to lose the extra pounds of fat.

Grade B, I think, given the protein deficit.


LIFE GOAL: The Novel (4 WIS)

A while ago, I finished my novel. I then sent it out to lots of agents, and got a lot of rejections, and I've sort of stopped. I got some useful feedback thanks to a contact through my writing group [LINK - ] and this has given me new approaches to make it better... but I've not done anything with it at all. A lack of time was responsible - but I'm aware that I need to get back into it or I'll never get started.

Aim: Work on novel three times a week. I don't care how much it is - one line, one page, whatever - because the hard part is *starting*.

Novel - 7/18 sessions (39%)

Ouch. This one was bad. I knew I'd be delayed at first as I had other work to finish off, but I didn't manage to hit three sessions in any week. I only hit two sessions in two weeks. It's always been pushed back - partly through other commitments (the writing group, the blog, Bytten reviews, my proofreading work) but I think a large part is a lack of motivation. However, my partner has mentioned that I have a lot of things going on at once and I don't finish them. I think it's time I focused on some of the more important things in my life and cut back on the stuff that doesn't matter so much.

For one thing, I've been thinking about the game reviews for a while - I'm the only one still writing them now, so they get updated once a fortnight. I can't write them any faster (commitments again). After nearly a decade, it's probably time for Bytten to wind down. My blog, too, is a big commitment - so I'm going to reduce it by half, writing just one post a week. It's tough coming up with ideas at the rate I'm going and I've had to raid my store of nuts on a few occasions. It's not sustainable.

But my poor novel - languishing without attention. I didn't even make an effort most of the time (would one edit a day have really been too much?) so I feel this goal has been abysmal. Grade D - and only that because I *did* do something with it.


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Diet and Fitness Quests:

Quest 1: Run to Echo Rock without needing to walk. Echo Rock is on top of a 1.25 miles hill steep enough to make me winded while walking.

(STA 3)(Dex 1)

Grade: A

I was able to run up the trail to the peak in 17 minutes 7 seconds on 5/11/13. It was a wonderful feeling and my lungs feel so much stronger for completing this. I think the high altitude & high intensity has made me much more efficient and processing air while running.


Quest 2: Hold an elbow plank for 5 minutes.

(STR 3)(STA 1)

Grade: A

After a slow build up, I was able to hold the whole 5 minutes on 5/14/13.



Quest 3: Have 80% of my meals be made of non-processed or slightly-processed foods. Non-processed:Peanuts, Apples. Slightly-processed: Natural Peanut Butter, Unsweetened Applesauce. Processed: Jiffy Chunky Peanut Butter, Prepackaged Apple Pie.

(Con 3)(Cha 1)

Grade: D

Of my 68 charted meals durring the challenge, 43 of them were non-processed. 63% non-processed eating. The goal was 80% clean. I fell short by 17% and deducted one letter grade for each 5% off my mark. I started off so great, but then after I hit my other fitness goals, I was less motivated and went on a junk food and drinking binge.


Life Quest:

Quest 1: Audit a free online Ethics class through iTunes University.

(WIS 3)

Grade A

I completed my Ethics class on 5/23/13. ITunes University is a fantastic resource for anyone who enjoys learning for fun. Highly recommended! After the course was all said and done, I have way more questions than answers. But it was all very interesting!



Next challenge here I come!

Jack O'Lantern, Level 2 Headless Horseman ScoutSTR 5|DEX 3|STA 9|CON 2.75|WIS 5|CHA 2.25

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Had a pretty good challenge in terms of my accomplishments, though my diet left much to be desired. So a goal run down eh?


Running: I did get in all planned runs this challenge, which is awesome. I got in all the sprint sessions, but did not get a 5 mile run in. This is because, while it sounded great six weeks ago as a goal for the challenge, it simply wasn't realistic given my training schedule (not that I don't think I could do the run, just that I didn't have a reasonable time to fit it in given the double weekend runs I'm rocking right now while training for a 2 day race weekend later in the year). I failed in my planning not in my execution when it came to these goals and that's an improvement over some times for me, a B.


Strength: After having mixed things up a bit part-way through for the sake of reality I did manage to stick with things. My streak stays alive, and I added handstands and planks to my streaking. Got in all the daily work I planned, made some more difficult modifications enough times, this one is an A.


Mobility: I got in my yoga 3 times each week at least, that was pretty good as I feel it made some difference in my joints and overall. I worked on touching my toes ever day and that's paid off, I can now with no lead-in go straight down to my toes without bending my knees, go me! This one is an A.


Stupid Nerd Tricks: So this one was a bit open to interpretation on some fronts and that's my fault, what fault there is as it was kind of intentional. I picked up my rubik's cube hobby again and improved on my times. The last timed solve I did was 3 minutes (with my goal having been to break 2) which from not having touched it in a couple years is a great improvement over my ~5 typical from before, though my typical is probably only around 4 something now. I didn't quite nail juggling yet but I'm making good progress, I can make 3 catches on a fairly frequent basis and the percentage is improving. With some more work I think I'll manage. I did not get to the contact juggling/pen spinning part of the list but that was almost too be expected and more there in case I turned out to be really awesome at juggling suddenly. I did play around with the chainmaille, but didn't get very far. All that counted in probably nets me a B which I'm ok with. 


So overall that's a B+, and that's a pretty good result. I'm happy with what I accomplished during this challenge.

Scout 30/Ranger 1 (3 skipped)


"I must not fear. / Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing......Only I will remain."
-Litany Against Fear

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Overall this challenge went pretty well. I would like to thank all of my fellow Scouts and Rebellion members for supporting me. I couldn't have done it without you!

1)Run or workout 5 days a week

 (STA + 2 DEX +3)- I will be running 5 days most weeks for the rest of track season. There are some day where there is not practice, though, so I will be completing some sort of workout that day, be it running or from the rebel strength guide.

This went great! Didn't miss a single workout. I mostly ran, but also tried the Konami code workout for the first time and loved it! One of my favorite things I accomplised during this challenge was making my workouts fun. My mindset completly changed (much thanks to 18ck's mini challenge), and near the end of the challenge I was looking forward to my workouts. Today I took a much deserved day of rest, but I was tempted to go for a run or do something.
Grade: 100% A  (STA + 2 DEX +3)


2)Bring my own lunch at least one day a week(CON +3)- This goal is really to help with my weight loss, and get me eating healthier. I will likely do this on Fridays, because that usually has the worst options for lunch.

This went well. Every single week I brought my lunch on Friday. I don't know why this came so easy to me this challenge, but it just did. Not much more to say, but it really did get me eating healthier.

Grade: 100% A (CON +3)


3)Lose 10 lbs. (CHA + 1 STA +2)- My first two goals should result in this, but I will be putting forth any other necessary effort to help reach this goal. Last challenge I successfully reached my goal of 7 lbs. by week four, lost some more, then gained some and balanced at just over 7 lbs. I know I was capable of more, so this goal is to keep me working the whole 6 weeks.

This is where things were not perfect. Early in the challenge I got of track and wasn't losing as much weight as I should have been per week to reach my final goal. These last two weeks though, I really kicked it into high gear. In the end, I lost 9.8 lbs. I was happy to see how close I got, but I really do wish I would have gotten the full 10.

Grade: 98% A  (CHA + 1 STA +2)


4)Do at least one session of Rosetta stone a day(CON +1 WIS +3)- I will be traveling to Japan in June, and I am totally stoked (ya, I just said that). I would like to improve my basic skills before heading over, so I can enjoy my trip more.

This one went much better than expected. I got it in everyday except two days when my schedule kept me from getting to my computer to do the lessons though. I DID however make it up on these days by either practicing on an app or just talking to myself in Japanese for practice. The goal was to complete a lesson of Rosetta Stone though, not to practice Japanese, so I did count these against myself.
Grade: 95% A (CON +1 WIS +3)

Overall Grade: 98% A
Level: +1

STA +4

DEX +3

CON +4

CHA +1

WIS +3

In the end, I also kept all of my $30! Today, for doing so well, I decided to give my self a day off as a reward. I am pleased to say that I still ate fairly healthy for the whole day, thanks to this challenge and the power of habbit making. I did sneak in some ice cream though! Thanks again to all of those who helped in making this my most successful challenge yet! I am sorry I didn't get to spend a lot of time on the forums, but I will surely work on that for next time.

ãŠã‚ã§ã¨ã†ã”ã–ã„ã¾ã™! (Congratulations to everyone!)


Hylian Scout Lv.6, Hero of Rivertown
STR: 6 l DEX: 8 l STA: 9 l CON: 9 l WIS: 10 l CHA: 8

"You are what you repeatedly do" -Aristotle 

Most Recent:Challenge #7 "VII - Sora Returns"

BF% loss progress  
Start: 25% BF                                                                                                                                    17.5% BF                                                                                                                                        10% BF


Weight Loss Progress
Start: 178.4 lbs.                                                                                                                                 166.7 lbs.                                                                                                                                         155 lbs. 





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Thank you fellow scouts for making my first challenge a great experience.  While I rocked some goals, there is room for much improvement on others.  I learned a ton about myself and am looking forward to the next challenge!


#1 - Diet:  Protein consumption of 140g or more 5 days a week. 

Rocked this goal.  I know for sure that I achieved this goal 5 of the 6 weeks.  Week 5, I was traveling and only able to know my "for sure" amount of grams 4 of 7 days of the week.  Those 4 days I met this goal and I am pretty sure I met it my first day of traveling b/c I packed lunch, snacks, etc.  Not 100% sure so only counting week 5, as 4 out of 5 days.

Grade:  A


#2 – Diet:   Carbohydrate consumption less than 100g, 5 days per week. 

While I was not as successful as I would have liked, I feel I made a lot of progress with my diet.  Achieved this goal 3 out of the 6 weeks.  The other 3 weeks I managed 4 out of 7 days.  By keeping a food diary, I was able to pin-point carb triggers, kryptonite foods, and go-to stress foods.  The last two weeks of the challenge I incorporated 2 grain-free days per week.  I found it much easier to say no-grains than some grains -- will definitely have diet goal next challenge to reduce my grain intake.  Lastly, my beloved flex days...I have a love-hate relationship with my flex days.  When I used my head they were wonderful, when I didn't I paid for it the next day(s).  Next challenge I will not have flex days, but be allowed x# of non-paleo/clean eating meals.

Grade:  C


#3 - Diet:  Drink 12 cups (96oz) water per day. 

Achieved this goal an average of 6 out of 7 days.  I am now in the habit of staying hydrated, so I am happy with the end result.

Grade:  B


#4 - FitnessBe consistent.  Don’t let life get in the way.  Stick to the plan below:

  • 3 Strength Training & Interval Days per week  -- 4 of the 6 weeks.  The other two weeks I only did 2 of these workouts.  One was due to illness, one due to traveling.
  • 2 Days – 30 minutes of the exercise of my choice -- achieved every week!
  • 1 Fun Exercise Day -- achieved every week!
  • 1 Day Off -- achieved every week!

Very pleased with this goal.    Highlights:  I increased weight &/or reps more than once on every exercise.  Tried yoga (thanks 18ck! for the mini-challenge) -- which I would not have normally done.  Started with the ability to hold a plank for only 30 seconds, ended with a PR of 2:20.

Grade: A


#5 - Level UPGet back to my routine of being in bed by 10:30pm & up by 5:30am

I'll keep this short and sweet.  This just didn't happen.  Best week was week 1 with 4/7.

Grade:  F


Bonus Goals:
- fast for 24 hours, 3x throughout the 6 week period.  Completed 1 fast that was over 30 hours.  Opted not to do the other two b/c of accomplishing the goal below.

- talk to doc about weaning me off metabolic disorder meds -- Metformin (COURAGE NEEDED!)  Talked to the doc on 4/29 and completely stopped metformin on 4/30!  My goal was to be completely off metFormin within 12 months.  This was definitely my biggest accomplishment this challenge.  A sweet, unexpected victory!  Coming off the medication definitely provided additional challenges -- as it helped regulate my insulin levels (& therefore my crazy lady hormones) & also had the side effect of appetite suppression.  Mid-challenge I was a hungry, bloated, moody mess.  But it was all worth it.  This week is the one-month mark w/o meds.  I have been able to keep my blood sugar & insulin in check with diet & exercise.  Also have not gained any weight, which is a huge relief!


Other Woots:

  • Signed up for my very first half-marathon -- 9/28/2013. Finalizing my training plan now
  • Down a dress size!


Battle Log - Accountability-Tracking-Training Worksheets

1st Challenge - 2nd Challenge - 3rd Challenge

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Challenge report!

#1. Barefoot Phylanx, Super Scout -run a barefoot marathon

I'll be running the marathon on Sunday so the official grade is put on hold but I did get a 19 mile training run in barefoot which gives me a C+ already.

*side note* I am pretty nervous about the marathon. On one hand I did a 19mile training run barefoot and faster than my goal pace, but on the other hand I got distracted and then couldn't run so I missed my last two big training weeks before my taper started. I quite literally do not know if I will be able to make it or if I will do great and beat my old time.

grade - C+ (hopefully upgraded to an A on Sunday)

#2. Mr. Clean - clean and or organize 5 areas of the house. In order for this to count, I must first either clean all the toilets, or clean all of the dishes.

In typical Phylanx style, I bombed the life goal. I cleaned one area of the house after cleaning the toilets on week one and after that I cleaned the toilets twice and somewhat kept up on the dishes for all but week 6 but no other cleaning/organizing that would count within my rules. I think my problem with these life goals is that I only want to want to do them. I have a big lack of motivation. I'll be trying something different next time.

grade - D

#3. Full Frontal Assault - do a full front lever

I did manage an almost full front lever for over one second in week 5

grade - B

#4. Magical Unicorn - improve my back squat form/strength

I improved my form and am more aware of my form during workouts. I also participated in the Spring Strength Showdown where I squatted 285lb x1 which is a lifetime best by at least 10lb. My grading scale was based off of my 5 rep weights so although I may (?not sure) be strong enough to get an A (255 x5) I never actually did it. The best I lifted for 5 reps this challenge was 240.

grade - C+

Other stuff :

I participated in the Scouts mini-challenge (did my first one arm/leg burpee in week 6, then did 101 more)

I participated as the sole Scout representative in the Spring Strength Showdown (placed 7th)

I wrote most of the next Scouts mini challenge

so overall I got a C and if I finish the marathon barefoot I'll upgrade it to a B

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Kiwi’s 4th challenge: Kiwi hits the road. The roundup!

This was one of those I learnt a lot about myself and what does and doesn't work for me challenge wise. Ok it wasnt as bad as I thought, but much room for improvement, especially in my task management and working to deadlines.  



#1: Scout Quest STA 2 DEX 2

3 runs a week (total 18) on sealed roads, working on building my road running back up and not irritating old injuries. Usual kiwi grading system. Aim is to complete 3 runs (even if small) as need to build up slowly.

I went on some really cool runs and I am happy with my transition into firmer surfaces and some longer runs, but I didn’t hit my run number target. I did end up battling some running leg pain demons but learnt from this so hopefully they are under control.


2+2+3+3+2+3= 15/18 which not that bad! That’s a B. 

+STA 1.5 DEX 1.5


#2 Abs Quest STR 4

I want to be able to do an 8 min prone hold.  So A=8mins+ B=7.5+ C=7+ etc

Managed a 7:30 min prone which is a two min improvement and a B grade so STR 3


#3 Food Quest CON 3

Track track track! Yip it’s writing down everything time. 

A grade here I logged everyday (except maybe 2 half days) I logged using a battle log and then moved to MFP which I found useful and will prob to continue to use this given my current housing and catered situation.

+CON 3


#4 Level up: Stop procrastinating! WIS 1 CHA 3

Fail.  But learnt a lot. 


Bonus Extras

Finally antidepressant meds free!

Worked on my novel a good few hours in the first few weeks of the challenge 

Went to the gym on average 2 - 3 times a week before I left home

Made my bed and took a vitamin everyday

Made a good start into paying off debt

Moved to different country for work

Did heaps of leg rolling out and sexy clams for my ITB

Dressed nice everyday I was in NZ and a few times since being in the outback

Took part in the scout mini challenge and did fun things like running up steep hills and burpees.

Had an awesome cross country run race, and placed well given my lack of training.


Cant wait for next challenge I feel like I made good personal progress here but keen to nail the next one properly.


Start stats

LEVEL 3 Wood Elf Scout

STR 9.1 DEX 3.7 STA 7.5 CON 4.5 WIS 6 CHA 4.2


End stats (added 9/15 points)

Level 4 Wood Elf Scout

STR 12.1 DEX 5.2 STA 9 CON 7.5 WIS 6 CHA 4.2

Traveling Scoutly inclined Druid

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This was my first challenge and I can clearly see how it helped me remain focussed throughout. So I'm definitely coming back for seconds. 


Doing 5 proper form push ups - Str 5 +1 str

Well, nope not 5. I did most of one. I should've dropped a bit lower to the ground but then there'd be no way I'd get back up. As I did keep up training for this over the six weeks I'm giving myself the 1str point for my almost proper form push up. It's such a big improvement from where I was. 


Get below 75 kg (lose 1.3kg) - Dex 2 Cha 1 +2 dex + 1cha

74.8 here  :) I'd never imagined I'd get this goal after all the stuff on my holiday and the evil evil scale before. But somehow the eating mostly right and mostly exercising paid off  :) Did I put a smiley here yet?  :)  :)


Life challenge: GO to work 4 days a week and eat lunch... Con 4 +2 con

Not so much... Last week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday were still off days. Then Thursday and Friday turned out there wasn't a new project for me yet, so I've been in for short meetings, but didn't stay until lunchtime as there was nothing to do. I'm giving myself 2 points here as I've made a lot of progress and am back in the habit of going in to work. 


Run 5k continuously - Sta 3 +2 sta

Well, close. I did a 5k run on the last Sunday of the challenge where I did not walk. Unfortunately my leg cramped quite a lot so I did take stretching breaks. Ended in 39:27 (woot, they just posted times on the site I thought I was a minute slower) which is my new PR for worst time ever. But that means I will do better next time ;) 


Lessons for next challenge: 

- I'm not as strong as I think I am. The push-up goal was just too much, I have no strength, I'm basically jelly  ;) Take it slower on strength goals

- Check with life goal that it also fits into life with holidays and stuff. Part of the goals was unattainable this time due to being off work for most of the last 3 weeks of the challenge. 

- Plan for contingencies. I need to put some time in my planning for unexpected stuff like being ill. Doesn't need to be a lot of time but at least take it into consideration. 

LEVEL 3 Human Scout - obsessive smiley user 


"That's the best part, the outside is new, but now it reflects what's already in you" - Legally blonde the musical

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Oh goodness the 6 weeks is already over?! I can't believe I stuck with this during the six week duration oh wow! I couldn't have made it without everyones support so before I even begin I want to say thanks!! Now for the wrap-up Let's a go!


Goal one!! Run a 5k(3miles) without stopping!!-STA +5

I really didn't think I would be able to get this one done, because I was going on my cruise. However I made sure that I still got in all my running on the cruise and ended up getting in all 3 miles!! I can't express how excited it makes me that I can actually run and enjoy it! I truly never thought this would be possible wow! Grade-A


Goal two! Do 30 push-ups!! STR+2 STA+3

Again I can't say how excited I am to have completled this challenge!! I ended doing 35 push-ups in one set! Seeing as how I was struggling to get ten when this started I'm very excited for how far I've come! Grade-A


Goal three! Eat completely Paleo!!! Sta+2

This was definitely the goal I was most worried about because I adore food so much! However I was completely estatic that I only broke it once during the whole challenge period! It's nice to know that I can eat healthy! It was extremely nice to see how much eating paleo assisted in my weight lose!! Grade-A


Final goal!! Snorkel in the bahamas!! Wis+3

Ok this one is kinda hard to judge. I had completely planned to go snorkleing on my cruise while I was in the bahamas, however with my amazing luck not only did the tickets sell out but I also got sick on the day I had planned it for! However I did end up replacing that life goal with another! During the cruise I got to be a part of a flash mob which is another level up goal I've always wanted to do! Not only was it a flash mob but a flash mob on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean!! Double Win!! So while snorkleing shall have to be done a different time I did still get to mark something of my bucket list of win!! Dont know what to do grading wise though! Hehe ._.


Bonus Goals! Keep house clean and practice piano daily!


Both goals were accomplished and I can't express how great I feel about them!! I was able to write a few songs while practicing my piano, and coming home daily to a clean house just felt so so nice!



I also have to say the weekly challenges definitely helped me to stay with the challenge because they were so much fun! I hate that I missed the last weeks since I was out of the country! :(



So a little run down on how I'm looking physical wise!!



Then: around 260lbs


Now: 235lb!!







This is probably what I am most proud of! I managed to lost about 25lbs and 3in off my waist! I love seeing results that I haven't seen in years!!!


Also before and afters posted!! Till next time!! Spidey out!


Level 2 Moon Elf Scout,

(STR)-7, (DEX)-2, (STA)-13, (WIS)-2, (CHA)-3

"The first wealth is health."-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anwyls Master Challenge of Fire! My Twitter!

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Here my summary

More haiku in my own thread

Blossoms cover all!


Challenge wrap up time!

Overall did pretty well,

Stream flowing gently.


Failed my bench press goal

Need consistant weight sessions

A new goal perchance?


Twenty four workouts

Passed but recording needs work.

Path through woods goes on


Sorted the spin bike

Not time consuming but done.

Weed free flowers grow.


Shredder full of files

Wife AND I happy this done!

Sweet birdsong ensues!


F, C, B, and A

So CON 2, WIS 3, CHR 4

Shrubbery groweth!


Thanks 18ck!

Your side quests were fantastic

New flowers are seen.


Tale kept us all keen

You are wordsmith of renown!

Hush falls o'er dale.


Congrats to all here!

Please all be proud of yourselves.
Robin breast puffed out!


My Haiku is done

Night falls, cozy fire, warm bed.

Kind regards, Quentin.

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Log all calories consumed every day (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/bgvanbur)

  (grade A: 42/42)

Average less than 1970 calories a day over the challenge

  (grade B: challenge average 2215)

Log all activity every day (https://www.fitocrac...rofile/bgvanbur)

  (grade A: 42/42)

Earn 30,000 points on fitocracy over the challenge

  (grade D: 12390 earned for the challenge)


I made the easy goals of logging everything.  Despite being over my caloric goal, I still lost over a pound a week over the challenge which is what I was hoping to achieve with the my target caloric goal.  I wasn't very active this challenge and really need to get back in the groove of regular exercise for the next challenge.


Overall: C

Level 26, Primal Ultra Trail Scout, Non-Binary Robot


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Wrap up time.


This challenge was one of big contrast, in retrospective a lot of good things happened, but then it never felt really good, I spent most of the weeks in "meh" state, hence no mini challenge participation to speak of (sorry 18ck!), not a lot of thread involvement and not a lot of improvement overall. On the other side, I finished two awesome races, I am getting more and more involved in the triathlon world and it's something I really feel like doing for a long, long time (The plan for a 2015 Ironman still stands).




1. Keep on with my Awesome Triathlon Training plan!   (+3STA, +1STR  +1DEX +1CON) 86%, so it's +2STA, +1STR, +1DEX, +1CON, B



2. Complete Puerto Vallarta Sprint triathlon (+1STA, +1STR) in under two hours (+1 CHA) 1:52, so it's +1STA, +1STR, +1CHA, A+



3. Complete Xterra Zapopan Triathlon (+1STA, +1STR), in under 2:30 (+1 CHA) 2:32, so it's +1STA, +1STR A



4. Stay mostly Paleo, I've gotten pretty good at this, so no points this time, will keep posting for accountability reasons only. A- (no points)


5. Kids need daddy: Spend AT LEAST one half day per week (morning or afternoon) on a kid oriented activity: Public pool, bike ride (recreational), park, board games, whatever, one "kids date" each week. This may be tricky on race weekends, so planning ahead will be crucial. (+2 WIS +1CHA) As much as I failed to report, there were 2 movie nights, 1 public pool day and 1 board game morning, so it's 4/6, 67% +1WIS, +.5CHA and a C. 





- Swim 2500m in one session NOP

- Bike 50+ nonstop YEP

- Run 10k nonstop NOP

- Do some yoga/stretching sessions NOP

- Start some sort of strength training (urgh!) NOP (BIG surprise  :(   )

- Keep on working on my new house, a lot of details are still pending. YEP


So, final result is 11.5/15, It's a solid B, although it feels more like a C.



Starting Stats:

STR 9 DEX 3 STA 16 CON 12.8 WIS 14.6 CHA 6.3

Weight: 89k


New Stats:

STR 12 DEX 3 STA 20 CON 13.8 WIS 15.6 CHA 7.8

Weight: 87k


monkey scout

"swim, bike, run", or at least "Don’t drown, don't crash, don't walk"

“If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.†-Joe Rogan

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Looks like today is the day when everybody's doing their rating, right ? 


I think I more or less failed pretty much all of my goals ! 

Let's recap ...


1) Low carb paleo I did well enough on the paleo and failed at the <50g threshold. Over the four weeks, I ate <50g for only 7 days. Another 6 days, <60g. I was <100 for another 8 days and over 100g for another 7.   :blink:

On the other hand, that's a 87g carb average over the last four weeks which is not totally bad. Also the calories were ok with an average 1865; net calories were around 1640; so I averaged a deficit without going hungry which is very much what I wanted. I lost 4.5 Kilos (most of which was water but I 1.5 definitely weren't) and lost 4cms around the waist. Deficit could be higher next time but there's a start.

So I think I'll give myself a C for that. I wasn't diligent enough - by far - but I got some results and that's not all bad. 

Next challenge, I think I'll go with a threshold of 60g which is more manageable and try to be more diligent.


2) Being nice

I'm very proud because this has worked out fine. I have stopped yelling and made an effort to be nice to my husband and kids. This has worked out fine and I was rewarded with much better behaviour from my son especially, and our relationship has improved a lot. 

I have found that being firm and vocal helps a lot in this.


Eg, rather than cooking porridge grumpily and in a rush for breakfast when there is no time, I tell my kids that they cannot have porridge today but something else, and they can have porridge tomorrow. When I oversleep in the morning, I wake up my husband to help me with making breakfast instead of trying to cope on my own and getting desperate. I also persuaded my kids to take the other route to school which is much nicer - there's a zebra crossing over the big road which makes crossing a lot easier with two little kids in tow. They sulked for two days and then they were alright with it.


Also going grain-free has apparently helped a lot. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I have found that either wheat, or yeast, or both, are very bad for my mood.  I find I am much more relaxed, have less anxiety, and am generally much more fun to be around. That has helped a lot. 

So overall I am giving myself a B+ on this. Had my husband not hurt his shoulder last week I might have even achieved an A-, but his injury and subsequent immobility has made life a lot harder for me.


3) Spend less time online

This was more or less a complete fail ... I did make an effort but it didn't really lead anywhere. That's a D and a bit more thinking to do here.


Extra points: painted the garden gate (the right way with proper sanding, de-rusting, and two coats of paint with more sanding in between !), called the accountant, contacted an old friend which was long overdue, and sorted out some tax stuff for my husband.


EDIT: I forgot fitness !  :)


Fitness: I didn't really have a fitness goal but I did ok here. I ran 2 10K races with times that were acceptable for me, and a 7 miler (that was just a recce but still), I survived an intervals session with Chris, I started doing playground bar workouts and today I found out that I can now actually do half a pull-up and 4 sets of five 'actual' pushups (nose to the floor ones). Plus, I stayed healthy which was good after being ill on and off for three months. Made me think a lot about health and nutrition too. Maybe I just cannot eat as unhealthily as other people do and still not get sick. My immune system has always been rubbish ... maybe I can improve it through nutrition ?


Love this ! Already planning the next challenge. You guys are great ! 


Overall I'm giving myself a C+ for the whole challenge. Could have done lots better but achieved my main goals and had many wins on the side. 

Level 3 Human Assassin



challenges 1 2 3 daily battle log


6 months goals



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*Copy and paste from my thread*

I'm going to make this quick as I'm on my phone

Goal 1: Run 2X a week for the first two weeks, run 3X for the rest of the time. (3 STA, 1 CON)

I only managed this two weeks, the rest of the time I was out by 1 run.

Score: B (2.25 STA, .75 CON)

Goal 2: Do push ups 3X a week

Didn't complete 3 lots of push ups on tree weeks

Score: B (2.25 STR, .75 CON)

Goal 3: Complete in first race/fun run


Score A (2 STA)

Goal 4: Practice Spanish 3X a week

Was only out on two weeks

B+ (4 CHA)

STR – 24.45, DEX – 13.50, STA – 23.50, CON – 21.40, WIS – 27.65, CHA – 4.50
When the sun comes up, you better start running - Thomas Friedmen
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Goal Write Up

1. Damn the love. (+2 CON +2 CHA)
a. Grade: C
b. Details: I did ok with this challenge. I definitely reigned things in quite a bit from the habit I had developed (a coworker has a candy bucket that I would go to daily and get multiple pieces of chocolate from. I was out of control.)
 +1 CON, +1CHA

2. Long and Lean. (+2 STR, +2 STA)
a. Grade: D
b. Details: I didn’t do as much strength training as I would have liked, but I got a lot of weighted hiking in, which helped my cause. I feel really good about the strength that I have and am excited to keep going with this.
 +.5 STR, +.5 STA


3. YO MAN!  (+2DEX, +1 WIS)

a. Grade: D
b. I got to yoga quite a bit, and did extra stretching by myself. I learned a lot about what kind of yoga feels the best with my body and I’m happy about that. I think that’s the point of yoga- develop your own practice. (I like Slow Burn, or “Yin” yoga)
+.5 DEX, +.25 WIS


4. SMILE!  (+1 WIS, +3 CHA)
a. Grade: B
b. Details: I am probably the most proud of this one. I only missed brushing 4 times over the course of the challenge. I feel really great about this, and developed a habit to actually get it done (I have to do it while the water warms up for my shower, or else it never gets done. Who knew?)
+.75 WIS, +2.25 CHA

Further explanation: 

Some things that I feel really good about from the challenge are my weaning from the evil chocolate beast and the focus I had on my oral hygiene. I wish I had done more work outs with my strength and yoga, but the runner in me still wanted to get out on the trail, leaving me with either 6 workouts or days where I was doubled up. I think I was trying to do too much right now, and I need to ease into it, or pick a passion.

BONUS: This challenge I came to terms with my dairy intolerance and went back to having it cut out of my diet, for the most part. It was causing major issues with my sleep and with my bloat/gas. I didn’t want to admit that it was giving me trouble but the proof was just there. Since then I have been feeling much better and I feel like most of my excess due to dairy has gone away.



My total points are: 6.75


Strength (STR): 15
Dexterity (DEX): 16.75
Stamina (STA): 17.5
Constitution (CON): 15
Wisdom (WIS): 18.5
Charisma (CHA): 16.75


Total Attribute Points: 99.5


Level 9

My Blog | My Story

Race: Wood Elf | Class: Footpath Ranger Leader

Level18 (STR):44.25 (DEX):37.25 (STA):30 (CON):31.25 (WIS):31.5 (CHA):25.25

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -Edmund Burke

"Love does not throw the book at you because love doesn't have a book to throw." -CS Lewis

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Goal 1: A shadow of my former self
Lose 5lbs (average of just under 1lb per week) over the duration of the challenge.  I'll do this by a combination of calorie counting and exercise and run a safe net deficit through, sustainable habits.  This has been a constant goal for each challenge, but as I've less to lose (and it's harder to do) I've made it 5lbs rather than 6lbs this time.

+0.5 con and +0.5 dex are available per 1lb of weight loss, for a total of +2.5 for each.

My starting weight is 85.5kg, 188.5lbs, 13 stone 6.5lbs


Finishing weight: 83.6kg, 184.3, 13 stone 2.3lbs.  Total weight lost: 4lbs - 1lb below target.  Stat gains: +2 to con and dex

Very pleased with this result - just below target, but I'm that close to my goal that it's harder to lose than before.  B


A sub-goal of this is Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is to work out on at least 11 days of 14.  This has been a regular goal that I've almost always succeeded at in full, so perhaps it's not a challenge any more.  However, I'd like to track it here to make sure.


Suceeded every week, and made a little progress with doing more pull-ups (some of which I've lost recently).


Goal 2: Drink water like water, and soda like soda

One of the big changes I made when I first started out with weight loss was cutting out full calorie cokes/sodas.  It wasn't easy, but I succeeded and now rarely have any liquid calories.  However, I don't think I drank any less soda overall, but just shifted to Diet Coke and Pepsi Max.  While I don't want to throw words around like "addicted", I drink more than is good for me and do get a form of "withdrawal" if I don't have any.  This is not good.  I understand there's some research that would indicate that diet sodas are nearly as bad as full calories and that artificial sweeteners are not good for the body.  I'm unconvinced, and I think my experience has been that the kick of something sweet and caffinated helps satisfy cravings for high calorie food.  But perhaps that's doing something bad to my metabolism, I don't know.  What I do know is that it's not a cheap habit, and that if I let myself I'll drink it like it's water.  For this goal, I'm going to have a 1 litre bottle of cold water in the fridge at home which I'm going to drink and finish each day before I have any soda at home.  I'm going to succeed at this at least 5 days out of 7 each week.  I'm allowing myself a bit of wiggle room because this will be difficult on days when I'm not in much.

+0.5 wisdom for each week of success = +3 available overall.


Suceeded 5 weeks out of 6, so +2.5 wisdom. This slipped a bit towards the end, and I'm not convinced that this is the best approach to drinking less soda.  I probably just need to.... drink less soda.... rather than set myself a target amount of water to drink through first.  I'm not so sure that helps - maybe I just drink the same amount, but later in the evening.  I need to rethink this one. B



Goal 3: The awesomeness of the middle distance runner
These were the targets that I missed in my last challenge and the one before that.  Injury permitting, these are my running goals:

(a) entering a timed 5k run (+1 cha for entering one at all); and

(b ) getting a time of under 30 mins (+3 sta). 

If I miss this, I get +0.5 sta if I complete without walking or stopping, and another +0.5 sta if I'm under 33 mins.

As well as the injury, I also need to make up lost time/training/running.  Hopefully I've not regressed too much, but I don't expect to be able to run 5k immediately - got to build back up.


Finally, finallly, finally suceeded at this, in a time of 24:55. It took three challenges for my injury to clear enough to allow this, and unfortunately I've since aggreviated it again, but I managed it, and loved it. I love running, and once I get my foot sorted it's going to be something I'm always going to do. In the build up to race day I thought 30 mins was a little too modest a target, and mentally revised it to try to get closer to 25 mins than 30, so to break the 25 min mark on a hilly course and a 40 minute walk to get there, is pretty good. A.


Goal 4:  Life goal - Roll your Charisma

In my previous challenges I've set myself life goals related to getting to know people better, or opening up more, or turning acquantainces into friends.  Last time I decided to broaden things out and give myself points for times when I've taken a risk and "rolled my charisma" - to use a D&D term.  Actually my charisma score isn't bad, especially diplomacy, but I tend not to take risks and introversion is my default setting.  So in this challenge I'm going to put myself out there and be more open and more talkative and more sociable.  I did pretty well at this last time, and I'd like to continue it this time.  Last time I think I levelled up at this, so I'm going to be a bit tougher on the grading this time round.

+0.5 points per week where I can say that I've managed to do this.  Total +3 available, which I'll split evenly between wisdom and charisma.


Only succeded at this for two weeks out of six, but to be fair I set the bar pretty high for myself compared to previous challenges. If I'd left space for bonuses, I'd probably award myself one for attempting - and largely succeeding at - some mild flirting. E.

 Level 4 Human Adventurer / Level 4 Scout, couch to 5k graduate, six time marathon finisher.



Current 5k Personal Best: 22:00 / 21:23 / 21:13 / 21:09 / 20:55 / 20:25 (4th July 17)

Current 5 mile PB: 36:41 35:27 34:52 (10th May 17)

Current 10k PB: 44:58 44:27 44:07 44:06 43:50 (29th June 17)

Current Half Marathon PB: 1:41:54 1:38:24 1:37:47 1:37:41 (14th June 15)

Current Marathon PB: 3:39:34 3:29:49 (10th April 16)


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Posted Today, 11:56 AM

This is going to be the easiest write up EVER!

I rocked this challenge in my own way. I'm not awarding attribute points because I think they're stressing me out~ I AM, however, leveling myself up this challenge!

I had a lot going on in IRL that made it difficult to "track" my progress. But I know that I did really well with my eating and running. I did make strides in my blogging by reaching out to LOTS of companies and races to further my impact in the running community. 
I earned a few new ambassadorships for various organizations that are promising.

I have made big improvements on keeping life/love/social/work balance and I am really happy about that.

So on to the next challenge!!!

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Starting Stats:

Name: KillerGriller
Race: Fire Elemental
Class: Scout

Strength (STR): 19
Dexterity (DEX): 13
Stamina (STA): 22
Constitution (CON): 11
Wisdom (WIS): 8
Charisma (CHA): 4

Total: 76

Hey everyone, yes I’m still alive but barely (kidding).  As you may have noticed, my presence has dwindled over the past couple of weeks, but I thought I at least owed all you hard working folks a wrap-up post.  From the get-go I was having trouble with fitting everything in.  I went big on number of workouts and I knew it would be hard so some of my short-falls were/aren’t entirely surprising.  I’ll keep this short & sweet since these are about to be archived, so here’s how things sussed out.

6 Week Challenge Goals


4 runs a week - (+3 Sta) – A – Lunch runs saved my bacon on this goal.  It was awesome to be able to have my evenings to do other things and not have to worry about fitting in my runs, plus the added bonus of stress relieving action of a run made work that much better.  Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to continue the practice much in the coming weeks.


2 workouts a week - Bodyweight (Pull/Chinups, dips, pushups, lunges, squats), AND/OR weights (+3 Str) – C – My weight sessions were good, but I didn’t’ manage to get out in a kayak during the challenge (this is mostly due to the weather though).  Even though my sessions were good, they were too few and far between


2 Bike rides a week - (+4 Sta) – B – Not bad, but I need to step this up if I’m going to survive the big race


Alcohol-free - (+5 Con) – C – I’m making progress on this, but I missed the intent of this goal


Bonus Items:
- Try and get more sleep; in bed by 10:30 if possible - nada
- Rockclimbing 4 times over the 6 week challenge - Complete
- Tough Mudder Toronto - Complete
- Outdoor rock climbing trip over May long weekend - Complete
- Refine training plan for a multi-sport race later this summer (nail down distance gains/rest weeks etc.) – I need to refine it some but it’s mostly done


Finishing Attributes:
Strength (STR): 20.5
Dexterity (DEX): 13
Stamina (STA): 28
Constitution (CON): 13.5
Wisdom (WIS): 8
Charisma (CHA): 4

Total: 86

Scout: STR: 20.5 | DEX: 13 | STA: 28 | CON: 13.5 | WIS: 8 | CHA: 4

http://51feetunder.wordpress.com/ - Running, Rock & Roll, Rock Climbing and Photography

Fitocracy Profile



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I know I'm a late reporter and thus ineligible for the win, but somehow I didn't find time to post a recap in between my European trompings last week, so here's a quick one for posterity:



Goal #1: Work back up to 25 miles per week, injury-free [+3 STA, +2 CON]
(Starting stats: 13 miles the week of 4/8)

Method: This should be the most straightforward to accomplish. I'll keep following the training plan I'm on (adding 10% volume each week) and I should make it to 25 by the end. Staving off injury will require regularly (1-2x/week) doing my prescribed physical therapy exercises and/or the Beginner Bodyweight Workout from this site. My PT needs are stability-related, so I think the bodyweight workout should be a good occasional substitute.

Okay, so... on one hand, I completed every single mile that my schedule called for during the challenge. I woke up early a couple times, ran in the rain the rain a couple times, and even put in my last three miles in the middle of packing for vacation on the last day. Stellar job on the running.


I totally slacked off on the injury prevention, on the other hand. I completed the BBWW only five times during the challenge (goal was 12). Luckily I did not sustain any injuries, but next time around I really need to separate strength and mobility into their own goals so that I actually do them.


Partial credit: +3 STA, +1 CON



Goal #2: Do 100 pushups (in one session, not necessarily in one set) [+2 STR]
(Starting stats: 72 pushups on 4/11, but a few of them were poor form and I had to rest in the middle of the last two sets)

Method: I'll continue using the 100 Push Ups app 2-3x a week in order to build up to 100. For efficiency I'll sometimes combine this with the BBWW, doing extra sets and reps of pushups instead of the 3x10 called for. Given that I think the app is now progressing faster than my strength is, I'll probably repeat a couple of the earlier weeks.


Although my frequency dropped off in the last two weeks, I successfully achieved this goal in Week 3! Full credit: +2 STR




Goal #3: Get down to 22% body fat [+2 CON, +2 CHA]

(Starting stats: 24.7% as of 4/12)

Method: OOF. I think this will be the hardest one... though I will admit that I got started on this challenge a little early, and my measurement a week and a half ago was 26.3%! So far, so good. I already track my food and avoid most processed things (my diet philosophy is generally "I only eat things that are either incredibly healthy or incredibly delicious"), so here are the changes I'm planning to make to keep losing fat:

  • 80% paleo (approx 4 non-paleo meals a week)
    I'm not strict on the technicalities of this - e.g. soy sauce, hummus, small amounts of cheese don't count as cheating. The main thing is focusing on eating the majority of my meals sans sugar and grains.
  • No drinking on weeknights
    I rarely drink more than one or two beers at a time, but lately I've been doing that 4-5 nights a week. I'd like to cut that in half and see what happens.
  • Stop eating Clif bars for breakfast
    This going to be HARD because I love them and they are easy to buy in bulk and keep with me at all times. They're also not the worst thing in the world nutritionally, but each one has 21-25g of sugar, which is too much if I'm trying to reduce my sugar intake. I won't be giving up Clif bars completely, just transitioning them to pre- or post-running food rather than a meal.
  • So I kind of bungled this one by using my calipers wrong and therefore not really know what my starting measurements were. However... based on my daily checklist, I
  • ...hit 80% paleo 3 out of the 6 weeks, and was over 50% every week.
  • ...only drank twice 4 out of the 6 weeks (3 times during the remaining two), a great improvement.
  • ...did not eat a single Clif bar for breakfast! I thought this would be such a tough habit to break, but I simply stopped bringing them to work and that was that.

I lost about 2.5 lbs and 2.5" from my navel (literally the only measurement on me that ever changes) during the six weeks. I have BF% estimates from every week, but since the initial ones were unreliable I don't even really see a trend among them throughout the challenge.


I'm awarding partial credit on this goal: +2 CON and +1 CHA



Life Level-Up Goal: Climb a 5.8 without cheating [+2 STR, +2 DEX]
Okay, I know my level-up goal also happens to be a fitness goal, but for me this has more to do with spending quality time with my boyfriend. Climbing is something we got into together about a year ago, but my skill at it has suffered a lot since I took time off for marathon training and then my injury. I think having and achieving this goal will help bring back my enjoyment of climbing, instead of the mild dread and discouragement I've been feeling lately.

(Starting stats: Can't even climb a 5.7 without cheating right now! Was climbing 5.9s at one point pre-injury.)

Method: Climb 1-2x/week. Climb 5.7s and 5.8s slowly and with breaks if needed. Climb same routes multiple times if needed. Incorporate pull ups, negative pull ups and hangs into the BBWW mentioned above when possible.

Another one where I technically met the goal but did not do the things I said I would to get there. I only went climbing three times! I did climb a 5.8 cleanly in week 4, though, so I do get the points: +2 STR, +2 DEX


Overall I think I did well but not perfectly on this challenge. However, I think my shortcomings were in the setup of my goals rather than the execution, and I definitely made a ton of progress on my health in six weeks. Specifically:

  • I went from being injured and upset about it to re-establishing a decent training base. My dedication and adherence to a running schedule became even better than it was pre-injury.
  • I found a diet I could actually stick with. By defining what "paleo-ish" means to me and allowing a certain number of meals to venture outside of that (vs. complete "cheat days" or attempting 100% compliance), I successfully hit my average calorie targets every week. I simplified my cooking a lot. I had fewer sugar crashes and mini-hangovers and for the most part felt really great. For the next challenge I will actually be relaxing my diet to 70/30 paleo-ish because I intend to increase mileage as well and I want to focus a little less on eating. It's nice to know I can adjust this.

Despite initially thinking my goals were pretty straightforward, if I could do one thing differently it would be to make them even simpler. The "build up mileage without injury thing" was a much more complex goal that probably should have been two or three different things. I'll be simplifying a bit next time around.

eliz, Level 2 Cookie Monster Scout

STR 6 | DEX 3 | STA 6 | CON 5 | WIS 4 | CHA 4

Current Challenge: Piles of Miles

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