Goal 1: Standardize and DO Workout-
  *UPDATE* It is now standardized so +1 Wisdom.  Now I need to continue doing the workouts:   Standard Workout(3): shovelglove & incline pushups & reverse crunches & incline crunches & (when knee is better) full body squats   Tire Workout(1): shovelglove & tire flips (count and try to increase) & tire whooping & tire lifting (custom tire dumbell/barbells)

+3 Strength  +1 Wisdom +1 Stamina   Goal 2: Building-

Recently getting tires inspired me to create more DIY gym equipment, so I'm having a goal pertaining to that.  This consists of a few projects that I want to get done.  By the end of this, I should have a nice home gym.

-Project 1- Power wash all the tires
-Project 2- spray paint all the tires and 'whooping stick'
-Project 3- get more tires for dumbbell/barbells. (power wash+spray paint new tires too)
-Project 4- get heavy duty PVC pipe and bolts
-Project 5- craft dumbbells/barbells Since there's 5 parts to this, each 1 will be worth 1 point.  More possible options as well, such as making a medicine ball and sandbag. But that's an ongoing thing to adjust as the challenge continues.

+2 Stamina +3 Constitution     Goal 3: Eating-

I've been doing pretty good with paleo for the whole 6-week challenge.  I think my issue is going to be persistence.  I would also like to cut down a cheat meal.  I was doing 3 cheat meals instead of a cheat day each week.  I've been lowering the portions on the cheat meals, so I think continuing on this route slow and steady is what I need.  I need to get some more vegetables into my meals as well.

+3 Stamina     Goal 4: Life Goal-

Mini-projects: sanding, priming, painting endtable sanding, priming, painting desk break window, plexiglass cut and assemble summer frame, plexiglass cut winter frame
  +2 something