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Hey ! How many Druids are out here ?!

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I'm currently learning Tai-chi and have been a follower of Yoga for ages!! ( I'm Indian , so that helps  :tongue: )


Are there any Tai-chi followers out here ? 

I am learning from a person who uses the Wu-style . 

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I recently found yoga again and do that almost everyday in some form, but at least 5 days a week at the studio I am a member of.    I have been looking for something  more and Tai-Chi seems to be what I need to add to my routine.  Balance and grace in movements just looks like it would compliment the yogi in me.  


This is the place I have been checking out.  Now just need to find the time to get over and try it out.  - http://wudaokungfu.com/index.php

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I'm gonna become a Warrior Druid. So I guess I count with the Druid half. 


Not because of Tai Chi though. But because I want to get into Yoga/Pilates for the sake of posture, flexibility, and improving core strength (to help with my bellydancing) and I am trying to meditate for emotional reasons.

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Hey Hey. I'm not planning on being a druid anytime soon,  but I have six years experience learning Tai Chi.  Yang Style, fwiw, which is fine for me. I only know one form to completion Bear form from the Ume mountain, but I'm working on a Dragon and Tiger form, and the TTCS 108 move long form.  I used to be a member with the TTCS, but I need to renew my registration. 

recently, however, I've been making big strides with my breathing.  Much like some forms of yoga,  breath is really the foundation of Tai Chi.  One of my goals (not my challenge goals) is to hit a solid half hour of breathing practice each day.  its rough, because it points out just how much work I have left to do in developing chi in my core.  But its amazing how great even being so far from my objective feels. 



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I took Tai Chi in college and loved it. I should have continue, but I did not. I was a brash, stupid young man who thought he knew everything. I've since wisened up in my old age and am working to bring back my learning in Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga.


I am a Taoist, and on here I claim being a Barbarian Shaman... a bit like a Druid, just rougher around the edges and a bit more wanderlust. Love talking about all of this.

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