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Coming Challenge!


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So the next 6-week challenge will shortly be upon us. 

What are we going to do?


I don't know about you guys, but I often get bored with simply making the same goals harder. 

Thus, I'm looking for a few new things to do. 


BTW, this will be my first official 6-week challenge. Let's make it fun :)


One of my goals is definitely going to be to learn to do a handstand without a wall, may even add the ability to do a handstand pushup!

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Interesting question... for me it is actually going to be an evolution from previous goals... but all part of a bigger master plan. So I am far from bored... loving the progress I am seeing towards my life goals. :)


Want something new? Try doing

(and its more common sibling
). Yes, I know... yoga. These 2 sequences are one of the things I am considering adding to my daily morning and evening routines. :P


Handstands without a wall. Cool. And a handstand pushup? Thats the ultimate body weight exercise... Thats pretty awesome!  


(moved this topic to the current challenge forum... cause it wouldnt be seen in the old one). :)

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Oh my gosh! A handstand push-up was one of the things I was JUST thinking would be cool to do! That's so cool to read it in other people's posts :)

I actually started thinking about it while day dreaming about my goal of being an Elf Druid Assassin! I was thinking about how I almost get run over on a daily basis during my walks to and from school... I was thinking about how awesome it would be to be able to jump up, flip (in some super awesome way), land on my hands and flip back to my feet! All this to avoid the distracted driver raging past me :). How cool would that be! To actually be physically capable of doing that if you needed to?! ...I mean, the almost getting run over part wouldn't be good ;)

And that's how I came to be day dreaming about handstand push-ups! Any tips? I've never done a handstand, but am thinking it might be a good goal for my next challenge!

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Try headstand for the feeling of upside down and then train handstands at a wall. If you can hold for 30 seconds try swinging up free. Then walk.

Good luck. ;)

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