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Assassins, report! How did you do?


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Every good things has a end, the 6 week challenge is now over, it's wrap-up time.


How does it work in detail, for each goal you had, grade yourself using a A-F scale. It can be roughly translated like this:

Grading your goals

A = 100% = Achieved everything I wanted for this goal

B = 75% = I almost achieved anything for this goal, but could have done better

C = 50% = Just above average.

D = 25% = Not a total failure, but barely

F = 0% = Couldn't achieve anything for this goal


For example, if you had a goal of making 10 push-ups in a row your grade may be:

A = 10 push-ups or more

B = 8 push-ups

C = 5 push-ups

D = 3 push-ups

F= 0 push-ups


And I know you'll ask me "and what if I did 4 push-ups?" Don't lie, I know you would! Well, you can either pick the grade you feel you deserve. Or, you can add a + or a - on your grade. You did 5 but only barely? And your form was not that good maybe? Then Grade yourself a D+. On the opposite, if it was a perfect push-up form, you can grade yourself C-.


Grading your challenge

When you have graded all your separate goals, you have to give yourself a global grade for the challenge. It can be an average of your goals grades or just your overall feeling about this challenge. 


Giving yourself some attribute points

If you are using the RPG part of the challenges, you can reward yourself with some attribute points. Partial points are allowed. Here is a handy chart to help you awarding yourself points:




If you don't know how to give some attribute points, I'll send you to this page:



Remember that you can only award you 15 points maximum per challenge and only 5 points maximum per goals



Please add in your wrap-up if you participated in the mini-challenge and if you earned any stat points :)

As a reminder:

#1: Three little pigs

#2: The little teenage mermaid

#3: The frog prince

#4: Pinocchio

#5: Rapunzel

#6: Hansel and Gretel


So, assassin, how did you do?

Nuala, level 13 Robot mistress of pain, Assassin Guild leader


First journey: The Rise and fall of an Assassin

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13

Second journey: Crawling back


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I don't feel much for posting here, because my goals don't reflect the progress I made...

Still I've added the progress I did make as well :) copy/paste from thread.

Challenge Wrap Up

1. Make 1 cookbook meal a week +2 Con, +2 Cha

4/6 meals have been created! I've had fun and learned there's a lot of things I actually do like eating!

67% completed = +1.3 Con, +1.3 Cha

2. Do a crow pose +4 Dex

I managed to get 2 feet of the ground fairly quickly. My time hasn't exceeded the 2 sec/4 sec mark though.

I'm not happy with this outcome, but I had to drop this exercise early on to let my shoulder heal. I only recently picked it up again.

Only partly completed = +2 Dex (getting to 2 legs of the floor is worth that I think :))

3. Follow bench press program +3 Str

Dropped due to shoulder issues. Started doing wall push ups after shoulder was healed again.

I don't feel my strength has gotten any better though, so no attribute points.

4. Eliminate To Do List / Keep on top of things +4 Wis

This was a goal?! Oh... Last week I did my first To Do List item...

I've also only last week managed to get on top of things, no keeping was done.

No attribute points gained.



- gone from eating 3 snacks a day, to eating no snacks and just 3 meals a day

- started fasting between 12 and 14 hours a day on days off

- started fasting also on work days, bringing breakfast with me to work

- found success and peace with eating through the above

- April 15th I weighted 82.5kg, this morning I was 79.1kg!!!

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection"

Epic Quest: Sif's list of awesome

Challenge: let's smash another year #low-carb #push-ups #intermittent fasting



Sif rises once more (~2020): 1

The Return of Sif (~2018): 1, 2, 34567, 8

The Age of Kibcy (~2012/13): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89


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Okay here's what I set out to do in the beginning of the challenge:


1. Strength and Stamina goal: work on STR and STA using bodyweight exercises.  Specifically: alternate between the Angry Birds Workout and Konami Code Workout, 3 times a week.  Did that consistently except for the one time when I was feeling congested in my lungs.  Then my daughter was born mid-challenge and I wisely decided to change my schedule to twice a week bodyweight exercises, with MovNat-inspired play for at least 10 minutes on my off days.  Although things didn't turn out exactly as I'd originally planned, I'm quite happy with this goal.  I can actually feel the difference in my strength and stamina.  Case in point: yesterday I took my son to the park where he proceeded to run around gleefully.  I was able to keep up without feeling winded even though I didn't do any running for this challenge.


Grade: A



2. Headstand goal: I said I was going to work on my form and on holding it longer.  I'm really happy that I can actually manage a headstand and I have managed to increase the length of time I can hold the pose by a few seconds.  Still, I think I could have done more.  


Grade: B+


3. Healthy Habits


3a. Get as much sleep as I can.


3b. Limit coffee to one cup a day with no sugar, cream or anything else added.  Also: eat at least one Paleo (or Paleo-ish) meal a day - usually I did this for lunch - and just generally restrict sugar and carbs intake.


Sleep: Considering that we have a newborn in the house, I am still able to get adequate sleep most of the time.

Eating and drinking (coffee): I was pretty strict with myself the first two or three weeks but I slowly let myself go as the weeks went by.  There were days when I'd have more than a cup of coffee (but still no sugar so there's that at least) and days when I had more sugar/carbs because I either didn't follow the one-Paleo-meal-a-day rule or I ate more than 1 small serving of a sweet dessert (like ice cream or cake).  


Still feeling pretty good about this goal, but I can't very well grade myself an A or even a B- for this.  


Grade: C


4. Music: Spend one hour a day working on writing songs and learning covers.  Considering everything else going on at the time this was pretty ambitious of me.  I managed to come up with two new originals but I'd been having difficulty just to sit down and put in the daily hour.  While I don't consider it a total failure, I still did poorly on this goal.  The upside is I actually came out of it a little wiser because it made me realize my problem: I suck at managing my priorities.  So I at least know what the next life goal will be.


Grade: D





Three little pigs: Participated.  STR+1

The little teenage mermaid: Participated. DEX+1 and 1 badge

Pinocchio: Passed

The frog prince: Passed

Rapunzel: Participated.  STR+1

Hansel and Gretel: Participated but didn't complete.  I only made one new recipe so no attribute points.  But hey, my wife liked it so booyah! :D



Overall Grade: If I go by averaging my individual grades, that's a C+.  However, I feel really good about myself (and I can't stop checking myself out in the mirror!:D) so I'll give myself a B-.

Attribute points:


STR +2

STA +2

DEX +1.75

CON +1

WIS +.75



Level 1 Lycan. Druid/Monk at heart, training with the Assassins
STR 7|DEX 5.75|STA 4|CON 3|WIS 3.75|CHA 3


My blog, "Zen, Music, and Movement": http://raffyayaladvo.wordpress.com/

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This was my first challenge and it felt great! That extraordinairy feeling of motivation at the start was spectecular and really paid off. Towards the end of the challenges it really helped me stick with things where normally I probably wouldn't have. It reminded me constantly of what I wanted. I want a pull up more than I want to sit on my ass. So yea- big win, can't wait for the next one.

Grade: B 



1) My second- first "pull-up".

Managed to get back to where I was before the whole hospital set-back, did a chinup pretty early in the challenge. I missed a couple of days due to travel which is excusable but I'm substracting some points for not putting in the reps every time. I did only 2 out of 3 sets a lot of the time. It was hard to combine with kb training, but I'm still pretty happy with it! 

Grade: B

Reward: +2 STR


2) Perform 80 snatch reps with a 16kg kettlebell, single switch.

Blew this one out of the water! Did 86 reps when my test came up. Then I was lucky enough to be able to travel for a competition in Ljubljiana where I also set a PR in longcycle (106 reps with 16kg) and achieved rank2 with the EGSA. 

Grade: A+

Reward: +1 STR, +1 DEX, +3 STA


3) Work on my bridge.

Worked on this dilligently! Managed to go from standing into a bridge on a very thick mat. I think I missed maybe 1 day of practice.

Grade: A-

Reward: +1 STR, +3 DEX


4) You can do anything 30 minutes a day! ...Right?? Right?!

Plan: Spend 30 minutes doing my financial administration every day. Each day missed will lower my score.

Started this one strong, but quickly excused myself on weekends, then excused myself because of travel or 'busy' or whatever. Bit dissapoined with this one, but one thing I got from it was that great feeling of actually opening a letter on time, hopefully I can take that with me.

Grade: D

Reward: -



I participated in nr 1, 2 and 6. Loved them! Got a pretty good frog stand out of it.

Main Quest: becoming a decent kettlebell lifter and a great coach

Current challenge: KB Girl fixes the batcaves

my instagram - my gym's instagram

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Challenge Recap (Grade B )


1. Daily Hand Balancing 36/36 (Grade A: Dex 2, Str 2)


The intent here was to instill a habit of daily practice.  Despite a rocky start, this was achieved in spades.  Videos were made.  Much play was had.  Handstands are stronger, and happen all the time now.


2. Daily Pool 42/42 (Grade A: Wis 1, Cha 1, End 1)


I wanted to make a habit of hitting the pool every day.  I live in a desert.  The sun is plentiful.  The pool is convenient.  Sunshine is good for you.  There was absolutely no reason this shouldn't be a habit, and now it is.  Especially on days when I'm out, going to the pool is the first thing I do when I get home.


3. Gold Medal Mily - Continue Floor One (Grade F: No stats)


Not performed and dropped as a goal.


4. Attendance 30/30 (Grade A: Wis 3, Cha 2)


I wanted to go to work every day.  I went to work every day.  Now, if only I would get work done every day.

Mini Challenges
  • Week 2 - 10 minute squat badge
  • Week 5 - Str 1
  • Week 6 - Con 1
This was a challenge about starting healthier habits.  I've instilled some, and left others fallow.  I've come to realize I don't care about so much that is traditionally measured.  Weight doesn't matter.  How I look almost doesn't matter.  What I can do is important only in can I do what I want?  I love the feeling of balance and play in a good handstand, but don't really care how long it lasts or how many I do.  I need to understand this perspective in developing future goals.

Milythael Assassin

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Challenges: Intro, 123, 4567, 891011 12
PVPs: Demon Slaying, HOoRAY, Meditation,
 Poses, Juggling 30/30 Squat



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Overall B

I think I did pretty well this challenge, one thing I need to work on is specific goal setting.  I'm next time I'm going to make my fitness goals for more specific exercise progressions.


1. Increase Daily Activity(+2.5 STA, +1.5 CON):

Park further away and take the stairs.  Every work day park in the upper levels of the parking garage (6-8) and take the stairs instead of the elevator in the garage.  Take stairs up to office(14th floor) at least once per week.


Grade B+, I missed the stairs 2 weeks(the 14 flights), but I was able to do an extra set one of the weeks.  I did really well with parking and that has kind of become a new habit. (+2 STA, + 1.5 CON)


2. Eat Real Food(+4 CON):

Eat Primally at least 20 meals per week.

Grade A ( +4Con)


3. Work Out(+2.5 STR, +2.5 DEX):

Complete and log a workout 3 times per week for about 30 minutes.  Incorporate Sprints every 7-10 days.

Grade B, I think I missed one workout, but I haven't been able to sprint as often as I would like.  (+2.5 STR, +2 Dex)


4. Increase your Calm (+2 WIS):

Take regular short work breaks to take a walk, brief exercise, or some light stretching to increase focus and calm.  Also using these methods when I would normally go for a cup of coffee(hey at least I kicked that diet coke thing), to clarify I'm not dropping coffee just cutting back.

Grade B, I think I did ok with this, I've been stretching more, and trying to sit straighter.  (+1.8 WIS)


Mini Challenges

Week 1 - +1 Str

Week 2 - +1 Dex (I'm still doing mobility stuff and I still can't squat flat footed without holding on to something, I guess eventually :) )

Week 3 - +1 Str, +1 Dex

Week 5 - +1 Str

Week 6 - I tried to do the cooking 2 new dishes thing, and got 1, does that mean +.5 con?





Previous Stats:

STR: 4 | DEX: 3 | STA: 3 | CON: 4.5 | WIS: 4 | CHA: 3.5


+ 5.5(STR),  4(DEX),  2(STA),  6(CON), 1.8(WIS), 0 CHA 


New Stats:

STR: 9.5 | DEX: 7 | STA: 5 | CON: 10.5 | WIS: 5.8 | CHA: 3.5

                 Level 3 Half-Ogre-Mage Assassin

STR: 16.5 | DEX: 10 | STA: 6 | CON: 12.5 | WIS: 6.8 | CHA: 3.5

                    Challenges: Current |  #3 | #2 | #1


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Overall B+ - I feel pretty good about my first challenge, since I crushed two of my goals, and while I didn't do great on the other two, I made the adjustments that were necessary to make some progress with them.


1.  Parkour at the park -I was shooting for 22 sessions, and exceeded that at 24, despite the crappy weather.  I've come up with a lot of new and interesting ways to use playground equipment to get some strength training in, and I'm no longer worried about having people give me strange looks for playing on the equipment.  Grade A+


2. Conquer the pistol - I initially thought it would be useful for climbing to work on the pistol, since I often need to do a high step and push up primarily with the legs.  As the challenge went on, I somewhat lost interest in working on the pistol, since I'm far away in terms of mobility and strength.  It's also entirely less useful to me than step ups or even shrimp squats.  I was aiming for 10 minutes/day (420/challenge), which was also not entirely feasible, since I didn't build in enough recovery time for being sore from climbing or lifting.  But, on the positive side, goblet squats, split squats, rolling pistols, weighted lunges, and ankle mobility work were a frequent part of my workout.  I stopped keeping track of time, and I certainly didn't work on them every day, as planned.  Guess I'll give myself a C.


3. Pose with perfection - I made this one too easy, and ended up meeting this goal halfway through the challenge.

a). increase crow hold time (currently 10 sec). - Now 30

B). increase free handstand time (currently maybe 3-4) seconds. - Now 6-7 sec.

c). enter wheel pose from standing or from a handstand. (can currently just push up from the ground). - achieved both.  Videos were posted earlier in the thread.

d. increase royal dancer pose time (currently 15 seconds) - Now about 30.

e. increase forearm handstand (currently can't hold at all). - can kick up into the wall and separate from the wall for about 5 seconds.

f. learn at least two new "balance" related yoga poses - started working on crow-headstand-crow (made it once back from headstand to crow), pendant pose, and l-sit.  None of them are pretty, but the foundation is there.


Grade: A.  Docked slightly because the goal ended up being too easy.


4.  Step away from the internet - Level up your life quest

Initially, I had restricted the time I would browse the internet in the hopes that I would decrease overall consumption.  That didn't work, since I stuck with my timeframes, but then "gorged" myself on the internet afterwards.  So, it became more of an exercise in self control for the sake of proving a point rather than actually something that helped my life.  Partway through, I eliminated the timeframes, and instead banned myself from using a few of my biggest "time waster" sites.  That was actually a much more productive way to go, and I'll hopefully continue avoiding time wasters.  Grade: B.


I also participated in challenges 1, 2, 3, and 5.

Level 30? who the hell knows anymore? Direwolf Assassin/Ranger - current challenge

 ACL rehab thread      2016 parkour

My tutorials:

handbalancing: crow, flying crow, side crow, crow->headstand->crow  Bo staff: strikes 1 2 3, spins 1 2

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Average grade: B-


Goal 1: Stronger (+3 STR, +2CON) For this challenge, I will be following Steve's Dumbbell Division (Rank 1) program 4 times a week


Perfect attendance + insane progress and let's not even talk about how much I've enjoyed it! :D

I'll award myself an A+ for this goal.


Goal 2: Faster (+ 2 STA, +1 DEX) The final goal is to run a 5K in less than 20 minutes without stopping.


Sadly, I got hurt midway through the challenge. I don't really know how to grade myself as I was well on my way to completing my goal. I also didn't skip a single training session...

I guess I should say B but I'm really not sure...


Goal 3: Better (+1.5 STR, + 1.5 DEX) I will be working on the GMB sliding plank aka the Plank Toe Pull. My goal is to be able to bring my feet off the ground and hold for 3 seconds. I will be working on this for a minimum of 5minutes a day, 6 days a week. So a total of 180 minutes.
Completion of this goal depends on both criteria: amount of achieved practice time and ability to pick my feet up.


I realise I didn't report at all on this goal. I'm not really sure why but I pretty much forgot about it past week 3...

I'll award myself a D.



Goal 4: Happier (+2 WIS, +2 CHA)

- get my studio up and running By the end of the challenge, I need to have designed my logo + business card + have started working on the website.

So my studio is up and running and I even got myself a studio space. Sadly, I'm not done designing my logo and I haven't started on my business card and website. It's not because I've been procrastinating, not at all, but simply because I've had a lot of paid work to do.

I'll therefore award myself a C+


- get a prototype of my game By the end of the challenge, I want to have all the cards ready as well as the board and rules and get a super crude, 0 artwork prototype printed and play tested.


I have an essential part of the cards done. That took a freaking insanely long time, way more than I expected. I also have a crude version of the board designed which is great.

I still need to write the stories (which is supposed to happen in the next few days) that go on every card. There are about 150 of them. I had hoped to be done with by now but it didn't happen due to the insane amount of research I've had to do. I actually have spent well over 100 hours working on the game since the beginning of the month. Also, sadly, I didn't get the game printed nor playtested :(

I'll award myself a B- for all the work done though.



Also, I participated in Challenges 1 and 2.

Level 6 Amazon Assassin Ranger



challenges: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

the rebuilding of the Amazon: #6


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Overall, not great, but not bad at certain things. Beep test results will be filled in in the next couple of days when I run it. (This is more or less copy/pasted from my thread)

Beep Test Goal - B - +1.5 STA


Made level 6 this time, see my most recent post in my challenge thread for the reasons why. I'm not impressed with this, but I know I can get level 7ish if I'm feeling good, and I overcame a major mental block, even if it hasn't entirely gone away. I'm not feeling as negative about this as I have in the past, and I'm not letting a poor performance get me down (as much) as before. I'll get it, eventually.

Stretching Goal - F - no points awarded

I didn't not stretch, and got ever so slightly less bad at doing it towards the end of the challenge, but overall I did terribly at this. I definitely had more than 6 skips, as per my original goal grading.

Grip Goal - F - no points awarded

I did practice my grip every time I climbed or did a playground workout, but the point of the goal was to train it via the GTG method, and this did not happen. I think if I went to basement more often I would have done better at this, since the place where I would have practiced it is part of the stairway, but as it was I only did it a couple of times total.

Tracking Goal - C - +1 CON, +1 WIS

I did terribly at the 'weighing myself' part of this goal. I did excellently at the tracking my calorie intake part of this goal (though not perfect). On a side note, I did remember to weigh myself towards the end of the challenge, and seem to have lost 4lbs since the beginning of the challenge, so the calorie level and tracking seems to be working for me. There will be more of this in the next challenge, I think, hopefully I can actually remember to do the measuring that I want to do...

Making Time Goal - um... C... - I never assigned points to this goal, but I'll go with +0.5 WIS

I started off pretty well with this goal, and I noticed a difference to the amount of time I had to do things, and actually got some stuff crossed off my to-do list. I was also nearly perfect at not using the computer or tv after midnight, and noticed a positive effect on my sleep patterns and quality. Then my eye surgery happened, and apparently this all went out the window and never came back in. That said, I definitely notice a difference between now and then, and am currently trying to get back on this track, or at least somewhere near the track...

One part of this goal I was really good at was the getting up on time. There were a couple of days where I left my phone near my bed and I succumbed to the snooze button, but any time I've put it across the room was a success. The phone shall stay there from now on.

Mini Challenges - +1 DEX

I'm gonna say I was successful only at Challenge #2, though I took part in #1, #4 and #6 as well. Some of the challenges were a no-go because of eye recovery, the rest due to laziness, but I did well at #2.

Overall Sum-Up


That's not totally accurate, but does sum up how I feel about it overall. Next challenge I shall simplify a bit...

Dare mighty things

Current Challenge

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Well, I sucked.  Basically I spent most of this challenge sick. I don't know what is going on, but I got the flu and injured shoulder and food poisoning. I also had issues with classes and all sorts of crappy things. Although I did do this challenge to the best of my ability, I didn't update very often. It turned out that it wasn't nearly as fun as I'd hope.  All around because I made an effort, but I still didn't achieve much, I give myself a D. I did half a weeks worth of effort on the Rapunzel mini-challenge, so I get +.5 STR for that 


All in all I get: 


STR +.75

STA +.25

CON +.75

WIS +.75

CHA +.5


I don't know what happened here, but I did learn a few things, so I will level up. Next challenge is already clear in my mind. I just hope I can get healthy and stay healthy for it.

Level 17 Half Kender Assassin
XP 1700


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This is going to be ridiculously long, and I apologize for that! But I'm putting my epiphany from the past week in here as well as my grades for the challenge, feel free to ignore the epiphany part if you want! 


I know this is a week early but I have had an epiphany today and felt like I should share!!

I have been looking at this challenge all wrong. I have been discouraged because I haven't seen any physical appearance progress, my measurements, weight and body fat have all been sitting still the whole 6 weeks as I struggled to maintain good nutrition and my usual hardcore training schedule while I delt with both a busy month (both kids birthdays, plus a couple of close friends bdays and other family!! May is expensive and busy!) and also stress from family drama early on, everything just compounded and I didn't really do what I wanted to....except I have. Yea, my weight hasn't budged, yea I have mucked up the nutrition goal BUT I have stretched every single day, and I can almost get down in a deep squat without falling over or having to lift my heels. I have worked every single day on various yoga poses that will (in theory) help me get to a full handstand sometime in my life and I have worked hard on every single life goal that I set for myself. Our page is growing and getting all sorts of activity now, I have spent the majority of my free time outside either working on the garden or playing with my children. I have read to them nightly and it has become a habit once again. 

The biggest thing though was that this challenge, for me, was all about finding my courage. Getting out of the negative 'I can't' head space and believing that I can. Knowing that even if I do stumble and fall, I will be alright and that it is better to have bumps and bruises than to sit safely on the sidelines wishing I could be doing the things that might hurt me. 

I finally FINALLY have figured out that I can do a lot of what I think I can't. Like crow pose. I have tried for years to figure that pose out, turns out I have the strength and the physical requirements to do it, I just needed to believe I could do it. I needed to step out of my head, put down the fear of falling on my face and do it. 


About a week or so ago I was reading about different steps to take to get into a handstand. One of them was to master the tripod headstand. So I tried. and I fell, a lot. In my head every single try I was focusing on how much it was going to hurt when I fell forward and rolled on the hardwood so I was focusing more on trying to prevent that then I was on getting the balance to get my legs in the air. After many trys and many days of falling and failing I finally realized today that I COULD do it. That I have just been to afraid to actually succeed at it. So I dug down, found my courage, and did it. It's hardly perfect but, my legs are in the air, which is more than I could do yesterday. 


So yea, I think I was focusing on the fact that I wasn't achieving goals that weren't even in this challenge for me. The ones that mattered, the ones I set out looking to master, I have made significant progress on. No I wont be doing a full handstand yet, I have a lot of work before that gets done but I can do two difficult poses that at the start of this challenge I thought were impossible for me to do. That I was too scared to actually try, and as a result of holding back in fear of hurting myself, I was creating a self fulfilling prophecy. 

I no longer think I am failing at this challenge, in fact I think I rocked it pretty well. Everything but nutrition, my old nemesis. But even that, with the exception of the two weeks of parties and pig outs, I didn't do HORRIBLE on. I just didn't do up to what standards I wanted. 

So yea, no more being hard on myself for not achieving goals that don't even matter, more celebrating because I am doing things that I didn't think were possible at the beginning of this challenge and I know that I WILL do a handstand, it just might take some time  :)


Goal 1: Do a flippen handstand already!!!! 

Grade: A. I didn't make it to a handstand but I did manage to master crow and get up into a tripod headstand this 6 weeks! Something I would have said 'impossible' to 6 weeks ago and since it was all about getting over that fear of falling on my face, I think I did well :) Plus I practiced every single day doing wall walks and the other two poses, even using trees at the park as a 'wall' to practice while the kids played haha! 

Goal 2: Flexibility
Grade: A. Again, I can't do the splits or anything awesome like that, but that wasn't the goal here. The point was to do some stretching every day and I did, I have made it a point to stretch daily, usually while watch tv with the hubs at night!

Goal 3: Nutrition

Grade: C
Oh nutrition, my â€‹arch-nemesis. I did excellent with this goal for about 3 weeks and then the birthday season hit and that all went out the window. I found myself indulging on days that I was not supposed to be indulging on and on items that I did not want to be eating. And binging, so much bing eating happening. I've gotten myself back on track the past week (went to a movie theater and ordered a medium popcorn...only at about 1/3 of it! The rest has been given to the kids the past couple of days *fist bumps*) so it really comes down to about 2 weeks in the middle where I let go of this goal and again, my idea of over indulging isn't THAT big of an ordeal. If you ask a 'normal' person if it's a terrible thing to sit and eat a giant bowl of strawberries, they would probably tell you no but for me to sit and eat fruit until my stomach hurts well....that bothers me lol. Or frozen raspberries with baking cocoa on them...that's probably my biggest weakness haha. I've done well this last week and haven't been eating my dark chocolate bars nightly! Lol! Damn you chocolate!!!!

Goal 4: The life one
Grade: A. I beyond A'ced this one! 1.) The kids have had so much attention that they have become brats if I'm not doing something with them haha. On top of that they had the best birthday month ever and my recently turned 5 year old is starting to be able to read to me at night because we have been reading so. damn. much. I am happy I put the 'make the children a priority goal' in this challenge. It definitely has done great things for the family! 2.) The garden is moving along well! I was hoping I would be able to post a picture of me doing a tripod headstand on the newly installed patio with the garden finished behind me for the 'after' picture of this challenge buuuutt.....we've hit a snag. A week long monsoon has stopped progress out there completely. We have all the materials needed, have the majority of mulch laid down and the skeleton of the patio dug out. Now we just need one dry day so we can get it all together. But the garden itself is coming along well. Everything is planted and there's a lot of green! Just not sure if we have 3 boxes full of weeds or 3 boxes full of vegetables lol!! We'll see soon enough (if the rain doesn't drown them all >.<) 3.) Become a mentor. The Mom's gone strong page is coming along nicely. There's a lot of activity happening and it's grown by about 150 people since the start of this challenge! Plus we have been doing weekly blogs and I have schedules laid out for everything and have been working on it daily. I can't wait to see what it will evolve to be!! 

Besides rocking my goals I participated in all the mini challenges, even though I'm not sure I logged my stuff on the frog one :-/ I know I wrote it all down in my assassin's log (what I am now calling my workout journal haha!!). 


Sooooo Points...since I forgot about that part haha. 

Goal 1- 2 dex, 2 str
Goal 2: 3 dex
Goal 3: 3 con (1.5 since I got a 'C' on this goal)
Goal 4: 2 wis, 3 Cha

Mini-challenge points:
1 str 1 dex 1 dex 1 wis 1 str 1 con 

Level 10 Wandering Nord

Constitution: 15.5 Strength: 14 Wisdom: 17.5 Stamina: 12.25 Dexterity: 2 Charisma: 8
Current Challenge: Picking Up The Pieces

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This is going to be a short description because I wrote the whole thing (took me, ehhh... 20 minutes) and then went to look something up in this tab, yeah, called myself an idiot for that.



1 - Push ups - increase them! -> get to 10 x 3 for the beginner bodyweight workout (at 7 now, so should be doable and possible easy) and try to get to 16 consecutive push ups. 

A - Do even better than goal - B reach both - C only reach one - F anything less

Str+ 3 Sta+1 


Before I had to take it easy I quickly made it to first 8, then 9, then 10 push-ups for each round :) I did about 20 consecutive push-ups for the first mini challenge.

Result: A 



2 - Improve lunches at work. 2 out 3 work lunches should be something not bread based and include veggies and fruit. (Because I have two weeks off during the challenge: eat at least 3 non-bread-based lunches those weeks (easier at home anyway). 

A - managed 2 non-bread based lunches at work each week, B mostly managed 2 (failed max 2 total), C managed most but failed 2-6 meals, D failed 6-8, F anything worse.

Con + 2, Wis + 1


This one was the easiest, it took about 2 weeks of actually thinking about it and creating lunches at home before it became a habit. I also discovered the cheap, healthy and huge salads at my workplace :D 

Result: A

3 - Find one new healthy snack idea/recipe per week - replace one unhealthy snack with a healthy snack each week (so replace minimum of 1 in week one, 2 in week two etc. up to 6 in week six  :))

A - All recipes + replacements B 1 failure C 2-3 failures D 4-6 failures F anything worse

Con + 3 Cha + 1


This one lacked focus. I started out great - even took pictures of all my healthy snacks. That quickly stopped (especially when I had to eat/make more of them each week). During week 6 I kind of forgot about it completely. I still ate my healthy snacks, but I didn't come up with any new ideas. It's still a success - even though I'm eating a biscuit atm - my usual snacks are now banana + PB, some walnuts, pumpkin seeds with raisin (with or without some yoghurt) or some dried fruit or plain nuts :)

Result: B+ 

4 - Lifegoal: finish thesis and practical research (both huge, but doing quite well on both   :))

A - Finish both - C - finish one - F - nothing (if that happens I'll have to be at uni for another year..)

Wis + 3 Cha + 1


Ah... I finished my thesis and handed it in a week and a half before the deadline :) Quite confident it will be sufficient this time around. I haven't finished my practical research just yet. I'm still missing some data (other people need to provide) but I've been working on it a lot. I didn't make my self-imposed deadline of a week before the official deadline (I need to hand it in this Friday) but it's not a complete failure.

Result: B-


'Bonus' goal (not for points): Practice balance by standing while travelling by train (try not to hold walls etc.) and by learning to cycle for at least 15 secs without holding the steering wheel.

Trains are easy now :D I made about 12 seconds of riding my bike without holding the steering wheel but sort of gave up on that by now. I did practice balancing on the jungle gym in the park and really had some fun there!


Overall: B+ 


I get:

str + 3

sta + 1

con + 4.25

wis + 3.25

cha + 1.50


Mini challenges:

I participated in challenge 1, 4 and 6 and got points for all of them :) For challenge 4 I gave up complaining for a week and made 'the ultimate list of what to do when I'm bored/depressed/etc' which is over here. For the last challenge I gave up unhealthy snacks completely (and made the five days). 


I got: 

str + 1

wis + 1

con + 1


level = level+1

I did not completely finish my lifegoal just yet, but I'm confident I'll be able to hand it in before the deadline. I also had to deal with lots of recovery exercises for my back and go to the physical therapist etc. and did so faithfully, I think all of it combined is definitely worth the level. Oh, and I completed my very first challenge! :)


level 10 wood elf assassin

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Posted Today, 11:29 AM

Made it through another challenge!




GOAL #1; Follow my kettlebell program

Done, This was easy, as I enjoyed it. Looked forward to my workouts. I did get a bit tired of doing the swings near the end, but still managed to do them.





GOAL #2 Play 2 x a week

Had fun with this. Played around with some new poses or new KB moves.Kept it light and fun. I actually made great progress on my wall handstand, and am now almost vertical





GOAL #3 Eat less sweets,nuts, and protein powder, using complicated system of points. Also no eating after dinner

As I wrote about earlier, I totally messed up on the writing of the challenge. My goals and numbers were very wonky. And the system was way too cumbersome. And way too many things to focus. This goal reminded me of the need to keep it simple. First two weeks were great, then I quickly burned out, and the next two weeks were F's, then I tightened it up and earned C's.

Things I did: best thing; I no longer eat after dinner and love this. Keeps me from bad food choices and I actually sleep better at night.

Hardly had any protein powder

Ate less sweets,

I did eat less nuts, as I now measure and keep it to one serving. But I don't think I'm dropping them They are my treat and when I don't have them I feel deprived and go for other worse stuff. Mostly mental, but I decided to keep them.





Life Goal: Write my home remodel to do list and do things;also build a cold frame greenhouse

Done! Really happy with what I got accomplished. Blinds ordered, cold frame done, and I have a list of painters to call and get bids from




Mini Challenges; Of course I had to participate in all of these. Quantam Leap was one of my favorite shows when it wason.

#1: Three little pigs done +1STR

#2: The little teenage mermaid+1DEX

#3: The frog prince-!1 STA

#4: Pinocchio- 1 WIS

#5: Rapunzel-1 STR

#6: Hansel and Gretel-+1 Con-stayed away from dessert and made 2 new meals!



POINTS(including min challenge pts)

STA +4


CON +4

STR +2

WIS +4

Wisdom 21   Dexterity 13   Charisma 14   Strength 20  Constitution-13

Elastigirl Endeavors, Experiments, , and Explains - Current Challenge: May 9 to June 12 - Nerd Fitness Rebellion

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Challenge Recap


Goal 1: Add method to my madness, A +3 CON, +2WIS

  • Food (and body's response) log. Check! I've tracked my cals every day, without any signs of obsession creeping back in. I've also been using a modified version of Waldo's spreadsheet.
  • Energy levels and sleep log Check! After the first few days, I really began sleeping so much better and my energy levels remained high throughout the challenge. The last few days, as I began to really get into planning mode, I've been having trouble sleeping. More in a moment.
  • Training journal with RPE, RPD, and RPT for each exercise Check! This was really simple to keep up with, since I alternated just two main workouts.
  • Print out training calendar with NF goals on it, and update it! Check! This helped me maintain my focus. Consistency certainly counts!
  • Progress pics and biweekly measurements Check! The videos of my pistol work have also been a good indicator of my success. The definition in my legs changed so much! I measured every week, and lost nearly 16 total inches!!!

Goal 2: Absence makes the heart grow fonder? A +3STR, +1WIS

  • Pick ONLY 3 fitness pros/pages to follow. Not allowed to read articles from anyone else for the duration of the challenge. Check! Wow, this one made an even bigger impact than I ever could have imagined. A few things I've been doing in my spare time:
  • Keeping the apt "15 minutes" from company-ready
  • Taking a course on Ancient Greek Heroes from edx
  • Learning to juggle 3 balls 
  • Following a more structured homeschool schedule with my daughter. (She learned to count to 10, several new songs, and can recognize about 10 letters.)
  • Stick to ONE program for the next 6 weeks, barring injury adjustments Check! I still can't believe the progress I made with such a simple program! My full summary of the workouts is in an earlier post in my thread. Sticking to a schedule eliminated more stress than I'd realized, and seems to have been a major factor in sleeping so soundly! As I've been mulling over my plans for the next training cycle, I've been having trouble shutting my brain off at night. I had been falling asleep around 5 minutes after I settled in. Last night, it took me at least an hour.

Goal 3: Birds of a feather ... A +2CHA

  • Update NF thread daily. (No specific requirements, just write something.) Check! This was such a great habit for me to establish. It was so much easier to stick to my plan knowing there was someone following along. Thank you all!
  • Post on at least one fellow rebel's thread daily. Check! This was also another excellent habit, and eventually, I forgot that this was even a goal. I wanted to check in on everyone and see how they were going. It's been so wonderful to be a part of everyone's journey!

Goal 4: Idle hands ... A +3DEX, +1STA

  • Mandatory movements are bridge progressions and some kind of handstand-related work each day, barring unbearable soreness. Check! This was a great way to make sure I moved every day, whether it was crow play, wrist prep, lockouts, etc. I also made significant progress on my bridge.
  • Morning and evening mobility work daily Check! I've also done a Mobility WOD every day for the last 5 weeks! My reward for this 6-week challenge is actually Kelly Starrett's new book.  :)
  • Take more opportunities to move in general ... extra walks, playground trips, daily dances, etc. Check! I've established the habit of a morning mile, regardless of weather. I've been doing light playground workouts when I take the kids, and I've just been more active in general with all my new free time.  :)

I've never had better results with a challenge! Full points awarded for an A effort and the numbers to show for it.  :D


I also participated in every mini challenge.

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Well, an odd one. Notes will be added inline:




This is a largely continuation of the last challenge. I will be starting a bit slowly to let some tendon and ligature issues finish clearing. ____The ligament and tendon issues remain, but are abating.


Fitness targets:


1. 10 dips with +25#---- I was on track for this when the flu slew this goal.

2.   5 Ring Chins with +15#-----had to drop chins completely due to tendon shite.

3. 10 feet (18") and hand (4") elevated push ups with +25#. Extra bonus for doing this on rings.---dropped this due to lack of interest.


-----I ended up totally shifting my training to mostly kettlebell swings and clean and press. This mainly happenned as I actually corrected some structural issues with my correctives! Awesomeness!


Other Targets:


1. Finish the jewelry lab, and actually make something NICE. Doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be good. ----oh yes, this is very done! Still focused on skills redevelopment, but am through the frustration phase with the saw, and into honing technique again. I have made some pretty things. This became my main focus during the challenge, as it seems likely we will be partially reliant on my jewelry business for $ in the foreseeable future. This is cool.

2. Get a condensate drain and install it on the AC before it gets nasty hot! ---got it, havent installed it as for whatever reason (praise be the Gods!) it hasn't become very hit! This is awesome.


SUMMARY: This challenge showed me that I need to adjust how I create these things. Also, my focus is on weights when I can focus on them. I like the BW stuff, but it's not the same as putting metal overhead. However, I will be staying in assassinland as it feels like home.

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SO I guess it's a bit past time to update..

Kinda busy weekend  :) but super great!

Hope everyone's was as good!


I just have to say this first  :) I did a workout called "Murph" today - anyone familiar with CrossFit will recognize this one... Every memorial day we honor fallen heroes by sacrificing our sweat and sometimes blood (often tears too  :) ) If you want to know the story behind this one check out anything connected with "the Lone Survivor" Sgt Murphy is (one of) the hero(es).

ANyway... this is the workout (you are supposed to wear a 20 lb vest or body armor, but I have not the strength for that yet ... YET)

Run 1 mile

then 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats

then Run 1 mile

 and today

I cut 6 minutes off my time  :D finished in 49:23. Also my first mile was within seconds of being a pr... yay me  :)

so that made for a pretty good day.


back to business

to sum up:

HSPU - all 250 minutes in.. whew! that was worse than I was anticipating, but worth it as I am beginning to see some real progress. I am aware now though that I still have a ways to go before these are on my "checked off" list. But putting in the time is the only way I will be getting them... so

GRADE - A for that one STA +2, DEX +2, DEX +1


Pistols -180 minutes - check. This one was not as bad, maybe because it was less time, but I'm also closer to actually getting these. Might be why I enjoyed it more... i don't like failing repeatedly.. (huh.. weird)

GRADE - A for that one too STR +2, DEX +2


flossing -  definitely made this one a habit ... I missed a few days here and there, but the point was to make it a habit.. so check!  :)

GRADE -  B   because it wasn't a perfect score... too many misses WIS + .75, CON +1


getting up moving - This one is almost a gimme, because of my workout schedule. THere are really only a couple mornings a week I don't workout at 6. It became a good time for stretching/ yoga/ mobility which is VERY good for me (I tend to kinda slack off at that part)

GRADE - A CON +2, CHA +2


Oh and I participated in mini challenges 1-4 and 6


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My kick in the Pants, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5


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28 May wrap up:


Figure this challenge was a "C" as far as hitting the goals: 


On the down side:

-Diet went to hell.

-Bagged the Running, German and Mobility during the last week.


Fair to middlin:

-Did OK on the APFT.

-Did some body weight exercises, but not much.

-Did a couple of good days of hill work.


-Some good contact with the family.


On the up side:

-Did another 7 day fast.

-Completed another Marathon and chopped some time.

-Found myself in over my head in the K-UT, but still PR'd.

-Hassled Wolverine mercilessly and fueled the Chaossin Heresy.


Overall?  Started to experience strain issues from my run plan.  This led to successive days off, which led to a week+ off for recovery, which led to frustration eating and drinking.  Started strong, finished weak.  Lesson learned.  Don't believe I did a hare;  been doing the tortoise the previous challenges.  Figure I'll give myself 2/3 points for the early performance, the PR's, and for hassling the Guild Master when he was down:)


Nest Challenge?  Thinking slow but steady; sane & regular mileage, moderate diet and drinking, regular core, mobility, and body weight work.  Also, I've let the Heresy slide, so I'm thinking of coming up with a spread sheet or two of my own.  Don't worry Chaossins, I'm not betraying the cause.  Its more a matter of running out of colored toilette paper since Wolverine started laminating his spread sheets...

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So here is my final wrap up for this challenge. At times I felt stagnated but I kept plowing thru. I figured consistency trumped all and I'd get results if I just stuck to it. And that pretty much worked. Some goals I did better than others, but all made improvements.


Goal 1- Do a muscle up.

The plan to reach this is going to be GTG on pull ups and movements geared towards achieveing this. Even if just a little bit a day. If I do one I get all points 5-STR. If I make a great effort on working towards it, but fall short- 2 STR. If I totally bail- 0 STR So I tried a few muscle ups the last week to see how I progressed. I got a lot closer than expected and a good bit farther than where i started. I really did no muscle up specific work for this. I just was diligent on getting all my normal workouts in. So I will go with the "C" grade and +2 STR for making progress and getting closer than I expected.

Goal 2- Reaclimate my legs to minimalist footwear for my runs.

This goal the plan is to make all my short runs (non-running partner runs) in vibrams. And My running partner runs in my Inov-8 shoes that have a minimal heel/toe drop. If I can go more than 2 6+ mile runs in vibrams by end of challenge 4-STA, 2 runs of 5+ miles 3 STA, consistent runs of 4 miles 2-STA. Anything less, 0-STA So my rating scale was pretty arbitrary, but that was the goal so that's what I'll just myself on. I'm comfortably back to the minimalist game as I've been doing almost all my runs the last week or 2 in minimalist, or 0 drop shoes. I didnt run the distances I'd set for the challenge but that had nothing to do with my preparedness in transitioning back. So I will give myself the +3 STA award, even though I consider this a fully completed challenge. Grade "B+"


Goal 3- Lean up. I want to drop a little bf% I'll take measurements & decide what % to shoot for.

No time this weekend for measuring, I'll have my friend measure me at some point this week. down more than 2% 3-CON, down 1-2% 2 CON, down less than 1% 1-CON (yes I realize the accuracy range might be a factor in this) This one I am MOST excited to report on. I started at a 13.5% BF. I measured last saturday and was just over 11% BF! So very excited. I could very visibly notice a difference in the mirror and I was excited to see the numbers backed it up. so +3 CON Grade "A+"

Level up life goal- Ceiling up & dry wall mudded in the back room remodel.

Ceiling up, all mudding, sanding done 3-WIS Ceiling up, mudded but not final sanded 2-WIS, ceiling up, no mudding 1 WIS This one is also a good progress, but not 100% done goal. I have the ceiling up, and the drywall mudded, but not totally finished sanded. So +2 WIS Grade "B+"


Overall I think this might have been the best of my 3 challenges. I'm still figuring out how to pick measurable goals and plans to reach them. Grade "B+"


rybo, level 4 Human assassinSTR 16|DEX 7.5|STA 9|CON 12|WIS 8.5|CHA 5 

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copy from my thred



soooooooooooooo it ends. sorry but couldn't be very active here had a huge exam on 26 may (came out sliding on a rainbow yaaayyyyyyyyy)


so here it is my report card



Goal 1 : I need the power (strength )

I will follow three days a week body weight workout. So total workout 18.

I will do sets of each exercise, and will increase at least one rep every week, and as soon as i reach 2 sets of 30 reps i will switch to the harder version of the exercise.

It may seem much but i am already following 3 days a week BW workout, so the main goal is increasing my strength either by increasing the rep or switching to a harder version of exercise.


PERFORMANCE : missed 3 workouts ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 15/18 = 83.33%

ATTRIBUTES : 83.33% of 4 = 3.33 so STR +3.33



Goal 2 : Let me bend

So i have fallen in love with stretching and flexibility exercise. 

I will do stretching exercises daily for at least half an hour daily (leaving Sunday).


ha ha hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha no need to discuss got a 100% out of it ( missed a day or two but covered them up on sundays)




Goal 3 : Remove the bolder out of my path


It's high time i start taking my kidney stones seriously.

I will do the only things my doctor says i should do, take my medicines and drink as much water as i can.

So i will drink at least 3 lt water daily and will strictly follow my prescription


PERFORMANCE : three stones less taking medicines regularly, regular checkups (had two during these 6 weeks), water consumption up to the mark ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (although missed the water consumption target on two days, but overall performance is superb and i missed them by less than 0.5 lt ) 




Goal 4 : Better not leave the beast wounded

Well my TV/computer addiction is under control and the last week it was back for whole three days ( watched TV for more than 7 hrs on each day ), so let's kill this addiction.

Every three hours of study will give me 1 credit, and successfully achieving my goals for the week will give me 3 additional credits, i can use each credit either for 15 min of TV/computer or procrastinating a particular task. I can also store the credits for future use.


PERFORMANCE : crossed my limit on three days overall but i don't have to fight myself anymore to stay away from TV/computer never had so much control on my addiction ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but didn't perform very well on procrastination ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, guess can't fight two evils at a time. overall 33/36 = 91.66%

ATTRIBUTES : 91.66% of 4 = 3.66 so CHA +3.66


STR: 15(current), 4(beginning) | DEX: 11.42(current), 1(beginning) | STA: 3.26(current), 1(beginning) | CON: 9(current), 4(beginning) | WIS: 3(current), 2(beginning) | CHA: 10.37(current), 3(beginning)

Challenges: #1#2

Current Challenge: challenge 3

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Challenge Wrap Up:

1) Learn To Use My Left Pinkie Toe

- I started out really good, almost obsessed with this goal. But faded as the challenge went on. However I did come to be able to move the bones in my foot attached to my toe (which moves the toe). Still can't move it on its on, but I did make a fair bit of progress. It did however teach me a lot about my feet and calves and using them for various movements.

Grade: C

Points Awarded: DEX +1.5, CON+0.5

2) Switch To Full ROM Weighted Skater Squats As My Primary Leg Exercise

- An interesting experiment to be sure. I progressed rapidly at first, but have stalled out as of late. These things really hit the weak points of my legs, especially my left leg. They require far more calf use than pistol squats. Doing them dramatically changed my ability to do shrimp squats. They were far more productive than doing shrimp squats (which are partial ROM squats). The only negative is that I think I was/am using my right big toe too much, which has led to it being somewhat sore all the time. I'm starting to wear shoes when doing them to see if that helps. I'm going to keep going with them for a while unless my right big toe further degrades.

Grade: A

Points Awarded: STR +4

3) Take Weekly Progress Photos

- Well I stuck to this goal perfectly. Things didn't go as I expected though. Despite the weight lost and inches lost, there wasn't much change in the photos, which led me to concluded that I was at a much higher BF% at the start of the challenge than I thought I was.

Grade: A

Points Awarded: WIS +1, CHA +3

L) Spend At Least One Minute A Day Working On My Website/Blog

- Only during the draft did I miss this goal. Every day I made sure I did something, almost always a little work became a lot of work. I was able to finish up all the site design (aside from one pesky white bar in the twitter feed widget on some pages), at least set up most assocated social media pages, and come up with enough content to have it all looking right. Mission accomplished.

If there was a negative it was that I spent too much time working on it and went to bed way too late a few times. Fortuantely I should be past that for a bit, as the culprit was often trying to figure things out or fix things, and I think I've got just about all those issues worked out. Its much easier to hit save draft and go to bed than drop things in the middle of problem solving.

Grade: A

Points Awarded: WIS +3

Character Points:

Class: Corellian -> Bodyweight Powerbuilder

Level: 8 -> 9

STR: 21.25 (+4.00) -> 25.25

DEX: 17.75 (+1.50) -> 19.25

STA: 12.50 (+0.00) -> 12.50

CON: 14.50 (+0.50) -> 15.00

WIS: 20.75 (+4.00) -> 24.75

CHA: 18.00 (+3.00) -> 21.00


Not much of a participant in mini challenges, don't think I was part of any this time. I don't relaly like to change up my routine too much and I forget about mini challneges anyway while working out.

currently maintaning

battle log challenges: 16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
follow me: myfitnesspal
don't panic!

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RiotInferno's Wrap-up

  • Make appointments for Yearly medical check-ins: F
    • I'm really lazy when it comes to this, plus I just hate going in for exams.
  • Quit smoking: F
    • Addiction's a real thing. Step one to quitting is wanting to quit. I don't know if I'm there yet.
  • GTG hollow body/ pull-ups: A
    • My holds are better, but I went from sort-of doing 1 pull-up to 5/5/4
  • Exercise 3 times / week: B
    • I missed some, but more importantly, I quit justifying that it was okay to miss them for due to excuses, and now know that I make the choice to exercise or not.
  • Mini-challenge: N/A
    • I totally missed these because I forgot to check that thread. booo.

Level 2 Android Assassin

STR: 4.75 DEX: 3.75 STA: 3.75 CON: 2 WIS: 4 CHA: 3

Fitocracy | Challenge Log - 1 | Food Diary



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Challenge Results:


1. Don’t eat add any rice to dish (+1 WIS, +2 CON): 

-This was the goal I thought I would struggle with the most. There were times where I was almost tempted to try some rice but I managed to discipline myself into avoiding it. I am glad to say that I didn't give in and eliminated rice from my diet these past few weeks.


2. Do a handstand (+2 STR, +2 STA): 

- I started off being afraid of doing a handstand for fear of crushing my head. I would have been satisfied if I could hold one for at least 2-3 seconds. During the challenge I slowly became more confident in myself and now I can hold one for about 4-5 seconds; not much time but a good improvement from where I started!


3. Drop bodyfat % to 14.8 (+1 DEX, +1 STA):

- After continuously re-measuring myself my final body-fat calculation was 14.7% I managed to beat my expectations because I didn't think I'd drop that much in such a short amount of time! I feel really good that I finished with a better result :)


4. Spend Less Than $200 On Food and Dining (+1 WIS):

- It seemed like I was on track to finishing this one too but near the end I went over my spending limit. My total overall was $230 which is lower than the average $250 I had been spending recently but it's over the goal I had set for myself.


Goal Grades:

Goal 1: A

Goal 2: A

Goal 3: A

Goal 4: D


Overall Grade: B+

I feel that I could have challenged myself a bit more but I did improve myself over the past weeks. I will try much harder next time to try and complete my goals and really try to make it more of  a challenge for me :D



The only one I really contributed to was the Pinocchio challenge for +1 Wis.


Character Attributes:

Level: 2


STR   2 (+2) -> 4

DEX  3 (+1) -> 4

STA  3 (+3) -> 6

CON  2 (+2) -> 4

WIS   3 (+2.25) -> 5.25

CHA  2 (+0) -> 2


Level 2 Interstellar Assassin


STR: 4 | DEX: 4 | STA: 6 | CON: 4 | WIS: 5.25 | CHA: 2

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So how dit everything go this challenge?


Will give myself an overall: A-


I did all the minichallenges this time which rox, and here is where the other things went!

Got statpoints from all as well, and only thing I didnt do was the 10min squat (due to knee problem)


Lifestyle goal:



Goal 1:

Study for at least 10 hours pr week, divided between the buisnessplan, and the pensum of the course.


How did it go?

Some weeks I had less and some more, in average I think I studied more than the 10 hours, but My focus havnt been 100% as I liked it.


Grade: B

Reward: 2wisdom


Reward: up to +3 Wisdom to grab.



Fitness goals:


Goal 1:

Drop my bodyfat percentages so my joints dont have to take so much force when im doing parkour. This is an old goal, but this time it has to go!.


Currently bodyfat % 26,7%


How did it go?

Ended up with a bodyfat % on 22,4 so a drop of 4,3% I grade myself an A on this one, since I for the entire challenge have had a bad knee = no squatting, running, parkour, boxjumps or similary.
However I kept my focus on things I could and watching my diet and it worked!.


Grade: A

Reward: 2,15Cha & 2,15Str



Reward: +0,5 Cha & Str pr %bodyfat lost.


Goal 2: Relearn to walk

After I started walking around in my fivefingers as my normal walking shoe, I figured I go with way to high preasure on my knee, and I need to change that

So the challenge here is to at least walk for 10 minutes pr day where my walking is in focus, so I can try walking as silently, and softly as possible.


How did it go?

This goal went better than I could ever expect. The first week was hard but by walking a lot I made it a habbit, and I now without thinking adjust my walk so I walk as silent and as gentle for the knee as possible!


Grade: A+

Reward: 2dex



Reward +2dex



Goal 3:

Build my strength up closer to a handstand.

A handstand was one of my goals last challenge, but to be honest I didnt even get startet doing it. At this point my knee hurts when I try to kick up to one, so for at least the start of the challenge this will be envolving using crow and clown stands to ensure strength and balance by doing at least 20 minutes of skillwork every day execpt on restday.

How did it go?

This was one of the first times I didnt specify where I should end which Im happy about.

I starting doing frog and clown poses. 
I started getting a better and stronger frog pose, and not long into the challenge I could manage to press up from a clown to a headstand, Without using a wall or anything for support.


I got better at kicking up to a handstand and can now hold it for 2 seconds (like 4-5 seconds against a wall (so not really a handstand I know, but way improvement from before.


And I made my first few wallsupported handstand pushups in a set)


Grade: A

Reward: 2dex +1cha


Reward: +2dex +1cha

Be like water my friend

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Looks like a lot of us struggled this time around, but some of us did really well. Keep the faith, guys. I think this is probably one of the hard times of year. You start out the year strong, but then other things get in the way. I'm not going to let one bad challenge hold me back though. Make sure you don't either.

For this challenge, I have to give myself a C overall. Of my 4 goals, 2 we complete fails, and the other 2 went really well. Where I really went wrong was in the planning and checking of my schedule. Two of my goals were dependent on free time on the weekends that I normally have, but didn't at all in May. Graduation parties, tournaments, obedience training with the dog, holidays, etc. I hadn't anticipated being so busy, and as they say, "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail". That's all my bad.

The other side of things is I let my busy month keep me away from here, and that was a bad idea. You guys have been a great source of strength and accountability for me, and I need that. The other side of that is that I wasn't really here for anyone else, and for that I am sorry. I will do better.

So, for my two goals that went well - Paleo 80% - A (+3WIS, +1STR, +1CON) , and Increased Jump Ability - B (+2DEX, +1.5STR).

Level 8 Half-Elven Ninja (3 Assassin/5 Monk)

[sTR 15.5] [DEX 13] [CON 10] [sTA 13] [WIS 19] [CHA 9]

"With great power there must also come great responsibility" - Amazing Fantasy #15

"Pressure makes diamonds." - Gen. George S. Patton

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Challenge #2 Summary
Overall Grade: A-
Notes about this challenge:
- Had two dizziness treatments, each with 3 days mandatory rest afterwards
- Finished a semester/term for the first time in a while (due to health issues) and did it with straight A's
- Made it through final projects week and final exams week without sacrificing working out
- Had two bouts of PMS and shark week this challenge
- Started 2 part time jobs
All things considered I'm damn proud of my progress :D I have made my health and exercising a priority, even in the face of a super busy crazy life. And its become a habit now!!
And progress pics!! These are the beginning of last challenge, the beginning of this challenge and the end of this challenge :D




Goal #1 - Bike 150 miles
Possible: 4 STA
Final Count: 151.6 miles
Grade: A
Points Awarded: 4 STA
Goal #2 - Workout 4 days per week (24 total) (at least 2 BW, 1 cardio)
Possible: 3 STR, 1 DEX
  • Week 1: 5 days (3 cardio, 3 BW)
  • Week 2: 2 days (1 cardio, 1 BW)
  • Week 3: 6 days (6 cardio, 2 BW)
  • Week 4: 4 days (2 cardio, 3 BW)
  • Week 5: 3 days (1 cardio, 2 BW)
  • Week 6: 3 days (3 cardio, 1 BW)

Totals: 23/24 days - 16/6 cardio - 12/12 BW Workouts
    I definitely wasn't perfect on this goal but there were many circumstances outside of my control and I'm so proud of how well I did despite all the restrictions and set backs (see above, lol)
Grade: A-
Points Awarded: 3 STR, 1 DEX
Goal #3 - Track Calories on FitBit
Possible: 3 CON, 1 CHA

  • Enter in calories everyday before bed: 40/42 days
  • At least 3,500 cal under for the week: 6/6 weeks

Even though I missed entering stuff in before bed twice I still did really well with this goal.
Grade: A-
Points Awarded: 3 CON, 1 CHA
Goal #4 - Clean 15 min/day
Possible: 1 WIS
Total: 36/42 days (85%)
- I didn't make this goal as much of a priority and I'm okay with that
- My apartment is still more consistently clean and cleaning has become more of a habit
- I would love if I could keep up the habit of cleaning for 15 min a day 5-6 days a week
- 5-6 days a week is sustainable, 7 days is not due to life
Grade: B
Points Awarded: 0.75 WIS
Goal #5 - Sign a lease for next year
Possible: 2 WIS
Lease is signed and I LOVE my new place. I can't wait to move in two and a half weeks
Grade: A+
Points Awarded: 2 WIS
#1 - Three LIttle Pigs (1 STR)
- Did GTG push ups all week and saw great progress with my incline pushups
Points Awarded: 1 STR
#2 - Little Mermaid - Squat Badge
- Couldn't work on mobility all week because of doctor's orders
- But did the 10 min squat at the end of the week
#4 - Pinnochio (1 WIS)
- Killed this challenge by not procrastinating on my freelance work
- Set very attainable goals and rules as to how to do this
Points Awarded: 1 WIS
New Stats:
STR: 7 + 4 = 11 STR
DEX: 4.25 + 1 = 5.25 DEX
STA: 6.75 + 4 = 10.75 STA
CON: 2 + 3 = 5 CON
WIS: 5.5 + 3.75 = 9.25 WIS
CHA: 5.75 + 1 = 6.75 CHA
Level 3 Assassin!!

Level 7 Half-Elf Assassin
STR: 22.5 | DEX: 13.75 | STA: 15.75 | CON: 18.5 | WIS: 17 | CHA: 12
Challenges: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Unchallenge, Seventh

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