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Self Teaching Krav Maga

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I'm not so sure about self learning from books, magazines or DVDs. I think it would be better to learn from a professional instructor who is experienced with the art (or self defence) you would like to learn, learning in person of course.


I can see a slight benefit to learning from a resource like a DVD or book, but that would only be to supplement the training you already know. For example, I practice judo at a judo club, so reading up on judo books, watching videos etc. may have a benefit to me, it means I can try and use these ideas at our club under the supervision of our coaches/instructors.


Learning right off the bat from a resource (DVD, book etc.) as someone who's brand new to the art may not be a very good idea, at least I don't think it would be. For one, without the eyes of an instructor/coach, you may not know if you're doing something incorrect and you could end up developing unwanted habits and end up with a poor starting foundation, which could have seriously negative effects on your training in the future. Two, it would be much better to have a person to physically train with you and finally you might lose motivation to train. I think you'd be more motivated if you had a physical class to go to on a regularly scheduled basis, rather than trying to do it yourself in your own home.


I've never done Krav Maga before but from my understanding classes do involve a fair bit of cardiovascular work and I've heard that instructors try to replicate "real world" situations upon students, e.g. highly stressful environments, realistic hostile scenarios etc. I think this might be a bit difficult to achieve at home, especially when self learning. 


There's nothing wrong with watching these self learning resources or reading up on them, but I think in the mean time you should practice something that is physically available to you. 


Best of luck to you. 

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there are a whole bunch of DVD's and what not that are labeled as Krav but are not actually Krav.



If the DVD's are listed as Krav Maga, but you say they are not, then what are they?

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