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Assassins, report! How did you do?


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I haven't updated my thread in forever, but I was keeping up with my goals! Here are my results:


Goal 1: Get to level 2 on my BW workout- level two is 2 sets of 15 reps of squats, pushups, and leg lifts. STR-3 STA-2

Results: Didn't quite make it, due to the push ups...but I was able to do push ups hands and toes to the ground for the first time in my life! As of this morning, 5 is my limit, but I'm so amazed and proud that I can do even that now.

Grade: 77/100 =STR+2.25 STA+1.5


Goal 2: Do a landing from 3 feet off the ground. STR-2 CON-1

Results: Got it! I can do the landing just fine physically, but still working on the mentally part. Taking a step off a ledge is kinda terrifying for me. My brain is telling me I'm 8 feet off the ground when it's really only three. 

Grade: 90/100 STR+1.75 CON+1


Goal 3: Aim for 8 rounds, in 2 miles (on intervals). STA-2 DEX-2

Results: Fail, Fail, dismal fail! II tried for a couple of weeks, but I've found that I really don't care for HATE running around my neighborhood. The only time I like running is on a forest trail...which presents a problem if you are alone and female. I have a running partner, but my schedule's so random (part time job), it's hard to get a regular run time going. So running won't be an official part of my workout for now.

Grade: 10/100 no points


Goal 4: Pick up after myself when I come home. WIS-2 CHA-1

Results: This was going great...until my husband decided to go through the storage room, and I decided that we have far too much stuff and started going through everything to see what we could get rid of. It made it kind of pointless to try and keep everything straight when everything's out of place. BUT the daily things that we use I have tried to put back where they belong. So this one's kinda half and half.

Grade: 50/100 WIS+1 CHA+0.5


Mini Challenge 1: STR+1









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  1. Freestanding Handstand - Kicking up successful, even with both legs! I still haven't been able to maintain perfect positioning, but that's not what's required in this challenge, All that was required was being able to get my legs up there! was able to get it! A! Points awarded: +2 Sta and + 2 Str
  2. Plylometric Push-ups - Oh man! It took me a while, but I got it! I had to pause in the Push-up Position several times, in order to not let my body hit the ground, and my arms were both burning and losing feeling, but I got it! 30 = A! Points awarded: +2 Str
Broad Jump - Ha ha ha! 6 feet 6 inches! in one attempt! This was just awesome! A+! Points awarded: +3 Str and +3 Dex for 6 feetClean Room - Gah! I completely lost all steam for this! I made an EXCELLENT start, but then I fizzled out in the end, all that was left was the final Vaccuming and organizing my desk! Nuts! B-. Points awarded: +1 Wis and +1 Con

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Goals for 2021:

  • Build my brother a Destiny 2 Lamp
  • Learn how to do a Handstand
  • Play 1 song on the acoustic guitar
  • Clean up the Christmas Decorations and finish setting up my apartment (hang things up, plus some other few things that need to be organized)
  • Re-introduce Pull-ups into my routine
  • Build a shelving unit next to my Desk

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Wrapping it up:


Goal 1:  Be ridiculously awesome (aka Archery practice, 3x week): Success!  Also hit a bullseye while messing around at a party, so that was pretty awesome.  DEX +3

Goal 2: Swing Like a Gibbon (aka, rings progression, 3x week):  Passed.  Was mostly just messing around, but was still doing it, so that's good.  Will look for a more measurable program for next time. STR +2


Goal 3: Find a new weekly activity! Fail.  To be honest, I don't really have time, so this wasn't a particularly good goal in the first place.  No points.

Goal 4:  Clothes vs. Clutter (aka clear out a good quarter of the wardrobe): Partially complete.  Cleared out a couple of bags of stuff, but not nearly 25%.  WIS +1, CHA+1



1: +1 STR

2: +1 DEX

3: +1 DEX

4: Nope

5: +1 STR

6: Nope.

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Wow! I did pretty well, but this has been one of the crazier periods of time in my life. Halfway through the challenge, I ended up graduating from college, going to a funeral, multiple large family shindigs, going to multiple grad school interviews, and ultimately being accepted into said grad school.


So, all things considered, it's been a productive time!


Now, the goals:


Goal 1: Monkey Mode


The goal here was 12 consecutive kipping pull-ups, from a previous max of 4 (!). I got stuck around eight for most of the challenge, but as the deadline started looming I started getting a lot more motivated to get them done... On the last day of the challenge, thought, I pulled it off - barely! Form was pretty bad on the last two, though, so I'm opting for a mildly reduced grade to keep myself honest.

Grade: A-

Points: STR 2.5, DEX 1



Goal 2: "I HUNGER!"


Originally I was planning on going full Paleo here. That worked when I was eating at school, but I had to switch over to about 80%-90% Paleo for most of the time after graduating, due to large numbers of events where I wasn't in a position to choose the menu. However, still a huge improvement all around, and I'm probably eating the most solid diet of my life, so serious gains nonetheless. I feel much healthier, which was really the point in the end.


Grade: B+

Points: CON +4



Goal 3: All Bent Out of Shape

My plan here was to get flexible enough to have my full splits back. Turns out an old injury in my right leg is keeping that one from getting into full right side split mode, but everything else worked in the end. It's hard to take photos with your legs behind your head, though.




Grade: B

Points: DEX 2.25


Goal 4: Edumacation!


I graduated from college Magna Cum Laude! Woohoo! I think staying physically active during exams really helped this time - I made straight As. :triumphant:


Grade: A+

Points: WIS 3


All in all, I think I pulled off about a B+/A- average; I'm pretty satisfied. Now that summer is here and life is stable again, I hope this means I can do even better on the next challenge! I also did the first three mini-challenges this time (and I even won the third!!!), which I really loved.


Can't wait for the next round!

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28 May wrap up:


Figure this challenge was a "C" as far as hitting the goals: 


On the down side:

-Diet went to hell.

-Bagged the Running, German and Mobility during the last week.


Fair to middlin:

-Did OK on the APFT.

-Did some body weight exercises, but not much.

-Did a couple of good days of hill work.


-Some good contact with the family.


On the up side:

-Did another 7 day fast.

-Completed another Marathon and chopped some time.

-Found myself in over my head in the K-UT, but still PR'd.

-Hassled Wolverine mercilessly and fueled the Chaossin Heresy.


Overall?  Started to experience strain issues from my run plan.  This led to successive days off, which led to a week+ off for recovery, which led to frustration eating and drinking.  Started strong, finished weak.  Lesson learned.  Don't believe I did a hare;  been doing the tortoise the previous challenges.  Figure I'll give myself 2/3 points for the early performance, the PR's, and for hassling the Guild Master when he was down:)


Nest Challenge?  Thinking slow but steady; sane & regular mileage, moderate diet and drinking, regular core, mobility, and body weight work.  Also, I've let the Heresy slide, so I'm thinking of coming up with a spread sheet or two of my own.  Don't worry Chaossins, I'm not betraying the cause.  Its more a matter of running out of colored toilette paper since Wolverine started laminating his spread sheets...



Wolverine and BWE said I should get a "B", so up this one to a "B" and upping the points accordingly.

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So here were my goals:

1. Do thirty or more knee pushups fifteen or more incline push ups a day, at least 30 out of the 42 days. +2 STR +2 STA

GRADING: 75 pushups is 1/3 STR 1/3 STA. This allows for bonus points. Push ups can be broken up as much as I want during the day, just gotta do at least 15.
EXTRA CHALLENGE: Do ten proper pushups. +1 STR

2. Eat 1400kcal or less for at least 30 of the 42 days. +3 CON
GRADING: 1/2 point for every 5 days on target. This allows for bonus points.

3. Do my morning and evening skincare and dental routine every day. +1 CON +1 CHA
GRADING: 1/3 point each for every 14 days on target.

4. Spend at least 60 hours out of the 42 days studying for the actuarial Financial Math exam. (That's two hours a day five days a week.) +3 WIS
GRADING: 1/2 point for every ten hours. This allows for bonus points.

5. Have 30 "contact points" in the job search by the end of the 42 day period. +1.5 WIS +1.5 CHA
GRADING: 1/4 WIS 1/4 CHA every 5 points. This allows for bonus points.


I also had an unstated goal to do all of the assassin minichallenges.


So how did I do?

1. Pushups: 450/450, including doing very well on the Fellowship of the Nerds minichallenge. Grade: A, +2 STR, +2 STA

2. Calories: 30/30 Grade: A, +3 CON

3. Skincare and dental care: 32/42 Grade: C, +(2/3) CON, +(2/3) CHA

4. Studying: 35/60 Grade: D, +(3/2) WIS

5. Contact points: 20/30 Grade: C, +1 WIS +1 CHA

6. Minichallenges: 5/6 (all but "Pinocchio's bad habits": +2 STR +1 DEX +1 STA +1 CON)


So, not perfect: getting into the morning routine habit is something I need to work on, and I let my own laziness and Bad Thoughts get in my way in terms of studying. I'm really proud of my progress in terms of pushups and calorie counting, though - I'm losing weight and gaining strength and self-confidence in big ways, and it makes me quite happy, and look at all those points I've earned!



STR 1 -> 5, DEX 2 -> 3, CON 3 -> 7.67, STA 3 -> 6, WIS 3 -> 5.5, CHA 3 -> 4.67


Bring on the next challenge!

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My goals were as followed:


1.) Do 50 consecutive press-ups.

A- Achieved B- Do 40-49 press-ups C- Do 30-39 press-ups F- Any less

STR +4 STA +1

I only did 45 press-ups before collapsing so for this goal I give myself 3 STR points and .75 STA points and a grade B

2.) Be able to do a handstand and hold it for 10 seconds

A- Achieved B- Hold for 7 seconds C- Hold for 5 seconds F-Any less


I achieved this goal so I give myself a grade A and 2 STR points and 1 DEX point.


1.) Cut out crisps entirely from the beginning of the challenge until the end.

A- Achieved B- Eat <5 packets of crisps C- Eat 5-10 packets of crisps F- Eat 10+ packets of crisps


It was tough, but I did it! Grade A, 3 CON points and 1 CHA point.

Level up my life:

1.) Learn to play Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson on guitar.

A- Play the song the whole way through B- Play the whole song except the solo F- Any less.


I'm giving myself a B+ here, I can play some of the solo so .75 WIS point and 1.5 CHA points

Bonus goal (not for points):

Get body fat percentage down to 25%

Got it down to 24.6%!


Overall grade: B+ as I stumbled towards the end but achieved most of my goals.


Leveling up: STR 3-  8, DEX 3- 4, STA 4- 4.75, CON 2- 5, WIS 2- 2.75, CHA 1-4.5

Level 2 Gladiatrix-in-Training

Spartan Warrior 

STR 8; DEX 4; STA 4.75; CON 5; WIS 2.75; CHA 4.5

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Challenge 3 Results:

So there was about 1.5 of the week spent on the other side of the country without my usual facilities or equipment to max out my goals but still think I did fairly well.  As for the grading I feel that I'm got to change the scale slightly so I actually get some credit for the hard work that I put in.


Goal 1:

Uncertain schedule made it hard to swim, climb or workout in front of the kinect for an extended period

Strengthen the body  4.5 times a week: (+.5 Str, +.5 Sta, +.25 Dex)

Rock Gym (Air) / NTC workout or TRX workout (Land) / Swimming (Sea)

A) 27 workouts / B ) 25 workouts / C) 23 workouts / D) 21 workouts



Goal Two:

Stuck pretty well to the 6-week regimen.  After watching some MWOD on current pullup grip I feel like I should start back at ground zero.  I discovered the tutorial after hitting 20 though so I'll still chalk it up as a victory.  

Increase pull-ups to 20 dead-hang, currently baseline is 12 w/o training: (+2 Str)

A) 20  / B ) 19  / C) 18  / D) 17 


Goal Three:

Even with the absence during the quest I still knocked this one out and I believe it's been helping out my overall mobility quite a bit.  Definitely have to keep this one up and perhaps expand the yoga practice.

Increase flexibility and range of motion 4 times a week increasing level of yoga poses and complexity/time using clubs: (+2 Dex, +2 Con)

Yoga / Indian clubs / stretching (20 min.) / foam roller

A) 24  / B ) 23  / C) 22  / D) 21


Goal Four:

Still knocked this one out considering my lack of a language laptop. 

Work on spanish and study for GRE  (+2 Wis, +2 Cha)

Spanish / GRE

A) 24 mind meld / B ) 23 brain food / C) 22 mind pleaser / D) 21 noggin' teaser

Paradox, Humor, Change



Level Four Half-Elf Ninja (Assassin/Monk)

Str: 15.25 l Dex: 12.25 l Sta: 10.25 l Con: 5 l Wis: 10 l Cha: 7


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