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My Personal Challenge Ideas


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Got heavy back into yoga last September and went from once a week, to about 5 or 6 days a week now.  I have some extra weight I still want to get rid of, I am 170lb now and want to get back down to 150-155 range, the old 20's weight.   I quit soda 2 years ago shortly after quitting smoking.   Quit coffee in December and now only drink lots of green & oolong  tea.


This summer I plan on pushing myself to lose more weight and gain more muscle and stamina as I tone further into my practice. 


So my goals I think I am going to set for myself are as follows: 


3 months of full Paleo diet.   Been building up to it with a 70/30 mix till memorial day BBQ party.   I was going to start right after memorial day, but have too much left over food that needs to be eaten and still a 1/4 left in the keg to kill off. 


Currently at max of 10 handstand push-ups with a wall.   I think getting up to 15 handstand push-ups with a wall is good for now and going for 3 without a wall.   Finally started doing more yoga handstands then gymnastics style handstands which helps a lot on the balance part of that.   Recently got my first tripod headstand to handstand without a wall, so can't add that in.   


Currently at 24 breaths of holding a handstand with a wall.  Want to bring that up to about 36 breaths of ujjayi breathing, so about 10 seconds per full inhale and exhale. 


Currently can do 2 pull ups, want to get up to 5.


Find and start taking Tai-Chi classes. Have found a place and just need to find time to add that in to schedule.  


Start up the C25K program and prepare for the Spartan Race @ Fenway in November.  


Maintain at least a 5 day a week workout schedule all summer long. Don't care if its yoga, running, swimming, or tai-chi as long as I am doing some form of physical exercise.  


I know I need to narrow this list down a bit, but I already have a few more things that I want to add in.   I installed gymnastic rings and want to learn to do an iron cross, but know that one is going to take a lot more strength and training before I can do that one.  


But my list for now of goals to do.   I still need to setup my character and all that first.   



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