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In Which Eilyd Vanquishes Orcs, and Other Assorted Foes


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I'm not entirely sure what my goals are yet.  But there are Significant Things going on in this challenge.


  1.  We're going off to war!
    From 23 June to 30 June, we're going to the Dagorhir annual giant battle Ragnarok, which means a week of camping, fighting, feasting, drinking, and general amazing madness.  During this week physical activity won't be a problem, and neither will food.  I'll probably eat more grains and drink more booze than I normally do, but I"ll also be walking multiple miles daily, and running around a lot, so they won't have a chance to stick. Long and short, though, is that there will be a 1-week hiccup where I'll definitely be a Fit Nerd, but probably in a very different sense.
  2. We're buying a house!
    We just signed the contract on our first house last Friday.  Our closing date is almost perfectly corresponding with the end of this challenge.  It is so exciting!  But I also have a tendency to freak the fuck out over moving and packing.  So I'm going to go into this challenge with strategies for stress-management that don't involve a fifth of tequila, and a plan for packing that won't have me in fits the night before we close.
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@cavejen: Is that sarcasm?  Because Ragnarok definitely is.  Not sure about house things.


@fengor: Thanks :)  I've got some ideas for actual goals shaping up.


General direction:
I want to do more short-distance running.
I want my strength way up for kicking Orc and Roman asses (yes, it's historical/fantasy cross pollination).

I'm really tired of all of my clothes not fitting, and of my body fat percentage being immovably hung at 20-point-something.
I need to balance being productive and being calm.  I'm not very good at that.  I either go too chill or spazz out.

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nothign wrong with that. i play a roman as well on the big fantasy larp... i love my bigass roman shield. i nicknamed it lovingly "house door" ;p

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YAY for LARP!  And also for the house: congrats! I'm on the last steps before closing on my first.  :redface: 


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It is so nice to hear "LARP" in a manner that is neither sarcastic, nor mocking!  (Personally I don't call it that, because it conjures up ideas of stilted magic/physical combat, and Dagorhir is full-contact.  But yay for people knowing and liking and supporting my hobby!!!!!!)


Nicca: Congratulations on your house as well!  Can I keep you around for advice?  I've moved a lot before, and when I was younger I was very (for a teenager) involved in my parents' house purchases, but this is the first time I've had to deal with it all myself.  How does one not turn into a basket case?


Fengor: There's a unit mostly based in D.C. that is Rome, and they have curved shields and armor that are so freaking annoying but also awesome. And then there's another unit which has far larger and annoying shields which are referred to as "barn doors" because frankly, that's about the only place you'd find a board that big in real life.

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Okay.  I think these are my goals, and my tactics for reaching them.  "Tactics" appropriated from cavejen. Most progressions are calculated based on 5 weeks of doing them, because being at Ragnarok makes it very difficult to do most of these things.


1. I will lower my body fat percentage by 1.5%. (CON +3)

For the past six month's it has been hovering between 19.5% and 20.5%.  I want it to be definitively under 19%, so aiming for the 18-18.7% range.

To do this, I will:

- Eat 1,500-2,000 calories per day.  I've been eating 1200-1400, and I think that's simply not enough for my body to concern itself with packing on muscle.

- Eat no bread (NONE, dammit!) except at Ragnarok.


A = 35/35 days, B = 28/35 days, C = 21/35 days


2. I will run 1 mile in 9:15. (DEX +2, STA +1)

Running short distances for the last challenge helped me realize that running does not equal death, and can be helpful.  And as there will be lots of hoofin' it at Rag, more running is good to practice.

To do this, I will:

- Run 1/2 mile 5 days per week. (STA +1)

- Decrease the time by 10 seconds per half-mile each week. (DEX +2)


A = 25/25 runs, less 10 seconds per week, B = 20/25 runs, less 5 seconds per week, C = 15/25 runs, no change per week



3. I will increase my lifts by 25% weight and non-weighted exercises by 25% reps/duration. (STR +3, STA +1)

The end of the world will not treat weaklings kindly.  I must be strong to endure days of fighting.  And then I'll have to move all of my stuff once the apocalypse is over.

To do this, I will:

- Strength train 6 days per week, alternating muscle groups. (STA +1, STR +1)

- Increase weight/reps/duration (as applicable) by ~5% weekly. (STR +2)


A = 30/30 days, +5% difficulty weekly; B = 24/30 days, some increase weekly; C = 18/30 days, minimal increase weekly


4. I will reach our closing date of July 13th with 0 panic attacks or similar freak-outs. (WIS +3, CHA +2)

My splendid, caring, and patient husband is very good at repairing me when my brain breaks, but moving is the sure thing to cause me distress beyond compare. I don't want to make life harder for both of us than it already will be!  So this goal combines preparation--packing--and emotional stability--mental and spiritual focus.

I need to procrastinate less, trust God more, and calm my mind periodically.

To do this, I will:

- Pack 3 boxes per week. (WIS +2)

- Do 3 sun salutations every morning. (CHA +1)

- Do 30 minutes of yoga on the weekend. (CHA +1)

- Pray for 5 minutes nightly. (WIS +1)


A= Everything as prescribed, 0 freakouts; B = 70% adherence, 1-2 small freakouts; C = 50% , 1 large freak-out.

I am grading lightly on this one because even 10% adherence to these will make my life better, and make everything easier for Archbishop.


Starting measurements, benchmarks, etc.:



Bicep: 10.75"  | Chest: 35"  |  Waist: 28"  | Hips: 38"  |  Thigh: 21"  |  Weight: 128#  |  BF%: 20.2%



Curl: 30# DB  |  C/P: 65# BB  |  Row: 80# BB  |  Pull-ups: 5  |  Push-ups: 21  |  Floor Press: 60#  |  Ball Plank: 1min

Ball pike: 10  |  Floor-wipers: 35x, 60#BB  |  Box Jumps: 20x, 24"  |  Deadlift: 145# BB  |  Back Squat: 110# BB

1 mile: 10:30
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Those are some Badass goals right there! Think you can make it?

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Well, I made it today!


Goal 1:

Do Eat: I ate and drank 1990 calories net, 2200 gross, or thereabouts.  This is half again what I'm used to eating! Currently chugging milk.

Don't Eat: No bread. Noodles at lunch because of leftovers from last night's 3-cheese chicken alfredo.  OMG it was delicious. Probably no more wheat things until Ragnarok, though.


Goal 2:

Run: I ran a half mile!

Time: 5:25 for the half, and 30 seconds of that was the treadmill warming up.


Goal 3:

Lift: I did arms and abs today for 20 minutes.

Increase: I can now do 6 skull-crushers with 15# db's instead of formerly 5!


Goal 4:

Pack: Nothing yet. Mother coming on Wed. to help pack china, though.

Salute: Check, check, check! Also did some stretching/meditation at lunch post-workout.
Yoga: Not weekend.
Pray: I did last night. I plan to tonight!


So yeah, that house thing. And the praying thing.  There will be more praying and trusting, because we went to the home inspection tonight.  Our inspector and pest-inspector were both really knowledgeable, clever, and enjoyable people.  So much so that we will be using them again in the near future!  Because they found things like knob-and-tube electrical (which is so outdated it's illegal), termites, and the front porch doing its best to simultaneously fall off and cave in (because they "built" the new deck on stacked plywood instead of on a proper footer, cut the main support beam, and floored it with plywood which is very definitely NOT outside-rated).  So....no more 715 Florence Avenue.  Those sellers can go try and take in some other poor sucker, or pay the penalty for not remodeling their house correctly.  And now we're back to looking.


I am generally emotionally fine with this.  No lost-house lamentations, really.  Just a sigh of, "Dammit, now I'll have to go through another mortgage application, another contract and paperwork, and line up the inspector for another 3-hour appointment...after spending another evening or weekend or two looking at another house."  But then, I like looking at houses, so this is also mostly okay. :)


Ragnarok projects are prioritized: Finish swords, make Archbishop's shield, add fabric to tent so that it actually closes.


I feel rather positive, really.

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Just read your goals for this challenge first I was o.O at strength training 6 days a week. But then i saw that you alternate your msucle groups so everything si fine :)


You seem to have it got down quite nicely and look forward seeing you crush your goals :)

There is one rule, above all others, ... Whatever comes, face it on your feet.

Robert Jordan, The Great Hunt


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Thanks Fengor :)


Groaaaaaaaaaann....despite my emotional okayness, my brain felt obliged to spend the night thinking and thinking and thinking about houses.  And then when it finally ceded to sleep at like 3:00 AM, it dreamed about this guy who was dogging my life and was kind of like the Joker, except instead of killing people he just made everything stop behaving properly.  So basically he was the villainous embodiment of chaos, and made everything miserable, such that I didn't want to go home because he had probably pulled all of the dishes out of the cupboards and strewn them around the apt, and I didn't want to go to a party because he would be there in some nefarious disguise and ruin everything.


Doesn't take much psychology to figure out what my brain was dealing with there. :P

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I thank you for at least not keeping me up through this...

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Wow, that's a lot to go through! Though I have to admit your dreams are a lot easier to remember than mine. I usually have dreams about monsters, cute animals, philly cheesesteaks and for some reason the cars are alive and everyone's faces resemble clowns....it's very weird.

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Oh, my dreams are normally nonsense.  And I don't actually remember what the nefarious chaos dude did...just general impressions of my life being totally out of control.


And, well, Archbishop will have to take that comment back, because I apparently did wake him up a bit last night.  I felt like I slept pretty well, but I would apparently talk in my sleep and flail a bit.  But he gets +2 CHA and 10 Good Husband Points for being sweet and cuddling me and comforting my wacked-out sleeping self and keeping me more-or-less calm.  Boy I hope these two nights don't set a pattern for how I'm going to sleep for a while.


Goal 1:

Do Eat: 1180 gross, 900 net...fail. I came home from work and after that and sex I was super tired and crashed, then had to get up so I could edit my dad's grad papers which was fun, but I didn't bother eating until 9 and didn't want much food then. Trying to eat the max today to help make up for it.

Don't Eat: No bread, though small amount of noodles in the stirfry that Archbishop + friend made last night.  But there are MUFFINS at work today and I"m trying hard to ignore them.


Goal 2:

Run: Yes

Time: 5:30, slightly slower because the treadmill I used insists on being on an incline of 3+ or it will break. It's dumb.


Goal 3:

Lift: Squats/Deadlifts/Box Jumps, but I couldn't do back squats because my partner wasn't there and we don't have a rack at work. Boo.

Increase: 20 box jumps weren't too hard!


Goal 4:

Pack: Nothing yet. Mother is no longer coming tonight, because her dog had to have surgery because his eye ruptured. Yeah, I'm squicked out.

Salute: Did 3 yesterday, today did them sort of here-and-there through the morning at work.
Yoga: Not weekend.
Pray: I did last night, and the night before, though Monday night I probably fell asleep before 5 minutes was up. I should probably start asking for calm sleep, too.

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LOL I had to read goal one twice to make sure it wasn't a spell check or something! I wouldn't take off any points or be disappointed, after all you got some lovin from your husband!



Sorry to hear about your mother's dog, hope the bill isn't for the vet's yacht.


Ask for a calm sleep and then review your whole life, that's what makes me fall asleep. After all, I've seen it before.

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Hi Eilyd!


Awesome goals! 

Your strength training goal… Wow.


I just moved to a new house 3 months ago, and really, boxing and unboxing stuff is really a pain in the ass! Still have some boxes to be taken care of until now hahaha…


And doing yoga sounds good! I'm thinking of doing easy yoga for stretching to increase my flexibilty. 

Praying is also awesome! I tend to get so sleepy in the middle of my praying :( I should've included it as my one of my goal :)

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HI Xerla :) Thanks for coming by.  Boxes hate me, and I hate them.  5 years of moving back and forth from college and my parents moving in that time have developed a deep-seeded dislike.


Haha, LostOne, sorry for throwing you off. Yeah, I tend not to bother with TMI filters much...lol.  More than any activities, it was the lateness of eating which made me eat less, and eating late is not good. So that's more what I'm taking points off for. Still at the beginning, though, and building habits.


Goals more or less met. I'm having so much fun getting to know Avalon, my mini-challenge buddy, and we're planning a yoga fest for Saturday!  She also told me about tabata sprints, which I did yesterday instead of plain running for a half mile, and it was so much fun!  8 intervals of 20 second sprints, 10 second rests = total of 4 minutes, and I cover about a half mile anyway!

Posted in the general forum about a http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/31182-eating-ow/

'>weird thing my body is doing.  It's acting like it's sick/full/overheating, and I think it's because of my calorie goals. Not sure. More info there. I welcome any insight.

Re: Dog. Vet bill was apparently not enough for a yacht. Maybe a used motorcycle.  Surgery was apparently successful, dog is one-eyed but doesn't care because he was blind in it anyway, but meds have him loopy and he can't eat without her feeding him because the Cone of Shame is in the way.  Simultaneously hilarious and pathetic.  I think he's in better shape than my mom at this point, though. (She is very attached to him, despite her protests to the contrary).

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I would ease yourself into eating more, your body could be telling you it's had enough calories for the day and it doesn't need anymore. That's just my view on it from your descriptions, I have never had this problem I think I have a monster in my stomach, and she is always hungry!


Mind if I borrow that interval running, I want to try it for my sprint tomorrow!


Dogs hate the Cone of Shame...


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Weird, it posted my comment twice...


Well I'll just edit it with something hilarious



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Buh...what...what am I even looking at?  @_@


I figure that's all it is...I've just never had it happen before, or heard of it! Because I'm surrounded by Americans whose portion sizes are all skewed, so the idea of their body complaining about large amounts of food is foreign or something.  I think it mostly is because it's healthy food, so it's a TON volume-wise, and my intestines aren't used to processing that much that fast.  I've backed off on the calories a little, heading for 1500 minimum still, but not trying to go higher. Next week maybe 1800.


By all means, do the interval sprints!  I think they're the best way of running EVER. Seriously. If gym class in high school had been about those, instead of "run around the track until your legs fall off and people laugh at you because it's the third time they've passed you", I would have a lot better attitude toward running overall.


Ironic Revenge Dog is not amused. But I am!!!


Yesterday: Good day. Did one-leg squats since my partner bailed AGAIN so I couldn't do back squats. Dead-lifted 120x5 twice.  And today my ass is so sore that I'm shying away from the steps. Ufdah!


Did not salute the sun today, nor the low-hanging clouds. Woke up with a very tangible feeling of exactly how much I have to do in these next two weeks, which left me in curl-up-ignore-world mode.  But I did get out of bed. And I did not actually freak out.  Hopefully will stave it off today until this evening when I can DO something about those things.  Not sure if I want my lunch workout to be vigorous KILL THE WEAKNESS or relaxing-yoga Strong Like Water.

Good news: First pick-up of raw milk tonight!  YUM!

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Gotta love post workout days where you don't want to touch staircases (or loo seats for that matter). :D


Raw milk - have you tried it before? I've had it recommended but never found it (not that I really went out of my way to look). Would love to hear if it's a good purchase.


You'll survive the next two weeks.. one step at a time!


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Gotta love post workout days where you don't want to touch staircases (or loo seats for that matter). :D


Raw milk - have you tried it before? I've had it recommended but never found it (not that I really went out of my way to look). Would love to hear if it's a good purchase.


You'll survive the next two weeks.. one step at a time!


Depends on what kind you get. Goat's milk (from breeds with high butterfat that is), is the creamiest and best tasting milk. And if the raw milk is from Jersey cows then it comes close to goat's as far as taste. Finding out what the company feeds their does or cows is best before purchasing. Because although a grain diet helps the females produce more milk, it lacks a good flavor. The best milk comes from grass fed. The biggest issue your going to have is price and lack of milk from good breeds. Most of cow raw milk comes from Holsteins which is the same breed they use for homogenized milk. Holsteins produce gallons of milk and are easier to breed therefore, more production. But Jerseys are the best, high on butterfat, but lower on milk producing. Same with goats, we have purchased raw goat's milk at Trader Joe's but noticed a big difference between our milk and theirs. Their goats are Alpines which are like Holsteins, high in producing, but low on butterfat. While are goats are Nigerian Dwarves, which are like the Jerseys.


Raw milk is definitely worth the purchase, especially if its goat. Goat's milk is naturally low fat, can be consumed by lactose intolerant people, and can be made into ice cream easily. Again, depending on where you get it, the taste is something that you might have to get used to. Especially if your used to drinking fat free or almond milk.


Hope this helps!

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