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Druids Report!!!!!


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It is time to reflect and report about this challenge. Post a summary here, grading yourselves on each of your goals on an A to F scale (see below). Then give yourselves an overall grade for the challenge.

You have until Sunday night 2nd of June to post your wrap up to be considered for the win.

Check out this post for all challenge info and questions.

Grading Yourself and Awarding Attribute Points

At the end of the challenge, give yourself a grade on how you did achieving your goals. Then, based on how you did, award points. Partial points are allowed.

A - 100% B - 75% C - 50% D - 25% F - 0%

Here is a link for a chart to help with the math.

Remember to talk about your succeses. You are more likely to be picked as a nominee if you talk about how your chellenge went and what you learned. If you need examples look at the other guilds. If you need help feel free to ask!


If you took part in the mini-challenges and succeed in completing all 6 missions, don't forget to award yourself the extra attribute point!

Have an awesome time summarizing the amazing things you achieved during the challenge!

Lusitanian Druid, Level 9
STR: 13 | DEX: 15 | STA: 17 | CON: 22 | WIS: 25 | CHA: 25

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.†- Aristotle

Current Challenge: Living the Good Life II Past: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th,  8th9th, 10th11th, 12th


Goal: 1001 Steps on the Road to a Home -> 18/348 in 2015 



Goal: loose 9KG in 2015 -> 1.5KG lost 

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Ok last day of my first Six week Challenge! Im not to happy with how much ive been doing  :miserable:  but its better then what i was doing before! I really need to remember my goals next time. I always forget and i sit there thinking "what was i supposed to be doing again?" I am glad that i found this, though, because i have been practicing more often than i usually do, though it didnt come easy or painless. Last week i was kicking my soccer ball at the wall and kicked a bit too hard. It was going to shoot over my head and in the woods (i live on a farm so it would have taken FOREVER to find) so i reached up to catch it. My short self couldn't reach and only just grazed the ball, although it was enough to peel back my fingernail  :hurt:


Not my best moment. It hurt and i was angry beyond belief (short temper anyways. hehe...) because common! Who breaks a nail playing soccer?!?! It didnt help when everyone who asked and i told poked me about using my hands  :grumpy: And they said excersise never hurt anyone! I think they made me mad enough to get back after i could stand to use the finger  :joyous:


And so side story aside, heres my grades (i feel like a kid showing their report card to their parents  :worked_till_5am: )


1) Practice: I got about a B on this and i was thinking maybe Sta+2 and Str+1 for an A so... Maybe Sta+1 and Str+ .5?

2) Updates: An A!! Ive been really good about this one, but its probably becasue i love it so much  :nevreness: I was thiknking Cha+1 and Wis+1

3) Water: I havnt been thinking about this one as much as the others so i got a C... it was going to be Con+3 so maybe +1? I think that might be cool

4) Salad: Not my worst with a B,  but i could have done this one easily so im not too happy  :neglected:  An a would be Con+2 so +1?


So new mark up:


Str 2.5 Dex 4 Sta 2 Con 3 Wis 4 Cha 5


First Challenge Down!


Level 1 Doppelganger Druid


Str 4 Dex 4 Sta 3.5 Con 4 Wis 4.5 Cha 6


"The bond that links true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each others life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof." Richard Bach

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My challenge summary (copied from my thread)



1. Fitness - maintain total cardio time per week at 5 hours + increase strength training from .5 hours currently to 1.5 hours at the end of the 6 weeks.  Adapted to include yoga minutes as an exchange for strength training - at 1/2 the time.


Grading: I will track minutes per week.  Cardio = 30 hours over 6 weeks.  Strength =  1.5 hrs per week at the end of the 6 weeks (more than 390 minutes total).


Results:  85% B

Cardio = 30 hours, 40 minutes total.  A+

Strength/yoga = 277.5 minutes out of 390 goal. (71%)  C


2.  Healthy Eating -

Grading: Starting weight on 4/15 = 157.  Goal weight is 147  on 5/26. 
A grade = comfortable size 6.  B grade = tight size 6.  C = comfy size 8.  D = tight size 8.  F = no progress, size 10


Results:   B+

Weight = 151.2 (lost 5.8 lbs) 

Pants = slightly tight size 6  B+



3. Life goal:  Set Weekly Goals.

Grading:  6 sets of weekly goals created by noon Monday each week.


Results:   A



Overall I am extremely happy with my results.  I tried on all my pants this morning, and several pairs have moved from the not-wearable end to the wearable side.  I could wear my size 6s, but they are still just a little too tight in the thighs.  My skinny jeans are too tight to wear, but I think I will be able to get them on by the end of the next challenge.  Over the weekend I put on a pair of size 10 jeans and they felt huge.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I have been wearing my summer clothes that still feel a little snug.  It's nice to get a reminder of where I was not that long ago.


I am eating much better now than I was 6 weeks ago.  That was a major goal for this year, and I am happy I am here after 5 months.  I will keep this on my challenge list though, it is not an easy habit to maintain yet.


The weekly goal writing was a really good habit to re-establish for myself.  I accomplished a lot of other things during this challenge because they were front and center on my list every week.

VioletFlame (Margie), level 4 Wood elf druid
STR 8 | DEX 6 | STA 14.5 | CON 11.25 | WIS 9.75 | CHA 9

2013 Challenge #1  ~ #2  ~ #3 ~ #4 ~ #5

Current Challenge


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Final Check-In

I did not do well this challenge at least with the goals stated. However - THE SHORTS FIT!!! That's huge, so I've met the overall goal, even if I failed on the short-term ones. Plus, I got most of the things done on my list, and with one exception, made great strides on the projects not completely done. The detailed final check-in is on my thread.


To sum up: I Failed in getting my work-outs in and in the diet logging. Made a B on getting stuff done. I made A's on my walking goals. Next challenge, I will be a Level 5 Wood Elf Druid with STR 8 | DEX 10 | STA 10 | CON 8 | WIS 11 | CHA 11 . 


Lessons learned: I honestly don't know what I've learned from this back injury, except a bit more about back anatomy and maybe to be more cautious when stretching and massaging an area that may be injured.  I think it's a costovertebral joint sprainI don't think all the mobility and trigger point work I did at the outset did me any favors. Why I'm not completely better and lifting weights again by now I don't know, and this frustrates me to no end. I'm going to have to start strength training all over again at this rate. Grrrr. I'm off to the doctor tomorrow to see if he can give me any insights.


I also learned that about 4 weeks is as long as I can log my diet without rebelling and quitting. Honestly, the last week or so of that I wasn't measuring out my portions as consistently as I should. But I do feel that I have re-calibrated portion size and am back on track there. 


Having a check list for the 6 weeks was very helpful for me to get stuff done. Several items on that list would still be languishing without the hard deadline of the end of the challenge coming up.


Image Highlights:


sml_gallery_10121_326_45141.jpgThe shorts that fit! (well enough, anyway. Most of my pants were fitting like this when I started NF last July :-) )

sml_gallery_10121_326_576.jpgThe Woot! project (with wonky binding that I need to rip off and do again. sigh.)

sml_gallery_10121_326_29551.jpg The Venn project (ready for quilting - I should finish it this week)

Wood Elf Druid
Level 10
STR 15 | DEX 19 | STA 18 | CON 16 | WIS 22 | CHA 20
Current Challenge: Focuses on Fitness 

Old Challenges 1110 9 876543, 2, 1

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First Challenge DONE! WOW!


To recap, my goals were as follows:


1) to start and maintain a gluten-free, paleo diet (with the exception that I am allowed to juice some of my fruits and veg as I'm allergic to them when eaten whole and raw...I'm serious, I don't get sick if they are juiced!)

      Amended: black beans, quinoa, basmati rice, real cheese, yogurt are allowed....so not fully paleo, but very healthy and natural!

Gain +3 CON

2) to start and maintain a morning yoga schedule; 6am wake up yoga!

        Amended: I've added in a short workout circuit! 2 reps of 10 squats, 5 pushups, and 15 crunches

Gain +3 STR, +2 DEX

3) to walk to school every morning even if its a bit cold and/or raining (40 minute walk)

Gain +4 STA

4) to finish the corrections to my manuscript for publication and send it to my supervisors for final approval by the end of this challenge! This has serioulsy been a huge weight/stress on me since I received the corrections back in February...sigh

Gain +3 WIS

My results!!
1) I did really well on my diet! I ate some cheese cake over the long weekend, which was delicious but the gluten in the crust gave me some trouble :(  But I'm really proud of myself for keeping to the diet for the majority of my time! I like to think I did about a 95% on that one....so A minus?
2) I did yoga almost every morning, which was great! I slept in a few times and had to rush to school (which means I skipped morning yoga) but I usually made up for it with some in-office yoga or evening yoga. Definitely an A on the yoga. However, I kind of ditched on the short strength training circuit but I think that was a bit over ambitious on my part. I only did it about 50% of the time, so I will give myself a C on that one. So I'm averaging a B I guess?
3) Walked to school every morning AND every night!! I'm really proud of myself for that one! It's a long walk (40 minutes each way) but sooooo beautiful! I really enjoyed watching the trees leaf out this spring and watching the new flowers emerging in everyone's front yards! A+ for this goal :)
4) I finished my manuscript a week before I intended!! I'm soooo happy! Once my headaches cleared up, most likely due to my changed diet (see goal #1), I was able to think super clearly! It was amazing! I don't even know how I was able to function before with the headaches. So that's one more goal in the bag! A+!
Ok, so what does this mean for me. Well, I lost 3 pounds which I wasn't really planning on but is still great! I learned some great recipes and started a really healthy eating routine which I can stick with and enjoy. I actually look forward to walking to school every day and realized that it only takes me about 10 minutes longer than it takes me to ride the bus....hmmm. The walk also saves me money on bus tickets and/or gas for the car. I feel a lot more flexible and just "better" from doing yoga every day! I really think if may have contributed to the disappearance of my headaches, or at least in the prevention of headaches from work stress and office chair posture. I learned that I have trouble keeping to strength training and I think it's because I haven't learned how to enjoy it? So I need to find something that I enjoy that will help me tone my body...I might join Ultimate Frisbee again this summer. And the last thing I learned is that I CAN finish something! Having the headaches really messed with my self-confidence on the intellectual front and I'm really glad to see that I still have it in me! Now I know that it was just the headaches causing me to have slow progress and poor quality of work; it wasn't "me"..."I" was still capable of producing good work, I was just inhibited by the headache pain. That was a HUGE mental struggle for me over the last year! I almost quit my PhD because I was so utterly confused. I'm really glad I didn't!
Goal 1: +3 CON at 95% = 2.85 CON!
Goal 2: +3 STR +2 DEX at 75% = 2.25 STR, 1.5 DEX
Goal 3: +4 STA at 100% = 4 STA!
Goal 4: +3 WIS at 100% = 3 WIS!
Overall, I have graded myself with a 92.5% average. Not bad! :) 

Human Druid-Assassin, Level 3

STR: 4.25 | DEX: 3.5 | STA: 6.5 | CON: 9.35 | WIS: 9 | CHA: 3

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Copied and pasted directly from my challenge thread:



Final Report! 


1. Fuel: food & drink 
GOAL: My body has enough good fuel to perform well.
  1. Eating Well, on average 5 times per week. (+1 STR)  35 done 
  2. Drinking an additional liter of water per day (average to be 1.0l or higher). (+1 CON) average 1.17l
  3. Eating no more than 200 calories per day on average of sweets/junk food. (+1 CON) average 199
Score: A. In terms of fueling I did a great job. I ate well for the majority of the time. I drank enough water to keep me hydrated (no headaches and digestive system working like clockwork). Keeping the sweets/junk food intake to under 200 calories was relatively easy. Overall I did eat more than I was planning too, specially I got back into the habit of having a snack after the girls are in bed. That is reflected on the scales. I had a peak at the scales and it looks like I put on 0.8kg over the past 6 weeks. I hope that at least part of the weight gain is extra muscle! I'll confirm this on Wednesday when its my official weigh in and measure day.


2. Mental Strength (STR: +1, WIS: +2)
Goal: I have a sound Mind. The mind runs the show... and it must to be fit!
  1. Getting at least 7.2 hours sleep on average per day. (+1 STR) average 7.55
  2. Meditating on average 5 times per week (+1 WIS). 30 done
  3. Doing a brain workout on average 4 times per week (+1 WIS).  24 done
Score: A Not a lot to say about this goal... I just did it. I really like that I am actually getting 7.5hours sleep per day on average (this includes nap time on weekends, without naps its probably closer to 7 hours per night) which is still full of awesome.   
3. Strong Body 
GOAL: My Body is Healthy and Strong. I am demanding more from myself. In order to get it done I need to make sure my body is a lean mean fighting machine. 
  1. Looking after my health or appearance on average 2.5 times per week  (+1 CHA) 16 done
  2. Walking/Running on average 4.5km per day.  (+1 STA) average 4.72km
  3. Completing at least: 15 body weight workouts.  (+1 STR) 14 done 
  4. Completing at least: 12 yoga workouts.  (+1 DEX)  12 done
  5. Completing at least: 12 walk/runs.  (+1 STA)  12 done

Score: B I considered sneaking in an extra strength workout last night to score a perfect A. I decided against it because I knew that I plan to run today and doing the workout last night would have hurt my run today. Tonight I'll do my run and follow it with the strength workout... By trial and error I've found this to work the best for me. My body is fresh for the run so I can run with good form. After the run I am nicely warmed up and that means a great body weight workout. It is a huge change in my attitude that I am able to hold back from scoring an A in favor of keeping my good workout schedule (and not risking overdoing things or injury)... looks like the perfectionist in me is finally relaxing a bit! :) I was sick for almost 2 weeks during this challenge and missed 10 days of workouts. So I am actually very happy with this result!


4. LIFE: Getting things done 
GOAL: Master the daily routines and harvest the fruits of my labour. 
  1. Doing my routines. Expecting overall average of 85% for success. (+1 CHA) average 86.5%
  2. Being Punctual on average 90% of the time (+1 DEX)   average 90.1%
  3. Making sure that my House feels like a Home at least 4.5 days per week (+1 CHA) 0 days
  4. Harvesting the Fruits of my Labour, at least 10 items done (+1 WIS) 6 done
Score: C. I barely kept up with my routines and being punctual. Making my house feel like a home and harvesting the fruits of my labour (getting things done!) didn't really happen. Things are improving ever so slowly, so its not all bad... in fact I am quietly positive that I am headed in the right direction. This is the area to focus on for the next challenge.   :ph34r:  

Overall Score for the challenge is a B. Not great... but I am happy with it. I never would have described myself as someone that exercises regularly. The numbers don't lie, I am doing it! I am also in a good place with regards to eating and sleeping. That means I have the foundations for leading a good life. Now is the time to do it. I can not wait to see if I manage to conquer the Life goal during the next challenge!



Checked my measurements today as planned. Very happy with the result! 



I weigh and measure myself every 2 weeks. Today was measurement day. The numbers from my sneak peak on Sunday were pretty close.  :D


Starting Stats for this challenge:

Weight:    57.5 kg

Fat %:     26.9%

Lean Mass: 42.01 kg 


Today's measurements:


Weight:    58.3 kg

Fat %:     26.7%

Lean Mass: 42.75 kg 


I put on 0.8kg... and over 0.7kg of that was lean mass. I would definetely call that seeing results!!!  :D


So while my results at home have been less than I hoped... in terms of fitness I am exceedingly happy. I call this challenge a win. Upgrading my score to a solid B+


Lusitanian Druid, Level 9
STR: 13 | DEX: 15 | STA: 17 | CON: 22 | WIS: 25 | CHA: 25

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.†- Aristotle

Current Challenge: Living the Good Life II Past: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th,  8th9th, 10th11th, 12th


Goal: 1001 Steps on the Road to a Home -> 18/348 in 2015 



Goal: loose 9KG in 2015 -> 1.5KG lost 

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The time has come to summarize this challenge. It feels very symbolic that I am once again in an airport; in transit ( in more ways than one).

Next week will be hectic so I am aiming at finishing the summary today (Sunday). Then I will have time for planning the new challenge and some other important events next week (hopefully more about that later in June). I can say this much - one of my themes for this challenge was to use my new body, I will also try to put my new self to use.

Running but not hiding is what I wrote. Sometimes hiding feels sooooooo good. But no, I want to move forward, advance and develop. I have been running and through that and the other parts of the challenge I have met myself, and cared for myself.

The numbers and comments:


22 times, each 45 minutes (A 24-21). During my travels I once divided two sessions in 10 minutes plus 80 minutes one week. On at least one occasion I have ended the session early, feeling done. I have gone deeper into my poses and deeper into my breathing. My mat travels with me and even more importantly, I need my yoga and feel disharmonic when I go without. An A.


15 times, never shorter than 5 k's. ( B 17-15) 5:54 was my best time per kilometer! My goal was 6:15. I am amazed, I have to confess. Yes, I have been very stubborn and

the only week that has been really difficult has been this last week when I have been tired and prioritized other activities. But my improvement is surprising and delightful and I'm so proud. I award myself a B plus


36 occasions fulfilling my goal. (B 36-34)

So, I changed the hours from 8 to 7 when I realized that I only needed 7. Then I went back to work, and needed more....This is a goal I will refine even more next challenge - finetuning my ability to listen to my needs. During this challenge I have misbehaved a little and thereby tested my limits, which was good I think. A good nights sleep is really essential for my quality of life during the day. There should be no compromises.

The grade is a B.


32 times (A 30-25)

I guess this is the goal I was most excited to evaluate. In the beginning I had difficulties creating a list of things to do for me, now the situation is very different. I still have to focus, and sometimes I forget and get caught up but things have really changed. I think of things I want to do, look forward to them and plan ahead. My activities include everything from meditating to decrease anxiety levels to pedicures and gardening.

It has also become increasingly easy to just take a time out, sit in a chair in the sun, take a nap, etc

Focussing on me has, I think, increased my energy levels, and enables me to choose in a better way when I want to invest in others. I predict that this is only the beginning....

My grade is an A plus.


This time around it has not been a goal to lose weight, but to maintain and adjust to having other goals. It has been very very difficult, weightloss has been my goal for such a long time. I still weigh myself and it seems I am slowly losing weight and I try not to stress about it. My body is moving towards the weight that it "wants". My aim has been to put the body to use, make it stronger and faster. This also has included looking at myself in a different way, and in an approving way. Most days.


Half of the time of this challenge I have been on the road and it has been very interesting. More and more I have disconnected my habits from the environment and connected them more to myself. Seeing possibilities instead of difficulties.

All in all I actually want to give myself an A, feeling very pleased regarding all four parts this challenge. I have gone further, deeper and become stronger and faster.

I have chosen to believe in myself.

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First challenge complete!

Overall I am pretty happy with the way my first challenge turned out.  The two make ups were due to extenuating circumstances as was the one day of painting I missed.  It took stepping back from it and the opinions of some of you awesome people to not be harsh on myself about those.  

Overall Grade: A-

Yoga: A
     The goal - to attend yoga class each week classes
     Completed all classed, although one of the weeks was made up this week.  Yoga is really helping me work though some personal issues and helping my stress level a     

     lot.  Though I am having to find some substitute poses because my hip at this point in time cannot handle some of them, my instructor has been really great about working

     with me on them!
     +2 STR  +3 WIS

Walking: A
     The goal - to walk 3 days a week
     Two weeks I waled 4 days a week, most day 3 days a week on most weeks but one week walked only 2 days a week.  I am counting one of the weeks I walked an extra day

     as the day I missed one week.  The walking seems to be helping my hip more than anything else I have tried.
     +1 STR +3 STA

Water: C
     The goal - drink 2 liters of water everyday
     Some weeks I drank two litters on all 7 days, most weeks were less and on the worst week it was only on 4 days.  I didn’t do so great with this goal.  It seems the day gets 

     away from me before I have drunk enough water.  Though I was better about drinking enough on days I was doing yoga and walking.
     +1.5 CON
Painting: B
     The goal - spend time painting at least one day a week
     I only missed one week.  I also completed two paintings during this challenge, and have a third in progress.  It took me 2 months to complete my last painting because I

     was doing it so infrequently.  Painting more often has been a great way for me to let everything out.
     +1.5 WIS +.75 CHA   

Mini Challenges
     I completed all of the mini challenges! 

     I really enjoyed them and learned a lot.  I now know I love doing my walking barefoot and that I actually kind of enjoy some body weight exercises.  I also have my plan set

     out of how to keep going and have signed up for a self defense class thanks to them.
     +1 CHA

So my stats after this challenge are:
STR 1 I DEX 2 I STA 4 I CON 5.5 I WIS 7.5 I CHA 4.75

I also took waist measurements and weight at the beginning and end  (If I don’t limit myself I would literally be obsessive about it).  At the beginning my waist was 44.5†and my weight was 239.  Now my waist is 42†and my weight is 230.  So I lost 2.5†off my waist and 9 pounds during this challenge.
That means I have lost a total of 35 pounds since graduation last year!  23 of which has happened in the 3 months I have been reading nerd fitness (It took me a while to join the community, lol).  That means I have lost 2x the amount of weight in 3 months than the other 9 with “conventional wisdom.† This really didn't click for me though until I went over everything for the adventure mini challenge.

Level 2 Hobbit Druid

STR 1 I DEX 2 I STA 4 I CON 5.5 I WIS 7.5 I CHA 4.75

Challenge 1 - 1.1 - 1.2 - Current Challenge


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Final Challenge Results.


This was my first challenge and I have to say that I enjoyed it immensly and really appreciate the support that was there from fellow guild members. I wasn't sure what guild to join at the beginning but I think I made the right choice for my first challenge.


On to the goals


Goal #1 - Meditation

I had been meditation on and off for quite a while but this was the first time that I did it consistently. I found it a bit of a struggle at times and I think that was because I felt I had to do it rather than felt the need to. Despite this I managed to stick with it and miss only 2 planned sessions. I am going to take a break from meditation for a week or two and then see where I go from there.


Grades: Days spent meditating - A=36, B=35 C=34 D=33

              Dex-1, Wis-2, Con-2


Grade: C (34)



Goal #2 - TRX Training

At the start of the challenge I had only done 1 or 2 TRX training sessions and I wasn't sure how effective it was going to be. That worry soon went out of my mind, even in the first sessions I was drenched in sweat and as I felt it get easier I jumped ahead in the schedule to up the amount of reps and sets as needed. I have found the convenience of the system very useful and I will continue to use it in the future. It has resulted in me taking a good look at strength training and I have invested in a bench and some decent weights which I intend to start next week.


Grades: Training sessions completed - A=24 B=23 C=21 D=20

               Str-3, Sta-2


Grade: A (24)


Goal #3 - Weight/Diet

I had set my target at dropped 2lbs a week and in the inital weeks I started to worry that this wasn't going to be anywhere near attainable. I was worrying that the TRX wasn't giving me enough of a challenge and that is why the rate of fat loss had dropped. In reflection probably wasn't eating enough calories as I had dropped carbs out of my diet. When I stuck 1 small portion a day back in things returned to the previous rate.


This part of my challenge has led me to sit down and calculate how many calories I eat a day and also rough macro levels. I have worked out that going forward I need to eat more protein but that I also can and should up my calories if I want to build muscle but still burn off far. It has also taught me not to worry so much about what I eat on 'cheat' days.


I took some photos at the start of the challenge and then again last night. The difference is quite frankly startling even though I didn't think I looked all that different. I am actually quite embarrassed by my starting pictures. I still have some fat to lose but I look and more importantly feel so much better. I have lost 11lbs in this 6 week period, something which I am delighted with. I started at 165lbs, now at 154lbs.


Grades: Weight lost during the challenge  - A=12 B=11 C=10

              Con-2, Cha-2, Dex-1


Grade: B (11lbs)



Finally I want to say thank you to anyone who has read or commented along the way, the support has been fantastic. I have learnt a lot during this challenge, much of it from the other participants. I am not taking part in the next challenge, it is coming up too quickly for me but I do intend to take part in the one after that.




Goal 1 - Dex 0.5, Wis 1, Con 1

Goal 2 - Str 3, Sta 2

Goal 3 - Con 1.5, Cha 1.5, Dex 0.75


Challenge Totals - Str 3, Dex 1.25, Sta 2, Con 2, Wis 1, Cha 1.5


Updated Totals - STR-4, DEX-3.25, STA-6, CON-4, WIS-5, CHA-3.5

1 Challenge completed.



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Here's my half-challenge results!


1) Continue on the Angry Birds workout that I have already started. Do the workout 3 times per week (most often Mon, Wed, Fri, but may need to shift given family stuff). Must increase total reps or first set reps in 3/4 exercises each time, preferably gaining at least one more star as well.

Strength - 4

Stamina - 2 (I'm doing exercises as a circuit, so getting a good cardio hit as well)

100% = Don't miss any days

75% = Miss at most 1/6 days

50% = Miss at most 1/3 days

0% = Anything less


I'm going to give myself a B/75% here. Although I had substitution workouts, I technically did not do the ABW twice. But I'm still very proud of my results here. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger! Strength +3, Stamina + 1.5


2) Cut back to one caffeinated beverage per day (down from 3-4). Namely green tea. My body does not take kindly to caffeine, but we all know how addictive it is regardless of what's best for the body... I don't want to go cold turkey, so baby steps. Next challenge I will probably try to switch to herbal tea completely.

Const - 1.5

100% = Never more than one a day

75% = At most 2/day no more than 2 days per week

50% = At most 2/day no more than 3 days per week

0% = Anything more than 3/day or 2/day more than 3 days per week


Definitely an A+ here! No more than one drink on any day. I feel much less spastic and stable with less caffeine. Not sure if I'm ready to completely give it up yet, but maintaining this one-per-day limit will certainly be a part of my next challenge as well. Constitution +1.5

Cave Dweller Druid, Level 4

STR: 5 | DEX: 5 | STA: 9 | CON: 10 | WIS: 6 | CHA: 8 Start:1/2/1/3/6/2



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Hearty congratulations & admirations to those of you who fitted into your shorts

and otherwise did not completely punk out on this challenge

which I did

even though it's one which I both enjoyed and learned from (esp. sampling the other guilds)


In future challenges,

I will stop painting myself in a corner with foolishly worded goals like "challenge-goal exercise must always be done in addition to anything else that's going on"...

since the point is to get more active, not become my own worst drill sergeant.

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OK... reporting in!  So, first and foremost my challenge was greatly impacted by getting rear ended a couple of weeks into the challenge... both in terms of having to amend my goals, and in terms of having time to participate in NF vs. time spent dealing with doctors, insurance adjustors & rental cars.  :-P  That's the bad side... the good side?  Well, I've made some progress on the goals I set forth for the challenge!  yay!


Goal #1: Get my eating habits back in line.  85%  B+

When I started this challenge my eating habits were a mess because I was recovering from a major stomach bug.  I'm happy to report that I did a good job getting things back to my semi-paleo baseline eating style.  Perfect is never my goal and I had a few binge eating episodes when I was stressed and exhausted about the accident, but generally I'd give myself a good B+.


Goal #2:  Workout regularly and include shoulder conditioning.   75%  B

OK, obviously, this was the goal most impacted by my accident.  I amended this to doing my PT as prescribed which has been going well (recovering super fast actually).  But there were two weeks that were unavoidably 100% exercise free due to my neck being locked up.  Good under the circumstances, but a pretty major detour from my normally active life.  


Goal #3: Give myself credit every day.  50%  C

My compliance on this one was 50%.  The value that I got out of that 50% was HUGE.  I really struggled to keep up with logging, but it really helped my perspective when I did.  I want to keep this up and build it to be a regular habit.


Goal #4: Do 2 things per week to manage my family's long-term financials.  95%  A

This was also amended because I became more occupied with managing the financial implications of my accident, than the long term stuff.  But I'm going to give myself a solid 100% on it because I did a great job of actually following up on all the insurance adjustments and paperwork AND I still managed to find some time to do long term planning & financial education... just not quite as much as I'd planned.  Also, a bonus thank you to LuckyMe who turned me on to Mr. Money Moustache which I now read regularly.  :-)  



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I really succeeded at this goal. There was a week where I didn't do well, but by getting in more workouts in the weeks following, I made it to the full points allowed!


A (+2 STR, +1 DEX)



I struggled on this one. I've actually done really well keeping dairy out of my diet, and I've definitely noticed a difference. I'm almost positive that I've got a lactose intolerance - but we'll keep trying for a little longer to figure that one out. My diet did some weird stuff during this challenge, so I averaged a C pretty much every week. Overall, I'm actually proud of this goal because I haven't done well monitoring my food intake in the past. So this was a step in the right direction.


C (+1.5 CON, +1 WIS)



This goal was amended to swimming, so my start time was 9:00 at the beginning of the amended challenge. I can do it in 8:00 now, which is an improvement of 60 seconds out of the 90 to get to my goal time. That's an improvement of 66%, which technically puts me at a D based on my scoring guidelines at the beginning of the challenge. However, I didn't amend the scoring when I changed the goal from running to swimming. It's been my experience that cutting down swim times is harder than to cut down running times - so - I'm rounding that % improvement to 70% and awarding myself a C. I've had so much fun getting back in the water, and I'm SOOOO glad I did. It really is one of my favorite forms of exercise.


C (+1 STA)


(4) OTHER ATTRIBUTES [Life Mini-Goals] (CHA: +4, WIS: +1)


FLIGHT - Total Pts: 5

SUPER HEARING - Total Pts: 7.5


MORAL COMPASS - Total Pts: 20

ALTER EGO - Total Pts: 5

SUPER SUIT - Total Pts: 15


Total Mini-Goal Pts: 86.5 - Grade - B (+3 CHA, +.75 WIS)


I had a lot of unexpected things come at me during this challenge, health-wise, family-wise, and habit-wise. So, I'm actually very proud of continuing with the challenge and finishing it through to the end. I connected spiritually, I connected to my body, and to others around me. It was wonderful, and I'm so excited to embark on another challenge. I've discovered that I'm entering a new season of life that requires me to focus instead of spread across several different activities/tasks. Next challenge, my goal will be more focused, and I'm ready to keep moving toward more connection with myself, others, and a healthier life.

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I did a full write up on my thread, but here's a summary:

Final totals: +2 STA, +1 WIS, +1.5 CHA

I didn't get all they way back on my push-ups goal, nor did I get to all 8 of my mini life goals, but I feel pleased with what I accomplished while it was the end of the school year! I'm thinking I might re-do my first challenge for the next one!


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I tracked my goals using the app "Lift" and I had an 80% success rate in reaching all of my goals. I kind of cracked during finals week, but I got bak on track afterwards, and surprisingly, with greater ease.


  1.  Switch from coffee with creamer to plain tea. +2 STA, +3 CON â€‹B+
  2.  Stop picking at my skin. +2 CHA, +1 WIS, +2 CON C
  3.  Get to bed by midnight. +2 CON, + 3 STA B

I think I'll divy up the points this way, though, so I have whole numbers:  CON 6, WIS 1, CHA 1, STA 4. I think it actually matches what I gained very well.

Level 2 Asari Druid

STR 2 | STA 5 | WIS 6 | DEX 2 | CON 9 | CHA 3


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repost from my thread: 

Ok so here it is - 

POOP OR CHOCOLATE?: All your questions answered....


Goal 1: Clean Up My Diet - I did WAY better than I anticipated.  In fact, I think I did an overall spectacular job of sticking to the 80/20 primal philosophy.  I did flub a time or two - but I didn't fret about it.  And i successfully resisted quite a few tasty treats.  I really feel like i've made some significant progress  Didn't loose any weight - but i didnt gain either.  and that is the key  ;) FINAL SCORE: B. Attributes Earned: +1 CON, +1 CHA, +1 STA


Goal 2:  Develop a Primal workout regime - I made it every week but this last week. I can tell I am getting a little stronger and a little more flexible in the hips.  I'm really enjoying the yoga sessions. And I am slowly developing the habit of stretching and moving.  Though I tended to commit to a handful of longer sessions instead of stretching it out. So I'll pro-rate my earning by subtracting 1 from STA and CON. I hate partial points.   FINAL SCORE: B.+ Attributes: +2 STR, +2 DEX, +1 STA, +1 CON


Goal 3: Expand my primal meal repertoire - This turned out to be incredibly easy.  Home run here.  My hubby decided after week 1 that he wanted to try eating primal. so i threw out his grain snacks and made all primal meals.  tried some great recipes.  He really like the curry. He has lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks and is really excited.  I'm excited.  Will continue trying some new things.  FINAL SCORE: A+. Attributes: +1 WIS, +1 CHA


Goal 4: Read - I finished my reading goals early on.  I did start the next GoT book.  And I've got some book requests in at the library for my next round of reading.  FINAL SCORE: A. Attributes: +1 WIS


I feel good about this challenge.  I am excited that I mostly managed to stick with Goal 2. I was the most afraid of that one.  I usually fail to maintain a workout regime. i find it hard to establish that habit. but i'm doing well this time around.  i def slacked last week - but yesterday i picked back up and did about 25 minutes of some much needed stretching of the hips.  So, still moving forward! I've got a game plan of sorts for the next challenge - now i just need a new catchy title.....

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sorry for the missing support, but I struggled hard.

Since the weather was so ugly I had problems with my mood. And I developed some serious stomach problems.

I have not eaten meat for 4 days now and I will keep this habit. Also I have problems with dairy and don't like eggs so I transformed to a butter eating vegan.

1. Meditation:

not enough, but a C

2. Weight and food


3. sports


4. Procrastinating

I do need a time machine. Seriously.

I nailed 1 exam!


So its a D.

Since I didn't write up points I just get the level up...

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