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shaffnut: The Pennsylvania 2013 Summer Challenge


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Hello everyone!

shaffnut here, and this will be my FIRST NF six week challenge.  I am a high school teacher in Virginia, and having been born and bred in the Steel City, I will be going home for the second half of June and July, so this challenge is PERFECT!!  My attributes are as follows:


Race:  Half-Ogre

Profession:  Scout

     (I know, not usually a combo you see, but I swear IT WORKS!!!) 


Strength:  4

Dexterity:  2

Constitution:  2

Charisma:  1

Wisdom:  3

Stamina: 2

   Total:  14

   Level: 1


Here are my goals:


1.  I would like to start my first challenge with a goal that I believe I can obtain:  I would like to lose 10 lbs.  I have been losing weight since February after getting off my butt and working at it.  Coming from being 376 lbs in November of '11 to my current weight of 280 has been hard and rewarding, but since then the weight loss has leveled off.  I want to focus on returning to that achievement by setting a 10 lb goal, or 270 lbs by July 14.  I will do this in a variety of ways including:

     REWARD:  +1STA, +1 WIS


2.  5k Time Decrease:
    I recently began running as a tool to help get back in some form of physical shape after a somewhat heartbreaking episode back in February.  (Shot down by a girl whom I had developed feelings for; but, we talked it out, and have become very close since, so it worked out).  ANyway, this kinda kicked me in the pants, helped me to discover NF and I started doing some good things.  I ran my first 5k on April 8, and came in at 30:10.  I have run in the interim, and have since completed a 10k as well!  I've lost weight and really started feeling better.  So, my goal is now to better my overall 5k time, and I want to complete one in 28:30.  I feel this is obtainable with some different training ideas, and please if anyone has any input or advice, obviously hit me!!!

      REWARD:  +2 STR, +2 STA

3.  Dedicated workout time
   I would like one way to achieve my weight loss and time decrease goals to be maintaining a schedule of working out.  I would like to make sure that I work out 5 days a week for the six week period, hoping that it will become my lifestyle, not just a challenge.  I would like to:

         a.  combine the NF strength training regimen for beginners with my existing running regimen

         b.  three days of running with two days of strength training (freeweights and dumbells) with two rest days a week (one being sundays)         

             REWARD:  +1 DEX


4.  As you read earlier, I had a bit of a disappointment hit me in the relationship department, my first real venture into that world since high school, really.  It didn't end well.  My life goal for this challenge is to simply go on one date.  One.  Success here is for me to successfully ask and accompany someone (not sure who yet) on a date out on the town.  Easy right?  I wish. 

           REWARD:  +1 CHA


I will keep all updated, and I really look forward to being a part of this challenge.  Thanks in advance for everyone's advice and support.  If there's one thing I've learned, its that the best part of leveling up in life is having the support of friends and family to urge you on.  I look forward to meeting all of you here on the message boards!!!  LET'S DO THIS!!!!!






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Loving your life challenge Chaffnut! Although I'd like to propose a dual goal for this one. Maybe change it to 'go on one date or ask at least two (or three) people out'. You have no control over other people while going on a date definitely requires someone else. It'd be a shame with this goal if you gather the courage to ask someone out and they say no. While in fact it is already a win if you have the guts to ask. So I suggest changing your goal to reflect that as a win as well. Tough luck on them if they can't see how cool you are.

Best of luck!

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"That's the best part, the outside is new, but now it reflects what's already in you" - Legally blonde the musical

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IIRC our last ogre turned into a monkey... hope you brought some spare clothes :)


Welcome to the scouts!!! You've made awesome progress already (almost 100 lbs!) You can do this!!!

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Can't figure out how to edit, so new post. :)

Is part of your first goal also a change in eating behaviour? Or is this still going strong? Just the exercise is likely not enough to reach your goal otherwise.

Not trying to nitpick but just hoping to help you get a big a chance of succes as possible :)

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"That's the best part, the outside is new, but now it reflects what's already in you" - Legally blonde the musical

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To run a faster 5k you need interval and hill workouts. Try fartlecks on a track. Or do one lap as fast as you can, jog one lap, rest 1 minute, repeat 4 times. Same with the hills. Sprint up, walk down, rest, repeat. Good luck and welcome to the group.

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See, you guys are awesome already. I'm loving it. MissMormie, great suggestion. I will absolutely adjust the parameters of the goal. I kinda had that already in mind (to continue trying till someone said 'sure!') but it would be good to adjust it. And as far as eating goes, I took the advice o Steve and others and went Paleo starting in February. It has been a big reason why I've had some success, and ill be continuin to stick to all-natural eating. But thanks!

NicoleCanoes, I have been instructed by some friends and colleagues about the interval and hill training. Ill be incorporating both, mostly at my old high school track ad the road it's on (lots o hills!!). So that'll be fun. Thanks so much everyone, lets get it on!!!!

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Great goals! If I was single (and lived in your area) I'd go out with you! (Hey, there are worse places to meet someone than an NF forum.) ;) Seriously, though, you can rock these goals!

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Day One - Good So Far!

I did my first speed work session, what I found out is known as FARTLEKS!!!!  By the way, the greatest name for anything ever.  ANYWAY, I went ahead and started a run where I was doing .5 miles at my normal, roundabout 10:00/mi pace, then for the next .25, upped that to about 8:00/mi pace (according to my app).  I repeated that circuit 4 times, coming JUST shy of a 5k (it was round 3.04 miles.)  I felt great at the end, and definitely pushed those four laps at a higher pace (heart was racing!).  It's clear that I'll probably have to really focus on breathing control.  It wasn't terrible, but there's room for improvement. 


Today begins my NF Dumbell Division training.  Circuit A is Pull ups (of which I still can't do one, so ill be starting with negatives), push ups, push press, and planks.  I'll post again with how that went, but it will be OK i feel, as I've been doing body weight stuff this whole time (3 months past).  This will just add some weight.  Looking forward to it!!! 


Official weight yesterday was 279 lbs, so my 10 lb loss goal needs to be shifted to 269, not 270. 


No progress yet on the date.  That will be more than likely a focus for when I make my way north for the summer to Pittsburgh, PA and my hometown.  But there are prospects!!!  Go me.


Peace and Love,


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End of Week one, and I think my strength training has slowed me up.  I attempted workout A of Steve's Dumbbell Division program, and the program calls for pull ups.I  can't do a pull up yet (Challenge #2 is going to have a goal of a pull up completion).  So,  the program calls for doing negative pull ups, where you lower yourself down from the bar until you work the strength up for a real pull up.  I can't do those either. You're supposed to do these under control, and I am not yet able to hold myself up long enough to lower myself down under control.  Not a problem, i just need to figure something else out to do that will build this strength up.  I have heard about inverse rows (where you use a barbell bar on a squat machine or similar aparatus, underneath on an incline and pull yourself up).  Does anyone out there comply with this?  are there some other options?  Any help would be appreciated.....


Thanks all.  The running is going well, i completed two fartlek sessions, and my distance run is scheduled for the crack of dawn tomorrow.  Doing it up right!!!!


Heres to it....



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Mid Week 2...

My arms are healed from the slow first strength cross training session, and I've put two in since.  The Dumbbell Division program is great, I'm definitely feeling it!!  Going to do wonders for my distance stamina. 


Fartleks are going well.  I've put two more in since my last post.  Still using the half mile run, quarter mile sprint.  Not comfortable yet moving up.  I'll probably do two more in the next week, then think about moving up. 


My weight is at 275, so it is coming down!  I'm four pounds down, six to go in a month.  I will attain this, I'm fairly certain.


Thanks for keeping the forum going, all your stories are inspiration.  Hope to hear from you guys!



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